3 Essential Questions by Robert Adams

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3 Essential Questions by Robert Adams

Post by Amritam » Mon Feb 18, 2013 2:57 am

This was posted on Facebook. Any comments?

Thursday I gave you three essential questions that brings you to awakening. We'll go over them aga...in. The first question you ask in the morning, the second question you ask in the afternoon and the third question you ask before you go to sleep. This is really important if you want to awaken. It's a short cut.
The first question

You have to do the first question as soon as you open your eyes. Do not allow your mind to think. As soon as you open your eyes catch yourself immediately and ask yourself the first question which is:
"Where did 'I' come from?"
"Where did 'I' come from?"
As I speak this question most of you identify I with your body and you think I'm saying, "Where did I as a body come from?"
I am not saying that at all.
The question is:
"Where did 'I' come from?"
Not: "Where did my body come from?"
The question is:
"Where did 'I' come from?
My body slept, my body dreamt, my body is now awake.
But I has been the witness to all three states of consciousness.
For I know that I exist while sleeping. I exist while dreaming and I am awake. I exist now. Where did 'I' come from?"
And you keep still.
After you realize that 'I' is the witness of the dreaming, sleeping and waking states, you keep still.
"Where did 'I' come from?"
"I am now awake", you say. "I am going to go about my business. I am going to eat breakfast. I am going to go to work".
Notice how I always say, 'I', you ask yourself, "there's always "I, I, I".
I eat breakfast, but I've been making one mistake. I've been identifying the 'I' with the body that eats breakfast.
'I' is not the body!" you tell yourself.
"'I' is not eating the breakfast.
The body is eating the breakfast.
After all did the body get permission from the 'I' to eat breakfast?
The body does what it wants.
The body is under the law of karma.
But what about 'I'?
Where did 'I' come from?
Who witnesses these things.
Who am I?
What is the source of the 'I'?"
That's how you talk to yourself and you keep still.

Then a realization will come to you. The realization will be this. It seems everything I talk about, I always use the first pronoun I. This must mean that everything, everything is attached to 'I'.
The world, my body, my thoughts, my mind, the stars, the moon, the sun, people, places and things are all attached to 'I'.
For don't I say, "I see my friend? I'm doing my work? I feel sick? I feel happy? I feel depressed? I feel miserable? I feel good?"
There's always I, I, I, I. It appears that everything, everything is attached to 'I'.
Therefore if I try to get rid of everything first, it's like the old problem:
"What came first? The tree or the seed?" I will get nowhere for when I get rid of one thing, another thing pops up to take its place.

For instance: If I don't like my job and I complain and I change jobs. I will like my new job for a while, then I'll have the same old problem. So I don't do that anymore.
Instead I'm going to realize the source of the 'I'. If I transcend the 'I', if I get to the source of the 'I', everything else will go with it. And there will be emptiness and I will be free. Do you follow that?

Everything is attached to your 'I'.
Do not try to work on the things, those are effects. Work on the cause which is the 'I' and the effects will disappear of their own accord.
So you follow the 'I' by diving deep within yourself.
You're looking for the source of the 'I'. You hold on to the 'I' until you find its source. You do this in the morning when you wake up.

So how do you do this?
When you get to the source of the 'I', which is you go down the rope. You imagine the 'I' is a rope and you're climbing down the rope and you come to the end and you just let go and you fall freely.
Then you start saying to yourself, "I-I", "I-I", say that to yourself for a while, "I-I", "I-I".
As you do this you're becoming calmer and calmer.
As you practice this, the space between the I's will become greater and greater.
The space is consciousness.
The 'I' will eventually disappear and your identity will merge into consciousness, as "I-am".
That's what you do in the morning, until noon time.
You can practice this in whatever work you do.
You can keep saying, "I-I", knowing the background of what we just discussed.
Which is that everything is attached to 'I'.
The second question

Then at about 12 - 1 o'clock, you go to question number two. Question number two is:
"Where did the universe come from?"
You're asking yourself, don't ask your friends. Don't ask your co-workers. They'll put you in those little white jackets and you'll wind up in the funny farm. (laughter)
Ask yourself:
"Where did the universe come from?"
"Where did the universe come from?"
"Where did the universe come from?"
As you ask this question, new revelations will come to you, from your morning question.
You will begin to see, during my sleep last night I was dreaming and in my dream, I seemed to have existed just like I do now.
I went to work. I had a family. I took an airplane ride. I went on vacation. I got drafted in the war and I got killed, then I woke up.
It was all a dream.
But where did that dream come from?

All that dream was going on in my mind.
The dream came out of my mind.
Therefore my waking state must also be a dream because I think of it.
My mind is thinking of all of my affairs, my body, my work, my children, my house, my car.
Just like in a dream.
So the universe comes out of my mind.
I have created the universe.
After all when I am in deep sleep, there is no universe for me.
But I still exist because when I wake up I can say, "I slept".
We go back to 'I' again.
This means that the whole universe, everything:
People, places, things, animals, flowers, trees, stars, suns, galaxies all come out of my mind.
I have given birth to these things.
"Who am I?
Where did 'I' come from?"
And you go back again following 'I' to the source.
Then again you repeat the same thing, "I-I", "I-I", for as long as you can.
The third question:

Before you got to sleep. Before you got to sleep, before you fall asleep, you ask yourself the third question, which is:
"Where did God come from?"
Ask yourself three times:
"Where did God come from?"
"Where did God come from?"
"Where did this God come from?"
That I have believed in all of my life?”
And you start to think about your childhood:
"When I was young I was brought up in a religion, whether it's Catholic, or Protestant or Jewish, or Islam, or Hindu.
I was told to believe in God, but what do I know about God?
Have I had an experience of God?
Therefore God must be a belief, a concept, a preconceived idea.
Where did this God come from?"

Now if you've been highly religious in one of the major religions, this is going to be so hard for you to do for you'll think it's blasphemous, I therefore ask you to investigate.
To intelligently look within yourself.
Asking yourself, "Where did this God that I've believed in all my life, come from?
And if you investigate deep enough, you will soon see, "I believe in God. I?"
When I say, 'I', I've been referring to my body.
So that means all of these years, my body has believed in God.
And 'I' has been the silent witness observing all of this.
'I' has no belief.
'I' is neutral.
It's my body and my mind, that believe in some anthropomorphic type of deity.
Now I realize 'I' is not the body, 'I' is not the mind and 'I' is not God.
Like the universe, like my body, it's all a concept, a belief.
God must be attached to 'I', just like everything else.
And when I am able to transcend 'I', I will transcend the mistaken belief of God and become free.

So, Again you go back to "I-I", "I-I".
You fall asleep doing this and you will wake up doing this.

If you practice this my friends you will be free before you know it. You'll be totally free and liberated.
To have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.~ Tilopa

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Re: 3 Essential Questions by Robert Adams

Post by karmarider » Mon Feb 18, 2013 7:13 am

Amritam wrote:...
In fairness, I didn't actually try the questions. The actual trying to answer the questions may well be very opening or instructive. I didn't try it.

But these are not the questions which occur to me. I think the real questioning starts when we look at us, look at the sense of I am, or very simply you look at you.

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