I met Byron Katie and cried...

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I met Byron Katie and cried...

Post by anna coffer » Sun Jul 21, 2013 6:50 pm

As I mentioned, I'm on a world trek with my book in tow
"You Can't Take Your Credit Card With You When You Go..."

When I meantion the title most people laugh.

I was on Tolle's & Byron Katie's level of woe, possibly

Someone told me "Byron Katie's at the Ojai Spiritual
Retreat this weekend."

I jumped to my feet.

I got in free because I had just booked their
Silent Room to speak on Tolle's theme consciousness.

When I became enlightened, scales were removed
from my eyes. Tolle sat on a bench, Byron went into the
wilderness and I went through a similar episode. I could
see my husband and children but was no longer on
'that' level.

Back to Katie...as she was speaking I felt 'intoxicated' with
the wisdom. I recanted to her at the end of her discourse
of my awakening. I felt kindered with her journey. I suppose
she picked up my disbelief Eckhart was on the planet as he
was too good to be true.

She turned and smiled and meantioned she would
speak to Eckhart (when she calls him).

How big is big?

Not big enough for when she mentioned his spirit
I wept out of nowhere with joy unbounded. I cried
too when I met Eckhart being embraced me with his hug of

Love is other wordly. Consciousness is a 'form based'
verb as oppose to its noun, us on love.

When we are truly one with it (...though love and loveless true)
we are predisposed coming from 'cause' not effect.

A lazy ant is an oxymoron. True stealth of presence
causes. If presence were to effect, what merry joy bliss
will be but temporary us on 'no'.

When do we all get up?


Times less a season to awake the entire species to
love as One. There is only One of us, One Being
on our return to peace. A world trek ensues
to peace us, impart truth and gain a much
needed earth commencing "Oneness".
Any disclosure from the Unknown in essence is new.

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Re: I met Byron Katie and cried...

Post by Tiat » Mon Sep 16, 2013 10:15 pm

Lovley, thank you.

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