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Posted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:37 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Pathfinders And Lightbringers

In spiritual terms darkness is ignorance and knowledge is light. The spiritual development of every human being in earthly life starts with complete ignorance of the spiritual aspects of life and its own true nature. In the course of many lifetimes we slowly but surely mature into spiritual adulthood, when our higher nature stirs from its slumber and begins to know on the inner doors of our earthly consciousness. As a result, we become more interested in one of the religious beliefs of our world. And that is the beginning of developing our inborn abilities as pathfinders and lightbringers, seed carriers and healers for those around us.

We fulfil these functions each time we reach out to help someone find a better understanding of their predestined pathway through life. For everybody this quest starts with the discovery of who we are, why we are here, why people are in our lives in the first place and why they have to leave us after a while. The greatest and most comforting revelation connected with this is learning that they have not died and that in truth there is no such thing as death.

We act as healers whenever we offer someone a shoulder to lean or cry on, maybe a hand to hold or when we bring renewed hope by empathising with someone and trying to help them to view a difficult situation from a different perspective. Healers do these things not because someone tells them to, but because that’s the only thing they want to do. They are following an inner urge to be true to their real nature, which is love. As soon as they have found a measure of light, they feel an inner need to assist others to do the same for themselves.

Do not follow where the path may lead.
Instead, go where there is no path and leave a trail.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Leaving a trail is important because as we climb up the spiritual mountain, others are sure to walk with us, literally and metaphorically speaking. We are never alone and the hands of the Angels and many other invisible helpers are constantly waiting for us to take hold of them whenever the going gets too scary and tough for us on our own. All we have to do is reach out for them, for they are ever ready to guide and protect us and provide us with the courage and strength we require for the task ahead of us. The only thing they cannot do for us is working on the improvement of our character by giving of our best and bringing forth the highest and noblest qualities from the very core of our being.

Whenever one of us stumbles and falls, our helpers draw extra close to bring us the comfort and healing we need. But it will always remain a mystery to me how the surviving members of the family mentioned in the previous chapter reconciled their suffering with their beliefs. Thinking of Jesus as their saviour and redeemer, what did they make of his role when he refused to save them – or anyone else, for that matter?

From the point humankind’s spiritual development has reached by now, one question puzzles me most of all. For as long as we lacked the understanding of the spiritual background of life, how it has always worked and affected us, how could anyone ever gain any faith at all? It does not surprise me that through the war events many ceased to believe that there really is a higher authority who loves us and our world, and who watches and takes great care of all of it. Something of that nature is likely to have happened to me in a previous lifetime and that is the reason why I chose to be born into a background where I had to grow up without any spiritual guidance and support from anyone. At the time of my midlife crisis * I reached the crossroad in my spiritual development that comes to everybody sooner or later.

In the fullness of time every last one of us will evolve into an enlightened being, because finding our way back home into the light of our true nature and the higher purpose of our existence is everybody’s birthright. This is where freedom of choice *enters the picture. Even while we are still unaware of such things, we are presented with choices and are allowed to make our own decisions. And it’s left to each individual whether we accept or reject the treasures of spiritual wisdom and truth that with ever greater force are now coming our way. Alas, reading about them is not enough on its own. Only when we constantly apply them to our daily lives can we grow in wisdom, understanding, and progress on the evolutionary spiral. Anyone is free to choose remaining stuck in the darkness of their ignorance.

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in Stella Polaris December/January 2010. It brought me a confirmation of the above, which I had written a long time ago. ‘Each one of you has their own special part to play in bringing greater light, i.e. spiritual understanding to your world. When you manifest and express God’s love in your daily lives and hold communion with it in the innermost sanctuary of your heart, you radiate and bring this love to the people around you. Your responsibility towards them gradually increases and so will the wisdom and knowledge you are given access to. God is part of each one of you and all of you are instruments and channels through which the blessing and healing power of the Divine infinite spirit is waiting to flow into your world.’

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From ‘War And Peace Between Nations’

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Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 7:15 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
I Believe In Miracles

I believe in thoughts to share and feelings to discuss.
I believe in miracles, I believe in us.

I believe in sunny days, the cleansing touch of rain,
In special moments that form an endless chain.

I believe in quiet nights and brilliant starlit skies,
In tender sights that stir all loving hearts.

I believe in positives and truths that form a plus,
In loving and sharing. I believe in us.

I believe in and trust God’s great plan of life and
A positive and beneficial outcome of all things.
I believe that goodness is in all human souls
And that it eventually shows,
No matter how long this may take in some.
I believe that we and all life have always rested safely in
The Great Father/Mother’s loving hands.
I believe that all is well and sure to come right in the end,
For each and every one of us and our world.

I believe in the ever increasing healing power
Of the love that is created when
The human and Divine aspects of life join forces.
I believe that this is bringing about
The greatest healing miracle ever,
Which is taking place right here and now,
For us and everything that shares Earth life with us.

I believe, nay, I know, feel and trust,
With all my heart and soul,
That this is the truth.

Bruce B. Wilmer
Edited by Aquarius

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Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:23 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Realise Your Inner Strength

The following is the essence of a teaching of the White Eagle group of spirit guides from ‘From White Eagle’s Little Book Of Healing Comfort’: ‘The purpose of every earthly lifetime is the development of the higher aspects of your nature and bringing forth your own inner strength. By constantly tapping into and using them your spiritual light and power increase, so that with the passing of time you become more god-like. You will find that the more the radiance of the spiritual side of your being lights up your daily tasks and encounters, the more easily you cope with earthly life.

‘We too once walked that pathway and therefore know how difficult it can be for as long as our physical bodies hold you tightly in its grip with its pains and afflictions of mind, body and spirit. * By now we also know that all these things are the direct result of the thinking and behaviour patterns of the small self with its tiresome ego and fearful earthly mind. For a long time the lower self in its arrogance believes it knows everything when in truth it does not have a clue about anything that really matters, in particular the spiritual background of its earthly existence. This is because in the course of many lifetimes the lower self gets lost in an ever denser jungle of erroneous beliefs, superstitions and prejudices. It is a self-made prison whose walls with the passing of time grow so thick that it encloses the small self that it is like a black box and a dungeon that cannot be penetrated by even the smallest rays of the light of spiritual wisdom.

‘During the lifetimes spent without the awareness of your true nature, a fresh layer of all manner of fears, especially those of the unknown and death is left behind in the memories of your soul. They form deposits which at some stage of your development have to be dismantled, by none other than you and that may reveal itself as surprisingly hard work. The same as every new layer you once accumulated took you away from the Source of your being, God, those you dissolve move you closer to Him/Her again. This process is an essential part of every human being’s compulsory earthly education.

