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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:46 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
‘When we honestly ask ourselves which people in our lives mean the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, offering solutions or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand. The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with us the reality of our powerlessness, that is a friend who cares.’

From Henri J.M. Nouwen
‘The Road to Daybreak – A Spiritual Journey’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 2:14 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Fall Of Humankind – Part Four

The Revolution Of Peace

‘Naturally, the human evolutionary journey has to start at the lowest point of the upwards winding spiral of life and the lowest unevolved aspects of your nature had to be explored first. At the outset of your travels you were at the giving end of the experiences that go with this part of your development. When the Karma that was thus created returns to you, you find yourself at their receiving end. Initially, the aims of everybody’s lower self for a long time are in polar opposition to those of their higher or Christ part of their nature. This, however, changes so profoundly when it wakes from its slumbering state that you look with horror at the things you are likely to have done during past lifetimes. Eventually you will have only one desire and that is to make good and redeem yourself where you once sinned. Freely and willingly you then surrender and submit your whole being to the will and desires of your Highest Self, so it can show you how to go about it.

‘Your Highest Self is the pure Spirit of God, in whom we are all one and who has always been working with every one of us, Its lower earthly self by steering us through the unavoidable dark and ugly parts of our early development. However, as soon as one of the earthly selves has learned to work harmoniously with its higher nature, the suffering on the cross of earthly life is perceived in the right light. Whatever happened in the past and still has come your way in the future, are no longer rated as suffering but as necessary developmental stages and passing phases that served the paying of your karmic debts and redemption.

‘The so-called fall of humankind always has been a metaphor for the evolutionary process that demands that every human spirit/soul for a while takes part in the school of earthly life, in keeping with God’s great plan of life. The ultimate purpose this education provides is the realisation that we are individual beings who from time to time take part in earthly life for a while to become familiar with every aspect of its nature. During the later stages this includes changing the weaknesses of your lower earthly nature into strengths and adjusting your desires to those of your Christ nature.

‘The higher purpose of that which is known as darkness and evil in your world is the bringing forth of goodness and light. Hence the old wisdom of: ‘Out of evil cometh good and out of darkness cometh light.’ In the beginning there was darkness and God said: ‘Let there be light!’ And there was light.’ Spiritual knowledge and understanding are light and ignorance is darkness. Ultimately, all dark and inharmonious conditions in earthly life are for humankind’s highest good and greatest joy because their intention is always to teach them something. Rest assured that there is a great plan of life and that it is held safely in the loving hands of the Great Architect of the Universe. The Angels and Masters of the Christ circle, the highest level of life, are its executors and in charge of it.

‘Nothing happens outside this plan and a wise higher purpose has always been hiding behind everything that happened on the Earth plane and to this day is taking place there. For every individual soul, as well as for the whole of your world, God’s plan guarantees a final outcome that is fair and just, good and beautiful. And when in the end all evolutionary possibilities have been sufficiently explored, everything that exists in the physical world will be de-created and the creative process starts once more.

‘The Age of Aquarius is the age of friendship and of an ever increasing awareness of humankind’s siblinghood with all lifeforms throughout the whole of Creation. This development has been unfolding in your world for quite some time by now. Yet, the gates to Heaven, by which we mean the higher and Highest levels of life, cannot be crashed by anyone. Everybody has to proceed one small step after another, guided and protected by their inner guidance learning to conduct their life in keeping with the Universal laws and to love God’s way, totally and unconditionally, without inhibitions and prejudice against anyone. In this way alone can the rose of love unfold and fully open in human hearts. All of you are walking the same road that in the end leads to mastering the drives and urges of your lower nature and being in charge of the matter of your physical bodies.

‘As time passes by, there will be increasing numbers of surprising events in your world that, when viewed from a purely earthly perspective, will appear like miracles. They are made possible by the light in the form of spiritual knowledge that is increasing your race’s wisdom and understanding which for some time has been flowing into the spiritual darkness that to this day fills humankind’s consciousness. Aquarius is the sign of revolution and one of the Air signs, which are responsible for the development of humankind’s mental faculties. Under the influence of the Aquarian energies a mental revolution has been taking place in your world for quite some time. It has its roots in people consciously changing their thinking and behaviour patterns into more positive and constructive ones.

‘As mentioned earlier, spiritually knowledge is light and not knowing – or to say it less politely: ignorance – is darkness. With every new bit of spiritual knowledge you find along the pathway of your predestined pathway through life you are becoming a bit more enlightened being. Through this your earthly existence evolves into a more colourful and interesting one. Many are becoming aware that they may have gifts and talents that could have taken many lifetimes to develop and are still waiting to be discovered by you. With the awakening of your higher nature they are likely to rise to the surface of your earthly self’s awareness. They can then be taken possession of and developed some more. The best way of finding our whether you have any such gifts is following your natural inclinations and consciously working on unfolding what emerges.

