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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 2:23 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Impossible Dream (2)

To dream the impossible dream.
To fight the unbeatable foe.
To bear with unbearable sorrow.
To run where the brave dare not go.

To right the unrightable wrong.
To love pure and chaste from afar.
To try when your arms are too weary –
To reach the unreachable Star.

This is my quest:
To follow that star.
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far.
To fight for the right, without question or pause.
To be willing to march into hell, for a heavenly cause.

And I know, if I’ll only be true to this glorious quest,
That my heart will be peaceful and calm,
When I’m laid to my rest.
And the world will be better for this.
That one man [soul],
Scorned and covered with scars,
Still strove, with his last ounce of courage –
To reach the unreachable star.

From ‘The Man of La Mancha’ (Don Quixote)
Joe Darion and Mitch Leigh

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‘The Impossible Dream’

There is no such thing as a dream that in the fullness of time cannot become a reality in earthly life. For us as God’s children of the Earth truly nothing is impossible or out of our reach, if we but ask for it and are willing to work and try hard enough. Our potential is practically unlimited and whatever our hearts truly desire, the Universe has always given us – for better or for worse, so that we may learn from the results of our requests. As a result of this, whether we like it or not, the world we presently are taking part in and whose state we have to endure, is the result of our desires of former lifetimes. Therefore, if we long for a world that is at peace, where ignorance and fear, trouble and strife, suffering and pain, hunger and starvation are no longer known and even death has been overcome, that’s what in due course God and the Angels will help us to create.

Wise ones, i.e. sufficiently evolved earthlings, who know about such things, reach out for the help of the Highest Star and the Greatest Light in the whole of Creation, the Christ Star. We are in this life to learn how to tune the transmitter/receiver station of our earthly minds into the intelligence of Its Universal mind and ask for whatever support we may need in any enterprise and especially when it comes to creating the new world of our dreams. Meanwhile, there is nothing for it but to keep on keeping on with our efforts, safe in the knowledge that in due course our dream will become a reality on the Earth. May the light of the Christ Star always be with you, shine upon you and fill your whole being with new hope, faith and trust that we and our world rest safely in the loving hands of the Highest.

You may have noticed that I am the kind of Stargazer who for many years has been occupied not with fortunetelling but with gazing into the wisdom and truth of the Highest Star and bringing it down to Earth, so it can be shared with those who are ready to receive it. I have never been interested in speculations and prophecies about the Stars or anything else. My only interest is looking for and finding the truth that with our entry into the Aquarian Ages is flowing ever more powerfully into the individual and collective consciousness of our world. Following false beliefs and superstitions, prejudices and predictions, endless speculations and prophecies, the wilder and more outrageous the better have been an essential teaching tool of the Piscean Age. All of these things together have been busily shovelling away at humankind’s pit of destruction and despair. Having left the Age of Pisces behind and the bottom of this pit reached, many are growing tired of speculations and prophecies. I could not agree more: nothing but the truth is good enough for us now.

To this day it is sad but true that the wilder and more way out a prophecy is, the more readily and eagerly it is swallowed by the masses. This is not surprising because astrologically the mass of people is under the influence of Cancer, the cardinal Water sign. It represents the soul of the people and like the soulful individuals born into this sign, the mass of people is extremely soft, sensitive and pliable, highly psychic and easily impressed and swayed by just about anything. Like Cancerians, in times of crises like the present one, when there is increased vulnerability to the negative thinking and feelings floating around in the mass consciousness, we benefit greatly from making an effort to think positively and to carefully protect ourselves psychically.

Gullibility and deception of the self and others, cheating and lying are among the most negative characteristics of Pisces. They have been among the main banes of the Piscean Age. Pisces is the other-worldly dreamer who enjoys making up tales. Less evolved souls born into this sign in the end may be unable to distinguish reality from imagination and truth from lie, so much so that eventually they believe the flights of their fantasy are true. These character traits are waiting to be shed and left behind for good by all of us, individually and collectively. The time has come when it’s necessary to make a conscious choice to conduct our lives with honesty, loyalty and integrity for the task, of whatever nature it may be, that has been entrusted into our care by the Highest. Our hearts and souls need to be filled with longing and yearning for a more peaceful world and an insatiable hunger and thirst for truth, accompanied by a willingness to do whatever it takes to find it.