‘We, your spirit friends and helpers, need you on the other side of the veil of consciousness as much as you need us. Our task is showing you how you can triumph over the darkness of the spiritual ignorance that has been overshadowing every aspect of your world, individually and collectively, for such a long time. Your part consists of the grounding of your steadily increasing store of spiritual knowledge by applying its principles to your daily life. You then need to share your insights and beliefs with as many as possible, to enable them to increase their inner strength and help their spiritual wings to grow. True evolutionary progress for your whole world is made each time you lift yourself and someone around you above the common narrow horizons and vision of earthly life.

‘Leaning on a teaching from the Jesus legend, we say to you: ‘Rise from your bed and walk.’ The bed is a metaphor for your earthly existence and the way of walking we mean is letting the light of the spiritual path show the way that leads to the rediscovery and reconnection with the inner Source of your being. Do all you can to re-establish your contact with it and work together with it, so you can be used as an ever more powerful channel through which the blessing and healing energies of the Universal Forces can flow into Mother Earth and all her lifeforms and from there into the rest of Creation.’

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From ‘War And Peace Between Nations’

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Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 3:21 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Humankind In Pursuit Of Happiness

We are sparks of the Divine and children of God, who once emerged from a world where only love and goodwill, joy and happiness have ever been known. Our God or Highest Self, the Spirit of the Universal Christ, in whom we are all one, once began to create small earthly spirit counterparts, so that through them it could explore how the polar opposites of its Divine characteristics would manifest themselves in the behaviour patterns of these creatures when, in the course of many lifetimes, they got used to taking part and moving around in a physical environment. That’s why it was decided that our spirit should begin to evolve and grow on the Earth.

Each new spark of the Divine at first is pure spirit that has the same masculine and feminine characteristics as its Creator. Before their departure into Earth life these two parts split. One is the spirit of the earthly self and the other one its soul, a soft and sensitive part that is capable of feeling and that provides a storehouse for the memories of every one of each new earthling’s experiences.

Together these two aspects of our nature were brought onto the Earth plane and housed in the physical body of an animal form that had evolved from the tiniest beginnings over millions of years into what is known to us as one of the primates. For a long time the physical aspect of the creature who had been chosen to act as our host knew nothing of its indwelling spirit and soul. But in the course of millions of years in Earth time this combination of beings kept on evolving. Gradually it started to develop human characteristics like what our scientists call opposable appendage, known as thumbs, two eyes with binocular vision, and biomechanic bipedalism, the ability to walk upright. This development continued until the creature finally had taken on the human appearance that is familiar to us.

Slowly and imperceptibly, the Christ Spirit’s spark mingled with the group spirit of the animal. The Divine spark absorbed more and more of this spirit into itself, until in the course of many lifetimes it reached a critical point and became aware of its individuality. From then onwards the by now recognisably human being separated itself ever more from the group spirit of the animals and its Christ nature moved into the foreground of its consciousness. In the course of many further lifetimes, this part gained the upper hand enabling the human child of God to move more rapidly forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

Alas, each new lifetime added another layer of soul memories on top of our inner connection with our Highest Self and Creator. Every one of these additions will later have to be dismantled and dissolved again by us, its owner. With the passing of time our small self felt increasingly isolated, lost and alone in its struggle with the conditions, which we ourselves had created in our ignorance during past lifetimes and later had to encounter during further spells on the Earth plane. Fear was born – the opposite force to the total trust we once had and one day shall have again. The more layers of soul memories were piled on top of our inner connection with God, the more fearful our earthly self became. The higher purpose behind this particular lesson is that we shall never ever let go of our inner connection and link with God again, once it has been re-established.

However, it takes a long time before we grasp that this can only be brought about by constant efforts at bringing forth and developing our own Christ qualities and humbly and devotedly accepting the role of being used as a channel through which the healing and peace to the Highest can flow into our world. This is how each one of us needs to act as their own saviour and redeemer, and the saviour and redeemer of our whole world, and finally become a Christed one in their own right. On the road of getting there, wise ones accept that, no matter how highly educated and well read human beings become in their present lifetime, in truth all of us know precious little of the things that really matter in life – its spiritual background. They know that the things that happen upfront always have been and forever will be of secondary importance.

Wise ones have experienced the living hell of a God-less existence, in which they arrogantly believed and insisted that they knew everything and wanted to have their own way at all times. They are glad to have reached a sufficiently high evolutionary level that permits them to move on to serving the Highest as meek and humble channels of healing and peace. These wise ones pay attention to their inner guidance and gladly follow the directions they receive through it from the Angels and Masters, who are in charge of us and our world, because they realise that they alone can show any one of us the way home into their natural state of love, joy and happiness.

This is a route where many hurdles have to be jumped over or crawled underneath. Obstacles and conditions are waiting to be mastered and overcome. And after what is by now known about our evolutionary journey, it does not come as a surprise that the biggest impediment in the way of our progress is fear. We yearn for happiness and love and search for it in all the wrong places, hoping that one day we shall find it and will be able to make it into a constant state. To save ourselves disappointments, it is beneficial to come to terms with the fact that we live in a world where brief spells of happiness and sorrow alternate in seemingly endless succession.

In vain we look for a constant state of happiness, joy and love in earthly life, for the simple reason that it is not meant to be found there. And when our soul finally comes knocking on our inner door and invites us to come home, where these conditions do exist, we have no idea what it is trying to tell us. So far we are not even aware that we have been placed on the Earth plane for the very purpose of experiencing the continuous succession of ups and downs, highs and lows, joys and sorrows of life. We have no idea that one fine day there will no longer be any need for us to take part in all this. The state of never ending love and happiness once was our birthright – it still is. To rediscover it and reconnect with it, all we have to do is peer beyond the end of our nose and lift our vision to the higher and highest realities of life, the only place in the whole of Creation where eternal happiness and peace, joy and love exist.

But, for the moment the Earth is still our place of learning and like in any earthly school, we have to start in the lowest grade and gradually work our way up to the highest one. Lifetimes spent on this plane are the classes and to provide us with a good all-round education, every subject has to be taken. None can be dropped and avoided. If we are no good at something in one lifetime, we return until the theme has been mastered, regardless of how many earthly sojourns this may take – the Universe’s patience is endless. This thorough and rigorous training of each one of us is essential, because we are sparks of the Divine, God’s children and everything, the characteristics as well as the creative and destructive powers that are in our Creator are also in us. As above, so below.

