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How creation started?

Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2016 10:04 am
by maaref
Hi All,

This is my first time contributing in this wonderful forum, although I have been a follower of Eckhart's teaching and this forum for a few years now.

I came to ask the question of the meaning of creation and the place of human consciousness in all of it and after a lot of self reflection and reading many sources, I came with the following table, which I thought would be useful for many.

English is not my mother language so I apologise for any mistakes in advance.

In addition, I believe that this material is not going to be understood by many and it would be hard for me to explain it in a few lines. Books could be written on this topic alone. So I will leave the discussion for the community

1.Consciousness: Pure Consciousness with no name, shape, color, taste…etc.
2. The One (First Image / Non-Actual Creation). The awareness of the consciousness itself by itself: The Consciousness without names or shapes but combining all infinite names and shapes and knowledge of them. It is an exact mirror of the consciousness appearing in the consciousness.
3. Initial intention to know itself not by itself but through others: The Consciousness initial intention to give all names and shapes to another, for the consciousness to know itself not by itself but through its shapes and names. (After seeing itself and wanting to be known by others).
4. Recipient of the intention to give: The Consciousness giving itself the intention to give knowledge of all the shapes and names. (Becoming the executor of the intention).
5. The oneness of creation: Finding the knowledge of all names and shapes (similar to thoughts and ideas in the mind before they are acted upon).
6. Intention of Giving: Finding Intention to give all names and shapes not for the consciousness itself but through other images. (Moving from knowledge state to actual/doing state).
7. The First Actual Creation: (Recipient of all names) Giving all names to the first actual creation (perfect embodiment of all names) to know the consciousness and for the consciousness to know itself through it. - This is the highest state of human consciousness which knows consciousness (cannot be completely truly seen, as nothing cannot be seen) and sees all other names and images that appears in the consciousness through its knowledge of consciousness. This is the state we call awareness, awakening ...etc.
8. Creation: Creating of other creation/images from the consciousness names and shapes which was established as knowledge (point 5 above).

Do good and stay true to yourselves.