The universe is one thing - is it true?

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The universe is one thing - is it true?

Post by strali » Sat Sep 17, 2011 1:27 am

I've been doing the work of byron katie for a few weeks now and it's amazing how my life is changing because of it. It's been really awesome but I have a question

I've seen from doing the work that really no thoughts are true, they can all be questioned, the opposite of thoughts that are bothering us are always (so far in my experience) also true. It's really amazing how inquiry just makes thoughts so powerless, there is no real substance to them. I'm confused about something though, Katie Byron seems to know that no thoughts are true, yet she says over and over again that all things are one, and that the universe is kind. But aren't these also thoughts? What happens when I ask myself "the universe is kind, is it true?" The answer is no not completely, I come up with lots of examples of how it's unkind. Is this different for her?

The universe is one, is it true? Isn't this a thought, can't we come up with lots of examples of how things in the universe are separate? Why does she keep repeating these two 'thoughts' when their opposite could also be true? Can't really wrap my head around it, just curious if anyone here has some insights.

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Re: The universe is one thing - is it true?

Post by unbornawakened » Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:11 am

It is pretty safe to say that there is an underlying unity to the universe.

Consider the fabric of space - 'empty space' for now - is it made up of fundamentally separate patches stitched together or is it a seamless fabric ? Even if at the lowest level, that we can't detect, there was a quantization of sorts, patches forming the fabric of space, if the patches are made of the same material, there is still unity.

Separation may seem to exist when we move from the world empty space to the world of objects - planets, stars, etc. Objects - including humans - have boundaries and seem to stand in isolation. Yet, they are all supported and actually arise from empty space. Almost all the atom is comprised of 'empy space', and the particles occupy a very small part of it. And these (electron, proton, neutron and their constituents, e.g quarks) are not exactly particles ... they have wavelike properties (quantum energy levels, wave function and probability cloud).

The ground and fabric of space is one. Objects occur within it, but they are part of it, so they share the unity at their ground. They are all connected through the substrate of space in which they appear. And their appearance may be only be a wavelike fluctuation of energy coalesced around certain areas of space.

It is one thing to realize intellectually this oneness. This is the thought of oneness, as you put it.

But to realize it deep within is said to be Self-Realization ... you are that, you don't think about it, there is no subject or object, no duality. Now, I have not exactly realized this and whatever you read are thoughts, once again.

On another note, I have given up speculations on various topics. You could say that it is a game played by the ego to keep you from going deep within - instead getting you to spend your energy and attention on on endless speculation, thinking, that leads nowhere. Instead of practicing presence and silent awareness ... the ego comes back through the back door under the guise of a search for the answer to fundamental questions and quest for spiritual truths.

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Re: The universe is one thing - is it true?

Post by damc » Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:25 am

strali wrote:Katie Byron seems to know that no thoughts are true, yet she says over and over again that all things are one, and that the universe is kind.
I think there are thoughts pointing to the truth. All things are one - it can be true. But the fact is also that every thought distorts the reality. The reality is what you can see, hear and so on and the rest is your matrix that you live in (your interpretation of the reality). All of your thoughts, that you believe in, create your matrix. And the thought "all things are one" points to the truth but it's not the truth and when you believe the thought "all things are one", then you create your matrix. When you believe that thought, then you don't experience the truth but you experience your thought.

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