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Dying into the River of Existence (7 CD set)

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 12:09 am
by erict
Dying into the River of Existence
A Weekend Inquiry with Adyashanti

I've been listening to this one over the last couple of days. It's really great.

Dying into the River of Existence offers a profound and intimate investigation into the freedom of spiritual awakening. Recorded live at a weekend intensive with Adyashanti, it includes talks and direct inquiry dialogues with the audience. Adyashanti explores numerous and varied topics including:

* Releasing the Navigation Grip

* Dying into Life

* How Beliefs Manifest

* Crisis and Transformation

* Relationships and Awakening

* The Wisdom of No Answer

* What Survives Death?

* Being Free in Form

Recorded in San Rafael, CA on October 4-5, 2008.