Life is relationship

Talk about relationships in the context of Spiritual Enlightenment
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Life is relationship

Post by Mina » Mon Jun 23, 2014 12:30 pm

Dear all,

Just came to the forum following a friend's advice.

What srikes me first is the division into so many different forums. Practically, it is useful to divide and sort things out into categories, otherwise very soon there would be total chaos in the kitchen cupboards for example, fact which would not serve the order of our everyday lives..

When it comes to relationship, that is surely not again a separate topic to talk about, as there is really nothing separate.

is not all life relationship?

What is wonderful is to discover, through and in relationship with another human being for example, that there are not separate centers, egos, relating (if there are, the relating is confined to images, so what we are left with is an image of relationship instead of a real relationship). True communion is an action where everything is perfectly related, all parts so perfectly fitted together, that they are no longer parts in a way. It is the action of being related, but not that there is the entity that is relating to something which again is a movement of thought, of image and ego.

Sorry to be so talkative.

Does anyone want to go into this more with me?

Love to all

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