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How I came to know the Truth

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:53 am
by vivianamis
My path was more like the paths christian mystic's share. In short: Around the age of 8 I asked myself:" Why am I looking through these eyes?" Around the age of 18 mediumship opened up to me. Around the age of 27 I had my first experiences of mystical nature which set me on a path to find out why these things were happening to me. My search for Truth went on for 18 years until one day in meditation the spiritual realm opened up to me and I received spiritual guidance.

This "guidance" went on from 2002-2005. Then one night I went to bed with a feeling of a question. It was just a feeling. The next morning I awoke to Bliss. I thought oh my God that's it! I was so excited and wanted to write down what it was but there were no thoughts in my head. There was just this Bliss. It was like love, peace and joy coming together at once.

I had found the Truth I was seeking and it did set me free. I am no longer seeking for I have found : )

Re: How I came to know the Truth

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2015 4:59 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
How beautiful! Thank you for sharing this experience and how it came about with us.

With love - Aquarius

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Re: How I came to know the Truth

Posted: Sat Aug 15, 2015 3:20 pm
by vivianamis
What is the Truth?

I was looking for the truth. Not actually the "big Truth" as I did not know at that time that that actually existed. I had mystical experiences and no prior knowledge of those experiences. I had never read any books that explained these happenings to me, nor did I know of anyone in my circles that I could talk to about these experiences and there was the fear that I would be considered crazy.

I started to search in books, first esoteric books, then metaphysical books to see if I could find answers, which I did not. My search lasted 18 years.

I got to the point that I realized that nothing in and of this word would give me the answer to what I was seeking. That is when I went within and started to meditate. Again, I did not know what meditation was either. My meditation was a combination of pleading to God and waiting to hear his voice, which were accompanied with visions.

During my search I had a few "aha" moments, but the realization did not come until I completely emptied myself and let go of all my attachments, all my beliefs and I let go of my life and was ready to die or dissolve into the nothingness.

Shortly thereafter, I went to bed with a feeling of a question inside of me. It was just a feeling. And the next day I awoke in Bliss.

There were no thoughts in my mind. It was completely silent and I knew I found the Truth.

It was not what I thought it was or would be, yet everything I hoped for unconsciously. It was not formulated into words. It was the absence of words/thoughts. It was like going behind a veil as if something that had hindered me from seeing clearly is gone and now I can see.

What I saw was no-thing. It is clear and steady and solid. It does not move or change. It is as if you are looking out into space but no longer through a telescope but being in space and space all around you and the realization (awareness) of being one with that space.

And there is this feeling of bliss. As if love and peace and joy all came together at the same time.

The Truth I found was the realization that that is who I am in reality. So, the Truth is not a sentence or words or a concept or belief, but a realization.