The ultimate purpose of our times in physicality is to familiarise us with the polar opposites of all aspects of God’s nature and therefore also our own. Without experiencing an equal measure of darkness and light, right and wrong, truth and lies, joy and sadness, pleasure and pain, being hurt and wounded, and subsequently finding healing, we would never be able to understand any of these things. If we had never been hurt and wounded by someone, how could we appreciate what others feel when we treat them badly?

Our earthly education would not be complete, if any of these experiences were lacking. Without them it would be impossible for us to comprehend anything and we could never fulfil the purpose of our earthly sojourns, which is that we should grow in wisdom and understanding. However, this process will only continue until all subjects have been sufficiently grasped by us. Only then is our schooling complete and we are released from the duty of spending further lifetimes in Mother Earth’s loving embrace. In return for helping her with her evolution she allows us to be here., freely and generously giving of her abundance to us. Could anything be fairer?

From ‘The Spiritual Aspects Of Depression And Suicide’

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Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 3:52 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Overcoming Our Fear Of The Unknown

Our spirit guides are frequently telling us that we should overcome our fears, especially the one of the unknown and of death. With all due respect, that is very well for them to say, but how shall we go about it? In my mind’s eye, I can see my guide smile and with my inner ear I hear a kind and gentle voice saying: ‘That’s for you to work out, dear child of the Earth. It is not our task to carry your cross for you. No-one can do that. You too should not try to take on anyone else’s who is suffering, as that would prevent them from learning the lessons which they themselves have chosen for their present lifetime, long before entering into it. Our task is to guide and support you, and you can – nay, should – all help each other. But, everybody has to work their way through their fears alone, because before God you stand alone and each has to find their own way back home into the state of loving and fully trusting your Creator again.’

To me, the most vital step on the road of overcoming our fears is becoming aware that all of them were once built into our consciousness for good and wise reasons. The ability to fear was initially given to us to protect us whenever the desire overcame us to conquer our world and that on our own. Fear of the unknown made us stick to our home-patch and attend to the work in hand. This fear has now outlived its usefulness and by focussing our attention increasingly on wanting to learn in the school of earthly life in order to evolve into an ever more perfect, i.e. whole being, who will then be allowed to move forwards and upwards into exploring the higher levels of life.

The ballast of fear-invoking false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions of the past can be shed through welcoming the spiritual knowledge, which the Age of Aquarius, the sign of the Divine water-bearer, for some time has been pouring ever more forcefully into the individual and collective consciousness of our world. However, let’s not allow ourselves to be swamped by the great mass of information that is now coming our way. Let’s develop our discriminatory faculties to the full by asking God and the Angels to help us find the people, books and other publications, workshops and seminars that are now right for us. There are many belief systems and attractive schools of learning in our world and each one promises to take us to the heart of truth. Yet, the only safe way of finding it is by following the light in our own hearts and refusing to be lured into believing that the apples on each neighbouring tree might be riper and juicer than our own.

The only sure guide at this stage of our development is the light of the wise one within, our inner teacher. This is the voice of God, who communicates with us through the world of our feelings. And that is the only truly reliable guru in the whole of Creation, who really does know the answer to any question we may ever care to ask. And the more we reliably find out in this way about of God’s nature and our own and the purpose and meaning of our existence, as well as those who have always taken great care of us in the spirit world, the more our confidence in God’s plan * for us and our world and the goodness of life grows. May the descriptions we are receiving from our spirit guides about the beauty of their world and the freedom of no longer being responsible for the wellbeing of a physical body and hauling it around with us, show ever more of us that our fear of the unknown and especially of death are quite unjustified.

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From ‘The Astro Files Philosophy’

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Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2018 4:06 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Spiritual Pathway

There is so much talk about the spiritual pathway these days that one cannot help wondering what people actually mean by this. This concept – in common with all truly great ones – is basically extremely simple. As the essence of our being is spirit and soul, whether someone is as yet consciously aware of this or not, everybody in truth is walking this way already. It’s the way home into the conscious awareness of our true being and our relationship with our Creator. Each one of us comes from spirit and is itself spirit and for every human soul there comes the moment of awakening when we realise that we are a great deal more than the physical and perishable bodies we live in. Irrespective of how high or low someone’s station in life presently may be, inside every one of us there dwells something very precious and that is a soul and a spirit. We are eternal beings of light, the children of God, the Great Light, and the core of our being is pure consciousness.

Every soul in the end re-awakens to this knowledge and has to undergo the purification process. There are no exceptions and because spiritually everything has to be done for real and there are no shortcuts, this has never been easy. Only a fool would pretend otherwise. The basic lesson we, as a race and our whole world, are presently taking part in is a simple one. Upon re-awakening to our true nature, we realise that the law of the Universe is love, that we come from love and that love is our real self and true reality. To this ever more of us are returning by conducting their lives in harmony with this and all other Universal laws.

All life serves God and God serves all life. Each one of us has been granted the gift of another lifetime to enable us to add to the well-being of our race and our whole world, instead of merely looking after number one. This is essential and no matter how small our efforts may often appear to be in our own view, as long as they make a difference – if only a tiny one at times – to somebody somewhere, our contribution will be valid and count in the eyes of God. There is nothing new under the Sun, and actions always did speak louder than words. Much can be achieved in this way, maybe even whilst we are still working our way through our own healing process and may be quite ill. It is still possible to make a difference to those around us by being kind, loving and thankful to them, instead of grumpy and miserable.

Some read large numbers of spiritual books and articles, attend workshop after workshop and course after course. They may spend a great deal of time and money without having the slightest inclination of ever putting their learning into practice in their daily lives. What these people may not realise is that they are on a head-trip that spiritually will get them nowhere. A special task is waiting to be fulfilled by each one of us, during this lifetime. Read more about this by following the link at the bottom of this chapter. The only way of finding out the nature of our assignment is by asking for the inner guidance of our Highest Self and willing responding to Its call.

White Eagle tells us: ‘We shall not learn from others or from books, but find all knowledge within ourselves, for we are part of all that ever has been and all that ever shall be.’ This is because all the knowledge of all that ever was and that ever has been gathered by anyone is now stored in the memory bank of the Universe’s Soul, the Divine Mother. Through our inner connection with this aspect of the Divine Trinity every human soul will eventually be capable of tapping into this sacred fountainhead of wisdom. Our Highest Self is always waiting to help us find the answers to all the questions we may ever wish to ask and that which surfaces from there can be relied upon to be our truth, even though it may not be anyone else’s.

