How to be happier and get rid of neg. emotions

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How to be happier and get rid of neg. emotions

Postby therock » Mon Mar 03, 2014 7:16 pm

Hello everybody,
recently I have been struggeling with a lot of uncomfortable obsessive thoughts which scared the shit outta me. Basically my mind subconsiously always searched for reasons to be unhappy/ insecure/ uncomfortable etc.
But now I feel a lot better. I wouldnt say that I am completely out of it, but I am on the best way to live happy and to work towards my goals in live. Many of u may struggle with depressions etc. so I wanted to share wit u how to think/ act/ behave in order to be free.
When you are an obsessive thinker, it is like a gift and a think a lot of bullshit. But everything in our life is determined by the way WE look on it. When you are constantly unhappy or unsure..your mind subconsiously searches for reasons to be asks questions like ' where is the next insecureity ?..what is wrong here ?...etc.? ..
The cure to this is to develop a proactive new habit. Everytime u catch urself going into negativity..1) breath and put a smile one ; 2) change your physiology into a positive posture ; 3) ask yourself empowering questions like : '' Whats great about my life write now ?..what am I thankful for ? what is funny about my ''problems ''?..whats the lesson ?..
You begin to realize that you took yourself too serious and that started a chain of many relating negative thoughts a result to that you feel like shit...
But when you practice this new behaviour pattern will 1) feel more comfortable overall 2) know that you were 'sweating the small stuff' ( remember it is ALL small stuff) and 3 ) you will attract more postive things, thoughts, people and so on in your life.
My advice would be to try this out and to review how it worked after a week..then ask yourself what u can improve and so will not be easy to those of you who tend to have a habit of depressive and destructive thinking but I promise you that we can ALL make it.
I wish all the best
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