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Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 2:58 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Reflections On Hope

Through the German poet and philosopher, historian and playwright, Friedrich von Schiller, 1759–1805, the following message of hope was given to our world in troubled times. Its German title is ‘Hoffnung’ – hope. Two different versions of it are presented here. The first one is a masterly translation by a very special friend of mine, who wishes to remain nameless.

We speak and dream so very much
Of a future in the Sun.
Towards that happy golden goal
We struggle and we run.
The world gets old, then young again –
Still hope is humankind’s refrain.

Hope guides us into life’s great flow
And flutters over cheerful youth,
Enthuses us with magic glow,
In old age too remains our truth
And in the grave that ends our ways
We plant fresh hope for other days.

No vague or empty promise here,
By a foolish mind begot
The heart proclaims it loud and clear:
‘We’re born for a better lot!’
And what the inner voice makes plain
The hopeful heart does not disdain.

Friedrich von Schiller
Translated by Scriptorius

The second translation is the work of my inner teacher and Highest Self. It’s how I imagine Schiller would write his poem if he were here with us and writing it, now.

Being aware that our
Thoughts and words create our reality,
Wise ones of our world make a good habit of
Frequently talking and dreaming about the
Better and happier days that are ahead for the Earth.
They visualise a new golden age of plenty,
When suffering and pain,
Hunger and thirst, sickness and death,
Wars, violence and crime are unknown.

To help us find our way back
Into our true nature and home with them,
When the time for doing so has come,
The Angels and Masters around the throne of God,
Who are in charge of us and our world,
Have programmed hope into
The consciousness of every human being
And the collective one of our world.

On its evolutionary journey our planet has grown old,
But not without constantly renewing itself.
And that’s how down the ages our race
Could steadfastly hold onto its dream of Mother Earth
As a peaceful and harmonious place.
That’s also how it comes about that
Hope accompanies us into each new lifetime.
It supports us throughout our days and
Bewitches us with the radiance of its magical light.

No matter how old and weary we may get,
Hope never leaves us and dies,
Because it has been firmly implanted in
In our hearts and souls.
And even though earthly lifetimes
Inevitably end in the grave,
Hope belongs to our spirit and soul.
No-one can take it from us.
It accompanies us into the our other world
And we bring it with us into each new earthly lifetime.
That’s why it is much more than a flattering delusion
And an elixir that only flows from foolish minds.

Listening within, wise ones hear
The small still voice of the living God,
Who for a long time has been waiting and hoping
To come alive in ever more human hearts.
If you listen carefully, you too can hear it whisper:
‘For something greater and holier than earthly life
You human beings are created.
A high and holy destiny awaits each one!’
This is how everyone’s own Christ nature
Eventually reveals its presence
As the only authority in the whole of Creation
That never misleads or betrays our faith and trust in it.

Hope is the energy of the locomotive
That has always been pulling the train of
The evolutionary forces of the whole of Creation
Forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.
This provides wise ones with the certainty
That Earth life really will get better.
Their knowledge helps them to shed
Their fears of the future and the unknown.
It enables them to peer beyond the ends of their noses
And perceive the higher and highest realities of
The spiritual background of their earthly existence.
And that equips them with the wings the need
For lifting themselves and their whole world
Above the things that, for Karmic reasons,
To this day have to happen there.

Knowing that God’s laws are love and evolution,
Maybe you can see for yourself now that
Thoughts and dreams of the new golden age
Are by no means vague hopes.
They are certainties that based on a deep inner well of knowledge
That our world will neither sink into chaos nor vanish altogether,
And that it is but a question of time
When our new peaceful world emerges.

The more you and I think and dream about it,
The more quickly and smoothly the transformation proceeds.
Never forget that when we do our best,
God and the Angels are always happy to do the rest.
This is particularly true in this case,
Because it is what God’s great plan of life
Has in mind for us and our world in any case.
It will be interesting to watch how long it till take
Until the last remnants of that which is
Evil and ugly in our world has evolved and changed
Into something good, right and beautiful.
And that applies to all objects,
Animate and inanimate, great and small.’

Friedrich von Schiller
Freely translated by Aquarius

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From ‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’

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Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:32 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The New Golden Age Of Plenty

Aquarius is the sign of group consciousness and humanitarian pursuits, of technological and scientific progress, as well as of hopes and dreams. In the Age of Aquarius humankind’s highest hopes, aspirations and dreams will find fulfilment for those who have achieved self-mastery. Hand in hand with the Angels and Me you yourselves are going to create the ideal world of your dreams during this age. It will come about through ever more of you becoming aware of your true nature and acting in keeping with the spiritual knowledge you are finding.

The time is closer than you may think when everybody unflinchingly will give of their best to the whole and take out only what they need. In this way hunger and thirst or any other kind of want and suffering will gradually become unknown on your planet. You will no longer insist on amassing too many worldly possessions, because by then you will know only too well what an encumbrance they in truth are. They tie you like leaden weights to your present existence and stop you from growing the spiritual wings you require for the fulfilling of your highest potential in grounding your greatest spiritual aspirations and creative/artistic accomplishments on the Earth plane. They will be your contribution towards making your world into an ever more beautiful, peaceful and harmonious one. Can you see what a magnificent new world is waiting for you?

Know that no matter what may ever come to pass for you and your world, you will always be safe. At all times there will be a happy ending – if not in this lifetime, then in another or maybe another one still. Everything that happens is part of My great plan for all life, and nothing has ever taken place in your world or any other against My will. All is well and rests securely in My loving hands and so it shall be forever and ever. No harm can ever come to the true and eternal part of any one of you. Therefore, rest safely in My love and nurture your souls, My beloved children of the Earth, by following My guidance from deep within you, for that is where every soul’s very own special key to eternity is hidden.

I bless you, your world and all life in it. My blessings are for each and every one of you, during these difficult times of transformation and transition from one age to another. You and your world have always rested securely in My loving hands. Rest assured that this will continue without interruptions and that the lessons in your present school of life are unfolding exactly the way they should and in accordance with My plan.

None of you has anything to fear, as the Angels and I will always be with you. We are familiar with your struggles, but no matter what tests and trials may still have to be endured by you, put your trust in us and venture forth courageously, safe in the knowledge that we shall always be there to guide and protect you in all your endeavours. Never forget that we are in charge and that no-one and no force in the whole of Creation ever took the reins from My hands, least of all one of you, My beloved children of the Earth. All is well with you, your world and all worlds – and forever will be.

From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

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Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2018 3:25 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Miracles Do Happen!

For as long as the intention behind our earthly efforts is a good one and we act with love from our heart and do our best, everything will always be well, and God and the Angels happy to do the rest. The Universal laws ensure that when we send our best into our world – and all worlds, for that matter – nothing but the best can come back to us. Any bread cast upon the waters of life does return, and any love that is ever given to anyone does the same, though not necessarily through the people we once gave it to. In fact, this hardly ever is the case. The likelihood is that it will come back to us at times when our need is greatest and when we least expect it. It can and does happen in quite magical ways with help suddenly appearing in the form of kind and loving hearts and hands that are reaching out to us, to comfort and hold.

