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Being Human

Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2012 5:05 am
by smiileyjen101
A few different topics are converging closely to a notion that is big enough to have its own place for discussion. Be it querying presence as experienced in a moment, oneness whilst in a human body, and perspectives of individuals depending on 'where they are' in their present moment of standing under things, and relating with others with awareness of different perspectives.

I've been fortunate to re-examine being human in a body I thought I understood until I left it for awhile and spent time in consciousness without it. Coming back into it was an adjustment, but it was also, is still also, an amazing vehicle - far less evolved than we are without it, but with some immensely wonderful nuances in terms of the ingredients of relativity that allow degrees of things, shades of things, passing and rising of things to be sensed individually.

Without it (the body) we are only aware of the 'all' of experiences, past, present and future all merged into an eternity of one moment, colours all blended back to purity of light 'source' white, sound energies all merged to a perfection of vibration of love, all rising and falling pulses...hmm, I can't really explain it in words, the depth of all is one, and all is blended in harmony, temperature is not hot nor cold but an eternal blending of all hot and all cold into perfection, smells are not individualised creating re-cognition of them, but all blended into the perfume of perfect harmony - there are no 'distinctions' in the blur of eternity that is the total depth of all experiences, whereas in human form, in any 'form' there are these amazing contrasting and complementing elements of all the harmonies across all the senses, even across knowledge, wisdoms, experiences and noticing of experiences and the elements of them.

Understanding our senses and our human ability to filter and focus (or not) on them has for some time made humankind arrogant, as if we are the only species with these abilities, as if this makes us master on and of this planet, as if we were a greater part of the all - pfffttt!! Plants have as much intelligence and complex communication and ability to flourish as humans and without them there would be no humans being here. Every organism from simple to complex has its place in the all. But even within our own senses we are ignorant of the experience of being human for the most part.

Below I will detail some of the amazing capacity of being human in this wonderful world of matter in form. And I wonder if this will speak to any of those other topics, queries, mis-takes on what it is being human.

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Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2012 5:08 am
by smiileyjen101
So 'the body lives only in this present moment', what does that mean, what is really happening in this moment? What can we be 'relaxing into and embracing (in) this moment' from the body’s perspective?

I need to take a moment to widen perspective here about what human bodies are capable of embracing, whether knowingly or unknowingly and why these 'nuances' of what it is that has our attention is important in understanding being as distinct from thinking about being.

Being, not as a means to an end, not with our attention on some past or future moment but ‘relaxing into and embracing’ now as an amazing thing in and of itself, in every single precious and never to be exactly the same again moment.

When we do this we tune into our full capacity as humans, no wonder it’s intoxicating.

Just taking the average human body, not even all the unconscious functioning of organs and muscles and sinews and cells growing and dying and splitting and regenerating, that's enough to blow your mind, but even what the mind itself is filtering in terms of our senses, it's exponentially amazing.

Our capacity to see and process and discern is incredible.

Just in one high definition wide screen presentation our 'queen of the senses - sight' is able to process 1920 x 1080 pixels of colour information across 18,000 colour variations, running at 25 frames per second.

That's 933,120,000,000 visually sensual cues available to our mind, in one second.

We able to discern a twitch or quiver that lasts no more than 1/25 of a second and build it into perspective simultaneously building into a story of individual meaning.

Take a moment to honour this as the guy on the park bench might - if you're looking at the sky or anything unconfined in a space upon which you are focussing you have a wider 'perspective' of filtering available to discern to infinity in terms of depth of field - which pixel or group of pixels shall you 'notice'? Which 1/25th of a second shall you hold on to and define? Being with it doesn’t need to turn it into words, just relax into it.

Let's move now to another sense, hearing. Human hearing is capable of receiving 'sound' generated along a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 hertz. (plus some sounds not on this range)

Hertz is the measure by which electro magnetic / vibrational frequencies resonate in cycles per second, we are able to not only comprehend across the length of these things - a high pitched sound generated by 20,000 cycles in one second, but we are able to simultaneously distinguish literally an ear drum full of simultaneous cycles at every frequency across this range.