Whilst reaching for ever more consciousness expanding experiences and searching for new horizons, if at the same time we conduct our lives in peaceful ways that are in harmony with the Universal laws, we are doing our share of creating a better world for all. If my own experiences are anything to go by, when one consciously steps onto the spiritual pathway the inner work appears to consist mostly of overcoming our fears. Yesterdays’ chapter ‘Overcoming Our Fear Of The Unknown’ deals with this. For now may it suffice to say that each time one of us ventures forth into new spiritual adventures and sticks their toes into untried waters – in spite of being scared stiff – we and everything that is in our world are inexorably evolving and moving forwards and upwards. The only way of re-learning to fully trust the goodness of life and its Creator is by testing and trying things out for ourselves. Should you be struggling with the kind of faith this requires – as I still am – may the knowledge that you are not the only one who is doing so bring you a measure of comfort and sustenance.

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From ‘The Astro Files Philosophy’

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Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 3:51 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
You Will Have Life To The Full

Our fears, one by one, dissolve on their own with an ever deepening recognition that everything, including them, was given to us by the Creator’s great wisdom and love, to teach us how to live and come to terms with our earthly existence. This improved comprehension of the processes of life in itself brings a measure of healing and peace to human souls and our world. Good advice is all right whenever it comes our way. Yet, even the best and well meant bit of it should ever be followed blindly. We are always the bottom line and we alone can decide what is right or wrong and works for us or does not.

Getting rid of all our fears, learning to live without fear altogether, that’s the meaning of the prophetic words of St. John 10:10: ‘You will have life to the full!’ The evidence of the past two thousand years clearly shows that this cannot happen merely by believing in a legendary figure like Jesus and his mission. Each one of us is required to apply themselves to working on their earthly character and bringing forth the qualities of their higher or God nature and learning to love wisely, the way our Creator loves us. No-one is alone with this task. God and the Angels, as well as our Masters and guides are waiting to be called upon, so they can hold our hands and show us the way back home into the oneness with the those on the highest levels of life. The Jesus legend demonstrates how every human soul eventually needs to conduct their life as a spiritual Master in our own right and through this evolve into a Christed one in their own right.

We are told that love is the great solvent against all fears. But what kind of love does this mean? It seems to me that for as long as one still fails to grasp what life on the Earth plane is truly about, human love is quite capable of creating more fears than it can ever hope to dissolve. That which in human terms is commonly defined as love is not really love at all. It’s nothing but a soppy emotion that creates possessiveness, clinging on and dependency, rather than setting the loved one free to make their own mistakes, so that they can learn from them and assisting them to fulfil their highest potential.

All too frequently, human love is nothing short of emotional blackmail: ‘If you don’t love me, I won’t take care of you!’ is not love. If we love, we love anyway, whether our affections are being returned by another or not. Love in its true sense never ends or goes away, for example when someone has offended and hurt us, or when someone dies. Love endures all and makes an effort to understand why things are happening and what motivated the other one. Love is not only, as the song says: ‘a reason to be living’. It is the reason to be living and why we are here. Love is the fulfilment of God’s law on the Earth. Love has brought us into being. We come from love and we return to it. Love sustains and supports us here, in all our endeavours and undoubtedly it will continue to do so throughout eternity.

In the course of many lifetimes we were first required to live with and explore the characteristics of our lower animal nature. Gathering its experiences removed us further and further from our true higher self. Each could only get to know life in physicality through their own impressions. Having reached the ascendancy of the same arc that once led us downwards, the time has come for reaching ever more for the blessing, healing and helping hand of our Highest Self, so it can teach us to love wisely, the way our Father/Mother Creator cares for Its Creation. This means living with respect, kindness and goodness towards everything that is part of our lives as well as ourselves. It is a caring for and giving attention to wherever there is a need, without asking anything in return, yet not neglecting our own needs and wishes. This kind of love is a freeing one. It instinctively seeks the good of another because it knows that what is good for them is good for everybody, including us.

From ‘The Astro Files Philosophy’

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Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:05 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
How Shall We Redeem Ourselves?

Anne Bronté, 1820-1849, was the daughter of a poor Irish clergyman in the Church of England. She is likely to have been brought up on a diet of Christian teachings and therefore believed that every word of them is quite literally true. That’s why in ‘The Tenant of Wildfell Hall’ she wrote: ‘Not for ever,’ I exclaimed, ‘only till he has paid the uttermost farthing, for if any man’s work abide not the fire, he shall suffer loss; yet himself shall be saved, but so as by fire. And He that is able to subdue all things to Himself will have all men to be saved, and will in the fullness of time have gathered together in one all things in Christ Jesus, who tasted death for every man, and in whom God reconcile all things to Himself, whether they be things in Earth or things in Heaven.’

To help her make her point the author gathered a whole set of nuggets from the Jesus legend. Here are four of them and each one is a hidden reference to the Universal law of Karma * and reincarnation. Matthew 5:26 ‘Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no means come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing.’ 1 Corinthians 3:13 ‘Every man’s work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is.’ Philippians 3:21 ‘Who will reform the body of our lowness, made like to the body of his glory, according to the operation whereby also he is able to subdue all things unto himself.’ 1 Corinthians 3:13 ‘Every man’s work will be made clear in that day, because it will be tested by fire; and the fire itself will make clear the quality of every man’s work.’

What a long way we have spiritually come in the relatively short time of Anne’s wrote the above words. Ever more of us are becoming aware that the only one who can save and redeem us is we ourselves and the only way it can be brought about is through reconnecting with our Highest or God Self. Her quotes from the Bible undoubtedly represented Anne’s truth, while to me they are speaking of the higher esoteric meaning which, as usual, is hidden behind the surface words. What they are saying is about God’s laws, in particular the law of Karma * or of cause and effect, which ensures that every single one of our bad thoughts, words and deeds has to be made good by us in our earthly existence. I don’t think it should be understood as literally being paid for to the uttermost farthing. But the memories of every one of them, good, bad and indifferent, are stored in the Akashic Records * as well as the memory bank of our soul.

These recollections accompany us into every new lifetime and the very cells of our new physical bodies contain their impressions. In the final analysis, that is where the true cause of any illnesses and afflictions we may have to deal with in our present lifetime can be found. Anything that has to be endured in earthly life by anyone is the result of the wheels of fortune or misfortune, as the case may be, we ourselves once set in motion, sometimes many lifetimes ago. During the initial stages of our earthly education, which is compulsory for everyone, it was our own thoughts, words and actions that moved us ever further away more from our true higher or God nature. Any pain we have to go through is the cleansing fire that is part of paying our debts towards those we hurt and harmed in other lifetimes and ultimately God. Throughout the ages this emptying out process has been known by those who before us walked the road back home into the oneness with God.

