Food For Thought - Part One

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Re: Food For Thought

Post by aquarius123esoteric » Sat Oct 21, 2017 2:47 pm

I Will Succeed!

‘I will persist until I succeed. I was not delivered into this world in defeat and failure does not course in my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lion and refuse to talk, walk and sleep with sheep. The slaughterhouse of failure is not my destiny. I will persist until I succeed.’

I refuse to imitate or copy anyone, for I want to be uniquely me. How else can I discover who or what I truly am and what I am capable of? I know that with the help and will of God and the Angels all things are possible, that they love us and at all times are willing to help, if we but ask. That’s why I turn to them to tell me intuitively, through my inner guidance, how I can be of service to them and act as their channel. That way I am sure to find my way and never fail but succeed, always.

Augustine ‘Og’ Mandino II, 1923 –1996
From ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Words Of Wisdom & Healing From The Tree Of Life’

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Re: Food For Thought

Post by aquarius123esoteric » Sun Oct 22, 2017 3:49 pm

The One In The Glass

When you get what you want in your struggle for self,
And you’re toast of the world, for a day,
Just go to a mirror and look at yourself,
And see what you then have to say.

It isn’t our partner, children or friend,
Who judgement upon us must pass;
The one whose verdict counts most, in the end,
Is staring at us, from the glass.

Some folks may think us a ‘straight-shooting’ chum’
And call us a person of place,
But the one in the glass says we’re only a bum,
If we can’t look ourselves in the face.

We’re the one we have to please, not the rest!
We’re with ourselves, right up to the end,
And shall have passed our most dangerous, difficult test,
If the one in the glass still is our friend.

We may fool the whole world, down the pathway of years,
And get pats on the back, as we pass.
Yet, our final reward will be heartaches and tears,
If we’ve lied to the one in the glass.

From ‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’

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Re: Food For Thought

Post by aquarius123esoteric » Mon Oct 23, 2017 3:42 pm


It’s not the amount of money we have,
Or how many acres we own.
It’s not the mansions we live in
That spells success in our home.

It’s the little things we do each day,
The kind words that are spoken.
It’s helping those who are down and out,
And healing hearts that are broken.

It’s doing any job as best we can.
It’s the loving and giving in life.
It’s the keeping our eye on higher things
And our chins up in every strife.

So, if you’re the kind that wants to succeed,
Make sure you help souls in distress.
A life that is clean, a heart that is true,
Doing our best, at all times,
That alone is true success.

How much better we left our world
Than we once found it,
And the efforts we made to achieve this,
That alone is what counts when,
At the end of our present lifetime,
We once more stand before ourselves,
In the spirit world.

Stripped of everything that belongs to the Earth,
We assess our performance so far.
Everything we have done in all our lifetimes
Up to that point,
Are placed into the scales of Divine justice.
Material success on its own
Brings no spiritual progress and
When weighed in these scales,
It is found wanting.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

Recommended Reading:
• ‘There Is No Judgement Day’

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Re: Food For Thought

Post by aquarius123esoteric » Tue Oct 24, 2017 3:22 pm

The Candle

‘There is not enough darkness in the whole of our world to put out the light of one candle.’ Robert Alden

Have you ever sat in front of a burning candle and stared into its flame for any length of time? If so, did you become aware of the feelings of warmth and comfort, of wellbeing and somehow being at home that radiate from it? And did you notice how the flame of one single candle can light up a whole room?

A candle can only do all these things by giving of itself and allowing the flame to consume its substance. Reflect upon this in your moments of disenchantment, when sometimes after your daily toiling and possibly fruitless strivings you feel as if you had given away every last bit of your strength. When you are in this state of exhaustion and sometimes begin to wonder about the sense, purpose and meaning of your efforts, the time has come for building more quiet moments of reflection into your daily life and that as soon as possible. Create a space where you can be undisturbed for a while and make yourself as comfortable as you can in it. Light a candle, look into it and then ask yourself: ‘Have I burnt myself out by being a light for others, giving them signs and showing them directions for new and better ways of being? How many candles of support am I giving to those around me, every day and throughout the whole year, trying to ease their load and lighten their pathway and through this maybe of our whole world? How about myself?’