Close your eyes and 'hear' how many cycles of energy moving at different speeds you are 'defining' in the sounds you are hearing. Realise that some of these 'impressions' of sound you are receiving lasted no longer than 1/20,000th of a second

This is the capacity of just two of our senses to make meaning of things, combine them together and they exponentially explode into an awesome experience of this moment.

But lets add another 'dimension’ of this moment - touch tactile sense just on our skin while sitting on that park bench - there are 2 warm, 13 cold, 25 tactile and 200 pain receptors per 1 cm2 of the skin in average. Each 6.45cm2 of skin contains 650 sweat glands that may or may not be secreting moisture in any given moment interacting with the warm and cold flows of air around us, 50 million individual bacteria live on the average square centimetre of human skin in any given moment having a party living on our skin, which is interacting with the air.

The surface area of skin in adults is about 18,000 cm2 (men) or 16,000 cm2 (women).

Sitting on the bench, looking at clouds in the sky and hearing energy in motion and feeling a breeze blow past exposed receptors, and even comparing them to the unexposed receptors becomes a sensory explosion in marshmallow!!

Again which sensor will you notice, which party of living bacteria will you notice, will you give weight to, which will you hold on to and define a moment by it? You can’t, its already gone.

Add again the sense of smell where we are capable of detecting and distinguishing between a practically infinite number of odorant molecules in any and every breath up the nose + the taste and pain sensors that are activated by those molecules and you have a sense of what is happening right now without you even moving an eyelid.

Our responses, our reactions, our thoughts are kind of like the waste product of filtering all of this information and trying to make sense of it – form of it, tangibility of it. But by the time we do, it’s all gone, it’s all changed and it will likely never return again in that exact composition of stimuli.

Elements may be the same – I may smell porridge on a cold winter’s morning and be wrapped up warm in a snugly robe and ‘think’, re-cognise, re-member some of these stimuli when combined, of my granny who once cooked the porridge on a cold winters morn – but it’s not the same ‘scene’ not even one 1/25th of a second is that same scene, it is memories only as my brain filters where I am and in what state my physical senses are.

Just being in it I have none of those thoughts, I am merely relaxing into and being one with it. Stepping outside of the moment into past memories or future projections takes me away from being one with it, takes me away from ‘now’, what really is, what is ‘real’ in this moment.

So therefore, the processing is never in ‘real-time’. By the time you ‘respond’ ‘re-act’, it’s gone and those things, those energies in motion, those things upon which your mind is selecting by noticing and filtering into meaning have created a whole new frame of energy in motion, again and again and again in fractions of seconds. If you filmed and highlighted all the energies in motion in any fraction of a second you would realise the limitless possible responses based on the ‘weight’/ ‘value’ selection of one minutae of stimuli over another.

Breathing out is a possible response within which you ‘notice’ that the moment has gone... it was for a fraction of a second all of those combinations of stimuli ‘re-cognised’ by the brain, but its gone, a whole new combination of stimuli is already oops, it went without noticing ; 0

So it’s the not practicing, not scheduling, not creating a habit or a story of any permanence that allows life to rise and fall as it is without judgement or condemnation – and the whole shebang is so amazing what else can you do but be amazed.

And that’s before we consider ‘shared’ moments and think we have any hope of defining what another has experienced in the same moment.

If we apply presence to any situation we have a clearer perspective of what is real.

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Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2012 4:54 pm
by ZenCowgirl
oh my gosh, smiileyjen. that was so many receptors for so many senses plus so many remembrances of so many senses plus then the dropping of remembrances that the very height of the stacks of number tumbled me into . . .

Re: Being Human

Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2012 7:00 pm
by Webwanderer
Love the post(s) Jen. :D


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Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:32 pm
by smiileyjen101
hahaha I bubbled with your response zengirl. It is awesome isn't it?

