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Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 2:28 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Saviour And Redeemer – Part A

The Esoteric Meaning Of The Crucifixion

Rejoice, dear readers, the second coming or the latter days of the law are here. The Age of Aquarius is the age of truth and the Divine Waterbearer is bringing us the truth that Jesus only ever existed as a thoughtform and a symbolism for the Christ nature, the Divine part of every human being. The story of Jesus life has been a hoax of gigantic proportions. When one knows that it was designed and inspired by God and the Angels for the wise higher purpose of familiarising us and our world with the lower and lowest drives and urges of every human being’s earthly nature, does one dare to call it hoax?

The truth is that the only one who can save and redeem anyone is the Christ aspect of their own nature. This part develops quite naturally in the process of bringing forth the highest and best we are capable of, each from depth of their own being. Our salvation comes about through accepting and patiently enduring the karmic debts which our life still has to present to us. And when we freely share our natural gifts and the learning gained on this road and willingly show others how to do the same for themselves, that’s our redemption.

Clearly, much work is waiting for all of us. So, let’s roll up our sleeves, metaphorically speaking, and not waste any time and get started with the higher purpose and meaning of our existence. The way I understand the matter is that spirit evolves in matter and matter evolves with its indwelling spirit. The whole of Creation is constantly evolving and growing, and spiritual wisdom and knowledge are doing the same. Through finding an ever greater understanding of God’s true nature and our own, we are not only assisting ourselves but also each other and our whole world to move onto a higher level of consciousness.

Evolution has always been the main purpose of our race’s existence on the Earth plane. Yet, because in times gone by we were spiritually too immature to grasp the higher esoteric meaning of God’s wisdom and truth, they had to be presented to us in the more easily understood form of myths and legends. This was good enough during our spiritual infancy and childhood. But, on the threshold of another Age of Aquarius, many souls have matured into spiritual adulthood and are therefore ready to receive God’s wisdom and truths directly from the source of our being, the living God within who communicates with us through our intuition.

Much progress in our race’s understanding of the spiritual aspects of life had been made by the time of Rudolf Steiner, 1861 – 1925, the Austrian philosopher, social thinker, architect and esotericist. At that stage of our race’s evolution the need had not yet arisen for becoming aware of the full truth that had been hiding behind the Jesus legend for such a long time. Steiner was a devout Christian, who in one of his visions saw the Earth at the time of the crucifixion from a vantage point above our planet. He perceived it as a ‘black spiritual void’ in the spiritual landscape of the Cosmos. His imagination conjured up an image of how, when Jesus died on the cross, the instant his blood touched the ground, the Earth began to radiate spiritual light from its entire circumference into the farthest and remotest corners of the Cosmos. Steiner believed that from that moment onwards the physical Earth literally became the physical body of what he called ‘The Christ’.

What a long time it long it has taken until we and our world at last are ready to understand the true meaning of the story of Jesus, the Christed one. In truth, it was never intended to be more than an allegory, which is filled with symbolisms. Grasping the esoteric meanings of God’s eternal wisdom behind the legend’s words would take humankind another two thousand years or so of slowly but surely moving us and our world, one small step after another, forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. Until the time was right, God’s truth behind the surface words of the tale had to remain largely unrecognised, so that in due course they could begin to be revealed to those who refused to run with the limited understanding of the beliefs of the herd and preferred to get ahead of it.

As pioneers of the Aquarian, healers and lightbringers, these people reject the concept of following old fashioned and outdated doctrines and beliefs of the past, which can only deter one’s own evolutionary progress as well as that of the whole of humankind. We are always the bottom line and life leaves the choice to us which road each individual soul wishes to walk. It is entirely up to us whether we are content with no spiritual progress or whether we would rather tread new paths and make discoveries that allow us to act as wayfinders for the younger and less experienced slower souls who are walking behind.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote: ‘Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.’ Uncheedah, which means grandmother in Santee Sioux, adds to this: ‘When you see a new trail or a footprint you do not know, follow it to the point of knowing.’ In my view, the individual and collective evolutionary progress of our world can only be ensured when sufficient numbers of us are willing to follow the advice of these wise ones by querying and questioning that which has been handed down to us by previous generations.

I perceive the Jesus legend as a re-enactment of a drama of vast Cosmic proportions of which numerous different versions were presented to us and our world, throughout the ages. Many to this day still believe that the tales of the Crucifixion and the Master’s subsequent resurrection describe historical events that really took place on the Earth plane, two thousand years ago. Regardless of this, in truth from the beginning they were designed act as allegories, which in the fullness of time would help ever larger numbers of us to understand that life continues after the outer shell of our physical body has been shed. The Master’s life is a demonstration of how a lifetime of pure and wholesome living can assist us with the process of gaining complete mastery and control over every aspect of our being. It is for this reason that all religions down the ages brought us allegories of saviours and the ensuing resurrection of their spirit self’s final release into their eternal home. For all of us that is the oneness with our Creator.

The crucifixion story of the Master Jesus is no exception. It represents the Earth initiation, which is the highest initiation every human soul eventually has to take part in. When the indwelling spirit has finally gained complete mastery of the atoms of its physical body, the process is complete. This is what the Universe requires from each one of us, so that we may be allowed to move on to lessons of a different nature on other levels of life. And that is why, as soon as we have reached a certain evolutionary point, there is a big change in our interests. Our earthly self, guided and protected by our indwelling spirit and soul, then slowly but surely starts to set itself free from the materialistic outlook of our present plane of existence by reaching out ever more towards the concerns of the higher and eventually the highest levels of life. This continues until our whole being has fully and consciously been re-united with God.

The crucifixion demonstrates how a Master soul whole-heartedly and willingly forgives everything and everybody, especially those who have at some stage betrayed it. Although Jesus never actually walked the Earth with us, we are meant to follow in his, a Master’s footsteps, so that with every passing day we become more of a master in our own right. In particular this applies when it comes to forgiving those who delivered us to be nailed to some kind of a cross or another. Judas Iscariot’s betrayal of Jesus and the Master’s forgiveness is an example of how to avoid the creation of further difficult Karma between such souls.

We are required to deal with our opponents in the same masterly fashion and forgive all those who ever trespassed against us, not only in this lifetime but also in all previous ones. Even our worst opponents, or rather especially these, have to be treated in this manner, as this alone can set both of us free from the heavy Karmic chains of the undesirable emotional bonds that we, in our ignorance of Universal laws, once created with and for each other. Forgiveness that comes directly from our hearts and souls is the only way such shackles can be dissolved. This process is worthy of being attended to with the greatest diligence, as it alone can eventually release us from the need for requiring further educational lifetimes on the material plane.

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From ‘Healers And Healing’

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Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2018 2:48 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Saviour And Redeemer – Part B

The Symbolism Of The Cross

The cross is one of the most ancient symbols known to humankind. It was not invented by Christianity, but merely adopted from much more ancient religions and cultures that preceded it. The cross’s vertical bar stands for the God’s Will, as it reaches down from Heaven to Earth. The horizontal one is the symbol of humankind’s will for as long as it crosses the Will of God and struggles against it. When the two bars at last have been taken apart and are lying peacefully side by side and working harmoniously together, there is no more cross and there is PEACE!

In its original sense it never stood for death and crucifixion, but for the goodness and blessings of Earth life. It is intended to convey the idea that the human spirit with the assistance of its Highest Self is capable of overcoming and rising above everything that happens on the physical plane. The cross contains the message that until all human spirits and souls in their earthly existence, have imbibed their lessons in the course of many lifetimes. Until they have become sufficiently evolved, they have to remain firmly fixed to the cross of consciousness of earthly life.

There is no point in fighting against any of this because the material and spiritual education that our planet alone can provide is essential for our individual and collective evolutionary development. That’s why it is compulsory and unavoidable for all of us. The best we can do is go with the flow and submit ourselves willingly to whatever presents itself to us. This brings us much more easily into harmony with the energies of the Highest Forces than anything else. We have been granted the gift of another lifetime so that we may serve them and learn how to co-operate with them.

In due course this gradually brings us back into the conscious loving union with God and the Universe we are all on the Earth to seek. Any knowledge we discover along the way is meant to be shared with our earthly siblings. With our loving support they too will eventually be able to grasp the special meaning of the evolutionary phase we and our whole world are presently moving through. For those who are ready to receive the seeds we are sowing they will fall on fertile ground and germinate. By helping to see their problems in a different light we can assist their ascent above the physical plane. It would be unreasonable to expect an immediate ending of someone’s suffering straight away, but through a fresh understanding it can at least be alleviated. An increasing awareness of what this life is all about and what is at stake can and indeed frequently does bring a spontaneous measure of relief, comfort and healing.

Misunderstood for a very long time, the legend of the Master Jesus has tried to bring us new hope by showing us how, like the Master, every human spirit and soul will eventually be capable of withdrawing from the suffering of its physical body. We all have the power within to lift ourselves on the wings of our Highest, God or Spiritual Self, above all earthly difficulties. The underlying esoteric meaning of the events of Easter always have been a hidden allegory to reveal to us how each one of us will eventually reach the evolutionary point of viewing our present existence from an ever higher perspective.