After particularly traumatic and difficult times and events in our lives, we may have lost all faith in the innate goodness of people and life. However, experiencing in one’s own life that there are some truly kind people around who genuinely have our best at heart goes a long way towards restoring our lost trust. To teach us this lesson could have been the very reason why the situation that made us struggle arose in the first place. I for one am grateful to the Universe for having created opportunities from which I have learnt and still am learning that it really is safe to trust that help does come when it is required and that all my true needs are always met. Every soul can only learn from its own experiences that just when one thinks there’s nothing left inside to keep on struggling, out of the darkness from somewhere there comes a small light and new hope – and somehow life continues.

Difficult situations on all levels are necessary and vital in every life. They are steps on our evolutionary journey that in the end takes each one of us back home into the awareness of our true nature. So, let us not begrudge our tribulations but on the level of our soul and spirit rejoice that they have been created in our lives by the loving presence and the great wisdom of the Divine, not only for each one of us personally, but also nationally and internationally. Opportunities are thus created from which all must learn first hand how to work with the powers of the light and the love of the Universal Christ, the highest and brightest Star in the whole of Creation. Sticking our toes into the waters of life and trying and testing situations for ourselves presents all human souls with valuable evidence of how the power of the Great Universal love works and how it influences all life.

No matter what may ever befall us and our world on the physical plane of life, I do believe that both will go on forever and that miracles are happening at all times. It’s just that mostly we fail to perceive the miraculous ways of the Universe for what they truly are, namely the handiwork of God and the Angels. Ceaselessly, they are working behind the scenes of life to put things right again and heal people and situations when something has gone awry. The more we endeavour to be true to our real self and express the essence of our being, love, in every one of our thoughts, words and actions, the more miracles manifest themselves in our lives, because our human heart has then reunited itself with the great love of the Divine.

The legend of the Master Jesus demonstrates how, when the energies of Heaven and Earth merge into each other, a force of such magnitude is created that it is capable of healing all conditions of mind, body, spirit and soul. This is the power that can quite literally move mountains of faith, remove blockages of trust and make all crooked corners straight. It brings comfort and healing to everything that is in our world to wherever there is pain and suffering. Miracles are the Universe’s way of demonstrating to humankind the unlimited power of Its love. This is the healing balm and the panacea that needs to be applied by us earthlings to all situations in our everyday lives, all our relationships as well as to all national and international issues.

Let us stop and reflect for a moment on the wisdom of the Great Architect of life. The Universe is infinitely wise in its giving. Yet, it is even wiser in its taking. If we had never encountered the warped side of our lives and our world, we would not have been able to differentiate between good and bad, and that which desirable and undesirable. If we had never been wounded, we would appreciate what healing is like. We cannot know light, unless we have first experienced darkness. Only through the lack or loss of something or someone can we truly learn how to value what we had and also that which we are going to have, when periods of suffering finally lie behind us, as they invariable do in the end.

Such is life on the Earth plane! It has to be this way because that is how it was designed for us by our Father/Mother Creator. Who would we be to argue with Its wisdom? Take heart though – growing in understanding through difficult and traumatic experiences, the way it is required from us on the present level of our existence, is not going to continue indefinitely. All life is constantly evolving and moving forwards and upwards on a never ending spiral. When we, individually and as a race, have become sufficiently evolved, so that Earth life has nothing left to teach us, we shall be ready to move on to more advanced schooling on the higher and ultimately highest levels of life.

From ‘Healers And Healing’

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Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2018 2:35 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Days Of Miracles And Wonders

From the evolutionary level many have reached by now, it is not difficult to see that it was quite intentional that for a long period in the history of humankind we had to live in a one-dimensional world that was filled with inexplicable dualities and false beliefs that were created through not understanding our true nature. Part of this was that we should believe that we are either a woman or a man, and that this earthly life is all there is to our existence. Such beliefs were good enough for the lifetimes of our spiritual infancy and childhood.

By now ever more of us are maturing into spiritual adulthood and ready to find out that life is an ever ongoing process, that the essence of everyone’s being is spirit and soul, and because they are part of God, they are immortal and eternal, the same as our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life. The law of life is evolution and we ourselves are responsible for everything that is in our lives, good, band and indifferent alike. The world of spirit is our true home. That’s where we come from at the beginning of each new lifetime and return to at the end of it. And together with the wise ones of the spirit realm who are in charge of the spiritual development of us and our world, when we are good and ready for another earthly lifetime, we ourselves choose what special lessons our next one should consist of.

An important part of our evolution has been that we should become aware that each one of us in their own right is an individual and independent being who, at first only in seed form, contains everyone of the qualities and powers that are in God. This means that we are both feminine and masculine. To assist our character with developing into a well balanced one, before entering into yet another lifetime as earthlings we choose whether this time round we would like to appear in the outer physical shell of a woman or a man. This ensures in the course of many lifetimes, everybody gathers first hand experiences of both aspects of life.

The way I understand this life is that we once willingly gave up our immortality – oh, perish the thought! We did it because that is what the infinite love and wisdom of our Creator wanted us to do. To ensure that everybody’s needs would always be met, it was decided that Angels and Masters as well as other spirit guides and helpers should always accompany us. It’s their responsibility to see to it that all earthly lessons are learnt thoroughly and that none of us throws their earthly existence away too easily, when the going gets rough.

To help us descended ever deeper into our role as earthlings, it was necessary to create the illusion that we are separate from our Creator, even though nothing could be further from the truth. As we left the state of conscious oneness with God, known as paradise, we started to believe that we are separate from Him/Her. In the course of many lifetimes, we eventually wound up unaware that this belief is a false one that we ourselves created. Alas, many to this day are still holding onto it.

If we knew what we have been up to in past lifetimes, it would frequently be impossible to live with ourselves. That’s why the Universe in its great wisdom protects us by hiding these memories behind something that is known as the veil of consciousness from our conscious knowledge. They are stored in our soul, the memory bank of our spirit. Our reactions to every one of our daily encounters are mostly unconscious responses that are based on the learning we brought with us from previous lifetimes. For a long time, the only way of gaining access to these memories has been through our subconscious, but this too is changing.

For good and wise purposes a veil also has been shielding us against the knowledge that we regularly spend periods after each earthly lifetime in the world of spirit, where we rest and recuperate from strains and stresses of our earthly existence. The good news is that for some time this veil has been in the process of lifting and dissolving. Having fulfilled its intended purpose, it will soon be gone for good, as decreed by God’s great plan of life.

‘These are the days of miracles and wonders. These are the days of the long distance call,’ Paul Simon told us in his album ‘Under African Sky’. Prophetic words, especially when one applies them to the changes that are presently taking place in us and our world. Don’t you think it is miraculous that humankind’s long distance call should be turning out to be a surprisingly short one, namely everybody’s own inner reconnection with the living God Self within? Even though I always have been and will remain highly sceptical when claims of miracles and wonders are made, I do believe with all my heart and soul they are happening in our world at all times, regardless of the fact that most of the time we are too blind to recognise them.

To give me a taste of what can and indeed does happen, there have been incidents in my life that have shown me the nature of miracles from a different perspective. I can tell you from my own experiences that some amazing things can and do happen on the healing journey. And I am convinced that on your healing travels you will witness miracles of your own that will change your views about this aspect of life, too. Because with the help and will of God and the Angels all things are possible, start looking forward to them. The closer we work together with them, the more likely it is that miracles shall be worked through and for us and our world, similar to those of the Jesus legend.

