Talk about relationships in the context of Spiritual Enlightenment


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Is this what you were trying to say, correct me if im wrong:

BAsically your saying that instead of bringing in all the baggage and problems that the ego creates into this relationship, i should start living what i know about living in the now etc and letting go of the ego baggage and that is when i will truly start to live and enjoy this spiritual friendship with this guy i know. Whether he likes me in return more than a friend doesnt matter, the fact that we can enjoy eachothers company and live in the moment is all that really counts doesnt it? Everything that is seen as a 'challenge' by the ego is just another learning curve for our souls and i really do believe that this situation is teaching me about humility and to truly let go of egoic desires and goals etc. But your right in the fact that i just have to live spiritually and talk secondly about it, we do laugh together and talk about many differnt things not just spirutual things, about everything and anything! but i do feel that i should just let go of these egoic desires and just enjoy the moments we have together as they are.

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