Spiritually, light is knowledge and wisdom, and darkness is ignorance. It is true that when a candle gives of its light and warmth it can only do so until its own substance has been consumed by the flame and nothing is left. It is different for us because, whenever we attune ourselves to the stream of the Universal Christ’s consciousness, the source of all life and inspiration, every bit of light and warmth we give by nurturing others is constantly renewed by It and returned to us. The Christ’s warmth and light will never dry up or leave us, and the more of it we send into our world, the more we receive. The laws of the Universe command this. The Christ Star’s luminescence shines through all who are acting as Its channels on the Earth plane. The power of Its blessing and healing energies are constantly flowing into and through them and from there into our world, to be shared by all its lifeforms.

May the small still flame in all human hearts grow ever stronger, until the entire planet is filled with nothing but love and light, healing and peace. Instead of asking for earth- and mind-shattering enlightenments, let us pray that every single day of the coming year and all future ones will bring us and our world a constant supply of small rays of light that renews our whole race’s hope, faith and trust that the Divine great plan of life is unfolding as it should. And let’s give thanks and praise for the goodness of the life the Great Father/Mother of all life, and their only born Son/Daughter, the Spirit of the Universal Christ, so kindly provides for each one of us, God’s beloved children of the Earth.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Re: Food For Thought

Post by aquarius123esoteric » Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:26 pm

Call Me By My True Names

Do not say I shall depart tomorrow
Or that I have never been,
As every day I newly arrive.
When you look deeply you can see
That I do so every moment.
I am the buds on flowers and trees,
The baby bird who with fragile wings,
Learns to sing and fly when leaving the nest.
I am every caterpillar that crawls
And in the jewels that are still hidden in rocks.

I arrive so that I may experience Myself
Through each one of you,
In our laughing and crying,
Fearing and hoping.
And the rhythm of My heart is
The birth and death of all living things.

I am the mayfly that metamorphoses on the river,
The bird who with the arrival of spring
Is nourished by the mayfly.
I am the frog who swims happily in its pond
And the snake in the grass that silently
Approaches the frog and devours it.

I am the starving child who is all skin and bones,
And whose legs are as thin as bamboo sticks.
I am in the arms merchant who distributes
His death bringing wares throughout your world,
And I am in those who are maimed and killed by them.
I am the refugee girl or woman on a small boat who,
After having been raped by sea pirates,
Throws herself into the ocean and drowns.

But I am also the pirate who fails to respect and love others,
Because the Divine spark in his heart has not yet
Woken from its slumbers and so
His inner eyes are still closed.
I am the member of a politburo
Who has more power than is good for him.
And I am the man who redeems himself
For what he did to others in previous lifetimes,
By dying in one of this man’s forced labour camps,
The same as he one day will be doing
At the end of one of his earthly sojourns.

My joy is like spring.
Its warmth makes flowers
Open and bloom in all walks of life.
And My pain is like a river of tears,
So great that it fills all the oceans.
Please call Me by My true names,
So I can hear My laughter and crying at once.
When at last I re-awaken to My true nature
And doors of compassion and love in My heart open,
I recognise that in truth My joy and sorrow are one.

Thich Nhat Hanh
Vietnamese Zen Buddhist Monk and Peace Activist
Edited by Aquarius

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Re: Food For Thought

Post by aquarius123esoteric » Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:17 pm

Prayer For Today

Great Spirit, Mother/Father of all life,
Help me find the lonely ones
Among those I meet today.
Let me say the right words to take
Their loneliness away.
Too many walk with aching hearts
Along life’s highway.

Too many walk with breaking hearts,
Which no-one understands.
To them, the roadway’s rough and steep,
As it crosses their barren lands.
Help me lighten their weary eyes
And strengthen their hearts and hands.

Help me to brighten gloomy eyes
And let my own sorrows be
A reminder of someone else’s grief,
Of those who walk this road with me.
And when my words and hands fail,
Let me go with them in silent sympathy.

Grace Noll Crowell
Edited by Aquarius

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Re: Food For Thought

Post by aquarius123esoteric » Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:36 pm

Deep Peace

Deep peace of the open prairie and the wind-swept sky,
The flowing rivers, quiet valleys and noble trees,
Standing stalwart and true on the mountain side,
Steady through the winds of life.

Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
By whatever name anyone may call You,
You are always there.
May Your peace dwell within each one of us,
To take us back into the conscious awareness
Of our eternal oneness with You.
Provide us with the courage and strength
To overcome everything that is ugly and evil in our world
And transmute it into something beautiful and good.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Re: Food For Thought

Post by aquarius123esoteric » Sat Oct 28, 2017 3:46 pm

Peace Prayer

In the cold of an over-materialistic world,
Where many are feeling lost and lonely
I wish you warmth and joy from the knowledge that
These are the days of miracles and wonders,
When ever more of us are once more
Becoming aware of their true nature
And the reason for their being here.

I wish you courage and strength
To heal your own pain and that of others.
May it grow from a steadily increasing awareness that
The love and wisdom aspect of our Creator,
The Great Mother of all life,
Is manifesting herself everywhere in our world.

I wish you a sense of humour and the gift of smiling,
To help you overcome all your fears,
So you can show others how to do the same for themselves.
In the silence of your inner being may you
Be at one with the will and power of the Great Father.
The Father/Mother and their only born
Son/Daughter, the Christ Spirit,
Are as much part of us as we are part of them.
May their highest qualities reveal themselves
In our world through you and your life.

I wish for inner and outer peace in our world.
May it flow from the heart-mind of the Divine Trinity
Into the farthest, remotest corners of our world,
To bless and heal all its lifeforms.
And may the Mother’s wisdom and truth enter
Into every human heart and soul,
As that’s the only place where truth is known.

I wish that the creative fire
Of the ideas from the heartmind of God,
Lighten and warm everybody’s days,
So that Its dreams and visions can come true,
Through us and our world, and all worlds.
I wish for the renewal of hope, faith and trust in our world,
To assist every one of us with ascending the heights of
The spiritual mountain of Divine compassion.
I wish for God’s love to flow into every heart and soul,
So that we may all walk together hand in hand,
As one big family, peacefully and forever united.

Although this is still a dream,
I know in my heart of hearts
That one day it can and will come true,
Through all human souls, including you and me,
For when God’s love has at last come alive
In every human heart and soul,
Anything will be possible and achievable.

Above all I wish for the gift of understanding
To enter every human heart and with it
The ability to stop taking things literally,
When the true meaning of something is
Hidden behind its surface words.


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Re: Food For Thought

Post by aquarius123esoteric » Sun Oct 29, 2017 4:09 pm

A Beam Of Starlight

With the help of the Christ Star and the Angels surrounding it everybody can do something for the healing of Mother Earth. Let’s join hearts and hands with them in prayer and focus our attention on the Christ Star’s light, the highest star and the brightest light in the whole of Creation. Concentrate on it for a while and absorb it by bathing in its radiance, then send it to all those who are affected by wars, acts of terrorism and all other types of crime.


I hold all perpetrators of our world into the light of the Christ Star. May it penetrate every fibre of their being, until the Divine spark in their hearts stirs from its slumber and turns into a small still flame of love. I ask the Angels of Healing, Peace and Reconciliation to be with me and show me how to go about this, so that everything is done in keeping with the Great Father/Mother’s will and wishes.

I believe in the blessing and healing power of the Christ Star’s light and I trust the wisdom of God’s great plan.

Focussing on the Christ Star steadies our earthly minds and balances them, so that the light of the Heavenly Forces can shine through us into all dark aspects of earthly life. May all our thoughts be filled with positivity and light and may this continue until even the last shred of the darkness and despair of our world has been absorbed into the Christ Star’s light. Under the protection of Its radiance we form a circle and are together as one, so let’s join hearts and hands and pray as follows:

World Healing Prayer

All glory, honour and praise be to You,
Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life
And the Angels around Your throne.
We bless the Christ Spirit, Your only born Son/Daughter,
The golden light of the Heavens, who is
The Sun of all Suns, Star of all Stars and Light of all Lights.
Through Him/Her all lifeforms come into being
And are constantly nurtured and cared for.

You are the Source of all life,
Love and wisdom, knowledge and truth,
You are the Great Teacher of all worlds and beings,
Promised of old and who, through waking up
In ever more human hearts and souls,
Is at last in flesh appearing.
From within the core of everyone’s own being
Guide and protect us,
Show us the way of all things and
Fill us, our whole world and all other realms
With the blessing and healing power of
Your eternal wisdom and truth
That cannot be destroyed by anything.

