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Re: What Is Enlightenment?

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:50 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
When The Sun Refuses To Shine

When the Sun refuses to shine on your day,
And you’re finding it hard to cope,
When you’re seeing more rain clouds
Than stars in the sky,
And you feel like giving up hope,

That’s the time when someone comes along
With a smile and a warm hug that says:
‘It’s okay – tomorrow will be a better day,
So, don’t give up now, for brighter moments
For you are surely on their way!’

Emily Matthews
Edited by Aquarius

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Re: What Is Enlightenment?

Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 3:34 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
In Times Of Great Struggle

When the world pushes us to our knees,
We have found the best position for praying.
Before we do, we do well to remind ourselves that
True happiness does not consist of living in a world
Where everything is already perfect and beautiful.
It does grow from the ability of peering
Beyond the ends of our noses
And the imperfections of our world,
Towards the higher purpose of life.

Only then can the perfected and beautiful self be perceived
That dwells deep within everybody’s core.
The Divine spark is in everyone and
It makes no difference whether
It is already visible in someone or not.
Even in the lowest and meanest of us earthlings
It is merely waiting to wake up from its slumbers
And brought forth, just the way it once did in you and me.
Developing it is every human being’s
Highest potential and birthright.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Re: What Is Enlightenment?

Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:00 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Greatest Glory

Life is a gift, so make it count and never give up on what you believe in. Be brave and make mistakes, because they teach us more than our successes. Instead of feeling bad about them, it is better by far to appreciate our blunders for helping us to become better people and to acknowledge that our successes in life could only grow from what we learnt from our slip-ups.

The greatest glory is not in never falling,
But in rising again, each time we fall.
Confucius 551-479 BC

Therefore, only look down on someone when you are giving them a helping hand to get up.

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Re: What Is Enlightenment?

Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 4:02 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Courage To Live

O Great White Spirit,
Father/Mother of the whole of Creation,
Reach out to all who have tried and seemingly failed,
To bring them your comfort and love.
Those whose hopes have been dimmed,
And whose faith has paled,
Lift into the radiance of your Divine wisdom, I pray,
And help them to trust again.

To those who are frightened and lonely,
Feeling hurt and helpless,
Baffled and blind, failing to understand
Why they are in this life and falsely
Believing that this dark and tangled earthly road
Is all there is to their existence,
Bring them a ray of hope in the form of a friend,
Someone who understands.

Touch with the flame of Your Heavenly fire
All hope that has burned low
And rekindle the faith that has died.
Show each one of us,
Your beloved children of the Earth,
How to walk steadfastly,
Hand in hand with You and the Angels
Through following the guidance we receive
From the innermost core of our being,
Where You and they dwell.

O Great White Spirit,
Show us the way,
Ever onwards, forwards and upwards
On the evolutionary spiral of life.
Help the ones who are stumbling and falling by the wayside,
To awaken into the knowledge of their true nature
And a renewed understanding
Of the purpose and meaning of their life,
So they can begin to move among their fellow beings
With renewed love in their hearts.
Grant them the gift of enough faith and courage to try,
Whenever this becomes necessary,
All over again.

Grace Noll Crowell
Edited by Aquarius

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Re: What Is Enlightenment?

Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:46 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Stepping Stones

Earth life has many stepping stones
That help us find our way
Across its busy stream,
As we wade through it, day by day.

At times the waters rise and overflow,
And the future looks far from clear.
No way there seems to be across
And the stones all disappear.

Wait until the flow subsides
And the path is more clearly shown.
Once again you can see and use every stone.
When you then look ahead, the future is bright.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Re: What Is Enlightenment?

Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 3:36 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Our Pathway Through Life

‘What we do as we move forward through our life can be compared to us laying down paving, as we absorb and apply various principles and shed our negative aspects and attitudes to replace them with new and positive ones. The path itself is, within general parameters, already set down before us but in setting the paving tiles in place by our efforts we are slowly, one by one, consolidating our path and giving it a definition. It may well be that at times we falter or take a step backwards, but the tiles remain in place and give us a firm footing when we tread there again. We never destroy what we have created in this way, even if we slide back a long way and return to it, tired and bruised but a lot wiser.’