Life provided me with the finest coach for teaching me the value of truth and honesty anyone could wish for in the form of my eldest sister, a Sun Pisces. She was a died in the wool liar. As far back as I can remember I hated being deceived so much that ever since then I have endeavoured to live with integrity, honestly and truthfully. Looking back from where I am now I can see that this was the best possible preparation for the task I am carrying out with my writings.

There are two streams of thought in the consciousness of our world, a positive and a negative one. Everything that happens feeds into one or the other. As every bit of negative thinking and behaviour is part of and feeds into the negative stream, with the passing of time this has rendered it increasingly damaging and destructive. False beliefs and prejudices with the passing of time have been dragging us and our world ever deeper into a mire of deception. It was filled with the oppression of God’s truth and the persecutions, warmongering and a general distrust and fear of life as a result of it. But now at last the time is right for leaving the negative aspects of life behind, for consciously focussing our attention on the Highest forces of life and tuning our earthly minds into theirs.

This is where freedom of choice enters the picture. Do you personally – never mind what those around you are thinking and how they are perceiving the matter – wish for the negative and destructive ways of the past to continue or would you prefer that our world moves forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life? The future of our world lies in the hands of simple folks like you and me. The more of us together move in the same direction, the more we as a race grow into an increasingly powerful force. An unknown author said: ‘Many small people, in many small places, doing many small things can alter the face of our world.’ This is very true and the seemingly impossible dream of a peaceful world will in due course become a reality, for the simple reason that God and the Angels will be working with us and helping us to bring it into being.

First in line of the deceptions of the Piscean Age is the notion that the story of the life of Jesus should be taken literally, that it represents an account of historical events that actually took place, and that the young and powerful hero of this tale once really walked in our midst. When one considers the many esoteric meanings that had to be hidden behind the legend’s surface words, one cannot help admiring it as one of the finest examples of storytelling ever. The skill and imagination with which they have been tucked away, the ingenuity with which the manifold initiations all God’s children of the Earth eventually have to undergo were woven into the rich tapestry of this tale, allows us glimpses into the inspiration and guiding hand of the Highest planes of life, the Christ Circle, behind this magnificent opus.

The wealth of wisdom and truth that hides behind the parables and fables of the Jesus story, the metaphors and symbolisms that were deftly woven into its rich tapestry have their origin in the older traditions and civilizations of earthly life. The most recent of them was the Egyptian one. The skilful way these things were taken over and presented in the form of a completely new story reveal the loving hands of a true Master, whose name was not Jesus, but the Master at the head of the Angels and Master serving the Spirit of the Universal Christ.

Declaring that every word of the Jesus story is infallibly true reminds me of Goebbels, 29 October 1897 – 1 May 1945, a German politician and Minister for Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. He was one of Adolf Hitler’s closest associates and most devoted followers. To my mind, nothing describes the essence of the Piscean Age better than the following Goebbels quote: ‘If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, as the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.’

Having been born on the 29th October, Goebbels during that particular lifetime was a double Scorpio. All those born on the twenty-ninth day of any month are under the rulership of this sign. The life’s work and ‘achievement’ of Goebbels as an incarnation of evil presents us with one of the finest descriptions of the lowest evolutionary stage of Scorpio’s development, the scorpion with its lust for stinging, hurting and creating mischief for people. The scorpion is an animal in the order Scorpiones, under the class Arachnida, which makes them a distant cousin of spiders. During lifetimes in this sign it is potentially possible for human souls to reach three different levels of consciousness, each one of which carries its own symbolism.

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‘The Sun In Scorpio’

From ‘The Astro Files Philosophy’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 2:53 pm
by aquarius123esoteric

The needs of our world are countless,
But none is greater than the one for seeking
The assistance of the spirit’s power,
To raise our vision above that which to this day
Appears to be sordid and squalid in our world.
On the wings of God’s sacred wisdom and truth
We can lift ourselves above these things
And perceive the greater picture.
This enables us to see that, in the fullness of time,
Everything that is still is ugly and wrong on our planet
Will be made beautiful and right.