‘Even though attending the earthly school of life is compulsory, nobody is ever forced to apply for having another go at it. If during this one you have had and maybe still are having rather a tough time, comfort yourself with the knowledge that you yourself chose this painful pathway. And don’t chide yourself by saying: ‘I must have been crazy! No-one in their right mind would choose a lifetime like mine.’ On the advice of the wise ones in charge of you in our world you did decide to once more pick up the cross of earthly life during these very special times of transformation and humankind’s rebirth into the conscious awareness of its true nature. That’s why a multitude of opportunities for some time has been on offer for those who wish to redeem their most ancient karmic debts.

‘Making this choice was easier than usual because you knew that, if you reacted the right way to the events that would be coming their way, the coming lifetime could turn into the natural end of your earthly existence because it had nothing left to teach you. You would then be ready to be released into the freedom of continuing their studies in our world, exploring and gradually moving onto ever higher levels. Until you have completed your earthly education and passed the final exam of redeeming every last one of the debts in your spiritual bankbook, this is impossible.

‘The main reason for accepting the offer of another earthly lifetime was the knowledge that we, your spirit friends and helpers, would be with you all the way to support you and help you work your way through the tough patches that inevitably would be coming your way. You were aware that your main obstacle would be assisting your earthly self to become aware of its true nature and the spiritual background of its existence, and that whatever it required would unfailingly be provided by the wise ones in charge of it. The only thing it would have to do is ask, as without that no help can come to anyone in your world.

‘Many other spirit/souls came to the same conclusion as you and that’s why your world for some time has been so heavily over-populated. Do not worry about this unnecessarily, as this too will sort itself out in the natural course of events. And don’t be disheartened whenever you have to work your way through periods of despair and darkness. Whatever happens, comfort yourself with the knowledge that much good will come out of everything in the end and that you are clearing up some more of your karmic debts. There is no need for blame, only for forgiveness. What you are going through is a clearing and cleansing process that steadily increases your spiritual stamina and endurance. At the same time it provides you with greater wisdom and a better understanding of the spiritual background of earthly life in general as well as your own.

‘For some time the Christ light has been flowing with increasing force into the individual and collective consciousness of your world. There is good reason for being of good cheer and rejoicing because everything that is presently making earthly life so hard to endure is but a passing phase. It is a preparation for an initiation of such momentous proportions as has never before taken place on the Earth and that is the rebirth of the human race into the conscious awareness of its true nature.

Recommended Reading:
• ‘Positive Thinking’
• ‘The Cross Of Life’

From ‘A Collection Of My Favourite White Eagle Teachings’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:36 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
As we all know, seeing is believing and that is how the Universe in its infinite kindness and wisdom is constantly providing me with evidence that numerology and astrology work. My experience has shown that they function at their best when used together. To me numerology and Western traditional Astrology are twin subjects that cannot be separated from each other, as one explains the meaning of the other. More than anything else these two, used in tandem, are helping me to unravel the deepest mysteries of the Universe and the processes of Creation. Because of this I am gaining an ever better understanding of the forces of life that are constantly at work in the spiritual background of our earthly existence. Without these powers there would be no life anywhere, not merely on our planet.

From ‘The Holy Trinity’

‘Excursions Into Numerology’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:59 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Fall Of Humankind – Part Five

Digging For Gold

‘As pointed out earlier, every one of God’s creatures throughout the whole of Creation is loved and tenderly cared for by the Angelic hierarchy. This applies to all human beings, wherever they may find themselves at any given moment. And it does not make one iota of difference whether you are one of the highest and mightiest in one of the countries of your world or maybe just a gold digger on the Internet or anywhere else in your world or someone on the death row of Sing Sing.

‘If you were a digger who tries to extract money in deceitful ways from anyone who is gullible enough to fall for your sweet words and charms and swallow your tales, your success would depend on the Karma of your potential victims. God and the Angels guide you to the right ones. If someone did something similar to what you are doing now to those around them in previous lifetimes, with their help and will you are going to succeed with that person. The snag is that in one of your coming lifetimes somebody will have a go at you. The likelihood is that you will then have no idea whatsoever why something so unpleasant should be happening to you.

‘Encountering you is an essential part of your victim’s payment of their karmic debts brought over from previous lifetimes into this one. If this is not the case with one of the people you approach, we open their inner eyes and help them to recognise the intentions behind your advances. Yet, if someone is inexperienced enough to put their trust in a person they have never met personally and whom they do not know from Adam, they deserve what comes to them. Their own life’s experiences are going to teach them the invaluable lesson that, unless a somebody who enters their life has proved themselves as trustworthy in the course of many years, trusting them is a mistake. There is nothing wrong with making them. The most painful ones are never forgotten and therefore the best ones.

‘Everything that happens in your world is but a passing phase and part of someone’s life lessons and the balancing of their spiritual bank account. Nothing takes place perchance or is a coincidence. These things do not exist because all events are part of God’s plans of life, the great one for the development of the human race and the individual one for you and this particular lifetime. Should you be one of the before mentioned gold diggers of your world and you are reading this, the time may have come for the waking up of your spiritual nature from its slumbering state. In that case you are meant to start digging for gold that is much more precious than that which is available in earthly life and can be bought, sought and stolen. Golden nuggets of God’s sacred wisdom and truth are waiting to be discovered by you that will open the gates to your conscious awareness that you are an eternal being, who is part of God and can never die. No-one can or will take this kind of gold from you; it is yours forever.