From ‘The Milk Is White’

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Re: What Is Enlightenment?

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:27 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Light At The End Of The Tunnel

There’s light at the end of each tunnel
And calm at the end of every storm.
There’s rest at the end of life’s journey
And a place that’s welcoming and warm.

There’s a Star on top of the spiritual mountain,
We can touch when the last crag has been scaled.
There’s a certain reward for the faithful,
Whenever they think they have failed.

There’s spring at the end of each winter
And behind each black cloud, there is blue.
There’s a song at the heart of all sorrow
And happiness waiting for you.

Patience Strong
Edited by Aquarius

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Re: What Is Enlightenment?

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 3:17 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Sailing Ship – An Allegory

Imagine in your mind’s eye, if you will, a sailing ship. After a long break on dry land it is getting ready to once again enter into the freedom of the high seas. The ship shows great beauty and strength, as it joyfully opens its snowy white sails and offers them to the morning breeze. You are one of those left behind at the shore. Sadly, you watch the ship’s departure until you can see no more of it than a speck of white cloud on the horizon where the ocean meets the sky. A mournful voice close by says: ‘Ah, it’s gone!’

During the coming days, you keep wondering to yourself: ‘Where did the ship go?’ Finally, you come to the conclusion that this does not really matter because you know that wherever it may be now, it will be still as beautiful as it ever was, and that its mast and hull will be just as strong as when it left your shore. At that moment, as if in a dream, you sense a voice calling to you from some distant shore: ‘It’s arrived safely. It’s here!’

The death of the physical body is similar. Nothing changes, we remain the same one we always were. Our feelings and desires remain unchanged. All we have done is shedding our outer shell like a worn out overcoat. Eternity is here and now and everywhere. Each moment we spend on the Earth plane and all other worlds is an integral part of Eternity. Any loss on our present level of life is the spirit world’s gain. On the other side of the veil of consciousness each death in our world is always a happy event, because one of us is reborn into the full awareness of their true reality and is therefore coming home. We are eternal beings of light. There is no death and we cannot die. It’s just that from time to time we have to gather our experiences, so that we may learn from them and grow, on different levels of life – that’s all.

Roger Carswell
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Comfort for the Bereaved’

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Re: What Is Enlightenment?

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:34 pm
by aquarius123esoteric

Sometimes things don’t go
From bad to worse.
Some years, tender things survive the frost,
Green thrives and crops do not fail.
Sometimes we aim high and things goes well.

Sometimes a nation steps back from war,
Elects an honest man and decides to care enough
Not to leave strangers poor.
In some lifetimes we fulfil the purpose we are here for.

Sometimes our best intentions do not go amiss.
Sometimes we do as we are meant to.
Sometimes the Sun does melt a field of sorrow
That seemed frozen too hard.
And I hope that this happens for you.

Sheelagh Pugh
Edited by Aquarius

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Re: What Is Enlightenment?

Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:37 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Changing The World

Do not try to change the world,
For you would fail.
Try to love it instead
And lo, you will see that
The world is changed
And that forever.

Sri Chinmoy

* * *

If we try to change our world
Without first changing ourselves, we are sure to fail.
But when we come to terms with its true purpose
And perceive it in a new light, we learn to love it and
For us, quite magically, the world changes forever.

As our inner eyes open, we begin to recognise
The good in all people and situations.
Our heart and soul then fills with compassion and love
For those who, trapped in the darkness of
Their ignorance and greed, still insist on creating suffering,
Maybe for millions, and therefore negative Karma for themselves.
We no longer sit in judgement over anyone
And that helps us to create ever more positive Karma
For ourselves and our world.


From ‘Healers And Healing’

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Re: What Is Enlightenment?

