Are these words by Adyashanti true in your experience?

I just love Adya and I think he deserves his own forum.
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Are these words by Adyashanti true in your experience?

Post by amber542 » Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:01 pm

Hi Alll,

I have just started reading my first book by Adyashanti, "Emptiness Dancing". But there are some words that puzzle me a bit. When he started talking about harmonization, and after the example about how in ancient times Taoist priests are invited in villages that are having some crises, there's this passage from the book that says:

"That's why scriptures have advised us to hang out with awakened beings. The awakened one could be a human being, a tree being, a street-corner being. Expose yourself to them. Don't worship them and put them on a pedestal. But expose yourself and this rectification happens; this harmonization happens because of their state of consciousness. But don't become dependent. You wake yourself up."

To be honest I am really quite boggled with this. The last statement was the only one I understand perfectly. I have read Jed McKenna's trilogy, and though that material unsettles me too, I have understood the emphasis on finding things out for yourself. Seeing things for yourself.

Now here is Adyashanti's quote. Can anyone advise what he might really mean by "hanging out with awakened beings"? Is this the same as being in the presence of a guru? Or when Henry David Thoreau stayed in Walden Pond? Have you guys experienced this for yourself? Exposed yourself to an awake consciousness? What would it take to expose yourself? Is this why some seekers travel to faraway places to meet a guru? Is that necessary? I really do not understand.


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Re: Are these words by Adyashanti true in your experience?

Post by smiileyjen101 » Wed Aug 17, 2011 3:05 am

Hi Amber, I've never read the likes of Adyashanti although when quoted I find fascinating jewels in them. Thank you for sharing this one and your confusion by it.

It has absolutely tickled me!

Now can I explain it? hmm.. maybe, maybe not :wink:
to answer your questions - I would say it's the reverse of going searching for a guru - 'don't worship them and put them on a pedestal'.
Let's look at the examples - could be a human 'being', a tree 'being' a street-corner 'being'.

To expose yourself to them but not get dependent.

I'm tempted to say Amber go hang out with a tree or a street corner in awareness, not judging, just being with it - the 'being' that is happening is startlingly instructional.

Let's see a street-corner 'being' - cross sections of life all happening at once, sometimes things bumping into each other, mostly avoiding each other, tiny connections of love and compassion (oops, excuse me, smiles), things going in different directions, none of it static - not even the power poles or Cross signs, or weather or air or hue in the sky, or the shadows or the ... any thing, or one.

'Being' is constantly moving, changing and accommodates it all.

Same with hanging out with a tree 'being' - unseen nourishment and taking and giving of lifeblood - air, water, nutrition, strength in bending to the elements, gnarls and knots from resistance, new shoots, decaying areas, solid but fragile, groaning in growth, brittle in decay... such a wise one to learn from.

I told a story here not long ago about a man being gobsmacked as he watched me 'being' and asked 'how do you do that? - BE you'

Through the blesssing of your post, I've realised I once asked and received the answer from a racehorse lol!! and many many times I've been reminded of it by 'hanging out' with awakened 'beings'.
Expose yourself to them and this rectification happens; this harmonization happens... you wake yourself up.

It doesn't matter what it is that is 'being'... 'being' is a verb, not a noun in this instance.
It's also a continuous verb - encapsulating past, present and future, which I love the notion of.

For the duration of this life-time you are a human 'being'. If you hang out in the state of being or learning from others that are 'being' it cannot help but to harmonize you if you are aware of it.

A monk may have learned this - to be in a state of 'being', so if they are brought into a village full of confusion and angst others might notice them 'being' and wonder - how can they 'be' so .. calm/accepting/whatever (they are none of these things really, they are just 'being')... this nudges those willing to be awake into balance - harmonization happens.

Does that help, or hinder?
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Re: Are these words by Adyashanti true in your experience?

Post by hanss » Wed Aug 17, 2011 2:01 pm

amber542 wrote:Have you guys experienced this for yourself? Exposed yourself to an awake consciousness?
Sort of. I have been to a Satsang-type of gathering and was on stage with the "enlightened being". Yes, it had effect. He also helped me "feel and see" things. (If you want more detail about that, PM me.) I felt a strong "prescence" and a stronger personal(hmm...) energy field/awareness, can not really explain with words. I can not tell if it was coming from him or from him and the rest of the people there. Or something else.
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Re: Are these words by Adyashanti true in your experience?

Post by TylerDurden » Wed Aug 17, 2011 9:13 pm

I say flush it down the toilet. If it isn't useful at the moment, chuck it. FURTHER.
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Re: Are these words by Adyashanti true in your experience?

Post by ZenOfchaos » Tue Jan 01, 2013 8:33 pm

i found the statement quite straight forward.

as you awaken to the truth you hang around with people or in places that compliment it and resonate with it. if you are a recovering alcoholic then you don't want to hang out in bars or with people who love a drink. you go to the places that support your recovery . Likewise if you are awakening it will make more sense to go to people and places that provide a nurturing supportive environment. It doesn't realy matter what that is (eg street corner) as long as it is supportive for you.

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Re: Are these words by Adyashanti true in your experience?

Post by lakeswimr » Sat Mar 16, 2013 9:43 pm

I saw Adyashanti speak in person and while I could be wrong about all this, at the time I felt that I felt positive energy that sprang from him out all around him. Even as I drove there I started to notice and feel this energy and it got stronger and stronger as I approached and entered the place where he spoke.

Have you ever entered the room after two people had a fight and even though they aren't fighting when you come in you 'feel' their upset? I think on some level we can feel this energy. Not everyone has access to see a person like Adyashanti or ET live but just yesterday I wasn't feeling all that well and went outside and in a short time, looking at nature, I felt the energy of the trees and nature around me.

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Re: Are these words by Adyashanti true in your experience?

Post by rideforever » Sat Mar 16, 2013 10:14 pm

It's quite hard to "see things for yourself" after so many years being brainwashed and everyone around is brainwashed too.

On what basis and in what way can you see things for yourself. That's not easy.

So people go to meditation weekends, go to India, meet gurus ... because without some encouragement, some teachings, some push ... it's very hard to see anything new. You need help to push you far out of your comfort zone - certainly at the beginning.

Until you have seen the vast scale of what is intended by "spirituality" it is not easy to imagine, and you won't know how to look.
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