‘Even though for a long time you were unaware of their presence, God and the Angels have always been with you, the same as everybody else. They are part of you and you are part of them. They could not leave you, even if they wanted to – not that they ever will. Because of this spiritually everything has to be for real and there is no point in faking or pretending anything. God and the Angels are the all-seeing eyes and all-hearing ears that swing into action when the time is right for the Universal laws to return to you the seeds that were sown by you, either earlier in your present lifetime or during previous ones. And that’s how in the fullness of time everybody receives their just desserts.

‘God and the Angels are constantly guiding and protecting each one of you against destroying the essence of your being, your spirit and soul. They have brought you to where you are now and it is they who have brought this to you. If you understand their message, reach out for them and ask for their assistance. It will never be denied to anyone. Upon request they are ready to show you ways how you, with the help of your own Christ Self, can redeem yourself and make good where previously you transgressed against those around you.

‘God and the Angels will never lead you astray or tell you something that is not true. They can be trusted implicitly. All you have to do is pay attention to what they are telling you through your inner guidance, the wise one or living God within, about the next step on your journey of leaving behind the darkness of being ignorant of God’s true nature and your own. The knowledge they are waiting to bring to every human being is sure to cure all of them of the nonsense of fearing God. Once you understand who and what God really is, nothing will ever stop you from loving Him/Her with every fibre of your being.

‘As you know by now, all characteristics and powers that are in God are also in every human being, if for a long time in seed form only. Even though many to this day believe that you are fallen Angels of some kind, this is not the case. It is merely a case of every one of you going through the various stages of their earthly education. Religions have been excellent instruments for taking you and your world through experiencing God’s nature and your own through its crude and unevolved state with the lowest and most depraved desires of the earthly self.

‘The things that to this day are taking place in your world are a demonstration of how some people somewhere to this day are exploring the whole gamut of experiences that everybody’s earthly education requires at some stage. From the highest hopes and aspirations of your Christ nature down to the lowest drives and urges of its earthly counterpart, all of you have to go through them during some phase of your spiritual development.

‘As long as you keep on keeping on, everything will be well in the end.
We are with you, all the way – never doubt it.

With love – your spirit friends and helpers.’

Recommended Reading:
• ‘Is There A God?’
• ‘Who Or What Is God?’
• ‘The Value Of Making Mistakes’

From ‘A Collection Of My Favourite White Eagle Teachings’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 5:18 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
To my mind, nothing like astrology and numerology explains the highly complex concepts of the Divine and the processes of creation, especially those that were at work at the very beginning, in such easily understood terminology. Let me give you a few examples. In numerology the one represents the first impulse of Creation, the masculine God, the spiritual Sun behind the Sun in the sky above us, the power aspect of the Divine. Number 1 = the Sun, planetary ruler of Leo. The two is the second impulse, the feminine Goddess, its counterpart, whose symbol is the Moon. Number 2 = the Moon, planetary ruler of Cancer. These two aspects of the Divinity join forces in the three. 1 + 2 = 3. Number 3 = Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius and co-ruler of Pisces, together with the dreamy and other-worldly Neptune. Both signs are symbolisms for the Divine realms responsible for the development of humankind’s superconscious faculties.

From ‘The Holy Trinity’

‘Excursions Into Numerology’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 3:21 pm
by aquarius123esoteric

‘Whatsoever we perpetrate, we do but row.
We are steered by fate.’
Samuel Butler

* * *

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever Gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeoning of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade.
And yet, the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate
And the captain of my soul.

And yet, it’s good to know that:
The Highest forces of life are steering my boat
And all I have to do is row.
The Great Father/Mother is the Admiral of my destiny’s fleet,
And my spirit guides are piloting me safely through
The treacherous waters of earthly life.
At the end of each lifetime, they take me home
Into the world of spirit, my true home
Whose harbour lights shine warmer and more welcoming
Than any other place I have ever visited.
Each time I drop my anchor there,
The wise ones in charge of me reassure me
That all is well with me and my world,
And forever will be.

Having got as far as I presently am
On my evolutionary pathway through life,
I am glad to aware that:
I am much more than a mere physical being.
The essence of me is spirit, a Divine spark that is
Part of God, eternal and will never die.
Each time I pass from the earthly plane of life
I am not snuffed out like a candle,
I merely move into another dimension and
A different level of existence, that’s all.

My destiny is a high and holy one.
I shall always be safe and never lost,
Wherever the ocean of my life is taking me.
I am grateful for everything that has been
And sometime in the future will be.
Great Father/Mother of all life,
Forever I shall sing the praises
Of Thy wisdom and love.

William Ernest Henley
Edited by Aquarius

Recommended Reading:
• ‘Navigating The Ocean Of Life’
• ‘God’s Lament Of The Piscean Age’
• ‘Letting Go Of Fear And Pain’
• ‘The Fear Of Annihilation’
• ‘Waking Up From The Illusion Of Separateness’
• ‘Why Is Earth Life Necessary?’