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 2:40 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Peace Prayer

In the cold of an over-materialistic world,
Where many are feeling lost and lonely
I wish you warmth and joy from the knowledge that
These are the days of miracles and wonders,
When ever more of us are once more
Becoming aware of their true nature
And the reason for their being here.

I wish you courage and strength
To heal your own pain and that of others.
May it grow from a steadily increasing awareness that
The love and wisdom aspect of our Creator,
The Great Mother of all life,
Is manifesting herself everywhere in our world.

I wish you a sense of humour and the gift of smiling,
To help you overcome all your fears,
So you can show others how to do the same for themselves.
In the silence of your inner being may you
Be at one with the will and power of the Great Father.
The Father/Mother and their only born
Son/Daughter, the Christ Spirit,
Are as much part of us as we are part of them.
May their highest qualities reveal themselves
In our world through you and your life.

I wish for inner and outer peace in our world.
May it flow from the heart-mind of the Divine Trinity
Into the farthest, remotest corners of our world,
To bless and heal all its lifeforms.
And may the Mother’s wisdom and truth enter
Into every human heart and soul,
As that’s the only place where truth is known.

I wish that the creative fire
Of the ideas from the heartmind of God,
Lighten and warm everybody’s days,
So that Its dreams and visions can come true,
Through us and our world, and all worlds.
I wish for the renewal of hope, faith and trust in our world,
To assist every one of us with ascending the heights of
The spiritual mountain of Divine compassion.
I wish for God’s love to flow into every heart and soul,
So that we may all walk together hand in hand,
As one big family, peacefully and forever united.

Although this is still a dream,
I know in my heart of hearts
That one day it can and will come true,
Through all human souls, including you and me,
For when God’s love has at last come alive
In every human heart and soul,
Anything will be possible and achievable.

Above all I wish for the gift of understanding
To enter every human heart and with it
The ability to stop taking things literally,
When the true meaning of something is
Hidden behind its surface words.


* * *

Re: What Is Enlightenment?

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 8:31 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Live Through The Winter

We have to endure dark and frosty winters,
If we wish to experience spring,
And the woods have to be cold and silent,
Before the skylark can take to its wing.

Plants have to be buried in darkness,
Before they can bud and then bloom,
And the sweetest, warmest sunshine
Comes after each storm and gloom.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

Re: What Is Enlightenment?

Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 2:31 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Reflections On Beauty

To paraphrase Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, Swiss psychiatrist and author: ‘Truly beautiful people are those who have known defeat, suffering, struggle, loss and who worked their own way through these experiences, hand in hand with God and the Angels. Out of the depths of the hell of human suffering they have risen with a fresh appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving empathy with the pain of others. Beautiful people do not just happen, they can only grow and evolve on the Earth plane.

The small earthly self of those who emerge with these qualities from their suffering has died on the cross of Earth life. The characteristics of their Christ nature are breaking through and their spirit and soul has been resurrected. Through its behaviour to the world around it, this part of our being takes to its spiritual wings and enables us to do our share of establishing God’s kingdom on the Earth

Physical beauty as often as not goes only skin-deep and with the passing of time it goes from us in any case. At the latest this happens when we leave our earthly existence behind. Yet, the inner beauty we have been able to find is ours to keep forever. It was the wisdom of the Highest who decreed that this kind of beauty can only be developed in earthly life. And that’s the only thing we can take with us into Eternity and when we do, it considerably eases our pathway through life during all subsequent earthly sojourns.

I know which kind of beauty I prefer. How about you?

* * *

Re: What Is Enlightenment?

Posted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 5:01 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Nothing People

‘Our world is a dangerous place to live,
Not because of the people who are evil,
But because those who don’t do anything about it.’

Albert Einstein

* * *

Have you heard of the nothing people?
They do not lie, but they do not tell the truth.
They do not take, but they do not give either.
They neither steal nor stop a thief.
They do not rock the boat and never pull an oar.