The words ‘Greater miracles you shall see!’ gave us the promise of the greatest miracle of all that, in the fullness of time, would take place in us and our world, namely humankind’s spiritual rebirth that for quite some time has been taking place in us and our world. Humankind’s long quest for returning into the conscious awareness of God’s true nature and its own is at last drawing to its natural conclusion. God and the Angels, the Masters and other spirit guides and helpers have always been working exceedingly hard to help us find our way back into the realisation of our true and eternal home. The ever increasing popularity of the spiritualist movement – from which organisations like the White Eagle Lodge grew – is sufficient proof that this is so. We shall return to the theme of White Eagle in the appendix.

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From ‘Healers And Healing’

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Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 2:47 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Astrology – The Divine Science

For a long time astrology and astronomy were considered to be one. They were only gradually separated in the course of the Western seventeenth century philosophy known as the age of reason, when astrology was rejected. In the later part of the medieval period, astronomy was still treated as the foundation upon which astrology was operating. But during the eighteenth century the two subjects came to be regarded as completely separate. Since then astronomy, the study of objects and phenomena originating beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, has been looked at as a science that is a widely studied academic discipline. In contrast to this many astrologers are treating the positions of celestial objects as the basis for the prediction of future events. As a form of divination and pseudoscience it has no scientific validity.

My kind of astrology is a very different one. It has nothing to do with horoscopes and fortunetelling but is applied psychology. In my view there is no finer instrument for getting to know ourselves. Hand in hand with this goes a considerable expansion of our understanding of the processes of life in general and the way they have always been affecting us and our world, individually and collectively. If one wishes to find a better grasp of just about anything that influences us and our earthly existence on its deepest innermost level, astrology is the best possible tool imaginable. And that’s how I am using astrology throughout my writings.

Life in the whole of Creation is subject to Universal or God’s laws and astrology demonstrates how all things have their allocated place and time and are serving a specific wise and higher purpose. It shows that everything in our own life and that of our world unfolds with the precision of a giant clockwork. These things leave no doubt in my mind that there really is a great plan of life * and that all is well with us and our world, in spite of the fact that it frequently does not look that way. If you follow the link at the end of this chapter, you can see for yourself how it has always been working.

Astrology is sometimes called the Divine science and that indicates that it belongs to the esoteric/spiritual realms and their sciences that form the background not only of our earthly existence, but of all worlds and beings throughout the whole of Creation. Invisible to earthly eyes, the angelic and spirit world behind the scenes of our present existence are ceaselessly toiling to bring everything on this plane into being at the right moment and to maintain it. In my view, astrology represents the higher esoteric wisdom and truth that is hidden behind the surface words astronomers use for the planets of our solar system. This is not unlike the surface words of the Jesus legend, when understood as literally true, and the wisdom that for a long time had to remain hidden behind them. The main difference is that the astronomical aspects really exist while the Master Jesus never did.

Astronomy is the technical earthly aspect that can be seen and observed. For merely scientific orientated people the planets’ names are just words that serve no other purpose than telling one apart from the other. The higher meaning of the planetary energies and the purpose each one of them is serving cannot yet be grasped by those whose minds so far can only comprehend concepts that concern earthly life, i.e. things that can be weighed and measured, touched, smelt and felt. When the time is right for them, these people will also begin to wake up to their true nature and the higher realities of the inner spiritual background of their present existence. Until this happens, they will be unable to perceive signals from our other world and true home. They can only be recognised when someone’s superconscious faculties has at least started to unfold.

Astrology can provide us with signs that there really is a great plan of life and that it has always been unfolding the way it should. Young and inexperienced souls among the scientists of our world know nothing about this. It is hard to grasp for earthly minds and perceptions that there are two types of science. The first is the one that seeks a better understanding of the principles of the processes of the outer physical plane of our earthly existence. The second is the higher esoteric science that serves the same purpose for its inner spiritual background. In truth these two sciences are one and there is no difference between them. I don’t think any scientists will get very far with their explorations for as long as they fail to recognise that there are two levels to humankind’s existence and that the world around us is but a reflection of that which is operating on its inner level. The inner brings the outer into being and without the inner, there would be no outer life.

Irrespective of how much anyone wishes to deny that our earthly existence has a spiritual background, I believe it is there nonetheless and there are many who share my view. The New Testament’s John 1:5 tells us: ‘The Light shines in the darkness, but the darkness cannot understand it.’ The light of the intuitive wisdom and knowledge of the Highest is present in everyone. It’s just that for a long time it remains hidden from our view, like buried under some kind of boulder. Through the experiences of many lifetimes this obstacle is gradually removed, so that the inner light in the form of ever increasing understanding can slowly begin to flow and lighten the earthly self’s darkness.

Back to astrology and why it is called the Divine science. In my view, astrology undoubtedly belongs to the realms of the esoteric/spiritual sciences and is part of the dimensions of life that can neither be seen nor measured and weighed. Astrology manifests itself on the outer level in many different forms. Its principles and laws throughout the ages have never changed. The only things about it that did were the interpretations of those who became interested in this intriguing branch of science. And it’s good to know that regardless of what people have ever made of anything, no false belief ever had the power to destroy the truth. In due course the former is shed and the latter becomes known to ever more of us. Naturally, this also applies to the many religious tales and legends our world has seen through the ages.

Astrology is an intuitive science as well as an artform. It consists mostly of intuitive knowledge and that is the kind that can only be given by our inner teacher, i.e. in-tuition, the wise one or living God within. To me, astrology is a gift from the Highest, the same as everything that is in our world and anywhere else in the whole of Creation. It therefore deserves to be treated with reverence, respect and gratitude and that also applies to astrology. Its basics can be taught like any other subject and just like them, the Divine science can be used either for wise and higher purposes or for negative and lower ones.

This is where freedom of choice comes into play. At all times it is up to us to choose which way we want to go. My choice was made a long time ago, it must have been all of thirty years, when the wise one within me gave me the first glimpses of astrology’s true meaning and higher purpose. The result is before you in the form of my writings. They have grown, and are still continuing to do so, into a unique travelogue of the miracles and wonders I keep on discovering along the road of my own healing journey. I won’t bore you with details, but it has been and still is an extremely demanding one.

To me, it will always remain a wonder and a miracle how the Universe through astrology willingly discloses ever more of its secrets to me. I find it endlessly fascinating and awesome, in the original meaning of the word, how riddles and puzzles of Cosmic proportions can in this way be unravelled intuitively. And it will never cease to amaze me with what kindness and generosity the Universal Forces are disclosing ever more of what must have been its deepest innermost secrets in order to show us that there really is nothing to fear for us earthlings.

If that sounds good to you, take my hand, metaphorically speaking, and walk with me through my writings. Come and see whether any of my truth could also become part of yours. Whenever you find something that does, do not forget to share it with as many as possible, so their truth can also increase.

Who Is Blind?
Those who are unable to perceive another world.
Who is dumb?
Those who cannot speak a kind and loving word at the right moment.
Who is poor?
Those who are plagued by too many desires.
Who is rich?
Those whose hearts are contented.


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From ‘Healers And Healing’

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Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 2:32 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Going Or Rather Flying Home

Through the Icarus legend the Angels brought our world a signal that the time for our race’s homecoming was approaching, that some day we would although this event at that time was still a long way off. But there is no doubt in my mind that the time is right now and we are definitely going home! The whole of the Icarus tale since its first appearance has been and still is an allegory for humankind’s early earthly education, so to speak the nursery classes. But now ever more of us are on their home-run and in the final phases of their earthly spiritual education.

