Wife spending habits

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Wife spending habits

Post by pausesmile » Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:51 am

As I posted in the past, my wife is finally doing some counseling. There is some improvement, she has not had any physical outburst of anger lately like throwing things. Of course, she is still very irritable, and I constantly have to walk on eggshell. I think seeing a therapist helped her start understanding better that her husband or our toddler son were not the source of her frustrations. I am very thankful to this forum for giving me in some ways the courage to talk the truth to her older sister. Few days later she started therapy.
There are still quite a few concerns with the relationship. I try to manage most issues like fixing things myself instead of complaining. I don't mind cooking more than she does or doing the laundry. I try to be a better listener and listen more when she complaints instead of offering solutions. I try to stop the conversation when I feel it becomes heated. But with money, the only solution I found is to work more like with overtime. But the more I make the more she spends! I am a very thrifty man, probably with still much ego... I tried to put her in charge of paying the bills, I tried not not complain about her spending habits, nothing seems to be working. Could you help me on this topic?

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Re: Wife spending habits

Post by dijmart » Sun Aug 20, 2017 12:07 am

I'm glad there's been some improvement to her behavior and she's in counseling, but still, walking on eggshells doesn't sound like much fun. As far as money, sounds like you need to put her on a weekly budget. Letting her know purchases over her budget and/or over "x" amount of $ need to be mutually agreed upon.
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