Patiently putting up with our suffering creates the necessary balance in the great scheme and plan of life, and cleanses our spirit and soul. Through this emptying out our consciousness is cleansed of the debris of long outdated old beliefs, prejudices and superstitions, which we once thought of as true. This creates space for fresh knowledge and the understanding that grows from it when we apply it to our daily encounters. This is the only way it can become our property that accompanies us into future lifetimes and helps us to cope with them more easily.

In the process of paying our karmic debts to the full, every aspect of our nature heals: mind and body, spirit and soul. When we finally surrender everything we have and are into the loving hands of God and the Angels, we are one of the lambs of God who willingly follows the instructions that are intuitively received from the highest levels of life. Through walking the predestined pathway of a spiritual Master, each one of us eventually evolves into a Christed one in their own right. The Jesus legend is a portrayal of the whole development.

Fire is the cleansing, purifying and healing power of God’s creative force. It alone can and does bring to earthly life the healing and gradual dissolving of the pain that has accumulated down the ages in our individual and collective soul and its memories that are stored in the cells of every human physical body and that of the Earth. Only when our human mind and body, spirit and soul have been purified and sufficiently cleansed of the past are our energies right for fully and consciously being re-united with those of God. This is the only authority that can clear us of the misdemeanours and sins we committed in our earthly existence in any one of our lifetimes, including the present one. ‘Lord God, Lamb of God, You take away the sin of the world. Have mercy on us!’ These words can only be true when one grasps who the lamb of God is, namely you and I. Each one of us in their own right has to freely and willingly turn into a lamb of God and patiently endure whatever suffering we have created for ourselves in previous lifetimes and this one. This is an inner experience that could never be brought about through outside forces like the legendary Jesus.

The higher vehicles or bodies of every one of us are probably in need of being cleansed and purified. We are bound to have gathered into them many things that are now hindering and obstruction the spiritual vision and understanding we are in this life to seek. That’s why episodes of trouble, sickness and suffering have to be endured presently by so many. Our earthly lessons could include having to cope with being born into a crippled body or getting involved in great tragedies. To create the necessary balance in their spiritual bankbook, some may even have to commit a crime. Wise ones remind themselves that such things always come about through someone’s own choices. This is done in the hope that their experiences will prepare their spirit and soul for being purged and purified through the inflow of the healing energies of the Highest, so that later on they become capable of acting as one of its transmitter/receiver stations through which these precious energies can flow into our world.

And that’s why wise ones refuse to sit in judgement * over anyone. The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in the Lodge’s calendar September 2012: ‘Before any kind of new growth and building can take place anywhere in the whole of Creation, there first has to be a clearing of the land. This requires ploughing the Earth and cleansing the soil. The same is true for every human being. As soon as the physical conditions surrounding one of them have served their predestined purpose, they are cleared away. Yet, in truth nothing ever dies, neither the spirit and soul that dwells inside every physical body nor the atoms of that body when it is left behind in earthly life. The atoms also merely change their form and from the dust and ashes left behind at every funeral, whichever way it takes place, new life is created.’

* Recommended Reading:
• ‘The Akashic Records’
• ‘The Law Of Karma’
• ‘Do Not Judge’

From ‘The Astro Files Philosophy’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 2:26 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Could Astrology Be For You?

If your reaction to the word astrology is one of ‘Ah, horoscopes! Fortunetelling!’, you are wasting your time here. But should you be looking for a safe and reliable instrument for getting to know yourself and others more intimately, please read on. Like life in the whole of Creation, everything to do with astrology consists of cycles within cycles and wheels within wheels and is basically very simple, like all truly great ideas. One of the finest gifts the Universe can bestow us is simplicity. For my liking that is the best quality anyone can possess and if you, like me, love to keep things as uncomplicated as possible, then the Divine science could be just the thing for you.

One of humankind’s main troubles is that in our role as earthlings we frequently see complications when in truth there aren’t any. If need be, we invent some where there weren’t any before. Astrology is no exception. Yet, basically everything about it is very straight forward. The only thing one has to do for studying it is starting in one small corner, the same as in any other field of learning. It’s unwise to stand before an immense topic like astrology and gaze upon it admiringly, thinking: ‘I could never get to grips with that!’ Refuse to give in to feelings of that nature. Start with lesson one, the way I once did.

Astrology is an intuitive art and if you persevere, it will not take long until you begin to notice how your inner guidance provides you with fresh insights into the theme before you to assist you with your studies. As your understanding of human nature and life increases, your consciousness opens up and expands. In case you enjoy finding out new things and learning as much as I do, there could be no finer field of endeavour for you. If you keep on learning about astrology until the end of your earthly days, I guarantee that you will never stop discovering something new and surprising about it. You don’t have to take my word for it. Stick your toes into the water and see for yourself.

To get you going, how about becoming your own astrologer in D.I.Y. fashion? If that sounds interesting, please follow the link at the end of this chapter. You might like to first delve into the interpretations of your own Sun sign and then the ones of the people around you. See for yourself how revealing each one of my analyses is and how it can give you valuable pointers about everyone’s predestined pathway for their present lifetime. If you have sufficient time and study my interpretations of all the Sun signs, you will notice that each one of them contains a great deal that is valid for everybody. As you move through them, try to apply that which you are gleaning first to yourself and then to those around you. You will be amazed about your discoveries. Most of all, never forget to have fun. That, my dear friend, is as important a part as any on the healing journey of a thousand miles of our present lifetime.

Study the Sun signs and discover for yourself how the stars can and do show the way of moving from being a less evolved soul, i.e. an unaware one, into a wise one and a healer, someone who has woken up to their true identity. You are sure to succeed, if you keep on with your efforts at avoiding to act out the negative qualities of your Sun sign and instead endeavour to bring forth and develop its higher and highest manifestations.

Should you still be functioning more on the negative than on the positive aspects of your Sun sign, take heart. Everybody initially automatically and unconsciously tends to act out the lower characteristics of their Sun sign, without even knowing that this is what we are doing. It is true that, for as long as we are unaware of how the energies of the stars influence all life on the Earth including us, we are what is commonly known as being ‘ruled by the stars’. It is not only possible but necessary to move away from this.