Thank you for allowing us to know that
Every human being contains a tiny spark of You
That wakes from its slumber in our hearts,
When our time has come for aligning our energies
With those of the sacred Fire of Mother Earth and Father Sun,
And we once more become consciously aware
Of our oneness with You.

That’s how, in the fullness of time,
Each spark in its own right evolves into
A blazing flame of love and light, wisdom and truth.
Hand in hand with You and the Angels
This fire burns away
The dross of all darkness and fear
That exists in the consciousness of humankind.
Each flame is capable of absorbing ever more of
The dark clouds of ignorance, false beliefs and prejudices,
Its own and other people’s,
That to this day abound in us and our world.

May the radiance of Your Divine illumination
Flow ever more strongly into each one of us
And through us into our whole world.
May the dark destructive energies
Of war, terrorism and crime
Be absorbed into Your Light,
To be uplifted and transmuted into
Blessing, healing and harmonising energies for all life
That are flowing into the farthest and remotest corners of Creation,
In accordance with Your will and wishes.

In the name of love we ask these things from You
On behalf of Mother Earth and all her Kingdoms,
As well as every other part of Creation,
For You are the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory.
We worship You, we give You thanks,
We praise You for Your Glory.
And so it shall be, forever and evermore.


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Re: Food For Thought

Post by aquarius123esoteric » Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:50 pm

The Daffodil Principle

Several times my daughter had telephoned to say: ‘Mother, you must come and see the daffodils before they are over.’ I wanted to go, but it was a two-hour drive from my home to hers. ‘I’ll come next Tuesday,’ I promised, a little reluctantly when she asked me the third time. Tuesday dawned cold and rainy. Still, I had promised, and so I drove there. When I finally walked into my daughter’s house, after hugging and greeting my grandchildren, I said to my daughter: ‘Let’s forget about the daffodils. The road is almost invisible in the clouds and fog, and there is nothing in the world except you and the children that I want to see badly enough to drive another inch.’ My daughter smiled calmly and replied: ‘We drive in weather like this all the time, Mother.’ I replied: ‘You won’t get me back on the road until it clears, and then I’ll be heading for home!’

‘I was hoping you’d take me to the garage to pick up my car,’ my daughter said. ‘Okay, I’ll do it. How far is it?’ ‘Just a few blocks,’ came the reply. ‘I’ll drive because I’m used to the road conditions.’ I knew where the garage was and after several minutes in the car I asked: ‘Where are we going? This isn’t the way to the garage.’ ‘This time we’re going the long way round past the daffodils,’ my daughter smiled.

‘I don’t want to go there, can’t you hear me? Please turn the car round and let’s go home.’ ‘It’s all right, Mother. I promise you, you would never forgive yourself if you missed this experience.’ After another twenty minutes or so we turned onto a gravel road. At the end of it a small church came into view and on its far side a handwritten sign said: ‘Daffodil Garden’. We got out of the car, each took a child’s hand and we followed Carolyn down the path. When we turned a corner and I looked up, I gasped with astonishment at the glorious sight before me. It was as if someone had taken a huge vat of gold and poured it over the mountain peak and slopes. There were flowers everywhere. They had been planted in majestic, swirling patterns – great ribbons and swathes of deep orange, white, lemon yellow, salmon pink, saffron and butter yellow. Each colour variety has been planted as a group that seemed to swirl and flow a river with its unique hue. Altogether there were five acres of flowers.

‘Who is responsible for this?’ I asked Carolyn. ‘Just one woman,’ she replied. ‘She lives on the property, it’s her home.’ My daughter pointed to a well kept house that looked tiny and very modest in the midst of the glory before us.

Walking up to the house, on the patio we found a poster that read:

‘The Answers To The Questions You Are Going To Ask’.

• 50,000 bulbs.
• One at a time, by one woman. Two hands, two feet, not much money and very little brain.
• Started in 1958.

I realised that from now on experiences of this nature would represent the Daffodil Principle for me. They would make me think of the woman who more than forty years ago had begun to bring her vision of beauty and joy to an obscure mountain top. By patiently planting one bulb at a time, year after year, she had created something of indescribable magnificence, beauty and inspiration. She truly had changed the world in which she lives and made it into a better and more beautiful place for all.

