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Absolute Fidelity

Posted: Sun Aug 17, 2008 6:00 pm
by James
I just read this message from a friend Peter, and thought others here might like to read it too.
i just returned from an Adya retreat and thought i would share some of what was experienced and realized during this "mini-retreat" which occurred at Mount Madonna from August 8 to August 10. Although there are Adya teachings in this, it is how i experienced them.

One of the most powerful pointers for me was Adya's invitation to maintain absolute fidelity with one's experience. I realized there is simply no partway about it. There was a strong invitation to be absolutely committed to my experience. And that there is only ONE authority and that authority can only come from within. Others can not get you there, and by maintaining this fidelity in ones own experience, then there is simply the truth revealed in this moment. The truth of what is as it is. This is the ultimate authority of truth.

It doesn't matter if that truth is confusion, agiitation, clear seeing, sadness or any kind of experience. Simply allow that experience in as the ultimate truth in that moment without identifying with any story about those experiences.

There can be a time for "dabbling", or "toe dipping" and that is fine. I realized deeply that the time for half-measures is over. Simply a movement within to really question commitment and earnestness.... to discover when the mind moves away from or resists awakening to the truth...what that reveals, what opens up when one does not move with the resistance but sees the resistance, and experiences it fully.

At every moment: experiencing what is being grasped or what is being avoided. And give whatever experience is happening, including the experience of resistance the freedom to be. The freedom to experience what is not wanted, fully. The freedom to experience what is wanted but not yet achieved fully.

The freedom to allow all experience to be just as it is.

Re: Absolute Fidelity

Posted: Mon Aug 18, 2008 5:03 am
by Sighclone
Thanks, James!

I am reminded of a thought I had today. What if I have a satori, a kensho, or even what feels like a permanent abiding infinite experience of Presence, or Being...will that actually be what Buddha had? Or Adya? Have I finally got it? Is this one the real one?

What is so empowering about awakening relative to these kind of questions is this: Your experience will be utterly and completely yours. Whatever happens will happen only to you; you become You. You don't become Buddha or Eckhart. It will be exactly and perfectly and only your own individual experience. That's the deal. In form, there is only you. You cannot have Adya's awakening. It might feel like the description Adya or Byron Katie write about. Or not. But it will be intensely, deeply and profoundly personal. And your knowing will be the only test. Eckhart can't measure it, neither can Loch Kelly or Karen McPhee. Or Buddha, or Elmer Fudd.

This is not to say that enlightened people do not have a generally coherent energy field - they do. And you can feel it. But the measure of another's actual experience is not possible. Rumor has it that Ramana declared that only one person ever became enlightened - his mother. So maybe you could measure your mother's enlightenment and label it. Why try?

Of course you can ask and share. And jabber endlessly like we do here in ET cyberspace. There will be a point at which you will know: "If I were never, in infinite time and space, more enlightened than I am today, that's perfectly ok." And you know might end up "more enlightened" the next day anyway!! No one could know.

Namaste, Andy