Awareness, as ever, is the key for unlocking the door of this predicament. Becoming familiar with the negative and positive aspects of our Sun sign enables us to take charge and start making an effort at changing our character through bringing forth the positive higher qualities of our planetary signs. This is how every one of us can beneficially steer the course of their destiny. Life does not work like the nursery rhyme ‘Where are you going, my pretty maid?’ when she replies: ‘My face is my fortune, Sir.’ The look of our face makes no difference to anything, but our character really is our fortune. It alone can influence the flow of our future the way we wish it to run. And whenever we counteract our negative tendencies we empower ourselves and become wise ones, who are no longer ‘ruled by their stars’ and never will be again.

I believe that most of our behaviour patterns were not developed in the course of our present lifetime. The majority of them we brought with us from previous ones and that particularly applies to the deeply ingrained ones that can be highly reluctant to change. When in doubt about anything, turn to your inner teacher, the wise one or living God within, to show you ways of building up your strengths some more and how you can turn your weaknesses into strengths. That indeed is how they are meant to be dealt with. You are not likely to instantly recognise any changes in yourself. Don’t let this discourage you. With the passing of time, you will be able to observe how you are approaching life and those around you in a more positive and constructive manner. Through this change in your energies, they are likely to change their behaviour towards you.

Recommended Reading:
• ‘Be Your Own Astrologer’
• ‘Ruled By The Stars’

From ‘The Astro Files Philosophy’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:36 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Unravelling The Knots Of Time

Through a better understanding of the processes of life in general astrology can show us a useful and quite magical way for undoing the knots of time, i.e. of Karma, in our own lives and beneficially influence that of those around us. The Divine science has the power of shedding much light onto the mysteries of life in the spiritual background of our earthly existence. Any wisdom and knowledge we find in this way needs to be applied liberally to those around us. Don’t be shy! Practise on everybody and when they tire of hearing you going on about astrology, continue do so quietly in your mind.

The Divine science allows us to view life through the eyes of God. This makes it a great deal easier to meet everybody we encounter with kindness and compassion for their suffering and that of all God’s creatures. Looking at our world this way raises us above the emotional level and stops us from constantly stumbling over and taking offence at people’s idiosyncrasies, their likes and dislikes, as well as preferences and inclinations – positive and negative ones alike. Everybody displays them and there is no harm in that because each one is an important part of our own and other people’s predestined and self-chosen pathway for their present lifetime and the special lessons this brings with it.

Being aware of these things can help to overcome much of the irritation and frustration that are inevitable in human relationships. In particular this applies to our nearest and dearest when occasionally their behaviour is less than satisfactory, which it can be quite frequently, if we are honest with ourselves. The reason for this is that the difficulties they are encountering are most certainly of karmic origin, the same as ours. Nowhere is there more karma to be found than in families. Small wonder then that those relationships are frequently our most fraught and difficult ones. All unresolved problems and issues that are left behind at the end of any given lifetime, we bring with us into each new one, in the hope of resolving them this time round, once and for all.

If you have the feeling that this is the case with some of your relationships, do not despair. Through new understanding and forgiveness the Universe places the tools for redemption, reconciliation and healing into everybody’s own hands. We are here to improve every one of our human relationships and heal them. Especially the most difficult and fraught ones are waiting to be worked on and transformed into spiritual friendships of a higher nature. That’s the only way of releasing and letting go of each other, when the moment for doing so has come. Both parties need to free themselves, so that each can get on with pursuing its own individual evolutionary pathway, which may well lead them into totally different areas of interest from each other.

Each one has been granted the gift of another lifetime at this very special time so we can liberate ourselves from those with whom we have negative karmic ties. They are of an emotional nature and it is essential for the everybody’s spiritual progress that we should no longer be hampered by the chains and shackles of our unfulfilled karmic obligations and unpaid debts that act like steel ropes that could have kept us tied us to each other for a great many lifetimes.

This is where astrology comes into its own. Your studies of this subject will be greatly enhanced by quietly observing everything that is in your life through the eyes of an astrologer. Make mental notes and take delight in discovering how surprisingly much of everybody’s behaviour is actually governed by the Sun sign they were born into. The wisdom gained from this can provide us with the wings we need to lift ourselves above earthly life into the realms of humankind’s eternal home and its higher spiritual nature. With the passing of time, with the help of our own intuitive insights and observations these wings are sure to grow ever more powerful. That is the most essential requirement for the spiritual progress we are in this life to seek.

It is impossible to fly on someone else’s wings and regardless of how elevated and revered a teacher may some day cross our path, there is no replacement for doing for ourselves and gazing deeply into the mirror of the self. Having reached this point of our development, nothing but utter honesty with ourselves and others is good enough. And when we discover where our own thinking and behaviour patterns are in need of a good spring cleaning, we feel the urge to start sweeping in front of our own inner doors and tidying up our consciousness. As ever, first healer heal thy self!

Recommended Reading:
• ‘My Interpretations Of The Sun Signs’
• ‘Karma In Families’
• ‘Ruled By The Stars’

From ‘The Astro Files Philosophy’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 5:16 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Comedy Of Life

Hippocrates ca. 460–377 B.C. wrote: ‘Life is a comedy for those who think and a tragedy for those who feel.’ I believe that, by approaching our existence from a different perspective, it can be transformed by us into something joyous and yes, a comedy – a comedy of errors, namely those of failing to understand the higher purpose of our earthly life. Everybody’s view of our world differs at least slightly from that of any other. This is because for each one of us it is based on the memories of the experiences we gathered in the course of many lifetimes, which are stored in our soul. As each one’s pathway up to now has varied from all others, it is not surprising that our world views vary such a lot.

The principle of changing our perception of our world as nothing but a tragedy and a vale of tears into a spectacle one can at least smile about, applies to everybody including those who have been involved in disasters and catastrophes, for example the two World Wars. To see theses things in a different light, the only thing that’s required from us is a renewed understanding of the purpose and meaning of our earthly existence and why anything in our world ever occurs, namely for Karmic reasons. *

When we begin to tune the receiver/transmitter station of our earthly mind into the frequencies of the highest levels of life that form the spiritual background of our earthly existence, with the passing of time one slowly finds out ever more about the wise higher purpose it fulfils.

God and the Angels have always been speaking to our world with the help of symbolisms and metaphors that are hiding the esoteric truth hidden behind the surface words of the religions. One of the oldest ones is the symbol of the cross *, which represents humankind’s earthly existence and its suffering. The cross we are all carrying on our shoulders is the earthly personality which, in the course of many lifetimes has been created by none other than us. Jesus is a metaphor for our higher nature who is carrying the cross of its earthly personality on his shoulders. How about taking the cross on our own back and by seriously getting to work of improving it. But how can anyone do that for as long as we don’t not know enough about it? This is especially true for our less likeable unpleasant characteristics. Because everybody has the very best as well as the worst within, we all have them. It’s just that for a long time we project them onto others, when in truth they are our own *. That’s where astrology can be particularly helpful.