From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 3:37 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
For a better understanding of the Divine realms’ symbolisms we need to reach out a bit further. Jupiter stands for the principles of harmony, law and philosophical beliefs. The Sagittarian evolutionary pathway first takes us human souls, in the course of our earliest explorations of Earth life, into the exploration – alternately at the giving and receiving end – of religious bigotry, discordant and dogmatic beliefs, disharmony and injustice. At that stage of our development we are as yet unable to peer beyond the end of our nose and we fail to recognise the validity of other faiths and denominations. And because we are by nature quarrelsomeness creatures, at any moment we are ready to go to battle with those who disagree with our beliefs. We are greedy people with immoral behaviour patterns with a constant craving for pleasure and seeking satisfaction of our earthly desires and urges, and our outlook on life is still a completely materialistic one.

However, after many lifetimes of wallowing in the misery of this kind of existence we reach the evolutionary point when its demands have been satisfied. Now the behaviour we ourselves once displayed returns to us in the attitudes and actions of those around us, among them our nearest and dearest. The Karmic debts we are creating in this way towards each other are going to keep us chained together, until every one of the issues has been resolved and put to rest that stops us from living together in peace and harmony. Round and round the zodiac we go, one lifetime after another, learning from the experiences each sign and house can provide for us, and growing through them.

From ‘The Holy Trinity’

‘Excursions Into Numerology’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 2:29 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Navigating The Ocean Of Life

Desire is at the basis of all life and the energies of the planet Mars are the pure creative/spiritual/sexual ones that fuel all your desires and as you are well are of by now there are a great many. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries, represents human souls experiencing their primary encounter with life when of necessity all their desires and interests are still focused on themselves. They are propelled into life by the desire to build themselves an earthly personality that will help them to carve out a niche for themselves and maintain it. In the second sign, Taurus, the desire for all the good things of the Earth and especially earthly possessions are explored. In the third sign, Gemini, the soul concentrates this precious energy onto developing its abilities to communicate. In the fourth sign, Cancer, it learns to appreciate the value of home, mother and tradition. In the fifth sign, Leo, it becomes aware of itself and its own creative powers. And so forth.

It is good and right that the human earthly self wants the things of the Earth, but once you have woken up from our spiritual slumbers, you need to learn how to rise above and overcome them. At first the temptations of your earthly nature will continue for some time to rise from your inner self. However, the more you recognise them for what they truly are, i.e. tests and trials that are meant to help you grow, the easier you will find it to resist them. Your present existence is meant to teach you mastery over its lower planes. To achieve this, your spirit has to take charge and learn to ride the earthly nature, instead of being ridden by it.

Your mind and your physical body are like a ship with which you are learning to navigate the great ocean of life. You – the inner self, your spirit and soul – are the captain and you are in charge. But, I am the Admiral of the Fleet, your supreme commander, and each one of you is responsible to Me for their own wellbeing, that of their craft and the state of your world. My laws have always ensured that chaos could never reign on the ocean of life and this will continue forever. As young souls need to take part in all lessons of the Earth plane, once at the giving end and then on the receiving one, in the beginning they remain unconscious of the existence of My commandments or laws.

Later, when you have matured and your consciousness has expanded sufficiently, the presence of this laws enters into your field of vision. Grasping the necessity for them not only for your own life but for all of it, empowers you to take your destiny into your own hands, though only up to a point. You will always be answerable to Me and the gift of your present lifetime has been granted, so that you may gain absolute control over all aspects of your own nature, feminine and masculine, your earthly as well as your Highest Self.

I am the Highest Star and the Brightest Light in the whole of Creation, the Pole Star, whose light consists of spiritual wisdom and understanding. By this beam you will eventually steer your vessel back home into the oneness with Me. Every night before going to sleep and at the end of your present earthly sojourn trust your whole being into My hands, knowing that in all Eternity you will be safe with Me. You are the centre of your own Universe and you are also the centre of My life. All My love, wisdom and power that is reflected in the whole of My Creation is also in you.

Lay your hands trustingly into Mine, so I can teach you how to use all your inner resources wisely. Your earthly self is filled with doubts and fears. When they come to trouble you and threaten to overwhelm you, turn towards Me, your God Self and Divine consciousness. I am with you always and will help you overcome any adversary, even the worst one and that is your small earthly self. Many of the ghosts and the shadows from your past are still waiting to be released, so that the wounds of all lifetimes can be healed. Whenever you are in trouble of any kind, call upon Me and I will show you the way. Walk hand in hand with the Angels and Me once again, the way you used to do a long, long time ago, so I can teach you how to do your share of blessing and healing, saving and redeeming yourself, your world and everything that is in it. I love you all and I bless each one.