Webby, do you see how difficult it must (has to) be to describe the collapsed possibilities and recognitions and responses with the clarity of awareness of all of these parts,
plus the responses of millions of individual plants and their parts multiplied by 240,000 species and their environments,
and the experiences of multitudes of individual animals across 1,250,000 species and their environments,
and the environments themselves as living ecosystems and the energies and expressions and relating of individual parts of them,
across even a short self focussed life review of 'important' moments in one person's life when all of these senses are collapsed into oneness and yet recognisable by the energies they create, emit and process and then deeper into the cause and effect simultaneously with all possible interactions of the parts already collapsed across time.

Let alone the emittance of energy in a sigh, a laugh, a pfffttt, a perception of offence, a smile, a fright, a solidifying of a belief, a touch between elements - these all have their own vibrational frequency of expression of energy that is rising from and falling back into source/creation/oneness as it is experiencing it.

If you think it doesn't matter whether you touch a leaf with love or ignorance or bless/honour/recognise individual blades of grass or a puff of wind in the air or a living organism that gives its energy to you.... well it does and it doesn't, but it is experienced by the all and it can be deeply experienced here with cognisance of our oneness in 'being' - relaxing into and embracing this moment, being aware of the stimuli that we are experiencing and being conscious of the fullness of the moment within our attention/focus.

Being aware of this we can create oneness bliss in the moment purely by bringing our attention to it. I might 'notice' 'recognise' and consciously honour my interacting with elements - such as a leaf, on a tree, in a park, fed by rain, nurtured by the earth it grows in, caressed by the wind, warmed and fed by sunlight - an amazing bliss of shared experience of senses.

There was one the other day, amid many hues of vibrant green that caught my attention, dancing on its branch, held sure by the solid, aged trunk and deep pulsing roots into sandyish dry soil, tingling in a gusty breeze with just a hint of the sun's warmth still vibrating in it - alive in the moment I reached for it and it and the wind danced it away from my grasp just as my fingers were anticipating our touch just as our energy fields met - I laughed out loud and its energy and the wind's energy crackled, not with self preserving fear, but with joy - enjoying the attention, the conscious interaction between our sensory elements. Leaves on trees can 'sense' and respond to stimuli just as our bodies do, they also process the information and respond. It doesn't matter if we don't notice this, but what joy is released, energised into the all when we do.

All living things do and everything that has any energy even individual atoms, even thoughts, are living rising falling energy, and our interactions as individual elements is what we call 'life'.

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Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 11:38 pm
by smiileyjen101
Pinched from What Am What are you topic
As a conscious perspective within Awareness, everyone is unique in their own vibration of being. It is an unique perspective of awareness, made so by the uniqueness of the vibrations. So long as you perceive solely through your own unique vibration, you will only experience the conditions of human life from the unique point of view of your conscious vibration. Everyone is different/unique in their own vibration.

That being said, as anyone awakens and expands in consciousness, they begin to sense with ever more clarity the perspective of others - call it empathy in its early stages. In order to experience what others experience more completely and in detail, one's conscious vibrations must be raised to a level that can harmonize directly with those vibrations. Due to the focus through the human brain, this generally only happens at the death of the body and the transition of consciousness back to its greater state where a greater range of vibratory access is available.

If we open our mind and learn to decode the vibrations by being aware of the stimuli in action as in the posts above we don't have to die to access any of the vibrationary rates - we can learn to notice them and with discernment find their place in the scale of energies in motion.

Just as we learn to decode colours, identify musical notes and chords, recognise temperature fluctuations or wind strengths - through the cohesion of body and mind... so not even out of body... while still in this body we can harmonise with energies across multitudes of simultaneous frequencies.

Of course the important thing in understanding the other part of empathy is recognising what is not 'ours' and respect for 'whose' it is, recognition of their awareness or not of frequencies at work and recognising what is or is not our business.

For example energy healers who have grown much through their ability to link and to heal need permission or to be asked to openly share those energies. Those with clairabilities recognising this separation and distinction both in terms of the in body and the ethereal body communications they're facilitating.