It takes a long time until we grasp that the Universal laws see to it that everything we send into our world, in thoughts, words and deeds, unerringly finds its way back to its sender. When this has dawned on us at last and someone causes us harm, the need for dwelling on hateful and destructive thoughts of revenge gradually goes from us. This is replaced by feelings of wanting to forgive them and praying that their trespasses should also be forgiven by the Highest forces of life. It is essential for our mental, spiritual and physical well-being that we lift them and us in this manner above the emotional planes of our earthly existence.

Something similar happens when we begin to observe the people in our environment through the window of astrology. Using it for the purpose of fortune telling has never appealed to me. Yet, you can count me in any time when it comes to combining astrology with psychology, because in the right hands both together can be turned into a powerful healing instrument. Any wisdom that is gained in this way needs to be shared with others. They too can then begin with their own healing journey of a thousand miles that commences with a better understanding of the higher purpose and meaning of humankind’s existence and quite naturally leads us into reconnecting with God and our oneness with every lifeform.

I believe that nobody could place a finer gift from the Universe into people’s hands than my kind of astrology. So why not stick your toes into the water and have a go at being your own astrologer *? If you do, I guarantee you that it won’t take long until you discover for yourself how amazingly versatile and flexible the Divine science is. Like me, you will be amazed in how many ways it can be used for finding a constantly improving understanding of practically every aspect of life. For example, getting in touch with our innermost motivations and learning about our potential. The aspects the planets form with each other in our birthchart are excellent indicators of where our credits and debts are in the karmic ledger of life. And so on and so forth.

* Recommended Reading:
• ‘About Joy And Sorrow’
• ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey Of Earthly Life’
• ‘The Trek Of A Thousand Miles’
• ‘The Law Of Karma’
• ‘The Symbolism Of The Cross’
• ‘Gazing Into The Mirror Of The Self – Projection’
• ‘Be Your Own Astrologer’

From ‘The Astro Files Philosophy’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2018 4:03 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
All Is Movement And Constant Changes

The creative processes are relentlessly at work. Life at all times is evolving, moving forwards and upwards in vast spirals onto ever higher evolutionary levels. We and our world are carried along with this towards increasingly uplifting and beautiful experiences. Nothing in the whole of Creation ever stands still, not even for the briefest of moments. The Sun in the sky above us is a good example of this. Without ever stopping in its orbit it constantly radiates its life-giving and sustaining love and warmth to Mother Earth herself and everything she holds in her loving embrace. The same is true for the whole of God’s Creation. Everything is wheels within wheels, and cycles within cycles. Everything is moving and all things and conditions are constantly changing with it. Astrology reflects this.

Some of the components of the planets of our solar system are sometimes turning at different speeds. Good examples of this are the Sun and Jupiter. Not all their latitudes are turning at the same rate – some are dragged along behind, some may overlap. Our Sun spins round its own axis and one of its full turns takes about twenty-five to twenty-seven days, the duration is variable. Our Sun is part of the Milky Way, our galaxy. This too is moving. We orbit the hub of the Milky Way and one of its circuits takes about two hundred and twenty million years. Our solar system is presently moving towards the galaxy cluster Virgo, at the breathtaking speed of one million miles per hour! It needs bearing in mind that all scientific information about space and planetary matters also are constantly revised and updated, as our scientist gain more understanding.

Just imagine! Our galaxy is but one of two hundred thousand million galaxies. Most of them consist of at least one hundred thousand million stars or more and our Sun is but one of them. There are we, in a distant corner of the immensity of the Universe, safe and sound on our small planet, the beautiful treasure and jewel Earth. Guided and protected by our Great Father/Mother, their only born Son, the Universal Christ and the Angels. Cared for and nurtured by Mother Earth and her Angels and warmed and loved by Father Sun. Mother Earth and Father Sun are physical and spiritual manifestations of the Great Father/Mother, the Creator, designer and architect of all life. Standing in front of all that, which human soul does not want to go down on its knees and exclaim:

O Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder
Consider all the worlds Thy hands have made,
I see the stars; I hear the mighty thunder,
Thy power throughout the Universe displayed.
Then sings my soul, my Saviour, God to Thee:
‘How great Thou art! How great Thou art!’

When I see how You hold millions and millions and millions of worlds safely in Your loving hands, there grows within me a new perception of how great you really are, so much greater than anyone of us could ever have dreamed! Realising Your infinite and unconditional love is for each one of us, no matter how small and insignificant our present existence may appear to us, our world and all worlds, my heart flows over and my soul cannot help singing to You, my Saviour God: ‘How great You are. how wonderful and magnificent!’

‘I will praise Thee, because of the wonders which Thou hast done. Marvellous are Thy works and that my soul knows right well.’ Psalm 139:14

White Eagle Calendar September 2012: ‘Look always for the spirit behind or within the form. Realise it in the air you breathe and the water you drink and bathe in. See it in the sky, in the winds and the air. See it in the fire – see the little fire spirits. Sense it in the beauty of the plants, flowers and fruits. This creates harmony in yourselves and beauty in your lives, for you will have realms revealed to you that you did not know or dream of before.’

Incidentally, the fact that our solar system is presently moving towards the galaxy cluster Virgo seems to me of particular interest for our world and the healing work we are all involved in. At the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and bearing in mind that Virgo is the teaching and healing sign of the zodiac, our whole world is currently taking part in a learning and healing experience of truly Cosmic proportions. All the help in the Universe is waiting to be called upon by us for each doing their own share of bringing our new and peaceful world into being. God and the Angels will safely guide and protect us and our world through any inner and outer cleansing and healing process that may be required. Praise and thanks be to them that the time for this has come, at long last. And as ever, astrology provides us with an instrument for a better understanding of what is happening to us and our world.

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• ‘Do Astrology And Numerology Have Any Power Of Their Own?’

Recommended Viewing:
• ‘Beautiful World’

From ‘The Astro Files Philosophy’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2018 3:40 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Magic Of Music

I am the Great Mother of all life
And the soul of the Universe.
Music is My voice that tells you about
The harmonies of the Heavenly Fields
On the highest levels of life, where I dwell.
It brings them to earthly life where
I provide poets and composers with ideas.
With their help I communicate with you.
The magic of My music captivates
Human souls and their earthly senses.
Making and listening to certain types of music
Lifts you into My realms.

