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Re: Self Inquiry

Post by Evolver » Fri May 16, 2008 3:46 am

Thanks for the response Billy.

I am using the work to try and uncover some limiting beliefs that I think are the cause of my social anxiety issues. I have "judged my neighbour" a few times but I generally get along with people quite well so am directing the inquiry more to my own beliefs.

I have been doing the work for about 4 weeks and I think I am feeling a bit "lighter". It's a little difficult to tell, but the problems I've been investigating feel a bit less like problems than before. But ultimately, the issues are still with me. I am going to continue doing the work and see how I go.

I have noticed that I am sometimes automatically "turning around" thoughts when I am aware of them, so it might be starting to become a natural practice in me. For now, I will still write it out so that I can see it on paper.

Have you seen the work help people much with anxiety/phobias?



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Re: Self Inquiry

Post by BillyPLed » Fri May 16, 2008 5:18 am

I have noticed that I am sometimes automatically "turning around" thoughts when I am aware of them, so it might be starting to become a natural practice in me. For now, I will still write it out so that I can see it on paper.
It does seem that writing it out on paper is very important. Like Katie says, putting our thoughts on paper is a way to stop the mind so that we can Work with it better.
Have you seen the work help people much with anxiety/phobias?
I have done The Work with someone with a specific phobia. However, at this point we have not directly questioned thoughts about his phobia. We have questioned thoughts about his "life purpose" and "who he is in the world." In this indirect way, we are addressing his underlying fears related to his specific phobia. He does seem to be making much progress. I am planning on working more directly with his phobia this week. However, it depends on if he is ready. I am moving at his pace -- following his direction.
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Re: Self Inquiry

Post by Rubicon » Fri May 16, 2008 6:38 pm

I read Loving What Is in February and started doing The Work on some very deeply held beliefs about my mother. I can’t tell you what an eye opener it has been for me. There were times during that first month of doing The Work that I was left literally dizzy after doing the turnarounds.

My concepts about my mother have always been a major part of my story and something my ego has used to push against and define and strengthen itself with. I had some awareness of that before doing The Work, but really seeing and feeling the truth of those turnarounds -- that everything I’ve projected onto her and thought she did to me was really only what I did to myself -- has made a tremendous difference for me. It’s sometimes been quite shocking to see the truth.

Most of my adult life l tried to heal the wounds I thought my mother was responsible for causing, but nothing ever worked. All I was really doing was shifting the content of my story about her by spinning even more stories about her. And of course no matter how I shifted or rewrote my story of her, she always remained, at least on some level, the villain, and so nothing could ever really change.

Eckhart’s teachings about the ego, its need for enemies, had already helped me begin to see what I was doing, and The Work has now given me a powerful tool to actually go in, collapse the stories, and bring full responsibility back home to myself. It’s a big shift for me and something that does make me feel a lot freer, even with only three months of doing The Work. In fact, if I never get another thing from Byron Katie’s Work other than what I’ve already experienced in terms of shifting some of the “mother stuff,” it will have been a great gift to myself and well worth the time spent on it.

I’m continuing to do The Work, and have bought I Need Your Love -- Is It True, as well as A Thousand Names for Joy, which I’ve now also read and listened to in audio book format. I Need Your Love -- Is It True is jam-packed with good stuff, and has brought further revelations for me. Also, some of the supplemental materials BK offers on her site, special topic books, CD’s and DVD’s, have helped to deepen my understanding even more.

Byron Katie dovetails well with Eckhart, I think. I know I wouldn’t have understood Katie as well if I hadn’t already studied and worked with what Eckhart teaches. I also notice that after doing The Work these past couple of months it’s easier for me to be present more of the time. So, at least for me, these two are working hand-in-hand.

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Re: Self Inquiry

Post by peleke4 » Sat Mar 21, 2009 5:10 am

I feel the same way as the op. Just "watching" itself wasn't enough. Initially there were changes. But I found myself getting caught up by just "watching." I then stumbled on inquiry questions like, "What is that?" "Does it exist in any way other than thought?" Those questions took it up a notch, but still I found myself getting caught up. With the work however, that sequence of questions and turnaround are powerful. Some turnarounds make me laugh out loud, like the following: "People will think I'm stupid" turnarounded to "I'm going to make myself feel stupid." :lol: It's true that nothing outside me makes me feel stupid. It's my attaching and believing a thought that makes me feel stupid.

Katie says something like we're either getting caught up or we're questioning. I found that to be so true. As pointed out earlier, with just "watching" alone I found myself getting caught up. But "The Work" stops the negative train of thought dead in it's tracks (although there's never an intention to drop or get rid of it). And the turnarounds can sometimes be a trip, a huge eye-opener. Katie says, "If you believe one, the other HAS to be true. It's sun, it's moon, and left and right.. It's polarity, it's duality."

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