The principle behind this is one of the greatest of all. By learning to patiently move forwards towards the fulfilment of a dream one tiny step at a time, by loving what we are doing and being really interested in it, the Universal forces reward our efforts and perseverance. They smile upon us and help us to make our vision become a reality in earthly life. By combining tiny fractions of time with small but continued efforts, truly magnificent things are achievable in the fullness of time and we can indeed change our world.

I have to admit that the sight of the daffodil fields made me a bit sad, too. I couldn’t help thinking what I might have accomplished if only I had come up with a great idea thirty-five or forty years ago. What if I had worked at it ‘one bulb at a time’ in the subsequent years? It didn’t bear thinking about what I might have been able to achieve. When I told my daughter, she paused for a moment and replied: ‘Never mind. It’s not too late. How about starting tomorrow? I believe it’s pointless to think of all the lost hours of yesterday. The best way of making learning a lesson a celebration instead of a cause for regret is by asking: ‘How can I put this to use today?’

‘You can’t hit a home run unless you step up to the plate.
You can’t catch a fish unless you put your line in the water.
You can’t reach your goals if you don’t try.’

Kathy Seligman

And from small acorns great oak trees grow.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Words Of Wisdom & Healing From The Tree Of Life’

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Re: Food For Thought

Post by aquarius123esoteric » Tue Oct 31, 2017 4:38 pm

Gratitude For Life

A Practice For The Aquarian Age

• Spend five minutes at the beginning of each day to give thanks and praise to your Creator for the gift of your life, the new day, the light, love and warmth of the Sun that even in winter keeps our world from turning into a frozen wasteland. Continue by giving thanks for the air you breathe and all the things that are in your life, especially the people who are accompanying your on your pathway through life. Keep counting your blessings and be grateful for them.

• Then take a moment to remind yourself that deep down on the inner level of life we are all one and that everybody wants the same and that is to be happy, to love and to be loved.

• Now spend a few more minutes by deeply breathing in God’s love and breathing out God’s peace. Affirm to yourself that this is what you are doing. Become aware of your own uniqueness and your very special pathway. Send loving thoughts to the Great Father/Mother of all life, who created you and to the Angels for bringing you into this life and for keeping you safe at all times.

• Direct your loving thoughts to those around you. Give thanks for your own life and theirs, for our planet and everything it holds in its loving embrace. Whenever you think of people with whom you have a difficult relationship, make a special effort to send them your unconditional love and let it flow from your heart.

• During the day, extend this love to everyone you meet. Bearing in mind that each one of us is a child of God who carries a tiny spark of the Divine in their heart, will help you to be kind to everybody and especially to those you downright dislike.

• Practise this no matter what happens or what anyone does or says to you. Do it in your mind and without spoken words. This makes it particularly effective, and feel the love and appreciation your thoughts are expressing. As love is humankind’s true nature, origin and destiny, moments like these move you into close contact with God.

From ‘Words Of Wisdom & Healing From The Tree Of Life’

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Re: Food For Thought

Post by aquarius123esoteric » Wed Nov 01, 2017 3:42 pm

Trust The Veiled Hand

Trust the veiled hand that leads
None by the path their earthly self would choose to go,
And always be prepared for change,
For the Universe’s law is ebb and flow.
Arabic Wisdom

Does that unseen hand sound to you somehow too menacing and threatening to be trusted, as it does to me? That’s why I prefer to think of it as the small still voice of the wise one within, our Highest Self, who speaks to us through the world of our feelings that rise from deep within the very core of our being. When we are in touch with this aspect of our nature and are willing to listen to it, it can tell us right from wrong, and truth from lie at any given moment.

Our Highest Self is the veiled hand the Arabic wisdom spoke of, during the Age of Pisces, the Age of blind faith and trust. Now that the Aquarian Age is with us, the waters of Divine wisdom and knowledge of Aquarius, the water-bearer, are pouring ever more powerfully into the hearts and minds of our race, to cleanse the river of our consciousness of its doubts and fears.