It may surprise you to hear that I am longing as much as you are for the moment when all My children of the Earth can receive and comprehend My whole truth. During the spiritual infancy of your race this was impossible, as much of the knowledge you are receiving now would have frightened you to death in those days. That is why I only small part of My truth were given through the teachers I sent to your world from time to time. When you look back, you will be able to see for yourself how, as humankind slowly progressed on the evolutionary spiral, every so often another instructor appeared to relate to you the same story in a somewhat different manner.

This is how it came about that I gradually revealed ever more of My truth to you and your world. By the time I gave you the Jesus legend, many of you had grown into their spiritual adolescence. The stories about the Master’s birth and life seeded into the consciousness of your race some new and essential parts of My truth about the initiations every human soul on its evolutionary pathway eventually has to undergo. Upon reaching spiritual adulthood, you begin to grasp the underlying esoteric meaning of all the teachings I ever gave to your world through fresh myths and legends that from time to time appeared. The degree of understanding of their concepts reveals to the Angels and Me when another one of you is ready to be taught, guided and protected exclusively by Me, your inner teacher and guide, the living God within.

Recommended Reading:
• ‘The Mystery Of The Oceans’

From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 2:50 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
In one of the lifetimes spent in Sagittarius our higher consciousness begins to stir into life and our Highest or God Self increasingly nudges us towards making the positive qualities of ever sign our own. This awakens an ever increasing urge for growth and expansion in us and spend more and more of our time searching for satisfaction, harmony and justice. Our approach to life changes into an outgoing, friendly and optimistic one and of simply being a good person. Our inclinations become more positive and constructive and the sense of moral and social obligations towards life begins to develop.

Our interest in the religious/spiritual/philosophical side of life awakens. Its hopes, dreams and aspirations increasingly act as our guide to doing the right things at the right moment and avoiding the wrong ones. Our inner guide, the living God within, shows us the greater picture of life and with this comes an awareness of what is truly important in this life. With this recognition we freely and willingly seek ways of doing whatever is in our power to make a difference in our world and to ease the plight of our troubled and long-suffering planet.

From ‘The Holy Trinity’

‘Excursions Into Numerology’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 2:50 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Abusive relationships are the main culprits for constantly recharging our world with vibrations of negativity, jealousy, anger and hatred. That’s why such connections are particularly badly in need of healing. The suffering they bring is caused by ignorance, like the rest of every bit of the misery and distress of our world. Most and maybe all of the anguish of those who are unhappy about their gender could easily be avoided if they understood that they themselves once chose who and what they are going to be in their next earthly lifetime, and where and under what conditions they will be spending it.

If those who are affected by this fail to learn about this before their present earthly sojourn has run its course, they are in serious danger of throwing away a whole lifetime that, instead of being a deeply unhappy and frustrated one, could have been filled with opportunities for first discovering and then positively and constructively developing the duality of their nature. With endless patience and love the Universe had it on offer for them, but not to worry. The failure merely means that the experiences of this particular lifetime have to be repeated in another one.

If we reject one aspect of our nature, instead of lovingly accepting and embracing all of them, no progress is possible for growing into a more balanced and integrated human being, who lives happily and peacefully with every part of their being. The gift of another lifetime has been granted for the purpose of learning how to heal them together, so that they can begin to co-operate with each other in peace and harmony, the way they are doing in our Creator, God and Goddess. Anyone who holds onto the past and its experiences is in serious danger of wasting their present lifetime. In that case, a repetition will be required in the hope that this time round the spirit/soul’s message will succeed to seep into the consciousness of its earthly counterpart to help it understand the higher purpose of its present lifetime. When it finally dawns on the small self that the concerns of the spirit are of far greater importance than those of its earthly existence, the long overdue evolutionary step forward has at last been made.

From ‘Healing Abusive Relationships'

‘Astrology As A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 3:24 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
God’s Unerring Justice

The following is the essence of an extract from a teaching of the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in Stella Polaris February/March 2018 under the heading ‘The Inner Awakening’: ‘The law of life is love and evolution through love. God is the law and the law is God, whose love and laws pervade and rule every level of the whole of Creation. The Universal laws cannot be influenced by anything that would change their course and corrupt them. They know no punishment or retribution and they do not judge. God’s justice is perfect. Errors or miscarriages of justice are unknown on the inner spiritual levels of life. Every outer manifestation is an extension of the inner ones and therefore has the same qualities and characteristics.

‘The law of Karma is not by any means something negative, as many earthlings believe it to be. It is completely neutral and returns as many good and positive things as negative and evil ones to its sender. The law just is and functions exceedingly well. The only thing it has in mind for humankind is providing opportunities for consciousness expanding experiences that help every one of God’s children of the Earth to grow in wisdom and understanding, whilst redeeming itself and making good where it once sinned.

‘In the whole of Creation there is no such thing as chances, accidents or coincidences. Everything that happens is in keeping with God’s great plan of life and is the result of the law of Karma. In your world this is true for the events that on the surface of life are so tragic and hard to endure. If you had access to the Akashic Records *, you would be able to see for yourself that these occurrences are always the outworking of the Karmic law of cause and effect. In broad outlines their conditions are as similar as possible to those that once set the karmic wheels in motion. This goes for anyone who is directly or indirectly affected by the events and also the groups and nations they belong to. This is how the whole of humankind, individually and collectively, is constantly in the process of redeeming some of its karmic debts.