This empowers us to watch all its proceedings in the right light and with the necessary detachment. Each one of us is required to walk in the Master’s footsteps and deal with things the way he did. In my view, this is only possible when one perceives the troubles of our present existence in the above described manner. Instead of allowing ourselves being tortured and crucified by the trials and tribulations of this plane, we then become capable of dealing with them ever more objectively and dispassionately. The more one recognises them as personal and collective evolutionary lessons and passing phases of our earthly existence, the more this comes about quite naturally.

It seems to me that many of the happenings in our world, which all too easily can be perceived as people’s pure and utter selfishness, are but outer manifestations of the inner yearning of the soul of our whole world to find healing and peace. Deeply embedded in every individual soul and also in the collective is the sacred knowledge of humankind’s homecoming into its true nature and the togetherness and oneness with God and all life. Bearing this in mind, are all the struggles we presently observe around us in truth pleas that the home coming process into our true nature should be speeded up by those in charge of us on the highest levels of life?

During this difficult evolutionary phase it is hardly surprising that times are frequently difficult for all of us and that the mettle of so many is being tested and tried, almost to breaking point. So, with feet planted firmly on the ground, hearts and minds steadily focused on the highest level of life, in our role as aspiring light workers let’s keep our eyes firmly fixed on the spiritual background of this life, so it can reveal to us ever more of the truth about the higher and highest purpose and meaning not only of our present existence, but of the way all life truly functions.

Astrology can help us gain a better understanding of the many obstacles all of us are presently encountering on our journey back home into the full conscious awareness of our true nature. Never forget that Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus, in that order. Saturn here acts as the gatekeeper for the Aquarian age. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that so many of us are struggling and that on many different levels of our being. In the course of teaching us self-discipline, Saturn tests and tries us to the utmost of our endurance. Until self-mastery has been achieved none of us will be released into the greater spiritual freedom of the Aquarian age.

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From ‘Healers And Healing’

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Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 2:46 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Saviour And Redeemer – Part C

Each Their Own Saviour And Redeemer

No-one in the whole of God’s Creation can save and redeem us except we ourselves. This process begins when the Christ part of our nature at last awakens from its slumbers. Our hopes, dreams and aspirations slowly but surely rise above the desires of our lower earthly nature, which in previous lifetimes caused us to sin against the law of life: love. As soon as we start to live in the light of the Christ Spirit, through our changed thinking and behaviour patterns we somehow bring this light into our world. Gradually the drives and urges of our worldly nature are left behind and eventually we reach the point when they can no longer touch us. We have been saved from them and that is the esoteric meaning of salvation.

Salvation and redemption cannot come about through believing in a specific person and/or following the religion they represent, or any of the other belief systems of our world. The only thing that can and indeed does save us is by bringing forth the highest and best that is within us, our own Christ nature. All we have to do to bring this about is being a good person in all we do and by living a good life rather than merely ostentatiously doing good deeds. This pathway means carrying out what our Christ nature tells us is good and right. We prefer following our inner guidance, the living God within, rather than listening to what somebody else may want us to do. We refuse to hurt or harm anyone, even though we may never have clapped eyes onto the ten commandments of the Abrahamic religions. We no longer need anyone to tell us that going to war, killing and maiming is wrong, as our attitude is based on a deep inner conviction and knowingness that is very much our own.

We know that all warfare is a crime against humankind and our whole world. We therefore would not dream of going to war against any of our siblings in the great family of life or treating any one of them as less valuable and precious to our Creator than we are. Thoughts, words and actions of kindness and consideration, compassion and love for all life, working for God in our daily lives in full consciousness of the glory that is above, around and within us and all lifeforms, are no longer second but first nature to us. We have become a Christed one in our own right and that has always been the true meaning of being saved by Christ.

Our redemption comes through patiently enduring whatever our Karmic debts from other lifetimes are bringing to us in this one. We need to work our way through every one of the events, no matter how hard and difficult they maybe, as best we know how to. Working hand in hand with God and the Angels makes this cross of the Earth easier to carry, as past experiences have shown us that we can trust our inner guidance, the means of the Highest for communicating with us, to show us how to go about things. Equipped with the wisdom we have already found on our pathway through life, we rest safely in the knowledge that everything will come right in the end because that is sure to be part of God’s great plan of life.

When the Christ spirit comes alive in us, we are meant to share the insights we are gaining with all those who are in need of it, so the knowledge can spread ever further afield. Through others constantly adding their learning to ours, the Christ spirit in the end, individually and collectively, does indeed become the saviour and redeemer of our whole world. And that is the only way the Christ can do this. The spirit of the Universal Christ is the Lord/Lady and Master/Mistress of our planet, the son/daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life. S/He brought us into being and has always looked after us and kept us safe, and forever will do so. As you can see for yourself now, through quickening the spirit life in more and more of us, the Christ spirit really is the saviour of humankind – but in this way alone.

From ‘Healers And Healing’

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Posted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 2:23 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Saviour And Redeemer – Part D

The Saviour And Redeemer Not An Empty Promise

Even the slowest small earthly self eventually reaches the evolutionary point when it awakens into its true nature and begins to take peeks at the higher esoteric meanings hidden behind the words of Jesus tale. What a surprise it will be for such people when they discover that they have been following a legend and not a story that is based on historical facts. It is as if a light had been switched on inside when the tale is viewed from the right angle. Every aspect of it suddenly makes a great deal of sense.

For any earthling awakenings of this nature can only come about when the time is right, i.e. when our energies are changing so that our superconscious faculties come into a closer alignment with the Universal forces. The Divine spark within us then commences to stir from its sleeping beauty slumbers and one small step after another the spiritual aspect of our nature begins to open up and unfold. For example, this is the case when the Midheaven of our birthchart by progression moves into Sagittarius, or on the occasions when our progressed Moon moves through this sign or the ninth house, the natural domain of this sign. This is the time when people, who never were interested in religions before, have been known to wander off into the setting Sun with missionary zeal and a Bible tucked under their arm. Whichever way the Sagittarian energies express themselves in our life during that development, the religious/spiritual side of our nature gradually moves into the foreground of our consciousness and we become interested in things connected with the religious and philosophical aspects of life.

If up to that point we were a person who took the Christian teachings literally, we may now start wondering about the strangeness of our necromantic religion and begin to ask ourselves questions like: ‘How did it ever come about that I fell for a belief that worships a dead man hanging on a cross? When taken literally that is a graven image, if ever there was one. What a surprise when one looks at it from an esoteric point of view and it turns into a symbol of release from the bondage to earthly life. What was it I once found in the macabre literalist version of this religion when it has at its most holy centre a strange ritual with cannibalistic undertones of eating the flesh and drinking the blood of its God – who never existed? Why did it never occur to me earlier how reminiscent all these things are of ancient and long forgotten, prehistoric religions with their pagan ceremonies, when human sacrifices were the order of the day?’

‘In these cultures and civilisations undoubtedly Christianity has its roots, the same as all other religions – none of them appeared out of nowhere. In orderly procession each new religion grew from those that came before. Is that why echoes are stirring in my soul memories of life in prehistoric societies and the rituals we performed around the Gods we worshipped in those lifetimes a long, long time ago? How could I ever have been taken in by such things in this day and age? Now that ever more of the scales are peeled from my eyes, I cannot help coming to the conclusion that the bloodcurdling details of the tale must have been added to make the story more credible, as if it were indeed about historical facts rather than a storyteller’s flights of fantasy.’

As our perception and with it our inner vision gradually opens to the higher realities of life, it is no longer hard to understand that the story of the Master Jesus’ life all along has been intended as a parable that describes the earthly self’s evolutionary spiritual journey. The Jesus story consists of parables. The tale of Christ child’s birth describes the moment of every earthly self’s awakening into the awareness of God’s true nature and its own. The allegories continue up to the time when our earthly self is dying on the cross of earthly life, to which we ourselves once nailed it. This enables our Christ nature to ascend to the Heavens. This means that although we are still taking part in Earth life, we have moved onto a higher level of consciousness and can now serve the higher and highest levels of life as their channel for bringing the Divine wisdom and truth onto the Earth plane.

Wise ones, who have learnt to gaze beyond the ends of their noses, do not find it difficult to recognise that every one of the myths and legends of our world have always tried to bring our race closer to the awakening of who and what we truly are. In this form the Goddess’s love and wisdom – as much of it as we could understand at any given time – have never stopped flowing into each individual soul and that of our world from the highest level of life. Even though the awareness of Her presence was taken from us during the patriarchy, the Angels of the Christ circle continued to serve Her.

Every one of the tales they brought throughout the ages contained esoteric messages that in the end would reawaken even the last human soul in earthly life to the fact that all of us are sparks of the Divine. At the moment of our release from the heartmind of God this spark is placed in our heart as a tiny glint of light. But it takes many lifetimes in physicality before it begins to stir into life and the Christ love awakens in us and our very own Christ child is born. To help it grow into a strong and healthy adult, all we have to do is live in keeping with our real nature, so that as the days go by we become ever more kind and loving, compassionate and tolerant, patient and forgiving towards all we meet.

But let’s return to the Jesus legend for another moment. I believe that from the moment it came into being it has been trying to tell us that, when the time was right – in God’s time, not ours – the man named Jesus, said to be the Father’s only born, who once walked in our midst in earthly life, would reappear for a second time in our world. He would then keep his promise, but only for those who believed in him and followed him and no-one else. All who refused to do so would forever have to fry in the fires of hell and damnation.