The human spirit requires something to live for
And reach heavenwards to something that lies
Beyond our ordinary perception,
Instead of peering into the abyss.
We are here to learn how to look inwards,
To find the answers to all our questions
And to make the changes our world requires,
Rather than waiting for others
To do these things for us.
This alone can turn humankind’s instinct
For pursuing purely selfish desires and dreams
Into a victorious and unselfish serving of all life.

John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
Edited by Aquarius

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 2:12 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Only Reliable Oracle

The deeper we move into the Aquarian Age people, the more people throughout our world are receiving their guidance from the higher and highest planes of life in the form of spiritual writings of many different kinds. No longer is it a privileged few here and there, in one church or another in different parts of our planet, who are receiving the blessing of a fresh inflow of the Great Mother’s sacred wisdom and truth.

As part of the natural renewal process of the spiritual evolution of our world, the holy breath of the Christ Spirit is descending ever more powerfully into all aspects of earthly life. Training ourselves to become still in mind and body is the best way of opening our consciousness and developing the ability of getting in touch with Its realms, which until recently had to remain inaccessible to the majority of us earthlings. Only in a state of meditation and in the stillness and silence of the inner levels of life can and does the Highest reveal Itself and Its truth to us.

If we earnestly and sincerely desire to find the truth about the inner mysteries of life, it is necessary to reflect deeply on the simple happenings of their daily lives in the world around us. When we are searching for God’s wisdom and truth it is best to start by looking into our own hearts. It is in the communications with all our fellow creatures and by observing nature that it is most likely that we shall find what we are seeking. This may happen in many simple ways. For example, whilst walking along a road we could suddenly stand in front of a door and sense that something is drawing us to find what we have been looking for here.

One fine day a book that never interested us before could be drawn to our attention. A friend may recommend it or we see it displayed in a shop window. Maybe we hear about it in some other way, but somehow we feel that this publication has to tell us something of importance. When we read the book, we realise that it was our inner guidance that helped us find it. On other occasions we might go within to ask our Highest Self a question. To our disappointment answer doesn’t come straight away, but later in a moment when we least expect it, it comes through a comment someone makes on the radio, on TV or in the movies. It makes us feel as if an inner light had been switched on and we sense, feel and know beyond any doubt: ‘This is what I wanted to know!’ Happenings of this nature are signs of the support of the invisible ones who at all times are beavering away behind all earthly life.

The Angels and Masters, friends and helpers in the world of light work in mysterious ways. Wise ones pay attention when they perceive one of their signals that something of value is waiting to be found by them. That is all any one of us has to do whenever we are searching for answers and explanations. It is essential that we do so in the right way and the right place, staying alert at all times and ever on the lookout what the things of the physical world can tell us about God and the spirit world in the background of our earthly existence. Open and attentive to sensing the presence of the Angels who never leave us, we do well to pay attention to the voice of our inner Master. It can be perceived even when we are part of a crowd, but removed from the disturbances of the material world, it is much easier to listen to the small still voice of the wise one, the living God or guru within.

In my view, paying attention to this authority is the only safe way of discerning truth from untruth and what is right or wrong for us in any given moment. This aspect of our nature is the only truly reliable oracle in the whole of Creation. It has always been there for us, but it takes a long time until our earthly self finally awakens to the fact that it possesses an extremely active and valuable inner life. Subconsciously it has always been trying to guide and protect us, as much as the conscious part of our being paid attention to its voice. Without knowing of its existence that is difficult, but things are looking up as soon as we awaken into our spirit nature and we begin to consciously tap into our inner guidance. Then at last it can protect and advise us properly through the inevitable ups and downs of life.

Our inner life can be accessed and entered, though not without permission. And when we finally learn to knock at its door, we find to our amazement that sound advice and great wisdom is freely available whenever it is required. That’s why St. Matthew 7:7-8 tells us: ‘Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened to you. For whoever asks, receives and he who seeks, finds and to them who knock, the door is opened.’ There comes a time in everyone’s life when we find it no longer hard to accept that everything that exists on the physical plane of life is there to help us grow in wisdom and understanding of ourselves and the purpose and meaning of our existence, which is evolution.