I tend not to think these things are the privy of especially super-conscious human beings, more that being open to and aware of and willing to learn the 'language' of vibrational frequencies across ranges, rather than ignore or avoid or deny them, increases the depth and breadth of experiential understanding.

You cannot sense the energies of suffering in others without gaining deeper understanding of compassion and depth of capacity.

You cannot feel intimately the rising and falling of nature without judgement falling away in favour of recognising and discerning and accepting the reality of the motions of energy and the inevitability involved in this rising and falling (commonly labelled 'natural disasters).

You cannot translate the high energies of love and joy from those beyond the veil to those deeply resonant in grief without learning how to balance with love and faith and joy and grief and sorrow and pain.

You cannot know fully the immenseness of experience across vibrations and not be humbled and flayed and exalted and excited by its magnificence.

You cannot experience the retributive fear of others too fearful or caught up in themselves that they want to live in denial and not learn the energies of discrimination' and then hold harmony and empathy for all who experience discrimination and simultaneously for those darkened and slowed and closed in their fear.

Whichever way you choose to filter your senses, open in love or closed in fear as filtered through your mind, so will be the impact on your mind, on your thoughts, on your actions and on the energies arising and available (as the waste product of sensory perception) to the 'all', which is then available as a resonant frequency for others to 'sense', knowingly or unknowingly.

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Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 4:17 pm
by heidi
Thanks for the glorious thread, Jen. It's all so miraculous, I'm wide eyed in wonderment every moment! :D

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Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 12:26 am
by Webwanderer
Here's a little something I found in my explorations of Abraham that I found quite enlightening.

Emotions are much like a sixth sense. I don't recall this being said directly, nor should it be taken in the conventional ESP sense; but rather, emotions are like a unique kind of touch. Where just as with the sense of touch one can feel the sensation of hot and cold, pain and pleasure, or a cool breeze on the skin, etc; emotions are the qualitative sensing faculties through which one experiences the events and conditions of being human.

Now, Abraham points out that emotions are our guide in determining whether we are in, moving toward, or away from alignment with Source, and indeed they are. So, consider seeing emotions as a sensing capacity of experience as doing so offers a very useful perspective of perceiving the inner workings of our relationship to any given experience. Perceiving emotions in this way, as a sensing mechanism, separates the feel of experience from the emotional response to them. We feel emotions, pleasant or not, after all. We are not the emotions themselves.

As a sensing mechanism, emotions, as Abraham so clearly teaches, are the signposts to the quality of our alignment with Source Energy. So, our emotional capacity is not simply emotions of feeling good or bad, but is a sensing tool that sends us vibratory information about the nature of our experiential environment, just as all our other senses send us information in their own unique formats. Emotions are not only what makes life experientially rich, but a unique sense that helps us decide where best to put our focus of attention in order to enhance and expand our lives.


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Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 12:34 am
by heidi
Emotions are much like a sixth sense.
Yes, WW, and he can feel them and hear them and honor them.

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Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 12:54 am
by Webwanderer
Yes Heidi. How many of us, I wonder, have lived the better part of our lives being tossed to and fro by our emotions not knowing that they were a sensing mechanism that could be consciously and intentionally utilized to our advantage. Put me in that category. It's a little different kind of relationship than that with our other senses, but maybe, once mastered, it can be a tool of practical understanding that gives us a measure of control over the nature of our experience that can transform it in wonderful ways.


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Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 3:17 pm
by heidi
Much of my earlier life I was lucky, simply lucky to have "heard" what I needed to when I needed to. I was not conscious, per se, of the attention that emotion/gut stuff was telling me, just simply lucky enough to have followed the cues. Now, at this late date, I have awareness of those cues, tried and true.

And there is a paradox there. When emotions are telling us things, such as the feeling of discomfort, or to distance ourselves from something or someone that doesn't serve us or have out best interests at heart, or a process that is not resonating (kind of like the sense of smell telling us something is rotten :wink: )... we know that there's something right there at our depths we need to address. It's also where the sense of separation can unfold. Emotions are the source of our preferences, and preferences create the illusion of separation. All is one in awareness, but in manifested-ness our senses including that 6th sense protect us. This paradox is something I still grapple with a lot.