Isn’t it obvious from these words alone that, when taken literally, they could never have been spoken by a God who loves the whole of humankind and before whom we are all equal? Such things are clearly the produce of a church in pursuit of power, empire building and material gains, conceived and written as a tool for manipulating the mass of people into providing these things. The chosen name of catholic, i.e. universal, shows that the story was presented by the people running this organisation were dreaming of one day ruling the whole of our world.

The Divinity of the Christ Spirit deals with us and our world far more magnanimously, kind and loving. In the realities of spirit, our true nature and home, none shall ever be forgotten or left behind. Irrespective of who, what or where we presently are, at all times we are in the process of walking the pathway up the spiritual mountain, which eventually leads all of us back into the oneness with God. Every human soul does this in its own way and at its own pace gets to the top of the mountain in the fullness of time. Each goes the same way because there is nowhere else for anyone to go. And by coming alive in all human hearts and souls, the Divine spark in the end saves and redeems every one of us and that without exception.

As you can see for yourself now, the pledge that Jesus can and will save and redeem those who believe in him was an empty one, for the simple reason that he never existed. The esoteric promise behind the legend’s words, however, is being fulfilled and that in rich measure and in the simplest possible way. It is firmly and safely grounded in the realities of our eternal relationship between the small earthly self and its Divine counterpart, our Highest or God Self, the Christ Spirit, in whom we are all one. In earthly life we are quite capable of tying ourselves into knots over just about anything. Spiritually however everything is simplicity itself. Simplicity is a great gift, maybe the greatest one of all, that God and the Angels can bestow upon us.

It reveals itself in the fact that our salvation and redemption is not going to take place in some nebulous future and a far distant mystical location. It is happening right here and now in earthly life and that hand in hand with the Angels and Masters, friends and helpers in the world of light. All we have to do is ask and they are only too happy to show us how to go about this task. Isn’t it astonishing that after all the pledge has by no means been an empty one? That through the Christ Spirit coming alive – in each one of us individually and collectively in our world – it is being fulfilled in a very different and much more beautiful manner from what anyone could have imagined in the days of yore when the promise was made?

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From ‘Healers And Healing’

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Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 1:28 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Saviour And Redeemer – Part E

Unfolding The Superconscious Faculties

As many know by now, the purpose of all times spent in earthly life is that we should grow in wisdom and understanding of God’s true nature and our own, as well as the purpose and meaning of life in general and our existence within its great scheme. The knowledge we are seeking can only be gained from each one of us working their own way through life’s manifold experiences. The zodiac is the symbol of the wheel of life or fortune and every human soul spends many lifetimes travelling around it. By moving time and again through each one of its signs and houses, the wise higher purpose of our earthly sojourns is gradually fulfilled and our earthly self grows from spiritual childhood and adolescence into adulthood.

Sometime during the later stages of this development our superconscious faculties slowly begin to unfold. Our perception of life changes when we recognise that in the background of humankind’s existence the higher and highest forces are constantly at work, trying to all souls on the Earth plane to re-establish their own channel of communication with our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life. By gradually taking possession of our God-given powers and with it the ability to lift ourselves and our whole world ever higher above the level of our present understanding, each one of us eventually evolves into a healer and lightbringer.

The task that faces us then is to assist those around us to free themselves of the ways of the past with its multitude of false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions. These things were good and right in their time because they served the wise purpose of teaching us something. If we wish to make the spiritual progress that is potentially ours, individually and as a race we need to make every effort to conduct all our affairs in keeping with the laws of the Universe, God’s laws. Strictly adhering to them and acting in accordance with the will of God, and that at all times and in every situation, will eventually us and our world into an alignment of peace and harmony with the rest of Creation. In case you are now asking: ‘How do I know the will of God?’ The simple answer is by listening to our inner guidance. Through this medium it speaks to each one of us and makes itself known.

In the course of many lifetimes every human soul has to undergo many initiations into the life of the spirit. The Jesus legend is filled with metaphors that describe every one of them, starting with his birth and finishing with his death and subsequent ascension of our spirit self into the oneness with the Highest realms. Somewhere in the middle lies the period when we have finally become capable and worthy of being entrusted with bringing the Holy Fires onto the Earth plane in the form of the wisdom and truth of the Highest. We toil happily so they can be used for the benefit of all. Throughout the ages the vibrations of these sacred fires and their influence has grown ever more powerful. And now that we have reached the Age of Aquarius, we and our world are in the process of witnessing and taking part in the birth of Universal total and unconditional love for ourselves, each other, our world and all worlds.

Wise ones willingly accept the role of acting as one of the saviours and redeemers of ourselves and our world and the duties and responsibilities this brings with it. Naturally, we are not alone in this, we never have been or ever will be left to our own devices. Hand in hand with God and the Angels each one of us – for a long time unbeknown to our earthly selves – has always been walking their predestined pathway up the spiritual mountain. Being aware of their presence enables us to cope with this task more easily because of our renewed faith, trust and confidence in the Highest. Feelings of hardship never into the picture when the job that has been allocated to us is tackled with love in our heart for God and humankind and compassion for its suffering and that of our whole world.

What greater honour could there be for any one of us than acting as and being called a true son/daughter of God, who has been chosen by the Highest as one of their channels of communication with our world? Labouring for them and on their behalf is such a privilege that it never feels like work at all that one never gets tired of and worn out by it. With joy in our hearts we gladly give of the best that is within us with kindness and integrity, honesty and truth, to prove ourselves worthy of being used by the Highest for the blessing and healing of all life and lifeforms.

The rising of the Divine fire in human beings expresses itself as a sense of spiritual power and poise. It goes hand in hand with taking charge of our thoughts and words. This brings with it a general feeling of being in balance an in control of our life, as well as a growing sense of great power. When we recognise it as the power of love and goodness, to be used only for the highest good and the greatest joy of all instead of personal aggrandisement, the Divine fire has indeed risen and is working in us.

The true meaning of the promised saviour and redeemer only begins to make sense when our superconscious faculties unfold and we realise that every human soul is a child of God, a spark of the Universal Christ’s spirit. Finding our way back into this consciousness is the true purpose of every human soul’s earthly existence. And the Divine spark awakening in our heart is the meaning behind the Christ child’s birth. The manger is the symbol of the human heart as the most humble place on Earth. This is where the child is now making its presence felt ever more strongly in our world. We have grown into spiritual adulthood when we bring forth the characteristics of our Christ nature by giving only of the highest and the best that is within us. And that is the only way the Christ Spirit can save and redeem us and our world.

When the Jesus story appeared roughly two thousand years ago, who could have imagined – even in their wildest dreams – that a miracle of such proportions would one day be taking place on the Earth plane? Who would have dared to think that our salvation and redemption would one day come about in a much more beautiful and mysterious way than anyone could envisage. Who might have guessed when the Jesus legend was given that it was an allegory, part of which talks to us about the moment of our creation when the Christ Spirit of love and compassion is implanted in the deepest recesses of every soul’s memories? However many lifetimes this may take that is the place where these feelings have to wait for the right time to be born, so that with the passing of time they can come fully alive. From the moment of our creation the Divine spark has been destined that from deep within the very core of our own being Its light would one day begin to shine in every heart to guide us into fulfilling our highest potential.

It is the Christ Spirit Him/Herself in everybody’s own heart who is now lighting the way for us and our world to the individual and collective goal and destiny of finding peace and healing in mind, body and spirit. Unbeknown to our earthly selves for a long, long time every human ultimately has always been walking the pathway of evolving into a healer and a bringer of light, a Christed one in their own right. And as the Christ Spirit expresses itself ever more strongly through us, we ourselves are the saviour and redeemer of ourselves, each other and our world. And that is the only way the Christ can save any of us.

From the spiritual viewpoint we have reached by now it is not hard to see that God’s pledge that a saviour would eventually appear in our world, to rescue and redeem us all, has after all been and still is a true one. As the Christ Spirit in the end saves and redeems everyone, not only a chosen few, this is a far better and more comprehensive affair than the one presented by the Jesus legend. In fact, the esoteric promise behind that tale’s surface words is one that not only can but must be fulfilled.

With the Aquarian Age the time has come for the blinkers to be removed from the inner vision of all God’s beloved children of the Earth. Through the steadily increasing flow of Divine wisdom and truth slowly but surely the individual and collective consciousness of our world is being cleansed of ever more false beliefs, prejudices and outdated beliefs. This enables us to form a new and healthier relationship with our true Divine parents and their only born Son/Daughter, the Christ Spirit, the spiritual Sun behind the Sun in the sky above us. It is then no longer hard to grasp how true and lasting peace will come to us and our world through each one of us freely and willingly giving of their best. When we have reached this degree of understanding of spiritual matters, it is no longer hard to conduct our lives in a masterly fashion. There is then no doubt left about the honesty and integrity of our intention to make a valid contribution towards not only saving ourselves but our whole world. All we have to do is follow in the footsteps of a true Master, as demonstrated by the Jesus legend.