‘But the story does by no means end here. It is a well known fact in your world that difficult and traumatic times have the power of bringing out the best and noblest qualities in many people. That’s how the infinite wisdom of the Great Father/Mother eventually assists His/Her human children of the Earth with the development of their own Christ nature. Through manifesting it in earthly life good and positive Karma is created that wipes out ever more of your Karmic debts. This is the only way the Universal Christ, not as an outside force but from within your own inner being, in due course can save and redeem each one of you and your world. It is for this reason that some people feel drawn to the rescue services and when the need for it arises, risk and sometimes give their own lives for the sake of others.

‘And because God’s characteristics and powers are also in you, every one of you carries the power within – if only in its slumbering state thus far – for sowing the seeds of a more beautiful and peaceful world. Your present is occupied with attending to your karmic obligations and making every effort to go about it in the right manner. Learning to control your thought processes and living in harmony with God’s Universal laws empowers you to sow the right seeds in our present lifetime. The knowledge of this is the instrument God and the Angels are placing into everyone’s own hands – or rather heart and soul – for making their own contribution towards positively influencing your own future and that of your whole world.

‘In the long run it is irrelevant whether Christianity or any other belief system survives. It’s the Christ spirit in every human heart and soul, in its total and unconditional surrender to its Highest or God Self. Its kindness and goodwill, tolerance and love for all lifeforms is the only authority who can save and redeem each one of us and our world. We, your spirit friends and helpers, are part of it and working on it – together with you on the one hand and with God and the Angels and Masters on the higher and highest levels of life on the other. No-one on their own has any true power, but together with them makes us so strong and powerful that anything can be done and performing miracles is easy.

‘And if you are longing to find truth, all you have to do is gain access to the wise one, the living God within you. On that level of consciousness the meaning of God’s love is known and you are meant to use the knowledge we are bringing you about it in your everyday life. In words, thoughts and actions show the people around you how they too can find their own way to God’s light, i.e. wisdom and knowledge. Encourage them to do their share of preparing for a golden harvest on the Earth by sharing the seeds that are coming their way with as many as possible.

‘Keep the glorious vision of the new golden age in mind and do not allow anything to deter you and do not be disappointed when you see but a few results of your work. Hold steadfast onto the vision that we are giving you about the age of love and peace, wisdom and truth, that is sure to come into being as ever more of you desire it and willingly and unselfishly work on making their contribution to bringing your new world into being. And because God is in everything and at all times is manifests Him/Herself through the Universal laws, in the fullness of time perfection and joy will come to your world through everyone’s own efforts.

‘You will then be experiencing a life that none of you can as yet imagine, even in your wildest dreams. It is going to be a life of beauty and joy, health and harmony and the love that is the supreme ruler of the spirit spheres. They are spheres of pure light and beauty that are far beyond the world of desires of your present existence and the astral worlds. Spiritually, knowledge is light and ignorance darkness. Peace be with each one of you as you journey onward into the light of full conscious awareness. There is nothing to fear. God, the Angels and we are with each one of you, holding your hands, giving of our courage and strength, and showing the way whenever someone asks for it. As everybody is required to do their share of the work involved, do your best to spread the good news we are bringing you.

‘Whenever you wish to find out whether someone is telling you the truth, go to your inner guidance. It knows the way of all things and will never lead you astray. Naturally, this also applies to the knowledge you receive from us.’

From ‘Our World In Transition’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 1:17 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Prophet – On Religion

An old priest said: ‘Speak to us of Religion.
And the Prophet replied:
Have I ever spoken to you of anything else?
Is not religion all deeds and all reflections,
And that which is neither one nor the other?
Isn’t it the wonder and surprise that ever springs in your soul,
Even while your hands are hewing a stone or attending to a loom?
Who can separate their faith from their actions,
Or their beliefs from their occupations?
Who can spread their hours before them and say:
‘This is for God and that for myself.
This is for my soul and that for my body?’

All your hours are wings that beat through space
From one part of yourself to the other,
From the Higher or God Self to your lower earthly self,
Its counterpart.
Those who wear their morality only as their best garment
When they go to church on Sunday,
Would be better off naked, so the Sun and the wind
Can tear and burn no holes into their skins.
And those who define their conduct purely by
The ethics of dogma and creed of one religion or another,
Imprison the songbird of their souls in a cage,
Unaware that the finest songs do not come from behind bars and wires.
If your worshipping is but a window
That one opens and shuts at will,
You will never get to know the house of the soul,
Whose windows are forever open.

Your daily life needs to become your temple and your religion.
Upon entering it each day take everything you are with you,
Be it a plough or a forge, a mallet or a lute.
Take all the things you have fashioned,
Either of necessity or for your delight.
In your dreams rise above yourself and your achievements,
And put your failures behind you as the lessons of the past.
Fly on the wings of the knowledge you now receive
Directly from the Great White Spirit and take everybody with you,
So that in adoration you fly higher than their hopes
And humbly join and comfort them in their moments of despair.

