Experiences with husband

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Experiences with husband

Post by Nutkins2 » Sat Feb 19, 2011 1:24 am

Hi there all,

I have been following the teachings in Eckhart Tolles' books and audio for a couple a years now. The first time i read the Power of Now, i stopped taking my medication completely and became ill until i retook them again. My husband was very cross about this.

I am starting to reread the books and listening to audio and my husband says that he knows when i'm reading the books, etc because i become very arrogant 'as if i am a god or something'!

Maybe this is true to an extent because i can hear my ego saying how spiritual i am, blah blah.

My husband suffers with bi-polar so i feel i have to be very present when he blows up or feels that life is so hard. I want to be present around him but how to do it without the ego getting in the way?

My husband also doesn't trust Tolle because he says that if Tolle was genuine, why does he write so many books. He thinks Tolle is a charlatan and that the teachings are doing me no good!

Any thoughts!


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Re: Experiences with husband

Post by Quinn » Sat Feb 19, 2011 3:52 am

Hi Nutkins,

Practical answer: Don't say anything about the books, Tolle, your discoveries, your insights...anything. It's all an internal job and no one else has to know about it.
Nutkins2 wrote:Maybe this is true to an extent because i can hear my ego saying how spiritual i am, blah blah.
I think this is a GREAT discovery. Look at that Spiritual-Nutkins self that you've created and see what she's made of. Dismantle anything that's a thought or a concept.

For quite awhile, after I had read Tolle and immersed myself in the teachings, I found it really hard to be around my husband. The deluded thoughts he came out with! The conditioning! It was as if someone turned on a radio with static really really loud. And not just him - parties were torture.

But the more of my own trash (as I call it) that I discarded, the more open I became. Presence is a piece of cake when we're not lost in mind-identification.

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Re: Experiences with husband

Post by Webwanderer » Sat Feb 19, 2011 5:57 pm

I agree with Quinn's wise words. It's a common response when gaining some spiritual/life insight to want to tell others around us. In rarely turns out well. Far better to be internally clear on the insights you gain and live from that clarity. The urge to tell someone else unsolicited is nothing but ego. Look for it. That alone is a great teacher about the nature of ego. No judgment, just recognition. Be the love you feel, but don't expect anything in return. Again, it's ego that wants.


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