From ‘Healers And Healing’

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Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 3:03 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Saviour And Redeemer – Part F

The Latter Days Of The Law Or The Second Coming

During the early stages of our earthly education, up to a point all human souls are allowed to do as they please. But still, whatever anyone does at any given moment can only take place within the boundaries and limitations of the God’s law, the Universal law of cause and effect. Nothing in the whole of Creation is out of its and therefore God’s reach. The history and present state of our world shows clearly what this kind of behaviour has produced. But now at last the time has come for waking up to our true nature and taking charge of the greed and avarice of our lower earthly nature and making big changes through acting in keeping with God’s laws and expressing the qualities of our Christ nature. In truth, this is what Christianity calls the second coming, namely the first appearance of the Christ Spirit in our world. The first one was merely a legend.

At last we and our world have reached the evolutionary level of Buddhism calls ‘The latter days of the law’ and Christianity as ‘The second coming’. Both relate to the awakening of the Divine spark of God’s light in all human hearts. Every human soul’s final destination, no matter how low or humble its position in life at present may still be, is the final reunion with our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life and the Source of our being. In the final analysis the only reason why the tale of the Master Jesus’ life once appeared in our world was to prepare our race for the fact that all of us are destined to eventually walk in the footsteps of all spiritual Masters who once walked the Earth. By following the example of their behaviour we too evolve into a Master, just like them.

Some seem to believe that with the coming of the latter days the law of Karma will cease to exist, but that could not be further from the truth. This law is a Universal law to which all life is subject, and such laws never change. To my mind, the latter days of the law would be more appropriately described as ‘the latter days of the human ignorance of the law.’ No-one can revoke Cosmic Laws, even if it were possible. What wiser, kinder and more loving law could there be other than the one we have now? This law sees to it that, when certain conditions have been fulfilled, i.e. we have redeemed ourselves, our slate is wiped clean and we are allowed a fresh beginning. With our increased understanding and the wisdom we have gathered along the way we are released into exploring one of the higher levels of life.

Surely nobody in their right senses could wish to change the law that ensures that everything returns to its source and that therefore nothing in the whole of Creation can ever get truly lost. It is this law that constantly draws and guides every one of God’s children of the Earth back towards their true home and the awareness of our real nature. In the process of learning to distinguish between good and evil it is this law and the guidance of our Highest Self who in the long course of our evolution helps every soul to find its own way out of the holes we once dug for ourselves. To avoid digging more of them from this moment onwards, all we have to do is familiarise ourselves with how the law of Karma expresses itself throughout the whole of Creation, including our own life and that of our whole world.

The last day of the law will have arrived as soon as the last one of us has learnt to send nothing but good in thought, word and deed into our world. This will not literally be the last day of the law but of the times when the law could do nothing but return our own evildoings from previous lifetimes and present them to us in this one, whilst offering us opportunities for doing better. When we give of the best and holiest that is in us, the only things that can return to us is more of the same. And this it will do in such rich measure that we shall have enough to share with all who are in need of it. That is how the last day of the law is going to bring an end to all suffering and pain on the Earth plane. And that can only come about through everybody’s own efforts at acting on the spiritual knowledge that is increasingly flowing into our world, not merely reading and then forgetting about it.

The more each one of us makes a conscious effort to give of their best and create nothing but good Karma for us and our world, the more the Cosmic laws will reward us by returning the same to us, until finally nothing but good can come back to us and our whole world. And that, my beloved friends, will be the natural end of the expressions of the law the way we once knew it. No longer will there be any need for our individual souls and the soul of our world to grow through pain and suffering, the way it did in the past. Everyone’s soul energies and those of our world will expand through joy and love instead.

Saturn is the planet of Karma and the stern schoolmaster of the zodiac. Saturn is a symbolism of the aspect of the Divine who, when the end of their earthly education comes into sight, demands strict self-discipline and self-mastery from all Its human children of the Earth. Saturn together with Uranus is the co-ruler of Aquarius, the sign of the Age that is now with us. To assist us with learning how to tap into and develop our inner strengths and capabilities, Saturn’s lessons present us with many tests and trials, delays and frustrations. We need to deal with them in the appropriate manner and patiently endure what the law of Karma is returning to us from previous lifetimes into the present one. When we attend to our lessons by drawing the learning from each one of our experiences, which they are meant to bring us, Saturn’s role with the passing of time changes from the Universal teacher into that of the rewarder. Saturn’s lessons too are part of the Great Mother’s wisdom.

Love is the law of life and the Mother is the feminine love and wisdom aspect of the Divine Trinity. We come from love and to it we eventually return. The sacred spark in us is the beginning of everyone’s own Christ nature, the Christ Spirit whose love fills the whole of Creation with Its presence. We are Its child and our true nature is like Him/Her nothing but love. When we are loving this way and we are listening to the small still voice in our heart that tells us what is right and wrong at any given time, no-one needs to preach to us about the ten commandments of the Abrahamic religions.

The love in our heart alone and its expressions in the world around us can release us from the chains and shackles of earthly life and the duty of further earthly lifetimes. At last we are free to consciously take part in and explore the higher and eventually highest realms of existence that are waiting for us when our earthly curriculum has been dealt with to the entire satisfaction of the wise ones in charge of us.

Love and thought are the two most powerful forces in the whole of Creation. It stands to reason that kind and loving thoughts double the power of one of these powers on its own. Just think, they once brought each one of us into being and therefore have always remained part of us. And when the Christ love awakens and comes alive in us, love no longer remains a mere lip service. It is a deep inner urge, a need and conviction to give of our talents to the whole of life from the love and compassion that fills our whole being. We have no appetite for seeking fame or fortune but are content and happy to humbly serve as a channel through which the blessing and healing power of the Christ Light can flow. That which then pours forth from us is pure Christ love. It recognises the dignity of everything that exists anywhere in the whole of Creation, the heavenly as much as the human world with all its kingdoms on the physical and spiritual plane of life.

I believe that all suffering in our world to this day is caused by the dark clouds of ignorance that for so long have been surrounding it, and that through dissolving these clouds the suffering will eventually end. On our pathway from aspiring healer and lightbringer into becoming an enlightened or Christed being in our own right we gradually enter into the Christ or cosmic consciousness of hearing, tasting, smelling and touching God in everything. Bringing forth our own Christ nature from deep within the core of our being is the medium that takes us along this road of reunion with God. In that sense alone can Christ ever be humankind’s saviour and redeemer. This is how the legend of the Master Jesus, in yet another variation on the theme of the Universal Christ of all ages presenting Him/Herself in many different guises as the archetypal God-person, is bringing us and our world the long promised salvation and redemption, after all.

From ‘Healers And Healing’

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by aquarius123esoteric
The Saviour And Redeemer – Part G

Nailing The Lower Self To The Cross

The way I have always made my work available free of charge to anyone who is in need of it, to my mind is the best one. At any given time this allows me to update my work with the renewed understanding I am finding along the pathway of my own healing journey. For my kind of writing it is infinitely superior to book publishing. It’s essential because spiritual knowledge, the same as everything else in the whole of Creation, is evolving and therefore constantly increasing and expanding.

The item that forms the basis of this chapter is as good an example as anyone could wish for of something that was written a long time ago and has been updated by the inflow of fresh ideas that provide an improved understanding of what’s at stake. If you have the relevant Stella Polaris at hand, turn to page 112 and see for yourself. Naturally, same applies to my own writings. ‘Healers and Healing’ is the first part of my jottings. It began to come into being many years ago, but with the passing of time the need arose for quite a few of its chapters to be updated with the inflow of new ideas into my consciousness that increased my own understanding of a theme.

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in Stella Polaris April/May 2017 under the heading ‘The Best Response’: ‘Your path is clear, dear Friends. For many of you the plan for the present stage of your curriculum in the school of Earth provides that your time has come for responding at all times to God’s spirit. Whenever you do this from the highest and purest point of your awareness of the Divine aspects of life, your own spirit and its powers grows stronger. Through your responses to life and your highest aspirations, the love and power of God’s spirit flow into and through you into everything that is in need of it. With the passing of time, this is how you evolve into a healer in every sense of the word, not only of bodies but of spirits and souls, nations and their countries and all bad conditions in general.

‘With the help and will of God you are then becoming a master of circumstances and conditions and when the power of God’s spirit works through you, miracles can and do happen, for the powers that are in God are also in each one of you. For those who are growing into spiritual adulthood the right way of living is in full consciousness of the presence of God in everything and everyone. You are reaching the stage of your development when you trust that God’s plan for you and all life that it is perfect, wise and all-loving and that it is taking care of every aspect of your own life, humankind’s and your whole world.

‘The right way of praying for you now is to ask that God’s will should be your will and that God’s words and prayers should be yours. How else could you make sure that they are in keeping with the Divine great plan of life * and you are working for the highest good of all? Obviously what comes is not necessarily the way your small earthly self would want things to work out. That’s why wise ones take great care to use the powers that are in them wisely and resist the temptation of applying them to selfish purposes. They only use them for the blessing and healing of humankind and their world and from there guide it into the whole of Creation. Through this they not only gradually evolve into a spiritual Master of earthly life, but also into a healer of whole worlds and their beings. They do not forget that each time anything is healing, human beings and animals, even plants and trees, they are healing with them.

‘If sometimes you find it difficult to restrain and control the desires of your small earthly self, take a deep breath and several times say to yourself: ‘God is with me and all is well’. Then be still and wait for a moment, so that your God part can manifest in what you are about to do. You have no idea how much good can come from practising this. And whenever you are together with others and the thoughts and feelings they emanate are interfering with yours, take several deep and slow breaths and affirm that God is with you. You will be surprised at the inward power that then comes to you.