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Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:11 pm
by Webwanderer
heidi wrote:Much of my earlier life I was lucky, simply lucky to have "heard" what I needed to when I needed to. I was not conscious, per se, of the attention that emotion/gut stuff was telling me, just simply lucky enough to have followed the cues. Now, at this late date, I have awareness of those cues, tried and true.
I suspect your 'luckiness in life' was a well earned inherent knowledge that these emotional keys were important and valuable. Not surprised at all that you were wise enough to follow them, even it the choices to do so was less clear than it is now.


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Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 12:52 am
by smiileyjen101
Thanks for the continuing exploring of being human folks, it's a topic I hope grows wider and deeper.

I've 'grappled' with a response to the notions above, let them sit and filter and work through naturally for awhile like letting dough rise, hopefully they're ready.
Webby said: Emotions are much like a sixth sense. I don't recall this being said directly, nor should it be taken in the conventional ESP sense; but rather, emotions are like a unique kind of touch. Where just as with the sense of touch one can feel the sensation of hot and cold, pain and pleasure, or a cool breeze on the skin, etc; emotions are the qualitative sensing faculties through which one experiences the events and conditions of being human.
I understand Abraham using this notion and also pointing out it's 'not this' in the additional numerical meaning. I have the same 'difficulty' with sixth sense being used to describe (conventional ESP sense) - for me what is essentially not 'another sense', not an 'additional' sense but a depth and width of all the senses blended and yet re-cognised by their elements and from 'who' and through 'who/what' they are resonating. So even in the 6th sense 'sense' it's incorrectly termed. It's depth and width of recognition capacity, learned by re-cognising' different vibrationary rates, not any additional number of senses.
jen said previously: If we open our mind and learn to decode the vibrations by being aware of the stimuli in action as in the posts above we don't have to die to access any of the vibrationary rates - we can learn to notice them and with discernment find their place in the scale of energies in motion.
So with this standing under... I'm not sure if what Abraham has intimated is the same thing as I would say about emotions.
All things being energy flowing in creation at various vibrationary rates and kind of being routed (like electrical circuitry) everywhere, I'll go back to saying
Our responses, our reactions, our thoughts are kind of like the waste product of filtering all of this information and trying to make sense of it – form of it, tangibility of it.
In some ways adding emotion is part of the 'after' thought, the bit between sensing and reacting based on the cognition of the stimuli.

Emotion is interpreted by filtering the combination of stimuli. It may be perceived before thought manifests, or it may be in reaction to thought that has already manifested.

If I were to show you a photo of a smiling child the 'emotion' would be interpreted before thought by the combinations of the visual cues, and the vibration of your receiving this 'emotion' stimuli.

Your body, through sight and congruence perceives the emotion with no other contrasting stimuli so it's an easy processing - 'happy' and the energies in their pure form of 'happy', which is a vibrational frequency that you have 'decoded' and 'naturally' add to the interpretation of the stimuli, flows through you and manifests as a like meeting like response - all things are flowing at the same 'vibration'.

If I were to show you a photo of a child who was smiling and behind them was a charging bull or grizzly bear the stimuli would set off fireworks of all sorts of emotions some pre-thought, some after thought had processed the information. You would likely experience a rush of adrenalin in panic - even if this situation was resolved decades ago.

However if I were to show you a photo of a child whose mouth was smiling and all other stimuli in the photo suggested 'happy', but there was a 'flicker' of fear or doubt or sadness in their eyes, the 'vibrational' energy of emotion would go searching through all that you had decoded previously with this additional and contrasting information. You may not even be aware consciously of the flicker of fear in their eyes, but your 'gut' would react with a contortion, tightening 'pay attention' something is 'not right' here - the energies are contrasting nuance of emotions. 'happy' does not quite fit, so your meeting it with a happy resonance strikes a 'discord'...the 'gut feeling', which we often attribute to being intuition.