The age-old dream of flying is finally becoming a reality in many different ways. On the outer level of life the technological developments of the Aquarian Age have already brought us great advances in means of air-transport. But things are getting to be a great deal more exhilarating still when it comes to taking to our spiritual wings. None of any of the things we are experiencing now could have been imagined in bygone ages, not even in our wildest dreams, for example during lifetimes we spent in the civilisations of ancient Greece, when the Icarus legend was introduced.

Through the Angels the wisdom and love of the Great Father/Mother of all life gave us the Icarus legend, as well as every other religious teaching that ever saw the light of our world. To me, the esoteric meaning of the Icarus story is especially designed to strike a warning note about being careful when attempting to get away from our earthly existence. Successfully, that is of lasting value this can only be done through growing spiritual wings, i.e. finding knowledge that allows us to lift ourselves above Earth’s conditions, so we can recognise the greater picture of life.

The wings of Icarus represent the spiritual wisdom that up to date have been and still are provided by the religions of our world. Their flying devices are of such a delicate and fragile nature and can so easily be damaged and destroyed that anybody with a bit of common sense can see that they are unsuitable for serious flying. When one has tried all these appliances and found each one of them failing, in the end there is nothing for it but going in search of a pair of wings that can be relied upon utterly. They grow quite naturally when our knowledge is based on God’s wisdom and truth behind the world of the old teachings. Such wings are solid and strong, powerful enough to lift not only ourselves but also our whole world into the loving heart and hands of God and the ministering Angels.

During our prayers for forgiveness and healing for our whole planet and everything that shares it with us, there is no need to ask for the same for us, because when all life is healing, we cannot help doing the same. If healing is what our heart truly desires, our wish will not be denied, especially because this is part of the Great Architect’s plan at present. Each one of us is required to grow their own wings and when we learn to fly on the wings of God’s wisdom and truth, we shall find that nothing can harm or destroy them.

What could be more powerful and reliable than knowledge that has flown directly from the God consciousness of the Universe into ours, for lifting ourselves above the Earth plane and its concerns, to perceive the magnificence and wonders of the higher and highest realms – our true home? Every time we think we have discovered another part of God’s wisdom and truth, our inner guidance needs to confirm that this is so.

The Angels have always communicated with humankind in metaphors and symbolisms. In times long past, the easiest way of explaining spiritual concepts was with the help of things people were familiar with and whose importance they understood, for example someone trying to fly. That’s why when one starts to look for the hidden meanings of the legends of our world, even or maybe especially the most ancient ones, it is astonishing how much they can tell us about us and our world. Naturally, this principle also applies to the sacred texts of all the belief systems our world had ever known, up to a certain point in our spiritual development.

Nothing happens without a reason and this is no exception. And there is a wise motive for the fact that this changed with the appearance of new religions, who decreed that their teachings had to be taken literally. The higher purpose of more than two thousand years of lying, cheating and deceptions – of the self and others – of the Piscean Age has been to teach our world the value of honesty and truth, loyalty and integrity, which are of the greatest importance to us as children of the Highest.

There are signs that these qualities are slowly but surely returning to our world, now that the Age of Aquarius, the age of truth, is with us. Peace will come to our world when the last residues of the Piscean Age have been cleared away, in the not too distant future. When everybody understands that nothing can remain hidden forever and that in truth nobody ever gets away with anything, there will be no point in anyone attempting dishonesties of whatever kind.

These are the days of miracles and wonders, when nothing remains hidden for too long. The bribery and corruption scandal, which blew up around FIFA, the world football organisation, at the time of writing this at the end of May 2015, is as good an example as any of the energies which are presently affecting our world. Alas, it is but one of the latest revelations in the series of disgraces we have been hearing about in connection with large organisations and their managements.

We are currently taking part in a big time clearing-out and cleansing process of our world. It started with the churches when Pluto was transiting Sagittarius and continued with large institutions like banks, when the planet moved into Capricorn. I don’t believe that the football eruption is the last one we shall see. Isn’t it the highest time that people realised what is happening in our world and see the writing that is so clearly on the wall? Overcome with greed and lust for power, which their ill-gotten gain can buy them, they probably think: ‘It won’t happen to me! I am much cleverer!’ And yet, and yet . . .

How long will it take until the last earthling understands that God is part of us by day and night. His/Her all-seeing eyes are constantly with each and every one of us and therefore witnesses everything that happens anywhere. Nothing escapes His/Her notice. So many of the present events of our world do not leave any doubt in my mind that the Age of Aquarius, the age of truth and honesty, loyalty and integrity really is with us and that these qualities are beginning to be known again and increasingly valued and cherished by many. Hallelujah! Truly, truly, I say to you: ‘And all of this is happening because now we are flying on the wings of God’s sacred wisdom and truth!’

From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey’

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Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2018 3:09 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Only A Shadow

The love I have for You, Great White Spirit,
Father/Mother of all life,
Is only a shadow of Your love for me;
Only a shadow of Your love for me,
Your deep, abiding love.

My own belief in You, my Truly Beloved,
Is only a shadow of Your faith in me;
Only a shadow of Your faith in me,
Your deep and lasting faith.

My life is in Your hands,
My life is in Your hands. My love for You does grow, my God.
In me Your light does shine.

The dream I have today, Great Spirit,
Is only a shadow of Your dreams for us and our world,
Only a shadow of all that will be,
If we but follow You.

I dream of Mother Earth as a place
That is at peace, where sickness and hunger,
Warmongering, trouble and strife,
Lying and cheating, greed and corruption,
And even death have been overcome.

The joy I feel about this, my God,
Is only a shadow of Your joys for us,
Only a shadow of Your joys for us,
Now we are meeting face to face.

Carey Landry
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Healers And Healing’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 1:54 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
All Things Are Possible

With the help and will
Of God and the Angels
All things are possible.
If our minds can conceive something
And our hearts believe that it can be done,
Then it will be.

Therefore, beloved Mother/Father Creator,
Through the small still voice of my inner guidance
Help me to make wise choices,
So I can pay my karmic debts.
Grant me the gift of Your courage and strength
To work my way through them and
Save and redeem myself
By working for the Highest good of all,
Rather than for merely selfish purposes,
The way I did in the past.


From ‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2018 2:57 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Open Letter To The Warmongers Of Our World

As this is such a critical phase in the development of our world, it feels right to present this letter again from time to time. The Old Testament’s book of Hosea goes back to the eighth century B.C. In 8:7 it sent an early warning note into the heart of humankind about the spiritual implications of all warmongering: ‘They have sown the wind and they have reaped the whirlwind. It has no stalk, nor an ear to yield meal, and if it were to yield, the strangers shall eat it.’ This teaching has not just one but two hidden esoteric meanings. In the first place the teaching is a reference to the law of Karma or cause and effect, which ensures that whatever we send out into our world returns to us. But that’s by no means all there is to it.