Wise ones who know that the inner teacher is the only one who really knows everything and has the answers to all the questions any one of us in earthly life may ever care to ask, no longer look for the answers to their questions in the prophecies of the soothsayers of our world. They prefer to follow the advice of Martin Luther King, a wise Sun Capricorn, who said: ‘The time is always right to do what is right.’ And to do what is right that’s what our inner guidance reliably tells us in any given moment. We ignore its advice to our detriment. If it says: ‘This feels right and that feels wrong,’ we do well to act accordingly.

From ‘The Astro Files Philosophy’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 2:49 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Doing The Right Things

People are unreasonable, illogical and self-centred.
You don’t have to like them, but love them anyway!

They are all part of your spiritual family.
They are part of you and you are part of them.
They may not yet know it, but you being wiser,
Love them anyway!

People may project their own ulterior motives onto you,
And accuse you of having them.
Rest safe in the knowledge that the Universe
Knows their hearts as well as yours.
Do good anyway!

If being successful means that we can only win
False friends and real enemies.
Succeed anyway!

The good we do today may be forgotten tomorrow.
Do it anyway!

What could have taken years of building up,
Can be destroyed overnight.
Build anyway!

People who are in need of our help,
May attack us whilst we are trying to help them.
Help anyway!

Give the world the best that is within you,
And should it be rejected, do not stop giving.
Give anyway!

The Universal Law of Karma ensures that what we send
Into the world, has to return to us.
Give of your best and only the best is sure to return!

Bishop Abel Muzorewa
African Spiritual and Political Leader
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘The Astro Files Philosophy’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:26 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
On The Wings Of Prayer

Every one of us eventually reaches the point
When the burdens of our earthly existence
Feel like too much to carry on our own.
Maybe we heard others mention
That praying helped them.
But we, in our ignorance of such matter,
At that time may have smiled about
Such ‘nonsense’ or even ridiculed them.

Little did we know at that stage
That even though God and the Angels
Are invisible to earthly eyes,
They are as much part of us as we are of them.
That’s why every prayer is heard and responded to.
It’s just that, because of our karmic debts and
The life lessons we ourselves have chosen to walk,
Sometimes the answer has to be ‘No!’

Everybody carries the cross of their earthly personality
With its false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions.
But then, one fine day, when the tests and trials
That are coming our way are too hard
To be coped with on our own,
We begin to wonder whether they could
Be made more bearable by praying.
So why not give it a try?

When we first start praying,
The receiver/transmitter station of our earthly mind
Starts tuning itself into the frequencies of
The Angels and Masters in the Highest regions of life.
As the executors of God’s great plan of life,
They are responsible for the development of
The whole of humankind and every individual within it.
Every prayer we send into the Universe
Greases the rusty hinges of
Our inner door that leads to them.

It slowly creaks open and the more we pray,
The better they can respond and tell us intuitively,
Through our inner guidance known as the
Wise one or living God within,
How to go about resolving any kind of
Issue, situation and relationship
That’s troubling us,
Even, or rather especially,
The most difficult ones.

That’s what happens to wise ones who are willing
To learn flying on the wings of prayer!

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Wed Jun 12, 2019 3:12 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Source Of All Inspiration

My life’s experiences have taught me how astrology, the Divine science, can provide us with a better understanding of the processes of our present existence and how this knowledge can considerably ease our passage through it. I would not have taken any further interest this subject if it was nothing but fortune telling. What attracted me to it like a magnet was its higher esoteric side that relates to the evolution and development of the individual and collective human psyche, the soul. Once I had started writing about the meaning behind the astrological concepts, ever more insights came to me. As time went by, it became increasingly clear to me that in contrast to the attempts at astrological fortunetelling that have been made throughout the ages, the astrology my inner teacher was helping me to find and develop works with ideas that have their origin on the highest levels of life.

This raises the question: where does any inspiration we receive, as human beings on the Earth plane, actually come from? With the help of our inner guidance, the wise one or living God within, God and the Angels have always been trying to show us intuitively the right way of going about things. They are the small still voice of humankind’s individual and collective conscience, which for a long time has been ignored to our detriment. Now at last, ever more of us are becoming aware of the preciousness of their inner guidance and are willing to follow it.