They will not drag you down, but always let you pull them
And if the effort kills you, the tough luck is on you.
They do not hurt you, but they refuse to help
And never volunteer for anything.
They neither love nor hate you.
They will not burn you, but fiddle happily
While you burn.

Do you know what they truly are?
The sins of omission folks.
Spiritual voids, neither good nor bad,
They are standing still and stagnating.
And because they never risk anything,
They neither learn nor grow.

At least, the good keep trying,
And the bad in their own way, work just as hard
Because both are based on action and conviction.
Therefore, please Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all Life,
Send me either a sinner or a saint,
But protect me against the nothing people.
If someone told them that they are in danger of
Wasting a precious lifetime on the Earth,
They would refuse to believe it.
Having the courage to make mistakes,
Willingly owning up to them
And looking for what they can teach us,
To help our consciousness to grow and expand,
Protects us against merely vegetating
And becoming one of them.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing’

* * *

Re: What Is Enlightenment?

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:46 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Reflections On Hope

The Aquarian Age is presenting us
With the gift of a new kind of hope, faith and trust,
As they have never been known in earthly life before.
They are realistic and justified because they are built on
A solid foundation of understanding and the knowledge
That there really is a great evolutionary plan of life,
Which has always been unfolding as it should,
Showing clearly that everything has always been well
With us and our world, in spite of the fact that
To this day it frequently doesn’t look that way.

The plan’s unfolding of past ages
Is the evidence we need to show us
That the reins of our world have always been
Resting securely in God’s loving hands,
And that our race has always been steered safely
Through Earth life’s many diverse lessons.
Supervised and protected by the Highest Forces
We have constantly moved forwards and upwards
On the evolutionary spiral of life.
That leaves no shadow of a doubt
In my mind that this will forever continue.

The renewal of hope in our world
Is the most important aspect of the Aquarian gifts.
But what is hope?
It’s an inner knowingness that regardless
Of the things that are still happening in our world
The life we have been given has always,
Individually and collectively,
Been part of the Great Architect’s evolutionary plan.

Hope grows from trusting that the wisdom and love
Of the Great Father/Mother of all life
Has been guiding and protecting each one of us
In the course of many lifetimes
And that when looked at from the right perspective,
Our existence is indeed a very good one.

Hope springs eternally from
The inner guidance every human being receives.
No matter how closed off some may still be
With regard to matters of the spirit,
They still contain the Christ Spirit,
Though so far merely in seed form.
Their Highest or God Self has never left them.
It is always there to protect and guide each soul
Through all experiences of its earthly life.

Coaxed onwards and upwards
On the evolutionary spiral of life by
The living God within who encourages us
To try, try again – many times against all the odds,
The small earthly self in the end succeeds
To overcome its self-imposed limitations.
In spite of itself it has grown in
Understanding and wisdom, which can
And indeed are meant to be found in even
The most traumatic and harrowing experiences.

There is a higher aspect to everyone’s nature.
Independent of how low and depraved
The earthly self has become,
Known as the living God within.
It endows us with the hope and strength,
Courage and determination we need to endure
What cannot be changed and start again,
If need be many times over.

This is especially true after total
Personal and collective breakdowns.
It’s hope that helps us to reconstruct
Our whole being and the world around us.
Hope makes us go in search of healing
Whenever we are hurt and wounded.
With hope we know intuitively
That better things will come our way,
If we but persevere.

Hope is the Great Spirit’s eternal gift to humankind.
It’s the driving force of the power of love
That through famines and wars,
Disasters and all other types of destruction
Has always moved humankind and its world
Inexorably onwards and upwards
To evolve into ever more beautiful
Manifestations of the Divine,
Who will eventually be capable of
Exploring life on ever higher levels.

Hope enables us earthlings to trust that, in truth,
The moment of physical death is not an ending,
Merely a transformation into a different lifestate,
A new beginning and a release into
The greater freedom of our true home,
The world of light, where those
Who have gone before us
Are waiting to welcome us.

Recommended Reading:
• ‘Dealing With The Shadows Of The Past’

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