In keeping with the Universal laws the force of whatever any one of us creates in earthly life with the help of our thought processes and the actions that follow our thoughts, on their way out and on the return journey to us our thoughts join either the Universe’s negative and destructive thought stream or the positive and creative one. In both of them ever more thoughts of the same nature are constantly gathering. Through this all thoughts together are relentlessly increasing in strength and gathering ever more momentum on their way back to their senders. Clearly, taking charge of our thought processes and learning to control them is everybody’s most urgent task. Constant practice alone can help us to become its masters instead of being its servants.

May the orgies of destruction during World War II of places like Berlin, Leipzig, Chemnitz and Dresden – in particular on February 13 and 15, 1945 – serve as a reminder of how Germany, because it sowed the wind of war, could not escape the consequences of its actions. Universal justice worked through the Allies and ensured that the civilian population had to reap the bitter harvest of what our politicians had sown. The historian Frederick Taylor wrote about the destruction of Dresden: ‘It has an epically tragic quality to it. Dresden was a wonderfully beautiful city, a symbol of baroque humanism and all that was best in Germany. It also contained much of the worst from Germany during the Nazi period. In that sense it is an exemplary tragedy for the horrors of twentieth century warfare.’

Let this be a warning to those who to this day are walking on the warpath. We need to consider that with any event on the Earth plane there is always more than can be seen by our earthly eyes. The world around us is a reflection and an outer expression of the inner realities of life. No matter what happens in the world around us, we do well to remind ourselves that all manmade and natural disasters that have ever befallen our world were caused by us. Only then can the Universal justice of the law of Karma return anything to us. How can we as individuals counteract this and do our share of restoring the balance of our world? A great deal could be achieved if those who are reading this in their prayers and meditations asked for the radiance of the Goddess’s wisdom to flow from the Highest Star into the hearts and souls of the political, business and spiritual leaders of our world, to help them with their awakening.

Every war our world has ever seen has been proof of the fact that one fire cannot extinguished by another. All this can achieve is creating more of the same. Humankind’s long history of warfare is a clear demonstration of how the Universal laws saw to it that the destructive forces of war always did indeed return to us and our world. They did this with a force that time and again had multiplied. The destructiveness and callousness of the two World Wars bear witness of this. During the review of this chapter, at the beginning of September 2013, the warmongers in our midst are again flexing the muscles of their ever more sophisticated war machinery, rearing to have yet another go.

Have we, as a race, not learnt anything from the mistakes of the past? Are the people in charge blind to the spiritual background of our earthly existence and the Universal laws that govern all life in the whole of Creation? Or are they merely pretending not to know that we are responsible for every one of our thoughts, words and actions, sticking their heads into the sand in ostrich fashion? Independent of whether their intentions are good or evil, every action causes a reaction, and every bit of what anyone sends out into our world can do nothing but return to its sender and that with constantly increasing strength. Love is the law of life and pretending blindness is an even greater transgression against this law than mere ignorance.

All spiritual talents the Universe bestows upon each one of us are meant to be used first for our own healing and subsequently for around us who is in need of them. As soon as the Universe grants one of us the gift of clear vision, that soul becomes capable of seeing into the innermost centre and beginning of all life, and what it is like to at one with the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life. Once this contact is made, if only for a brief moment, that soul opens as a channel through which God’s creative power and light can flow and act like a small spring of clear and life-giving water for all life.

Every spiritual development has the potential of one day growing into a mighty flowing river that has its beginnings in the above described spring in human hearts. Bubbling from the Earth plane and trickling down the hillside, it grows broader and ever stronger and faster flowing, until it has become a great river in its own right that constantly pours itself with all its might into the vast ocean of life. Each one of these rivers makes a valuable contribution towards sweeping away the debris of prejudices, false beliefs and superstitions that to this day clutter the consciousness of our world, as described in the eleventh labour of Hercules.

O Great Father/Mother of all life, please grant us the gift of Your wisdom and help us find ever better ways of dealing with crises like the present one in Syria. Hand in hand with the Angels and You, we lift all warmongering tendencies that to this day dwell in human hearts and the energies they create into the temple of healing in the heart of the Christ Star. With Your will and in accordance with Your wishes, may they be uplifted and transmuted into blessing and healing energies for all life, so that peace and harmony may be restored in the heart and mind of humankind and our whole world, at last. In the name of love we ask this. Amen

May the Angels of Healing and Peace be with us and our world, to protect, guide and show us the way, now and forever.

Recommended Reading:
• ‘Sowing The Wind’
• ‘The Labours Of Hercules’

From ‘Our World In Transition’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 2:30 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Triumph Of Good Over Evil

‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing,’ said Edmund Burke 1729 - 1797, Irish orator, philosopher and politician. How right he was, but at the present stage of our race’s spiritual development being a good person is no longer as simple as it was in Burke’s time.

To this day people who really are good at heart, but as yet unawakened to their true nature and the effect the Universal Laws have on all life and lifeforms throughout the whole of Creation, may well respond to terrorist actions by demanding that aircraft should be sent to bomb a place. This is done in the hope that some of the terrorists will be wiped out together with the unfortunate civilians who are getting in the way of their thirst for revenge, men, women and children, young and old alike.

This aligns those who agree with such actions to the forces of darkness, the same side the terrorists are on. These two parties between them are creating ever more negative and destructive Karma for themselves, their country and our whole world. Every bit of it adds to the great mass that with the passing of time has already piled up and waiting to be redeemed by each one of us individually and collectively all of us together. Is that what YOU want?

Good and awakened people, in contrast to those mentioned above, align themselves to the forces of Light and tune into the White Healing Magic of the Universe. They seek the help of the Universal Christ Spirit and Its Angels and focus their whole being on the love and power of the Highest Star and the Brightest Light, the Sun of all Suns, the Christ Star. Wise ones project Its radiance into the hearts and souls of all who are involved in any kind of conflict, on both sides of the fence. They pray that the Divine seed in all human hearts stirs from its slumber, so that the Christ child, promised since the days of yore, be born in the realities of Earth life in all human hearts. Through this even the last one of us will eventually become aware of their true nature and the higher purpose and meaning of their earthly existence.

Never forget that the Universe has granted all of us the gift of choice. For the first time in the known history of humankind we are allowed to have our say and make a conscious decision to which side of any ongoing conflict we wish to belong. Freedom of choice is a right and we need to become aware that every right automatically brings with it a duty, which in this case means we must choose. Let’s take care to do so wisely.

From ‘Our World In Transition’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:55 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
White Magic And Black Magic

God’s nature and our own is one of duality. Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine, highest and lowest, Heaven and Earth and so forth. The world around us reflects these dualities and polarities. It is a realm of ideas and every one of them has a lower and higher, positive and negative aspect, and can be used for good or evil purposes. The choice is ours which side we would like to align ourselves to. Learning about the abuse of the idea of brotherhood – I prefer the words kinship or siblinghood, whilst in pursuit of power, has always been part of the equipment used by every regime our world has ever seen, religious and otherwise, at least during the history that is known to us. It is used by the countries and organisations that to this day attempt – and in many cases so far succeed – to suppress the natural and God-given rights and privileges of their siblings in the great family of humankind.