‘And because wise ones are aware that there is a cause for everything, they refuse to criticise whatever they see in earthly life. They do not find fault with their siblings in the family of humankind, however basic someone’s present state of development may still be. They remind themselves that such people are their younger siblings attending the lower classes of the earthly school of life and deserve their compassion and love, no matter what anyone may be doing. Wise ones do not avoid the unhappy and disgruntled people they meet, but turn towards them and show them their appreciation and the respect they deserve as God’s children. This is not difficult for wise ones because they know that their younger and less experienced siblings in the vast family of humankind simply don’t know what they are doing – to themselves and their world.

‘The God of love dwells in everyone’s own heart. Bear this in mind, so that in all your endeavours you can truly be a wise one and a bringer of light in the form of new understanding. By sharing it freely with as many as possible, you reveal yourself as a worthy member of the human family and a channel for the light of God’s love. Each time you bless someone without distinction of race, colour or creed, you are doing your share of making crooked places straight and being a true healer and creator of the kinship and siblinghood of life, which the Great Father/Mother of all life has ordained to become a reality in earthly life for all its children.

‘Each time you nail one of the desires, fears and anxieties of your lower nature to the cross of earthly life, the Christ part of your nature is strengthened and this continues until it has taken over your whole being. The God in you can then make crooked corners straight, create beauty from that which is ugly in your world and its people, and heal the sick in mind and body, spirit and soul. You then qualify to be called a true son/daughter of the living God, who has been and still is walking the pathway the Jesus legend * describes in earthly life. And that’s how in the fullness of time everyone’s own Christ self acts as the healer, saviour and redeemer of yourself, the whole of humankind, your world and all worlds throughout the whole of Creation and their beings, bringing its gifts to wherever something requires them.’

* Recommended Reading:
• ‘The Great Plan Of Life Unfolds’
• ‘The Jesus Legend’

From ‘Healers And Healing’

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The Saviour And Redeemer – Part H

The Flowering Of The Rose On The Cross

The queen of all flowers is the rose. It is the symbol of the sweetness and beauty of the Great Mother’s love and wisdom. Humankind’s existence on the Earth can be likened to a gigantic rosebush with billions of roses in just as many different stages of spiritual development. Some of us are buds that are still tightly enclosed by their green outer leaves, while others are occupied with various stages of opening and eventually bursting into full bloom.

The rose represents the heart of love as well as the heart of the Christ Consciousness. The red rose is associated with this love and is sometimes depicted as growing at the centre of a cross, the oldest known symbol of humankind’s existence in physicality. Our small earthly self needs to be nailed to the cross and as it hangs there helplessly and dying, the sweetness of the Christ love unfolds in our heart. The rose as a symbol has a rich and ancient history and just like the cross it can have meanings that are polar opposites. It can at once be a symbol of purity and of passion, heavenly perfection and earthly passion, virginity and fertility, life and death.

The rose is the flower of the goddess Venus as well as of the blood of Adonis and Christ. It is a symbol of transmutation, i.e. taking the elements of the Earth and transmuting them into the beautiful fragrant rose of the spirit. The rose garden is a symbol of Paradise and the place where the mystic marriage takes place. In ancient Rome, roses were grown in funerary gardens as symbols of resurrection. The thorns represented suffering and sacrifice as well as the sins of the Fall from Paradise. The rose has also been used as a sign of silence and secrecy. The words ‘sub rosa’ refer to a need for discretion, which was necessary whenever a rose was hanging from the ceiling at a meeting in the days of yore. In the mysteries of ancient Egypt roses were sacred to Isis. They were also the flowers of her son, Harpocrates or younger Horus, the God of silence.

To encourage us and spur us on during our climb up the spiritual mountain of life, once in a while the Angels grant us the gift of true communion, of being at one with and fully attuned to the Highest. That is why in the quiet of deep meditations and reflections on God and the Universe, maybe whilst listening to certain types of music, we occasionally reach for brief moments the level of the Cosmic or Christ consciousness, the plane of pure spirit. Although it is impossible to hold onto these feelings, no-one who has experienced things of this nature will ever forget them. That is what happens to me when I listen to the

‘Ave Verum Corpus’
By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ... ebz1PAaMSA

Ave verum corpus,
Natum de Maria Virgine.
Vere passum, immolatum,
In cruce pro homine.
Cuius latus perforatum,
Fluxit aqua et sanguine:
Esto nobis praegustatum
In mortis examine.

O Jesu dulcis, O Jesu pie,
O Jesu, fili Mariae.
Miserere mei.

Hail, true body, born
Of the Virgin Mary,
Who having truly suffered,
Was sacrificed
On the cross for humankind,
Whose pierced side
Flowed with water and blood.
May it be for us a foretaste
[Of the Heavenly banquet that awaits us]
In our own trial of death.

O sweet Jesus, O holy Jesus,
O Jesus, son of Mary,
Have mercy on me.

The above is one of my all-time favourite pieces of music. The first time I encountered it was as a child of about twelve in the early fifties when we were rehearsing it in our school choir. In spite of the fact that I was not being reared on and used to a steady diet of Christianity’s teachings, I was captivated by the beauty of the music. It had been planned that we should sing this piece at the wedding of one of our teachers. I still recall my bitter disappointment when our choir master told us that we were not allowed to do so because the ceremony was going to take place in a Lutheran church and Mozart’s music was considered to belong to the Catholic church.

It took me several decades to find out that this institution did not allow Mozart to compose music for them, regardless of the fact that he was raised a Roman Catholic and remained a devout member of the church throughout his life. At some stage he joined the Freemasons and wrote all his music for this organisation. For me the events of those days are the most striking examples of religious prejudice and ignorance that ever came my way. Maybe that’s why I recall them so vividly.

Leonard Bernstein, 1918-1990, American composer, conductor, author, music lecturer and pianist, conducts the ‘Ave Verum Corpus’ before you. He gives the impression that he was no longer affected by restricting religious beliefs of any kind. He was the son of Ukrainian-Jewish parents. But still the expression on his face, while tuning himself into the task before him, shows that he understood the esoteric meaning behind the Jesus legend. His behaviour honours it as a message of the renewal of love and faith, hope and trust in the Highest forces of life, which was brought to our world by the Universal Christ and His/Her Angels, in the depths of the spiritual darkness of the Piscean Age through the music the legend inspired.

Bernstein himself was not only an inspired conductor but also a composer. The same forces no doubt provided him with the inspiration for providing our world with music for our time. Among his output was the music for ‘West Side Story’, ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Candide’, ‘Wonderful Town’, ‘On the Town’, ‘On The Waterfront’ and his Mass. Added to this was a range of other compositions, including three symphonies and many shorter chamber and solo works.

In case you are wondering what the Age of Pisces has to do with all this, let’s take a closer look at Pisces, the sign co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. The Neptunian energies are the higher octave of the Venus vibration. It bring to us and our world the highest love vibrations of the whole of Creation. This love is of the highest realms of life that knows nothing of earthly life and its concerns. It is belongs to the world of beauty, peace and harmony, without trouble and strife. That is the place from which all human souls initially emerge and for which we secretly keep on longing and yearning to return to.

The downside of the Neptunian energies for us earthlings is that they can all too easily express themselves as lying and cheating, deceptions and delusions, of the self and others. The upside of this planet’s energies however is that they provide those in our world who are ready to receive them with the inspiration for enriching our world with the most exquisite works of art, to brighten up the lives of the people dwelling there. During the Age of Pisces this revealed itself in all areas of artistic endeavour and particularly that of music. Neptune’s negative qualities expressed themselves in the limitations and restrictions that were imposed upon humankind by the old religions of our world in their pursuit of power, material wealth and empire building.

Mozart’s ‘Ave Verum Corpus’ is one of the pieces of music that speaks to me most strongly of the higher realities of life. Soaring above the troubles and tribulation of earthly life, some of them have the power to lift my soul into its true home, the world of love and light, wisdom and truth, where things like suffering and pain do not exist. For me Mozart’s and Chopin’s music is first in line for taking me not only closer to the highest levels of life, our true home, but into it. For brief moments of respite from the material world it allows me to experience and take part in it.

Music as an art form can be likened to beautiful architecture. Its vibrations produce colours that are more exquisite than those known on the Earth plane. It is a most effective tool for rituals because it creates an avenue and a channel through which the spiritual forces of the Highest can easily flow into humankind. Music is the first stimulant for the Divine spark that for a long time has to remain asleep in all human hearts. It aids us with finding the necessary balance between the mental aspect of human nature and the heart centre. The Angels and Masters are the ones who provide the composers of our world with the inspiration that enables them to translate the music of the spheres into something that speaks to and can be understood by us earthlings.

Aquarius, the fixed Air sign, is of the head. Its polar opposite is Leo, the fixed Fire sign that rules the heart. To make us fit for the new age, these two parts need to be balanced. Our spirit guides and helpers are making their contribution to getting us ready for the new age by providing us with ever more advanced spiritual wisdom and knowledge that assists us with the development of our Christ nature, so that we can do our share of establishing God’s Kingdom on the Earth. This means taking great care to construct nothing but that which represents our Creator’s will and wishes and is in keeping with the Universal laws. Using our throat centre wisely, guarding our tongues and handling the power of speech with discretion are now of the greatest importance.