Now that we are gaining access to the wisdom and truth of the Great Father/Mother of all life, it is coming clearer with each passing day that the veiled hand never was something scary ‘out there’. The time has come for realising that God is an inner experience and that the hand that reaches out to every one of us is the living part of us that loves us totally and unconditionally, who has our best at heart and will never let us down or lead us astray. It knows the way of all things and keeps us safe. If we ask for its guidance, it will always show us which way is right or wrong for us at any given moment.

There is every reason why we should love and trust the veiled hand with the might of our whole being. As soon as Its love for us and our love for It come together and melt into each other, our fears begin to dissolve and we are learning to trust again. So, go with the flow and know that you are safe and always will be.

Recommended Reading:
• ‘The Labours Of Hercules’

From ‘Words Of Wisdom & Healing From The Tree Of Life’

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Re: Food For Thought

Post by aquarius123esoteric » Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:25 pm


To forgive does not mean giving in but letting go. Whether or not we believe that someone deserves your forgiveness, we deserve to forgive them because that is the only way we can set ourselves free from the other one. Holding onto anger is a way of trying to compensate for the powerlessness we feel when someone hurts us. It is important to find a way of letting go of anger, by talking with the person who hurt us, without attacking or blaming them, but by describing the effect their behaviour had on us and the world of our feelings. Listening to another’s point of view helps us to perceive things from another perspective and in a different light. And that makes us more tolerant and shows us the way to true and lasting forgiveness that flows from our heart rather than our head.

If, for any reason, we cannot communicate with the people who have hurt us, writing down what happened the way we experienced it can also be a good way of releasing ourselves from them. Talking the matter over with a friend or a counsellor is another way of letting go. In my view, forgiving does not have to mean forgetting. It is not easy to forget hurts, but even partial forgiveness is beneficial, as re-living past painful incidents time and again increases our susceptibility to illness. That’s why forgiving is good for our body, as well as our soul. If it is more than we can manage on our own, God and the Angels are waiting to be called upon to show us how to go about it.

They know better than anyone else that erring is human and forgiving Divine and that forgiveness brings inner peace. Meditations, quiet reflections and prayers are the best ways of finding both.

Recommended Reading:
• ‘Reflections On Forgiveness’
• ‘Forgiveness Prayer’
• ‘Vengeance Is Mine!’
• ‘Forgiveness Grows From Understanding’
• ‘The Art Of Forgiveness’
• ‘Mercy And Forgiveness’
• ‘The Importance Of Forgiveness’

From ‘Words Of Wisdom & Healing From The Tree Of Life’

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Re: Food For Thought

Post by aquarius123esoteric » Fri Nov 03, 2017 4:52 pm

God, Speak To Me

A little child whispered: ‘God, speak to me.’ And a meadowlark sang. But the child did not hear, so it spoke louder: ‘God, speak to me!’ A bolt of lightning struck down from the sky and thunder rolled through the valley. But the child did not understand, so it looked around and shouted: ‘God, let me see you.’

A star shone brightly, but the child did not notice. In desperation it shouted: ‘God, show me a miracle!’ A new life was born, but the child could not recognise that this was God’s response. It knelt down on the Earth and prayed: ‘Touch me God, and let me know you are here and with me! Give me just one sign!’ In response God sent a butterfly that came to sit upon the child’s shoulder. Disappointedly, the child brushed it away and walked off, muttering to itself: ‘I knew it! There is no God.’

It’s worth our while to pay attention to what is happening around us and take time to watch and listen, because that which we are seeking is frequently meant to be found just where we are. The trouble is that in many cases we are too blind to perceive it. Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, please grant ever more of us the gift of the inner vision that can see the many blessings that are all around us, even though at times they are presenting themselves in a different manner from what we had hoped for.
Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Words Of Wisdom & Healing From The Tree Of Life’

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Re: Food For Thought

Post by aquarius123esoteric » Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:39 pm

I Asked The Universal Christ – Part One


One night in dreamtime I saw the Master Jesus
Walking in solitude along a golden beach.
He looked just like the artists of our world
Have been depicting him since the Middle Ages,
With long hair and beard,
A flowing white robe and sandals on his feet.

‘Come with Me,’ he said.
Glad to follow his invitation,
We walked for a while and
All we were leaving behind were our footprints.
Across the wet sand covered in seaweeds we wandered
And over some rock pools, where I imagined
Even the tiniest creatures would be
Thrilled by his passing.