The earthly mind of every human being is a receiver/transmitter station for the ideas that are constantly flowing from the highest levels of life into our earthly existence. The knowledge that comes from there is available to all who are ready to receive and understand it. And because it is given free of charge, in my view they do not belong to any individual person but to everybody. Every human being’s small still inner voice of consciousness is one of the manifestations of the Highest. The flow of my inspiration can be sparked by anything in my daily life. Fresh ideas and insights frequently arrive from where I would least expect them. I suspect that, if one went out looking for them, they would refuse to come. Frequently, I feel motivated to take a thought or an idea that was first given through someone else, a step or two further.

I have never been one for swallowing things blindly. Whenever I come across some spiritual knowledge that is new to me, my inner guidance tells me whether it is true or false. Only when in my heart of hearts I know that something makes sense, when I can verify with my own eyes, inner and/or outer, that it is true, am I willing to take it on board. I only share it with others when I feel that in some way it could be of interest and help to them. I have always found that the more of my insights I give away, the more fresh ones come flooding in – it’s quite magical and also extremely hard work.

During the early stages of my work, when I had been writing about one theme or another and maybe thought what emerged was a bit too daring and way out, time and again it happened that after a while someone else’s insights into the same subject quite naturally came my way. Usually they came through one of White Eagle’s teachings in Stella Polaris, the magazine of the White Eagle Lodge. They always felt like the Universe’s way of reassuring me that what my inner teacher told me – wrote through me – was all right and meant to be given to others.

Some might say such happenings are coincidences. How does one explain them? As we know by now, there is no such thing as coincidences and accidents and everything has purpose and meaning. That we fail to recognise them for what they are, as we often do, does not mean they don’t exist. My feeling is that these things happen because, as mentioned earlier, at least potentially we are all channels of communication, receiver and transmitter stations, for the wisdom of the Highest. This is how, whenever the time is right for its appearance, a fresh amount of the Source’s wisdom and knowledge is seeded into the individual and collective consciousness of our world.

They are meant to be received, worked with, explored and then distributed by those who are sufficiently evolved for playing this part. That’s how, from the beginning of humankind’s appearance in earthly life, ever more spiritual knowledge from the water-bearer, the intellectual aspect of the Great Father/Mother of all life, has gradually been flowing into our world. With the passing of time, increasing numbers of earth-bound spirit/souls have been trained by God and the Angels to tune their earthly minds into the frequencies of their consciousness, so they can be used as receiver/transmitter stations for fresh spiritual knowledge. Those who are no longer required to provide this service are free to move on to continue their studies on the higher and eventually highest levels of life.

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• ‘About White Eagle’

From ‘The Astro Files Philosophy’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 2:09 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Reflections On Prayer

In times of prayer our inner self is wide awake.
With our whole being we give
Our undivided attention to God and the Angels.
Failing to pray is a sign that someone is not yet
Aware of their own Christ nature and that
They are a spark of the Divine,
The same as everybody else.

Every human being contains this spark and
When someone feels no need to pray,
It is merely a sign that their spark is still
In its slumbering state and their time
For its awakening has not yet come.
Those who do not know how to go
About praying are still out of touch
With the most profound aspect of their nature.
And that’s the only difference between
Someone who prays and who does not.

Some believe that prayer
Separates us from real life,
Which to them means earthly life.
Yet, quite the opposite is true.
Prayer reconnects us with the eternal realities
Of the spirit realm, our true home.
It gives birth to our Christ nature and
We rediscover our own Divinity.
It returns us into the conscious awareness
Of our oneness with the Great Father/Mother of all life,
Our Creator and the whole of His/Her Creation
With all its manifestations of life.

J.M. Cagodevilla
Edited by Aquarius

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 2:58 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Created In God’s Image

Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
You created us in Your image and placed us on the Earth,
So that in the course of many lifetimes
We should evolve and grow ever more like You.
Your powers are also in us,
Please show us how to master and handle
Them safely and responsibly,
Following Your will and wishes, not ours.

