My new life....

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My new life....

Postby imago dei » Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:52 pm

Hi everybody,
i wrote here some months ago, and i really missed this website..
Well, i "woke up" in 2009 after decades of despair and terrible emotions, and i'm here now, new and fresh.
Still now sometimes i have to cry at thinking that "i'm afraid to forget one day the vital importance of the present moment". All my spiritual books have became a sort of "drug addiction", it's like i'm so attached to them coz i'm afraid to "forget something". It's all my life, how could i ever forget something like this?! As always, is my ego who likes questioning?? Does it happen to you, too??
Know thyself.
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imago dei
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Re: My new life....

Postby TemporalDissonance » Fri Jul 26, 2013 5:52 pm

The ego can easily set up camp and start idenifying as an awakened or enlightened individual. While books can be of assistance in understanding, the true understanding can only be lived. Books are only pointers, not the Turth. Reflect on your fear of forgetting. Is there anything you can forget once you know yourSelf? Is yourSelf going anywhere?
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Re: My new life....

Postby treasuretheday » Fri Jul 26, 2013 11:33 pm

Hi Imago Dei!

We are all fellow travelers on the journey and our whole experience here on earth is to learn to love and trust ourselves, our brothers and sisters, and the Holy One. The power and love of the Divine is always with you, even if you "forget" about it, so don't worry about that. For various reasons, we create little troubling thoughts or grievances that result in the illusion of separation. In reality, we are connected to everyone and everything that is.

Close your eyes and imagine that you are connected with all the people here, and those around you, and those in other places, because you are. Just allow yourself to feel your natural connection. You can close your eyes and imagine this when you feel worried you might forget about it.

Throughout the day, several times, I briefly talk to Mary, (the Divine Mother) to remind me of this. I don't want to forget either! I might just say her name...that simple. Although the Divine is ever-present, you might find it helpful to connect on purpose, intentionally. You may not want to talk to Mary, but maybe...Holy One, or Divine Light? Even just saying those words makes a difference as you go through your day.

My avatar is an icon. Icons serve to remind us of the presence of the holy.
What about some visual pointer that may be helpful and serve as a reminder for you, Imago?

Hope you don't mind me making these suggestions. I know they are a little different. Just sharing what has been helpful to me. (It's always nice to see you.!).
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-Julia Child
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Re: My new life....

Postby TemporalDissonance » Sat Jul 27, 2013 5:26 am

treasuretheday wrote:What about some visual pointer that may be helpful and serve as a reminder for you, Imago?

treasuretheday makes a great suggestion here. I recall suggestions to set up daily reminders at specific times throughout the day to "be in the Now" or "connect to the Divine". They serve to quickly connect us throughout the day.
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Re: My new life....

Postby Psychoslice » Sun Mar 30, 2014 4:26 am

No matter how much one thinks their awake, there is still the mind, the whole thing is to realize that the mind doesn't belong to you, or who you truly are. When we do awaken the thing is to realize that the mind is still going to chatter, that's what minds do. But the more we keep within the silence, and see the mind for what it is, the more the mind will dissolve, if you don't give it attention, just like a child wants attention, then slowly again it will dissolve, not that it will completely dissolve, for within the ego is our life story and our identity with the rest of the world, the world story that is part of our story. When one is in this dissolving mind, one doesn't take things so serious, in fact you will laugh at things you thought was serious.
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