Relationship, PMDD, dominance

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Relationship, PMDD, dominance

Post by Lenny1986 » Thu Aug 11, 2016 11:16 am

Hello all,

I'm feeling really very bad since some months, but know i'm really depressed and under AD treatment that make me feel paradoxically worse and worse. It's all about relationship, my loved boyfriend and me.

I'm in this infinite loop of remebering what has been said, what hasn't been said, why i was said, why deserve what has been said, why, why he said me this awful things even if I know that also me I said awfal things.

Now, we decided to take some distance because we were so harmful, and no more positive energy. Personally I feel not able to forgive some things that I heard, that he reproach to me. We all know this phases when all our components, all what we are doing and all what we are become problematic to the other one.

I'm suffering from PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) and all months, fights during hours and weeks, we are both tired of this situation and I admit that we are 50 / 50 responsable of this situation. Me weith my PMDD, and him with his possessivity and dominance...

Can't see any positive thing in this experience, it's so painful, fight that dure for hours for a word that has been said, or not bas been said.


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