If you want to know your Creator, refuse to follow like a sheep
The things that were written a long time ago.
Most of it is likely to be outdated and in need of review.
The religion of the new age is one of the heart
That aims to help all souls, independent of colour or race,
To grow in wisdom and understanding
Of the true purpose and meaning of humankind’s earthly existence.
This religion is a faith that invites all of you
To experience life’s processes ever more deeply.
Through consciously participating in them,
You become ever more aware of the living God and Goddess
Within you and everything that shares your present existence.

Now you can observe for yourself God/Goddess being as much
Alive in you as in your children and everybody else.
When you gaze into space, especially at night,
Discover how even in the stars and the clouds,
The Great Father/Mother of all life embraces all its Creations
With the same loving care.
With every ray of sunshine and drop of rain
That touches the Earth, they seek to comfort,
Bless and heal each one of you and your whole world.
In every flower, leave and blade of grass they are smiling,
In the trees their arms and hands are waving to you,
While the wind whispers words of healing and peace
To those whose inner eyes and ears have opened
To the new religion of love.

From ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran 1883-1931
Lebanese/American poet
Reinterpreted by Aquarius

Recommended Reading:
• ‘The Religion Of The New Age’

From ‘A Celebration Of Kahlil Gibran’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:16 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of guides that appeared in ‘A Time to Remember’ Stella Polaris October/November 2008: ‘We shall never tire of drawing your attention to the fact that thought is the most powerful creative force of all life and humankind’s urgent need for learning to control its thinking. This is because each one of you possesses the same creative power that is in God. And that knowledge lays the instrument for creating the right kind of vibrations and learning to control the cells and atoms of their physical body in everybody’s own hands.

‘All who are presently taking part in the school of earthly life have been granted the gift of another lifetime, so that they may learn how to use this power for good and wholesome purposes only. Deep within every human soul rests the Divine urge to create a life that is free and holy, happy and healthy, joyous and loving. This means an existence in which everybody gives of their best and renders loving service to the whole of humankind and its world, whilst never losing sight that the world of spirit and light is your true home.

‘If you would like Mother Earth to become a more beautiful and peaceful place, in your mind start creating these conditions straight away. Use every spare moment to focus your thoughts on the world in which you would like to live. You can do nothing better to help it become a reality in earthly life. When you refuse to allow any other ideas about this theme to enter your consciousness, your hopes, dreams and aspirations have the power to not only raise your own vibrations but also those of your whole world. Show your trust in God’s great plan of life by reminding yourself frequently that you and your world are resting safely in the loving hands of God and the Angels. This is one of the best ways of applying the constructive forces of creative thinking to your own life.

From ‘White Eagle On The Power Of Thought’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 3:07 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Religion Of The New Age

My dear children of the Earth, for you there is every reason for rejoicing and being optimistic. The mass of spiritual information that by now has become available to you and the great interest it is finding is living proof of how the collective consciousness of your race and world is ever more opening up and expanding. As pointed out earlier, to your small earthly minds all matters of faith that were ever presented to those on the Earth plane by its very nature had to remain one giant jigsaw puzzle. Now the time has come for joining its pieces together, so that a full and clear picture of My truth can emerge. This is happening now. The sections of the mystery are falling into place and magically the spiritual life of your world as one whole structure becomes visible. Even to many earthly eyes it takes on shape and meaning.

There is no reason for looking down your noses on humankind’s spiritual perceptions of the past. They all contained some grains of My wisdom and truth and in their time made a valuable contribution to the evolution of your race. Fill your hearts with gladness, for your world has reached the converging point of all its philosophies. You will gradually be able to see for yourselves how each one in its own right, and then all of them together, were never intended to be more than a means of showing you the way back home into your true nature and the oneness with Me and all life and lifeforms.

As it was in the beginning, so it will ever be. The only thing that transforms itself from time to time is your grasp of spiritual issues; that is all. There is no conflict between the old religions and the new one. The spirit guides and Masters will continue their work behind the scenes of earthly life, the way they have done for a very long time. Until the last one of you has been released from its studies on the Earth plane, they will carry on guiding and supporting each one of you, as always.

The more your perception of life changes and your understanding of the spiritual realities that lie behind your present existence increases, the more clearly will you be able to recognise each one in their true roles as your wise elder siblings in the vast family of life. Nothing has changed as far as they and you are concerned. They are still your best friends and helpers, your good shepherds in the world of light. Being responsible for guiding and protecting the souls that have been given into their care, they diligently watch over their flocks by night, i.e. in the darkness of spiritual ignorance of the Earth. For as long as they are still needed, they will be there for you to turn to and ask for help in times of distress.