I inspire the making of instruments
And the musicians who use them.
I encourage them to aim for
Ever better sounds,
To please themselves and Me.
I am Mistress and servant alike,
Of those on the physical plane of life,
As well as the ones they believe to be dead,
Who in truth are alive and well in
The spirit world, your true home.
I am part of the Eternal Spirit and
My music responds to the requirements
Of anyone taking part in earthly life.
In days gone by I accompanied you into battle
And to this day into ballrooms and dance halls.
My vibrations have the power to make humankind
Rejoice and Laugh, weep and mourns,
Wonder and worship.

My music tells stories of love and hate,
Of souls condemned and redeemed.
It is the incense on which your prayers take wings
And fly into My realms.
It’s in the smoke that falls over battlefields,
Where people are dying and thinking of Me.
It comfort them when they have to find out,
Each through their own experiences,
That there is no glory in wars,
Only suffering and pain, blood and sweat,
Dirt and tears for themselves
And also their loved ones at home.

My music reaches and comforts human spirits and souls
When their earthly selves are wading
Through the depths of depression and despair.
It opens human hearts to love
And is as much present and at home
On marriage altars, christening fonts and funerals.
It’s with you when you stand at the open graves
Of those who have been called home
Into the world of light.
It brings comfort and healing
To the ones left behind.

Music is an aspect of the feminine part
Of the Great Father of all life.
I am the Goddess and He is My masculine counterpart.
I serve Him and the whole of our Creation.
Before Me all are equals.
My music easily makes slaves
Out of Kings and their servants alike.
In the natural world of the school of earthly life
It speaks to you through the birds of the air,
The insects in the fields,
The crashing of waves on ocean shores,
And the wind sighing in the trees.
Once you have become aware of My presence,
You can perceive Me anywhere,
Even above the chatter of voices and
The clatter of wheels on city streets.

All life is My family and I am the parent of the best
As well as the worst that is in humankind.
They are part of Me and like Me
Each one of you is an instrument
That serves the Divine aspects of life.
You are like Me and I am like you.
I am one facet of the Holy Trinity
Of the Universal Life Force
That is known to many of you as God,
And so are you.

During your race’s most
Traumatic experiences My music never leaves you.
Each time one of you has been wounded
In mind and body, spirit and soul,
I bring comfort and healing.
I am the muse behind all works of art.
I enjoy expressing and experiencing Myself through you.
I am the inspiration behind the work
Of your world’s writers of poetry and prose,
As well as your composers.
The quality of what each one of them produces
Depends on which evolutionary level an individual has reached.
This decides into which one of My many frequencies
They can tune the receiver/transmitter station
Of their earthly minds.

And no matter what ever happened in earthly life,
I have always accompanied you,
Giving wings to your minds,
Flight to your imagination
And breathing life and a touch of beauty
Into everything you do.

Listen to Me in the song of birds.
It is a music that stirs a happy chord
In human hearts and souls.
Birdsong can lift you into My world, the realms of spirit,
But do not listen with your mind alone.
Feel the chord this music strikes in your heart.
It has the power of lifting you above the conditions
Of your earthly existence.
It gives you wings that enable you to fly like a bird
And, at least for a time, releases you
From that which is troubling you.

Birdsong lifts you into My heart and
Makes yours respond with feelings of happiness.
Regardless of how anxious and frightened you may feel
About the things that are happening in the world around you,
Whenever you allow yourself to be carried away
By music whose vibrations resonate with
Your heart and soul, you know happiness and
Each time you listen to it,
Your inner faith and trust
In the goodness of life increases.

Birds belong to the Air element.
They are My messengers who are telling you
That your spirit is part of the same realm
And in truth is as free as the birds are.
Try it out for yourself and observe how
Your thoughts can instantly take you
Into the farthest and remotest corners
Of the whole of Creation.

Each time you proceed
With a song in your heart and soul that is
As pure and clear as that of the birds of your world,
There is nothing that will try to stop your spirit
From using its wings for lifting yourself and
The whole human race into the highest regions of life,
To receive and benefit from the blessing and healing
Rays of the Universal Christ.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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From ‘Prayers & Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2018 4:28 pm
by aquarius123esoteric

Good and happy marriages
Don’t fall from the Heavens or just happen.
They have to be created by two people
And in this process many seemingly small things
Can turn out to be the most important ones.
For example:

Never being too old to hold hands.
Remembering to say: ‘I love you’,
At least once each day.
Never going to sleep angry,
Sharing a sense of values and common objectives.
Standing together and facing the world by
Forming a circle of love not only around
Our own family but the whole of humankind.

Listening to the other one and responding to their needs.
Expressing that we appreciate them in thoughtful ways
That show that our gratitude is heartfelt and genuine.
Being willing to forgive and let bygones be bygones.
Creating the right atmosphere together,
Yet allowing each other sufficient space
For breathing and being who and what they truly are.
Growing independently of each other as well as together.
Making an effort to bring forth from within
That which is good, right and beautiful
Not only in contact with each other,
But also with everybody else.

Because we are magnetic beings,
We can only attract that which we ourselves are
And like always attracts like.
Making an effort at being the right partner is
Far more important than marrying the right person,
As this alone decides what kind of spouse
We shall attract in future lifetimes.
Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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• ‘Of Marriage’

From ‘Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 4:30 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
A Bit Of Advice

Amid the cares of daily life,
In spite of toil and business strife,
If you value the woman in your life,
Tell her so!

When your own days are dark and deeply blue,
Remember that she has her troubles, the same as you.
Show her that in spite of everything
Your love is true
And tell her so!

Don’t act as if she were past her prime,
And as if to please her would be a crime.
If ever you loved her, now’s the time
For telling her so!

Her love will return to you for each caress
A hundredfold in tenderness.
You know that hearts like hers were made to bless.
Well, tell her so!

You like to think that she’s all your own,
And that you are hers and hers alone.
Don’t wait to carve it on a stone.
Tell her so!

Do not allow her heart to grow cold,
For richer beauties for both of you are sure to unfold,
When ever more she’ll prove to you that
She’s worth more than her weight in gold.
Before it’s too late, dear Friend,
Tell her so!

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

P.S. Naturally, the above applies to wives telling their husbands, too.

Tell her she means the world to you and is precious beyond compare. Tell her from your heart and mean it, don’t just use empty words. Bring her flowers once in a while. Find out which ones she likes best and she will love you all the more for your thoughtfulness. The Universal laws ensure that any gesture of kindness we extend to anyone, not just our loved ones, is sure to return to us in many different ways.

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From ‘Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing’

* * *