What is intuition?
The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.
I would suggest that intuition is pre-emoting, pre thought, pre selecting and applying a 'suitable' emotion resonance to stimuli. It's an as yet undefined 'feeling' that is bouncing off a few different frequencies and not aligning yet with one, although 'discord' itself has a resonance to pay attention.

Now this discord may be a misinterpretation, or a misinformation, or an unexpected (fright) stimuli, or a 'new' resonance that we haven't discerned their place in the scale of resonances yet.

I guess I would want to say these are the 'wake up' moments of growth and opportunity. These are the moments that we get to choose whether or not to fully interact with life. These are the moments that we feel we may pee our pants if we do open up to the energies - it is going to 'cost us' in terms of our ability to respond - it's going to make it grow, and we may choose to close down in fear - we then would process our 'reasoning' for avoiding, denying, resisting or ignoring what it is that we felt.

If however as Heidi learned we embrace those energies, that's how we learn how to decode those minutely discordant energies, they often fly in the face of the false reality we would rather abide in in ignorance and less response ability or consciousness. Sometimes our reluctance is through fear of being separated or 'different' to others, other times its an overplay or underplay of our 'role' in a thing, our true ability to respond, even if that response is limited to acceptance.

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Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 1:19 am
by smiileyjen101
So, I stand under that 6th sense is not an ability outside of the ordinary, it might be a willingness outside of the ordinary to process those uncomfortable discords into awareness and apply conscious reasoning to it rather than shut it down. The same with accepting the resonances of emotions.

This capacity is always available to us and the opportunities will always arise.

Whether we accept the opportunities or not is really no different to trying to eat something whose taste once was rejected because of some response of 'yuck' in our taste sensors - no choice is wrong, it just brings a different experience.

Will we make mis-takes in our interpreting and responding.... absolutely, and we'll learn from those energies too (if we are open to it).

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Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2012 10:13 pm
by smiileyjen101
Furthering 'relaxing into and embracing this moment'

Much of our suffering in the human condition comes from our focus of attention and applying as ET says the energy of making an enemy, obstacle or means to an end of a thing, person, or situation.

When I see so many here say they ‘get’ that but they are still confused by a seeming unease or a sense of needing to be vigilant of their thoughts and responses there is an element that may not have been as understood in Tolle’s writings about what it is to BE one with everything.

For me this was better explained in Conversations with God in a section where ‘god’ is saying that every time you dismiss, distance, explain away, resist the ‘intuitions’ explained above you (we) turn him (creation of which we are a part) down.
That is we separate ourselves from the all and the experience of the all. We say ‘no thank you’ to life.

We may do this through fear, through ignorance or through arrogance claiming superiority of the human condition as a species and as individuals. This is a misguided judgement. This is erroneous, a mis-take, and the effects are that elements of available stimuli is either ignored or wrongly claimed as if it belongs to one.

It appears the more people have become reliant on external objects for pleasure or to reshape nature for their own ends – so making enemy, obstacle, means to an end of things, the more they close down from willingness to re-cognise and be in harmony with the natural energies. The more they think they are higher than, more intelligent than, more cognizant than, more conscious than, the less able they are to recognize stimuli and find its place in the scale of energies and from where this energy is emitting or emerging and apply a suitable response – action if needed, acceptance through understanding if no action is required.

I’m not saying drive yourself insane by constantly charting the energies of the universe in action phew that would be exhausting! What I am saying is when one is feeling an intense reaction or discomfort it may be from personal focus or thoughts – outflowing energy. It may equally be none of your business and merely inflowing energies blowing through your range of pick up of stimuli as yet undecoded.

Many seem to learn from Tolle to be aware of what is outflowing energies – the energies you are emitting by your response to stimuli, including thoughts and reactions, what appears to be less understood is learning to recognize and filter through in harmony inflowing energies from elements outside of your own body.

If you wake yourself up in the moment both will be simultaneously occurring with consciousness of the (all) energies in motion.

Maybe the panic some have is not understanding this sudden awareness of energies.
And the exhilaration others have when they are willing to be one with it (all) - 'relaxing into and embracing this moment'.