After a pause I dared to ask timidly:
‘Who are You, Master?
‘Am I seeing you in the past,
When you walked by another sea?
Or are you showing me a future time,
When you will reappear in our world,
To save and redeem all those who followed you,
While those who don’t have to burn in the
Eternal fires of hell?’

His reply seemed to be coming to me from the primal darkness of humankind’s first beginnings, but finally he pointed me in the direction of how each and every one of God’s children of the Earth will eventually be able to fulfil their highest potential by seeking and finding wholeness and perfection. His first words were: ‘No, my child, it’s not at all like that. I am the I Am, a representation of the Spirit of the Universal Christ, who for a long time has been communicating with you through the words of a legend. In days gone by, for wise reasons this was necessary. And so it was done with the help of a tale that became known to you and your world as the Jesus story.

‘However, now that you have reached the Age of Aquarius, ever more of you are spiritually mature enough to understand the truth. And that truth is that I am a thoughtform who never existed on the physical plane of life. I was created by a tale that was so convincing that millions of people in earthly life in the end believed me to be a real being, who once had walked in their midst. If you are wise, as I believe you are or I would not have come to you in this way, do not hang around, procrastinate and wait for someone to come and wave a magic wand to save and redeem you. It will not happen, so get going by taking responsibility for yourself and begin with saving and redeeming yourself. The first and most important step on this road is watching carefully every one of your thoughts, words and actions. The main law of life is love and all other laws radiate out from this one. For as long as everything you think and do is in keeping with the Universal laws, God’s laws, you have nothing to worry about.

‘Instead of pursuing selfish hopes and dreams, which in your present existence can only ever be of a temporary and passing nature, wise ones seek to work for the highest good and the greatest joy of all. They strive to enlighten humankind to release it from its dungeon of ignorance and do their share of dispersing the clouds of false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions that have been darkening the horizons of your world for long enough. Wise ones never forget that in truth they are serving all life and working for Eternity and that in any case, that which is good for the whole also benefits them.

‘The legend of my life and death was created by the Highest Forces of life, to prepare you for the fact that in truth each one of you is the long promised son/daughter of God, the saviour and redeemer of all humankind, who would one day appear in person on the Earth plane. This person is none other than you. The Universal laws decree that everything has to return to its source. Naturally, this also applies to thoughtforms of any kind. Each one of them eventually has to reabsorbed into the heart energy of its creator. In my case this will not be difficult, as I am the personification of love, a symbolism for the highest and noblest aspects of humankind’s nature.

‘You assimilate me and my energies when you accept me as a thoughtform and a metaphor that describes the best part of your being. For a long time it had to remain invisible, even to your own eyes, but now the time is right for becoming aware of your Divine characteristics and taking possession of them, for they are your inheritance. It is your birthright to bring them forth by applying them in real life situations to every of your daily tasks and encounters. By taking charge of every part of your being and doing your share of establishing God’s kingdom on the Earth by making your world a more agreeable place for all, with the passing of time you become ever more whole and holy. Slowly but surely you evolve into a Master soul and by the end of your present lifetime you will have become a Christed one in your own right and all parts of your being shall be healed.

‘To illustrate the various stages of this development to you has always been the true purpose and meaning of the legend of me and my life. It came into being to reveal to you your highest potential and the things each one of you too will be able to achieve in the fullness of time, as well as the wonders and miracles that are still waiting to be performed through you. The myth of me was presented to your world in the format of a picture book. In due course it would be discarded by all those who have matured into spiritual adulthood and therefore are ready to become aware of their hidden self, their very own Christ nature and its characteristics. And that is the tool which in the fullness of time will enable each one of you to fulfil their highest potential as a true daughter/son of the Highest.

‘You are co-creators with God and like our Creator, you are constantly in the process of creating something. Just the same as God, you are ultimately responsible for each one of your creations. Any writers among you, when they become aware of this, do well to consider carefully what kind of beings they wish to create for populating their stories, as each one of them in the end has to be reabsorbed into your being.’

Thou shalt know Him when He comes,
Not by any din of drums,
Nor the vantage of His airs,
Nor by anything He wears,
Neither by His crown, nor His gown.
His presence shall be known to you
By the peace and harmony
His awakening creates in you.

Created by Anon.
Ca. 1500
Edited by Aquarius

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From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

* * *