Human redemption can only can about through everyone doing their share of alleviating the suffering of our world. We are in this life to share the gifts and talents the Universe has bestowed upon us with anyone who is in need of what we have to give, whilst patiently enduring whatever our own karmic debts are bringing us. In this process the rose of love unfolds on the cross of our earthly existence. The seat of the Divine spark in every human being is the heart centre and every one of us is a rose whose bud may for a long time have been waiting to open and unfold its inner beauty on the Earth plane.

Potentially, each one of us is a multi-faced jewel of outstanding beauty and splendour that in the fullness of time begins to stir from its spiritual slumbers. Every cell and atom of matter that exists in the whole of Creation, including our physical bodies, consists of minute particles of the Great Light of the Universal Christ, only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother. For aeons this light has been drawing our race ever more powerfully into Its loving embrace. It’s in response to this calling that the Divine spark eventually awakens in every human heart.

Many study comparative religions for years. Even though through this they acquire a great deal of intellectual knowledge, the only way human beings can save and redeem themselves is through the Christ love unfolding in our own heart and following the deep inner yearning of our Christ nature to serve and do whatever is best for all the whole of life and every lifeform within it.

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From ‘Healers And Healing’

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The Saviour And Redeemer – Part I

Creative Efforts And Astrology

I find it fascinating to look at the birthchart of famous artists whose work I enjoy. It helps me to locate the person behind someone’s creative efforts much better, to understand the difficulties they are struggling with, the cross they had to bear, i.e. their Karma and their earthly personality – the same as we all have to do. All of these things increase my greatly my enjoyment of their work. Let’s see whether it can do the same for you. Mozart was born 17th January 1956, with his Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Aquarius and his Moon in Sagittarius. Aquarius is one of the signs ruled by Saturn. Planets in their own signs and houses in our birthcharts show that in previous lifetimes we have learnt to express their highest and most positive qualities. Under Saturn’s auspices the highest human achievements can be brought into being, as Mozart’s music shows.

Part of Saturn’s gifts for Wolfgang Amadeus were an early maturity and the ability of shouldering the responsibility of earning a good income for his family through sharing his God-given talents while he was still very young. Saturn makes us work very hard and Mozart expressed this with his outstanding musical genius and working long hours and extremely hard. Equipped with a surplus of Aquarian energies he also had in him a good deal of anti-establishmentarianism, which in those days would have been directed mainly against the ruling monarchy and the church. He was not a very popular person in his time, I believe. By all accounts by no means a pleasant character, but to my mind that doesn’t change the value of the gift of the legacy he left behind for us.

Chopin was born 1st March 1810 with his Sun and Venus conjunct in Pisces and Moon in Capricorn. Pisces is the sign of Karma and the soul. The twelfth house is its natural domain. To me, Chopin’s music is pure soul. There can be no doubt about it that both men had a direct link with the highest realms and worked as its channel – the way all artists do, whether they are as yet aware of this or not – to bring the gift of their specific type of music to our world.

The efforts of Mozart and Chopin on their own show that by no means everything connected with the Piscean Age was darkness and gloom, cruelty and suffering, deceptions and delusions. Chopin and Mozart were part of the artists who in the later stages of this age became inspired to enrich our world with their creative efforts. Both men were prodigious workers who achieved an enormous amount of output in the short lifespan that had been allocated to them. Mozart lived from 1756 – 1791 and Chopin from 1810 – 1849. ‘Whom the Gods love they take young’ comes to mind. Yet, only when the purpose of our lifetime has been fulfilled, we depart from this plane one way or another, whenever this may be.

Spiritually, knowledge is light and ignorance is darkness. Apart from great works of art, out of the spiritual darkness of the Piscean Age caused by the lack of God’s wisdom and truth, new life and understanding has come to our world. It is now presenting us with living proof that out of all evil in the end there truly comes a great deal of good. As can clearly been seen now, it has been for a wise higher purpose that the reasons for the long time of gloom of our earthly existence had to remain hidden in the womb of time and space, so that eventually the seeds of a life that is filled with light and that for all humankind could begin to sprout.

Now at last we have reached the time when the blessing and healing power of the Highest Star and the brightest light in the whole of Creation, the Spirit of the Universal Christ, reaches down to Mother Earth to touch all life she is holding in her loving embrace. This is the power that each year brings us earthlings a new spring and with it the renewal of all life. Now that more and more of us are awakening to our true nature and taking responsibility for ourselves and our world, spiritually springtime has come for Mother Earth and a great renewal is taking place on all levels of life.

Who has not known the feeling of being imprisoned in what on the surface of life could not be called other than evil days of despair? This applies to our individual lives as well as that of our whole world. During periods like that there seems to be no way of breaking the bonds that keep us tied to the events around us that are causing this impression, that is until finally something magical happens. It’s impossible to put our finger on what it is, but one fine day maybe even without noticing any external changes we sense that we are being released from something. This experience is similar to that of a tiny chick breaking out of its shell. In spite of the fact that we sense that a dark cloud has moved away from us and a weight has been lifted from our shoulders, our life changes and there is no way of telling how they came about. Things that once were obscure become clear. Problems and difficulties, for which no solutions could be found earlier, resolve themselves.

Some kind of higher magic is at work and has touched us. The light of understanding is breaking into our consciousness and we realise that we have been our own prisoner, without being aware of what we were doing to ourselves. This is now increasingly happening to our world, too. There is an allocated time for everything in life and therefore also for this kind of magic to manifest itself. The Bible talks about it as the ‘acceptable time of the Lord’, which will surely come in everyone’s life. All we have to do is be still and wait for its coming. The release comes when our Karma has been redeemed and the Angels known as the Lords of Karma are setting us free. We are then ready for other lessons and encounters of a different nature. Now, if you replace the word ‘Lord’ with ‘Law’, you can see quite clearly what kind of magic the Lord is working.

This kind of understanding helps us to realise that in a wider sense Jesus has been and still is the rose on the cross of humankind’s earthly existence. After all, it was the legend of his life that brought a renewal of the age-old promise of the saviour and redeemer closer to us and our world. In the end it even supplied us with the story’s true esoteric meaning. Those who have matured into spiritual adulthood have no problem with accepting that we ourselves – each one on their own, though hand in hand with God and the Angels – are required to do the work of bringing the seed of the rose of love in our hearts to budding and finally flowering.

The time will undoubtedly come on the Earth plane when each one of us has evolved into a beautifully shaped and scented rose in its own right. We shall then be a light for our world and a Master soul in whose footsteps others may wish to follow. Just the same as we are walking in those Jesus left behind. Even though the story of his life was merely a legend, it has lost none of its power to give us pointers and landmarks for the right way of living as true sons/daughters of the Highest.

From the evolutionary point we and our world have presently reached, it is not hard to see that there never will be a Universal church of any denomination that rules our whole world. It will not be long now until everybody has come to their senses and realises that although in the past we used different names for the Highest, our Creator, in truth:

There is only one religion, the religion of love.
There is only one country, the whole of Mother Earth.
There is only one race and chosen people, the whole of humankind.
There is only one gender, who is androgynous, whole and holy.
There is only one language, the language of the heart.
And there is only one God, the God of love,
The Great Father/Mother of all life
And I, their only born Son/Daughter.
We are one Holy Trinity, who is
Omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

The religion of the new age is a religion of the heart and the heart knows the truth and what is right or wrong. And my heart tells me that Jesus will always remain a symbol of Universal love and compassion, kindness and goodness, tolerance and patience towards all. To my mind it is not the man Jesus but the legend of his life that truly is a rose that will continue to flower on the cross of earthly life for a long, long time to come.

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From ‘Healers And Healing’

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by aquarius123esoteric
Good Thoughts

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘The Triumph of Spirit Over Matter’ by Anna Hayward in Stella Polaris April/May 2018: ‘Good is as much with you as you are with God and the same powers that are in God are also in you. As good and kind, constructive, loving and positive thoughts have their origin in your higher or Christ nature, they are God thoughts. Not many in earthly life are as yet aware of the vital importance of changing their thought patterns to this mode. When you do, with the passing of time, your physical body transforms itself into a celestial body that is the dwelling place and temple for the living God within, the Jesus part of your being. The more you use and apply the power of thought to your own life, you are not only recreating your whole being and you are also doing your share of transforming your world into a more pleasant and agreeable place for everybody.

‘Goodwill is the white healing magic of the Universe. Good, kind and loving thoughts are Christ thoughts. When your actions and reactions to the events of your daily life have their origin in such thoughts, everything you do is a Christ action that flows from the heart of the living God within you into your world. And that is the only right way of living for aspiring healers and lightbringers because good actions are the spontaneous reaction to good thoughts. Your thoughts decide your actions and the vibrations of your physical body are speeded up by them and that is true for each spoken as well as written word.

‘And when ever more of you are conducting their lives in keeping with this knowledge, the whole of your planet will gradually become not only more beautiful to look at but also to live upon because its matter is changing into a finer, more delicate and ethereal substance. All matter in the whole of Creation is in a constant process of spiritualisation through that which inhabits it.’