The centuries old struggle between Christianity and Islam has always been but one of the many expressions of this struggle. Yet, even this can only continue for as long as the members of the warring factions on both sides remain stuck in the past, unaware. of their true nature and therefore failing to grasp the reason why they are here. There is no doubt in my mind that this too will eventually have run its course and disappear from our world. It will do so with the passing of time when every one of the belief systems that still exists in our world returns to their common spiritual roots, when people become aware of their true nature and their relationship with the Divine. All of us will then realise that in truth there is only one God to whom the various religions have been praying in different ways. There could be no better example for this than Sufism, the seed faith of Islam that comes from the heart and teaches tolerance, love and respect for ourselves, each other and all life. The Sufis are the Gnostics of the Islamic world.

We are all in this wonderful school of life together, so that we may act both as teachers and pupils to each other. For this purpose some of us, at any given time, may find themselves at the giving and others at the receiving end of every type of experience. Good, bad and indifferent ones alike, each one is only there to teach us something. That is the only way every soul can imbibe the lessons it requires on its evolutionary pathway back home into the awareness of its true reality and the oneness with God.

The teacher/pupil principle is also true for those who to this day are doing their utmost to lead us and our world down the slippery slope of warmongering and evil. Whether someone is as yet aware of this or not, all evil deeds create alliances with the dark forces of the Universe and are in fact black magic practises. The sole purpose of these experiences is to help us and our world to differentiate between darkness and light, good and evil. The lessons of evil have to be absorbed as thoroughly by each one of us as the ones of good. Only by each one of us personally wading through the suffering that is created by evil can every individual soul and the soul of our world reach the bottom of the pit of evil.

Not until we have learnt our lesson and in our desperation at last turn to God and the Angels to ask for their assistance, are they willing to show us how to find the turning point of our development. In the end all human souls through their own experiences have to reach the bottom of the evolutionary spiral of life. Only then can they begin to move in an upwards direction that consist of experiencing the polar opposite of evil in the compassion, tolerance and kindness of Universal love, again at the giving and the receiving end.

The zodiac with its opposing signs and houses and their energies clearly depicts every soul’s evolutionary pathway through life. It is a spiral that first takes us down to experience and become familiar with the negative aspects of each sign and then gradually upwards so that we can make their higher and highest qualities our own. The zodiac is a symbol of the wheel of life or fortune. Round and round we go on this wheel, one lifetime after another. The negative Karma accrued on the downwards slope has to be made good and redeemed on the upwards one, until the balance of our spiritual account in the great book of life has been restored. That in a nutshell is the road from sinner to sainthood, which every soul on its evolutionary pathway is constantly travelling.

And when the going gets too touch, anyone who reaches out for the blessing and healing hands of God and the Angels and prays for their assistance, does receive it. Our pleas align us to the Universal forces of goodness and light. When we respond in the right way to what the Highest are bringing us, with the passing of time we evolve into ever more capable channels of light who can act as lightbringers and healers for our whole world. We become valuable instruments in the hands of the Divine forces, and when they work through us we are taking part in and practising white magic. As increasing amounts of spiritual wisdom and understanding flow through us onto the Earth plane and ever more of those around us are waking up to their true nature, they too begin to feel drawn quite naturally into the energies of the higher stream of life.

That is how down the ages every individual consciousness and that of our world has slowly but surely been expanding and growing. It is a process that will continue until every last shred of darkness and evil in our world has been dissolved, uplifted and transmuted by the forces of goodness and light into blessing, healing and harmonising energies for all. And when finally every one of us on the Earth plane is operating on the same positive wavelength, peace and goodwill to all life will once more reign.

All of us together are responsible not only for our own development but also for that of our world. The right way of making a valid contribution towards achieving this state of affairs is by living not merely to enjoy ourselves, but for the beautification and benefit of our planet. Even the smallest of efforts in that direction by any one of us moves the spiritual evolution of the whole of Creation forwards and upwards. Every individual can do a great deal to help the highest forces with their work of raising the vibrations of our whole planet and all its inhabitants.

As aspiring lightbringers and healers we know that humankind, individually and collectively, has never struggled up the evolutionary spiral of life on its own. It is our task to draw the attention of ever more of those around us to this facts, so they too become aware of the spiritual powers that are constantly toiling on our race’s behalf behind the scenes of earthly life. When we make an effort to think and act in positive and constructive ways only, we are living as a good example that others may wish to follow. At the same time this is a way of training our spiritual listening to the words of power and love, wisdom and truth which the Highest Forces of life are broadcasting ever more forcefully into the consciousness of our world.

Finding our way back into the conscious awareness on all levels of our being that all life is one and that everything is in siblinghood and relationship with everything else in the whole of Creation, including the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, is the whole purpose of every soul’s earthly existence. This means shedding our sense of separateness and returning into the conscious awareness of our wholeness and at-one-ment with all life. That is the ultimate aim for all human souls which gains us access to the realm of white magic. When we finally are in complete harmony and siblinghood with all life and the love in our heart for our Creator and all life has become great enough, all power and life on the Earth and its surrounding spheres can use us. And we shall then be able to make wise, respectful and sensible use of the white magic.

Recommended Reading:
• ‘The Road From Sinner To Sainthood’

From ‘Our World In Transition’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:35 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
White Eagle On The Forces Of Good And Evil

The following is the essence of three items from ‘There shall be Light!’ Stella Polaris Vol. 46:5: ‘The seeds of the siblinghood with all life that knows nothing but love is in every one of you. Do not look on the outer level of life for love but within and become more loving yourself. You are a dynamic being who can only attract that which you are yourself. The world around you is a mirror of what is happening within. So, whenever you want to change something in your world, first take a deep and utterly honest look into the mirror of the self. Each one of you has to do this for themselves because you can only recognise yourself by your reflection.

‘Never forget that each one of you has the best as well as the worst within. When you observe the ugly and painful things that are happening in your world, feelings of compassion and humility with all involved arise in you and you feel the need to pray for a purification of your own soul and that of your world to take all of you closer to God. The desire for loving and forgiving rather than hurting, criticising and resenting awaken in you. Please don’t ever think: ‘Oh, that’s too much for me!’ The only thing we ask of you is to simply keep on trying day by day. Every time you look into the mirror honestly and quietly affirm: ‘I am God’s child and I seek to obey the law of love, God’s law.’

Do Not Attack Evil – Dissolve It!

‘The whole of Creation contains two aspects, a negative one and its positive counterpart, that which is good. This part is all love and with the passing of time absorbs what is known as evil in your world into itself and creates more good from it. God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent and humankind lives in Its heart and although many find it hard to accept that good and bad alike are within our Creator’s power. Both aspects have their origin in the life of God and proceed from there.

‘You need to know that that which is evil and ugly in your world and anywhere else is the unevolved and undeveloped part of life. All the powers that are in God are also in you. That is why when your Highest Self first starts building itself an earthly counterpart, it has to start at the lowest point, just the same as the Universal intelligence of the Almighty, whose spark you are, has to do when creating anything. The same applies to every field of human endeavour, be it the ability to conduct satisfying and rewarding personal relationships, or being successful professionally, artistically as well as spiritually. There are no shortcuts. In each case you have to start with the bottom step of the ladder, slowly and patiently working your way up to beauty and perfection.

‘Everything that to this day leaves much to be desired in your world is part of humankind’s lower earthly nature in its slowly evolving state. Evil is a consuming and destructive force. It’s a fire that first tests and tries humankind’s mettle to its utmost. Later on it is absorbed by the individual and collective development of the Christ nature. The Christ fire consumes everything that is no longer of any use and transforms it into something good. During the later stages of your development, when the thoughts, words and actions you in your ignorance of what is at stake once sent into the world return to you, the result tests and tries your whole being frequently to breaking point. The suffering endured pays the karmic debts that were incurred earlier.