Your guides and Masters in the world of light are presently preparing you and your race to occupy its rightful place in the Universe. Know that the spiritual beliefs of your world that previously served to separate you from each other, are now drawing you together again into the awareness of what, on the inner levels of life, has always been true, namely that all life is one. The further you advance into the New Age, the more each one of you will become aware that truthfully:

There is only one religion, the religion of love.
There is only one country, the whole of Mother Earth.
There is only one race and chosen people, the whole of humankind.
There is only one gender, who is androgynous, whole and holy.
There is only one language, the language of the heart.
And there is only one God, the God of love,
The Great Father/Mother of all life.
And I, their only born Son/Daughter.
We are one Holy Trinity, who is
Omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:23 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
What Happens In Heaven When We Pray?

The other night in dreamtime I went to Heaven. One of the Angels welcomed me and showed me round. When I asked what happens here when we pray, it replied: ‘No prayer is ever unheard or unanswered. It’s just that after being filtered through the receiver station of the Akashic Records * on one of the highest levels of life, where they are constantly arriving. They are then checked by the group of Angels known as the Lords of Karma, who are in charge of the records, and the answer sometimes has to be a downright ‘No!’ or something quite different and unexpected. Because the law of life * is love and evolution, these Angels decide about the nature of the gift that should be given. The outcome depends on which lessons are likely to be most beneficial for the applicant’s present spiritual development.

This information is passed on to the Angel and its helpers in the first section of a department of the heavenly workshop which we are about to enter, so we can take a closer look at it. ‘This is the Receiving Section where the Lords’ responses to every one of the petitions that reached God are sorted,’ my Angel said. It was an extremely busy place with an Angel as supervisor and a great many spirit guides and helpers, who were following the instructions of the Lords. Each one is passed on to the relevant group of spirit guides and the Angel in charge of it, there are a great many, to be made a reality in earthly life.

Our next stop was the Packaging and Delivery Department. The Angel continued: ‘This is where every gift that has been asked for by anyone in earthly life is processed. Whatever has been granted is produced here and then despatched to the recipient.’ And because the hierarchy of the Angels is in charge of providing for the true needs of every human being, everybody in this section was working extremely hard. I had never seen such a busy place before!

But what a contrast, when we reached a door at the end of the department. We entered a very small room where, to my greatest surprise, only one Angel was sitting and doing nothing. ‘This is the Acknowledgment Section,’ my Angel friend murmured, obviously very embarrassed.

‘Why isn’t anyone working here?’ I asked.

‘Ah, it’s sad,’ sighed the Angel. ‘When people have received the things they asked for, very few have the presence of mind and good manners to thank us for it in acknowledgment.’

Never having given much thought to it myself, I queried: ‘What is the right way of acknowledging God’s blessings?’

‘It’s very simple,’ said the Angel. ‘It takes only a moment to quietly say: ‘Thank you, Great Spirit, Father/Mother Creator and the Angels for taking such good care of me and my loved ones.’

‘But what are the blessings we should give thanks for?’ I queried.

‘First of all give thanks and praise to your Creator for the gift of your life and everything that’s in it. For example, if there is food on your table, in your larder and/or refrigerator, and if you have clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place for sleeping, maybe even a comfortable bed, you are richer than seventy-five percent of your spiritual siblings in earthly life. If you have money in the bank, in your wallet and maybe a bit of spare cash somewhere, you are among the top eight percent of the world’s wealthy, and if you can read this on your own computer, you are part of the one percent who can do so.’

‘If you woke up this morning in a reasonable state of health rather than being ill, you are more blessed than the many who will not live to see another day on the Earth. If you have never experienced the fears of having to take part in a battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture or the hunger pangs of starvation, you are ahead of about seven hundred million people in your world. If you can attend church services without having to be afraid of harassment, arrest, torture or death, you are more blessed than three billion others in your world. And if you can hold up your head and smile, you are not the norm but an exception compared to the millions who live in doubt and despair in your world.’

‘I see what you mean and would like to do better in future,’ I said. But where does one start?’

The Angel replied: ‘If you have received this message and can read it, you just received a double blessing because someone loves you enough to have sent it to you. On top of that you are more blessed than over two billion people in your world who cannot see and/or read at all. Yet, that’s by no means all. When this appears before you, you are blessed many times over. For starters, someone on your behalf gave unselfishly of themselves and their most precious resource in earthly life: time. Unstintingly, they are giving it and sharing their skills to serve as our channel for writing this and bringing it to you. All of that is done without asking anything in return other than that you should find a better understanding of what happens on the higher and highest levels whenever someone prays on the earthly plane of life.

The next blessing is that their gift is coming to you with the help and will of God and us, the Angelic hosts. Without them nothing happens in the whole of Creation. And finally, when you are reading this, you are closer to God’s heart than you ever thought possible. This closeness to God’s heart brings about healing miracles and they are constantly happening through the energies of the Universe’s white healing magic. * I suggest you begin by giving thanks for all of that.’

Great Spirit, Father/Mother Creator of all life,
May all who read this find rest, peace and healing in You.
Thank you for each one of them being part of my life.

* Recommended Reading:
• ‘The Akashic Records’
• ‘The Law Of Life Demands Evolution’
• ‘The Law Of Life’
• ‘White And Black Magic’
• ‘Reflections On Prayer’
• ‘On The Wings Of Prayer’

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Prayers & Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World’

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