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From ‘A Collection Of My Favourite White Eagle Teachings’

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Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2018 3:43 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
White Eagle On The Power Of Thought

Part One

The following is the essence of a quote from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in the White Eagle calendar September 2011: ‘Thought is exceedingly powerful. All life is the result of thought. As you think, so you become and the way you think is constantly creating your life and your surroundings. And thinking peaceful thoughts is the secret of all human happiness.’

The essence of a teaching from ‘The Star Of The North’ January 2015: ‘Once a successful businessman arrived in the spirit world and when he was shown his new home, he was astonished to find that quite a large part of it was unfinished. The ministering Angel accompanying him said: ‘Do you notice that your home is incomplete?’ ‘Yes,’ replied the man, ‘I am very disappointed to find it that way.’ ‘The Angel responded with: ‘It reflect the spiritual aspect of your nature, which is easily neglected whilst running a business. Go forth into another lifetime, as soon as the opportunities is offered to you and choose an occupation where you can attend sufficiently to this part of your being. Do your best to put the finishing touches to its structure, as that is the background of your earthly activities. Take your chances and see what happens when you come back to us at the end of that lifetime.’ The man thanked the Angel for the advice and followed it. Upon his next return to the spirit world he was delighted to find that this time a beautifully completed home awaited him.’

‘This tale describes in a simply way how the life forces work and that thought has infinite creative power. Imagination and thoughts combined can create anything in your world and ours. As a result, humankind through its habitual thinking patterns has always constantly been shaping the circumstances of its life. Those who do not believe us, will in due course find out for themselves that what we are saying is true and that as you think, you and your surroundings inevitably become. The conditions and the environment you are presently in were created by your own thoughts and that applies to each one of you as much as to the whole of your race and world. The power of thought has created you and your world.

‘Can you see how great and important the power of thought is? Knowing this lays into everyone’s own hands the power of doing their share of creating a more peaceful world, by nothing more spectacular than changing your thinking patterns. The power of thought cannot be over-emphasised. Most human beings believe that thinking is a very private pastime. They could not be more wrong. Your thoughts express themselves not only in your face, but also in the wellbeing of your body. They can even be recognised in your clothing, homes and businesses, in the way you walk and write and also in your aura. To us, your observers in the spirit world, your thoughts can be read as if you were shouting them from the rooftops.

‘Never forget that thought can heal and create good health, but it can also inflict pain and be the cause of diseases, as well as disrupting and destroying human mental and soul life. Thought can do anything in your world and others. Thoughts of anger, fear and hate are the root of all warmongering, violence and suffering in your world. Yet, it is just as good at bringing forth beauty, harmony and peace, feelings of kinship and everything else humankind longs for. The scientists of your world are only on the outermost fringe of comprehending the power of thought.

‘We, your guides in the world of light, work with the positive and creative power of thought wherever possible. When giving advice, we make it a rule that it should always be constructive and seeing nothing but good, even though some people in your world may call this being foolishly optimistic. Your thoughts are helping your world to enlightenment. In days gone by, people gathered in temples and projected the light of the Christ Spirit to assist the evolution of Earth life. With many of you this is already happening again. May the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, bless each one of you.’

From ‘A Collection Of My Favourite White Eagle Teachings’

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Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 2:51 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
White Eagle On The Power Of Thought – Part Two

Seeking Serenity

The essence of a White Eagle teaching from ‘The Power Within – Seeking Serenity’: ‘Thought is a living thing and its effectiveness can be increased by the power of prayer and meditation, faith and trust, determination and application. Whenever you are closing the doors to the lodge of your inner being to the outer world and so create a holy space within and around you during your quiet times, that’s when you are doing the best work for your own health and happiness as well as the whole of humankind. Do not allow the negative and destructive thought vibrations of the outer world to penetrate your sacred space. Although this may sound selfish at first, it helps your inner strength to grow and therefore the opposite is true.

‘That’s the only way you can learn to become the master of your physical body and its inner lodge. God’s white healing magic * can then flow with increasing strength from the Angels of healing into your world to all those who are in need of it. At present that is still just about everybody and also your whole world. In this way you can make a valuable contribution towards the healing of all its lifeforms, instead of allowing yourself to be sucked into the darkness and chaos of earthly thoughts and feelings. Those who willingly serve as channels through which the energies of the Healing Angels can penetrate ever more deeply into your world, are receiving their own healing along the way.’

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From ‘A Collection Of My Favourite White Eagle Teachings’

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Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2018 2:47 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
White Eagle On The Power Of Thought – Part Three

Thought Can Do Anything

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘The Lightbringer – Inner Development and Outward Change’: ‘We cannot too strongly emphasise the power of thought. You believe that thinking is something private and that no-one can read human thoughts, but in truth there is no covering for thoughts. They are heard and seen by those in charge of you in the spirit world and as many of you yet have to learn, thinking has a dynamic power. Your thoughts have the power to either help your world to enlightenment or to hold back its progress.

‘The scientists of your world are only on the outermost fringe of comprehending the power of thought and that it can do anything in your world. But many of you are by now aware that thought can create good health and heal, as well as pain and disease. A great mass of people can seriously be in danger of disrupting and destroying humankind’s mental and physical soul life. Thoughts of anger, fear and hate form the root of all suffering and of wars. At the same time they can also bring forth beauty and harmony, goodwill and siblinghood, and anything else you and your world are longing for. Each one of you carries the power within of focussing only on that which is good, beautiful and right in your world, so that it can become a reality in earthly life. Positive thinking * can help you to do your share of creating ever more of this on the Earth plane.

‘We would like you to know that we need you as much as you need us. And we beg of you who are reading these lines to do your best to counteract the negative and destructive thinking tendencies of your world wherever possible. Best of all this is done by trusting God’s great plan * and the basic goodness of the life that has been given to you. Use every spare moment to focus on the new golden age of plenty * that is approaching quite rapidly. In your imagination see this new world emerging. Based on the Aquarian energies and principles of love, siblinghood and friendship with all lifeforms, its people are helping and supporting each other, refusing to take advantage of, dominate and exploit those around them.

‘Everybody is aware that each one of you is gifted in some unique way and was created for a specific task *. As a result, there will be no need for jealousy and sibling rivalry, but full trust in the wisdom and love of your Creator, the great genius designer * for the whole of Creation. You will be enjoying the warm and loving family relationships you may always have dreamed of in earthly life, but because of the clashing interests of its members this somehow seemed impossible. Supportive instead of exploitative, each giving of their best and thus fulfilling their highest potential, for the benefit of all. That is the kind of existence that is waiting for the whole human family.

‘Never forget that what you think you become and in case you are wondering how your world deteriorated into its present state, we shall try to explain. The Universal law of cause and effect works in human minds and souls the same as everywhere else in the whole of Creation. The effects of this law create the conditions of life and bring to individual souls, as well as groups and whole nations, the lessons they require at any given time. Every thought any one of you sends into the Universe causes a vibration that makes an impression on the higher ethers of life. They are registered there and attract to you waves of corresponding forces that create certain conditions in your life.

‘The corollary of this is that those who are working in good and positive ways, pursuing the path of wise thinking and unselfish service to others, the Universal forces have no problems with bringing you the things you are hoping and praying for. Yet, it is not only a matter of thinking what you want. That is only a small component of the picture. The most important part is wishing to work with God and the Angels to create peace and harmony, beauty and good health, wholeness, i.e. holiness and happiness, not only for yourself but for the whole of your world. If this is your only motif, you are at one with God’s creative love and that provides your thoughts and prayers with power and life.

‘The Universe has a positive and a negative thought stream. You are dynamic and magnetic beings and like attracts like. The vibration of each thought you send out decides which stream it is drawn into. Thoughts of a similar nature group together, which constantly increases their strength, and that’s how in the end they return to their senders. The law of attraction ensures that any good, uplifting and constructive thoughts that go forth from earthly life they align themselves to other great thought streams that are positive and good and part of the God’s Great White Light. Thoughts of anger, hatred and cruelty swell the streams of darkness and negative thinking.

‘Have you any idea how much cruelty and suffering in your world is created by thoughtlessness? This is balanced by thoughtfulness that aims to bring nothing but love and joy, hope and courage into your world. Every single thought of this nature feeds into the great stream of White Light. God’s evolutionary plan for the human race’s development decreed that this stream’s growth should be essential for humankind’s progress on the evolutionary spiral of life. When a certain point had been reached there would be steadily increasing numbers of those who have matured sufficiently and are ready to add the creative power of their thoughts to the strength of the White Light. That’s exactly what has been happening for some time by now and you have every reason to trust God’s plans for you and your world and the goodness of the life that has been given to you.

‘This is what we in our world have always been on with those on your side of the veil of consciousness. And that’s why we said earlier that we need you as much as you need us. So from now on, whenever destructive thoughts comes into your mind, do yourself the favour of uplifting and transmuting them into positive and constructive ones. The accumulation of destructive thoughts in the whole of humankind’s mental body, with the passing of time, has created ideas for ever more destructive weapons and effective ways of destroying and killing each other. This is how on one side God’s creative power is used for good while an array of dark and destructive thoughts is the opposite end of this spectrum. The latter find their way into the minds of strong intellects who have the ability to think of ever more advanced methods of destruction and ways of stimulating and calling upon the destructive urges of the lower nature of young and inexperienced souls.