‘By the time you have recovered, you have become thoroughly familiar with the nature of suffering. Your higher nature is awakening from its slumber and your heart fills with love and compassion whenever you see someone in distress. You have come to admire the people who happily share their talents with anyone who is in need of them and the work they are doing. Like them you want to become a useful member of society and assist those who are suffering the way you once did. With this the healer’s pathway is opening before you. As Elisabeth Kübler-Ross put it: ‘The most beautiful people are those who have experienced defeat, suffering, struggle and loss and have found their way out of the depths. These people have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern. Such things do not just happen, they can only grow from within.’

‘With the awakening of the good and higher aspects of your nature, the Christ Spirit, the process of absorbing the ugly and evil parts of your lower earthly self begins. As this happens in ever more of you, with the passing of time all evil will eventually vanish from your world. And that is the only way Christ can become the saviour and redeemer of you and ultimately your whole world. Many believe that by attacking evil they can do their share of getting rid of it. But when you have become aware of God’s true nature and your own, you know that this is not the right course of action and that the best you can do to dissolve any kind of evil is by radiating the light of the Christ Star into the distressed people and areas of your world.

‘Those who view evil from the perspective we are bringing here, will have no difficulties recognising the wise higher purpose it fulfils in earthly life to this day. We, your friends and helpers in the world of light, have walked this way before you. We understand your difficulties only too well. That’s why we are volunteering to light the road every human soul must travel. We are trying to help you overcome the darkness of earthly life by showing how each one of you has to make their contribution towards absorbing it into the Christ light of love and compassion, wisdom and truth which, if only in seed form, is in every one of you. One of these days you may wish to join us and assist those you have left behind and who are still struggling in the darkness of earthly life.

Good Or White Magic

‘Good or white magic is performed with the knowledge and assistance of the Angels of Light. This ritual is carried out by people who work from their heart centre and with the highest intentions. Because they love those around them, they do not try to impose their own will upon them. Seeking nothing for themselves, they work unselfishly for the good of all. Many groups who work with the White Light will spring up all over the Earth in the days to come. Working in them allies the server with the Forces of Light and requires a spirit that is dedicated to selfless service.

‘Those who insist on working entirely for themselves, wishing to draw everything to themselves and imposing their will upon others, form an alliance with the negative forces. Awakened ones have no thoughts of themselves. Their only desire is to give love and light, to bless and raise all God’s children to a Higher state of consciousness. They give without reservations, from their loving hearts. Such selfless giving distinguishes the white from the dark magic.’

Recommended Reading:
• ‘The Prophet On Good And Evil’
• ‘Good And Evil – The Heavenly Teaching Aids’

From ‘A Collection Of My Favourite White Eagle Teachings’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 12:59 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Sowing The Wind

Hosea 8:7 from the Old Testament attempted to strike an early warning note into human hearts and souls with its: ‘They have sown the wind and they have reaped the whirlwind. It has no stalk, nor an ear to yield meal, and if it were to yield, the strangers shall eat it.’ Looking at the state of our world, one cannot help wondering how many ever paid attention to it.

The Hosea teaching refers to the Universal law of Karma, which decrees that whatever anyone projects out into the world has to return to its sender. But that is by no means all there is to it. The force of that which we create on the Earth plane, through our thought processes and the actions following them, increases and gathers ever more strength and momentum on its way back to us. This demonstrates that humankind’s most urgent need is taking charge of our thought processes, learning to control them instead of being ruled by them. Constant practice alone can help us to become the masters of this aspect of our nature rather than being its servants.

God is as much part of us as we are part of God. On our own we are nothing and cannot create anything. Yet, as co-creators with God – within reason and with the help and the will of God – we can create anything. As living parts of the ever expanding Universal energies, we too are expansive and dynamic beings. This expresses itself in abstract as well as in visible terms, so that given time, all our creations enlarge. This shows in the way we learn. The more we learn the more our consciousness expands. The more we give, the more we receive, and so forth. This principle applies to everything we send out into our world and it is well worth our while to carefully watch every thought, word and action, because we are responsible for each one. Knowing this puts us in charge of our destiny and this is the only way we can take charge and ensure that only the right things return to us.

Whatever we create, for good as well as for evil, more of the same inevitably comes flooding back to us. For example, being loving generates more love; living peacefully brings more peace, whereas war faring returns to us and our world as ever more destructive wars, as the past has clearly shown. Let us not fool ourselves! On the spiritual level of life cheating does not exist and escape from or avoiding the unerring justice of the Universal laws is impossible. The more human souls become aware that God is always with us and that therefore nothing ever gets away from the scrutiny of Its all-seeing eye, the more it is likely that we shall strive to conduct our lives with honesty and integrity. In this way we, each through their own efforts, are capable of changing the course of our own destiny as well as that of individual nations, our whole world and the whole of Creation.

It is not difficult to see how our chances of making some real progress on the evolutionary spiral increase because of all the knowledge we are now allowed access to. It really does set us free to consciously decide which way we wish to travel in future. Further down into darkness and evil or up and ever up back into the light of our true being, at one with our Highest Self, the choice is ours. Becoming aware of our true nature and taking charge of our destiny is an immensely empowering experience, but it also brings us the responsibility of choosing wisely. It’s a great time and energy saver as well, because whenever we are in difficult situations, we no longer look towards others to provide us with the answers to our questions. Instead, we go within and consult with our inner teacher and guide.

As you can see, taking responsibility for everything that is in our life is a wonderfully liberating experience. One cannot help wondering how long it will be until the leaders of our world, business, political and spiritual also grow wise to that. The Universe tests the human soul constantly to establish how much understanding it has thus far developed, and the trials of power are particularly difficult ones. Would that the consciousness of all those who are presently in leading positions throughout our world, wake up to the fact that no-one on the Earth plane has any real power. This would help them to recognise their responsibility for wisely handling any power that has been entrusted to them.

From ‘War And Peace Between Nations’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:47 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Reaping The Whirlwind

May the orgies of destruction during World War II of places like Berlin, Leipzig, Chemnitz and Dresden – in particular on February 13 and 15, 1945 – serve as a reminder of how Germany, because it sowed the wind of war, could not escape the consequences of its actions. Universal justice worked through the Allies and ensured that we, the civilian population, had to reap the bitter harvest of what our politicians had sown. The historian Frederick Taylor wrote about the destruction of Dresden: ‘It has an epically tragic quality to it. Dresden was a wonderfully beautiful city and a symbol of baroque humanism and all that was best in Germany. It also contained all the worst from Germany during the Nazi period. In that sense it is an absolutely exemplary tragedy for the horrors of twentieth century warfare.’

Let this be a warning to those who to this day are walking on the warpath. We need to consider that with any event on the Earth plane there is always more than can be seen by our earthly eyes. The world around us is a reflection and an outer manifestation of the inner realities of life. No matter what happens in the world around us, we do well to remind ourselves that manmade and natural disasters alike are part of the Universal justice of the law of Karma. How can we as individuals counteract this and do our share of restoring the balance of our world?’ A great deal could be achieved if those who are reading this in their prayers and meditations ask for the radiance of the Goddess’s wisdom to flow from the Highest Star into the hearts and souls of the political, business and spiritual leaders of our world, to help them with their awakening.