‘We, your friends and helpers in the world of light, all along have been working exceedingly hard to bring harmony and balance to human life. And each one of you can do their share of supporting our efforts by disciplining yourself and focussing your attention on that which is good and right, beautiful and harmonious in your world. This steadily increases the creative power of your good thoughts, for they are God-thoughts. This kind of thinking creates perfect form and the more you strive to apply to everything you encounter, the more easily your whole world evolves into a more beautiful and peaceful place.

‘We appreciate that it is not always possible to turn your thoughts away from wars, terrorism and all other unpleasant things that to this day are happening in your world. But when you quietly say to yourself: ‘This too rests safely in the hands of God and the Angels,’ and then concentrate on the good outcome of such events, you are making a valuable contribution towards bringing it about. Should someone ask you: ‘How can you do this when there are so many disagreeable conditions to contend with in earthly life?’, help them to find a better understanding of the spiritual background of life and how the Universal laws have always been at work throughout the whole of Creation, including your world.

‘Sow the odd seed here and there and then do your best to practise self-control and uplift and transmute negative and destructive thoughts into positive and constructive ones. We hear you say you cannot help your thoughts rushing in, that they come before you realise it and how disturbing and distracting this is. By constantly working on it, you will eventually learn to control the flow of your thoughts. Naturally, it is not going to happen instantly by telling yourself: ‘From now on I will have no more unwanted thoughts.’ It’s not as easy as that, the whole process could take a long time. You may have to continue working with it for several lifetimes before you gain the necessary poise of spirit that can only be found by the earthly mind fully surrendering itself to the Divine spirit of your own Christ nature.’

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• ‘God – The Great Genius’

From ‘A Collection Of My Favourite White Eagle Teachings’

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Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2018 2:48 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
White Eagle On The Power Of Thought – Part Four

The Creative Power Of Thought

The following is the essence of a teaching of the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘Stella Polaris’ February/March 2007: ‘Everything in the whole of Creation consists of circles within circles and cycles within cycles and that also applies to the human thinking processes. The more steadfast and stronger an individual’s mind is, the more powerful that person’s thoughts are and the more power is behind every one of them that goes out into the Universe. Thoughts of this nature can also be picked up and joined by others of the same calibre.

‘Humankind does not yet understand the intricacy of the forces of communication in the etheric realms of God’s Creation that is created by thoughts as well as words that are sounded anywhere and at any given time in your world. Each one of them creates a vibration and leaves an impression on the etheric level of life. For good and evil alike the vibrations of the things you release from your mind keep on travelling and create more of the same. Good and constructive thoughts and words are light that creates more light, which has the power of penetrating the minds of others in the great human family on the earthly plane and also of the members that are presently dwelling in our world.

‘The ultimate purpose of your earthly existence is to become conscious of God’s true nature and your own. As a spark of the Divine each one of you, without exception, carries within – for a long time hidden from your own view – the same qualities and glories that are in God. To help you bring them forth, endeavour to continually rise in your thoughts and hopes, dreams and aspirations to the spheres of light. This shows them that you are receptive to the constructive forces and creative power of God. Let it become something natural to you to daily direct good and kind, loving and tolerant thoughts to everybody in your world and beyond. Basically, it’s as simple as that.

‘As a highly evolved Christ person can have a very positive influence on their environment, at all times let good and kind, loving and understanding thoughts, God thoughts, flow freely from your heart. The more you do this, the more you attract to yourself the forces of good and light from the spiritual levels of life, who are only too willing to assist you with any kind of enterprise. And that’s how, with the passing of time, you will be building a golden temple of the soul for yourself, for the whole of humankind and also your world.’

From ‘A Collection Of My Favourite White Eagle Teachings’

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Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2018 2:56 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
White Eagle On The Power Of Thought – Part Five

The Power Of Thought In Spiritual Healing

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘Spiritual Unfoldment 1 – Healing from the Spirit’: ‘Every earthly human mind is an extension of the Great Universal intelligence or God mind and is ultimately capable of creating anything, just the same as God. Because they are part of the Great intelligence, everybody already has a measure of this, even though in the early stages of your earthly development this cannot be seen. Do not be deceived when some folks are acting in downright stupid ways. It’s just that their intelligence has not yet had sufficient opportunities to develop and unfold.

‘Yet, even without this, earthly minds are powerful tools that are capable of creating good health, wellbeing and happiness, as much as sickness and pain. They can take their owners into the depths of depression * and back out of it again. Good and kind, loving and understanding thoughts are God thoughts that create light and add to the power of the great stream of White Light, while evil, hateful and destructive thoughts increase the strength of the dark forces.

‘These things show that each one of you has a great need for self-mastery and thought control. This is particularly necessary when a soul needs to free itself from the bondage of its earthly existence. But in any case, unless you learn how to take charge of your thoughts, you will never be able to gain control or mastery over the desires and urges of your earthly nature. Chaotic conditions in your world are caused by confused thinking.

‘When sick bodies arrive in our world in their dreamtime while their physical body is asleep, we are treating them most effectively with colours, scents and music. Unfortunately, many leave their physical bodies behind at the gateway of death when they are still sick. Their spirits and souls are in need of healing when they arrive in our world. The true cause of all sickness and disasters, natural and human-made, in earthly life is people’s false beliefs and prejudices about the purpose and meaning of their existence. First in line is thinking that Earth life is a one-off thing. It’s the fear that arises from not knowing where you have come from and where one day you will be going to, that’s what makes people ill in the first place. When someone is so convinced that their beliefs are true, they cannot throw them off when their departure from the physical plane has come. Can you see the need for our efforts to help you find a better understanding of these things? This will continue until the last one of has been brought to perfect health in this way.

‘We, your spirit guides and helpers, work with the creative power of thought and endeavour to avoid all destructive thinking. And whenever we are trying to help and give advice, we make it a rule to always be constructive and see nothing but good. We are doing this even though many in earthly life are calling us foolishly optimistic. But that most certainly is not the case. Because we are more aware than many of you in earthly life of the creative power of thoughts and words and what kind of effects they can have, we are not foolishly but wisely optimistic. Knowing that by thinking and advising good, we are doing our share of making good things and conditions to come about, and that expecting positive outcomes helps them to come about, that’s what we do. And this is why you will never find us thinking and speaking in terms of pessimism, sadness or death. Please do not allow anyone around you to stop you from following our example.

‘Living on our side of the veil, we have all the evidence anyone would ever care to have that in truth life is eternal and there is no death, and that life will forever keep on unfolding and progressing because that it is decreed by God’s great plan. Never tell anyone that they are likely to die. If they do not yet understand that there really is no death, just don’t speak about it. But in your mind’s eye see how those in the departure lounge of earthly life are easily and safely arriving in our world. Observe the whole process as part of the ever changing and unfolding eternal life. And never forget that wherever there is life there is also hope and do not anticipate anything but the best possible outcome. The confidence of accomplished healers inspires their patients and disperses their doubts and fears about being placed into the hands of the Highest, as whose channels healers are working. Their attunement to the Highest forces of life assists and eases the passage of those in their care from your world into ours.

‘As far as this is possible, patient should be encouraged to at least begin to develop a spiritually healthy outlook on life. Right thought is God thought and that means balanced and loving, pure and holy, kind and friendly, tolerant and generous thinking. Whenever it flows from earthly minds it can bring benefits to every aspect of someone’s being. Right thought comes from looking at life through the God’s eyes and the healing it achieves is due to the power of sincere aspiration. When your whole being has totally and unconditionally surrendered * itself to the energies of the Universal Christ, you have become attuned to its radiance. The receiver/transmitter station of your earthly mind then works on its frequencies, so the Christ rays can penetrate the cells of your physical body and flow through you into the world around you.

‘The Christ energies can change all things that have become dark and sick and make them well. Every dark cell in a physical body fills with light and heals. But only when a patient’s Karma * allows it, the Healing Angels in close co-operation with the Lords of Karma * perform miracles. With their permission the Christ light deeply penetrates the cells and atoms of the person’s physical body. Because of the utter fairness and justice of the Universal laws and the accuracy of the Akashic Records *, there is no need for anyone to doubt the decision of the Lords. Any kind of healing work is carried out under their supervision. Thoughts indeed have the power to perform miracles, but only when they are flowing from pure and loving hearts of those whose whole being is set upon God. The thoughts of these people are God-thoughts and the power that is thus activated can change negative things and conditions into positive ones and darkness into light.

‘The Jesus legend is a demonstration of the life and work of a true spiritual Master, especially in the following statements: ‘I and my Father are one.’ and ‘The words that I speak unto you, I speak not of myself but the Great Father/Mother of all life who dwells in me. S/He does the works.’ Healers do well to recognise that these words also apply to them, that they on their own can heal nobody. As gently as possible healers should help their patients to at least become aware that whenever someone makes contact with the Christ Spirit, even if only for the fraction of a second, God’s power is released into them. This is a blessing that allows people to leave behind the limitations of their earthly existence. While the healing session lasts, their spirit and soul are lifted into the higher realms of conscious life where they are recharged with the force of the living God.

‘Refuse to be held by the limitations of the earthly mind and never doubt the blessing and healing power of God. Clear your conscious minds of all reservations and know in your heart of hearts that the healing rays, although they are invisible to earthly eyes, are very real indeed.’

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• ‘Saturn And The Lords Of Karma’
• ‘The Akashic Records’

From ‘A Collection Of My Favourite White Eagle Teachings’

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