Every war our world has ever seen has been proof of the fact that one fire cannot be extinguished by another. All this can achieve is creating more of the same. Humankind’s long history of warfare is a clear demonstration of how the Universal laws saw to it that the destructive forces of war always did indeed return to us and our world. They did this with a force that time and again had multiplied. The destructiveness and callousness of the two World Wars bear witness of this. During the review of this chapter in April 2018, the warmongers in our midst are again flexing the muscles of their ever more sophisticated war machinery, rearing to have yet another go.

Have we, as a race, not learnt anything from the mistakes of the past? Are the people in charge blind to the spiritual background of our earthly existence and the Universal laws that govern all life in the whole of Creation? Or are they merely pretending not to know that we are responsible for every one of our thoughts, words and actions, sticking their heads into the sand in ostrich fashion? Independent of whether their intentions are good or evil, every action causes a reaction, and every bit of what anyone sends out into our world can do nothing but return to its sender and that with constantly increasing strength. Love is the law of life and pretending blindness is an even greater transgression against this law than mere ignorance.

From ‘War And Peace Between Nations’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 2:48 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Learning To Control Our Minds

As we know by now, thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation. Our thoughts create our reality and as we think, so we become. Every thought we send into the Universe goes round in a circle and eventually returns to us in some form. In our ignorance of these things, each one of us has done their share of creating the present state of our world. Wise ones are aware of this and have no problems recognising that they are responsible for the state of our world and that if they wish the Earth to become a more peaceful and pleasant place for all, they have to think of ways of making it so.

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the Air signs. All of them serve the development of our earthly minds and each one of them does so in a different way. Aquarius offers many opportunities for attuning the transmitter/receiver station of our earthly minds to the mind of the Highest. Each one of us is destined to evolve into a channel through which the wisdom and truth of the Divine expresses itself and enters our world. Now that the Age of Aquarius is with us, the main attention of our evolutionary development is on this aspect of our nature.

There are two streams of consciousness in our world, a positive and constructive one of light and understanding, as well as a negative, dark and destructive one of fear and distrust. Do you sometimes get a sneaking feeling that our world has become place where only bad news is good news and that the news media, without being aware of what they are doing, are constantly adding to the negative stream? I believe that refusing to give way to taking part in any kind of negativity is of the utmost importance for aspiring healers and lightbringers. Rather than adding to the clouds of darkness and ignorance that surround us and our world by watching and listening to the news, it is our duty to do all we can to counteract the clouds of darkness and do our share of dissolving them.

We are responsible for what we allow our earthly minds to be filled with. I like to know what is happening in our world and therefore listen to the news once or twice each day, rather than every hour and on the hour like the BBC presents them. I pay attention until they deteriorate into what I call ‘the rape and murder cast’. At that moment I exercise my freedom of choice, reach for the ‘off’ button and think to myself: ‘This too is part of the great plan of life and rests in Your loving hands.’ There is no doubt in my mind that’s what it is.

Before opening a newspaper or watching videos on the internet, I remind myself that no-one can force anyone to read or listen to anything. For me this is the best way of protecting my mind against being bombarded with and penetrated by all the negativity our sensationalistic and media-orientated outer world is constantly trying to pump into our individual consciousness and that of the collective.

Whenever I find out that I have been missing something, my friends are happy to tell me whatever is important to them. There is nothing new under the Sun and all the things that are presently taking place in our world are sure to have done so in the past. The trouble with the technological advances of our time is that reports about them can now be served almost instantly to all who are willing to pay attention. The most lurid sensations are the best fillers of air time and sellers of newspapers.

As I prefer quality of information rather than quantity, I switch off. And if you do the same, please do yourself the favour of refusing to indulge in a guilt trip for what you are doing. Instead, be happy and rejoice, because increasing numbers of people round our world are doing the same. Think of how environmentally friendly your behaviour is and give yourself a pat on the back. Reflect on the amounts of energy you are saving in the course of a year and the forests that do not have to be chopped down because of you and all those like-minded souls round the world. Feel good about yourself and the things you are doing to help our planet in its struggle against exploitation of its precious resources through over-consumerism. Let those who are addicted to the news not fool themselves into thinking that this issue is unimportant. It is, because we are all responsible not only for our thoughts and our world, but also – as mentioned earlier – for what we allow our minds to be filled with.

More imperative still is that as awakened ones we set a good example by not dwelling on unpleasant and chaotic conditions in the world around us. Are we not privileged indeed to know that, in spite of whatever may still have to happen, there is a great plan of life and that the reigns for the whole of creation rest safely in the loving hands of the omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient Father/Mother of all life, the Great White Spirit?

All who once spent some of their lifetimes in the Native American tradition, as many in our midst are likely to have done, know how in those days the Great Spirit was worshipped by all. We were aware then, as we are now, that this is the Source of all being, the One from whom – with the help of the Angels – all blessings of the material plane life are constantly coming forth, including every human life. The One has always been providing us with the spiritual strength and sustenance that was required to learn our earthly lessons and carry out any special assignments that have been allocated to us.

We are part of God as much as God is part of us. The Highest levels of life communicate with us through our intuition. This is known as the living God within, who knows the way of all things and the answers to any question we may ever care to ask. Whenever we do so with our earthly mind, the answer from our spirit mind comes immediately. There is no need to ask anyone else. We do well to practise this constantly, so that slowly but surely our earthly mind knows that our higher spirit self is always there to show us the way in all things and supply us with honest and truthful answers at any given moment.

Throughout the ages there have been people who became inspired without at first being aware of what was happening to them. Speaking and writing intuitively they receive their information without studying books. With the passing of time they found out that all outer manifestations of life are reflections of the realities of their inner counterparts and that this applies to human thinking as much as it does to anything else in the whole of Creation. It is not the physical brain alone that does the thinking, for the simple reason that nothing in earthly life exists and can function on its own.

Without the spiritual forces in its background creating and supporting the physical plane of life there would be nothing. Naturally, this also applies to humankind’s mental capacities. No earthly self on its own could ever bring itself into being. Never mind Earth life, without the help of our Highest spirit Self and our constant companions, the Angels and Masters, friend and helpers in the world of light, there would be no physical life anywhere in the Cosmos. The angelic hierarchy is in charge of the great plan of life and responsible for its smooth running, at all times. They are the ones who bring us into earthly life and place us in the right spots and relationships, so we can attend to our life lessons and fulfil our Karmic obligations.

Some of us developed the ability to act as channels of the Divine in previous lifetimes. They have come into this one to practise and polish this artform to a high sheen by humbly serving the Highest Forces of life. It is likely that they were scribes in far distant lifetimes, who abused their gift for selfish purposes like seeking to dominate people by frightening them out of their wits, so that they could be exploited more readily.

Anyone who took part in such things, and there have been many, by now have learnt their lessons. They are here to nail the desires of their small lower self and its fears to the cross of earthly life by placing them into the hands of the Highest. But because of the suffering they once caused others, they could have a slow, painful and protracted struggle with this aspect of their being on their hands, not as some kind of punishment, but as the redemption of their Karma and to restore the balance of their spiritual account.

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From ‘War And Peace Between Nations’

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