You granted us the gift of our present lifetime,
So our earthly self can at last become aware of its true nature.
The wisdom of the Mother’s love from time to time gave us
New myths and legends that brought us ever closer to this discovery.
This included the tales like the ones of Uranus and Gaia,
The Lords Krishna and Buddha,
Abraham and Moses, Jesus and the Virgin Mary,
And many others whose traces are lost in the mists of time.

The latest one, the Jesus legend, you gave us as a metaphor
And to illustrate all human soul’s predestined pathway through life.
It reveals to us the initiations all of us have to experience,
To evolve into a Master and Christed one,
Each in their own right.
Through the death of the man on the cross
You showed us that our life, too,
Is an absolute continuum
That has neither beginning nor end.

For all these things we give thanks and praise to You,
Because now the Spirit of the Universal Christ,
Your only born Son/Daughter, is calling all of us
To make the Jesus story a reality in earthly life
By carrying out the work
For which You created us and brought us into being,
In the first place and now into our present existence.

You are our true Father/Mother and the spark of
The Christ spirit is stirring from its slumbers
And coming alive in ever more human hearts.
In Your presence and Your holy name,
We enter into our mediations and quiet reflections
On the beauty and wonder of Your Creation
And what great honour it is to be allowed
To take part in it.

You are the Source of all inspiration
And we pray that all our thoughts and ideas
Should have their origin in You
And be for the highest good and the greatest joy of all.
Please show us ways of conducting the gift of life
You have bestowed upon us to worship and adore You,
Your love and Your glory,
So that enriched with the learning of all our lifetimes,
We return into the conscious awareness
Of our oneness with You.


From ‘Our World In Transition’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Fri Jun 14, 2019 1:52 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Road Less Travelled

Two roads diverged in a wood.
Alas, I could not travel both.
Long I stood, looking down,
As far as I could,
To where they disappeared.

I chose the road less travelled,
Which seemed as fair,
But looked as if it could do with more wear.
Although those travelling it
Had worn it away about the same,
My inner guidance said for me it had more of a claim.

That morning, both equally lay
Covered with leaves
That human feet had trodden black.
Knowing that one way of necessity leads to another,
I promised myself I’d never come back
And for my life chose the road less travelled,
But not just for a day.

Now I am glad to tell you,
Though not without a sigh,
How ages gone by,
Two roads diverged in a wood
And I was the weary wanderer
Who picked the one less travelled by.

It turned out to be a long and hard road,
But I’m glad I chose it because
It helped me to grow so much
In wisdom and understanding
That it will forever make a big difference
To the way I conduct my life.

Robert Frost
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:28 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Telling A Truth From A Lie

Through the inner connection with the Source of our being in the fullness of time every one of us will eventually gain access to all Its wisdom and knowledge. The Age of Aquarius is the age of truth during which it is going to flow with ever increasing strength into the individual and collective consciousness of our world. With this the ability of distinguishing between right and wrong, and telling a truth from a lie is becoming of ever greater importance. But how shall we go about it?

Any kind of information causes within us a reaction from the world of our feelings whether something is right or wrong. This applies in particular to fresh spiritual knowledge that we are finding along the pathway of our present lifetime. The more we tune into our inner guidance, the wise one or living God within, the more clearly we receive its signals that what we are hearing or reading is either in keeping with the Source’s wisdom or not. This is our own built-in lie detector, which every human spirit/soul possesses, at least potentially. Once the inner connection with our Highest or God Self has been re-established, constant practice helps this aspect of our nature to grow ever more powerful. Eventually, it gets so strong that, at all times and in all situations, the resonance from the depths of our own being tells us quite reliably where we stand with regard to what is before us.

Jesus is but one of the many symbols of the wise one or living God within everybody. It is the only truly reliable and trustworthy teacher and guru in the whole of Creation and that is its way of teaching us earthlings the art of discernment. The higher or God aspect of our nature is part of the Christ and its home is on the highest levels of life, it is the Christ. And that’s the constant companion who has always guided and protected us and forever will continue to do so, on the earthly plane of life just as much as anywhere else in the whole of Creation, wherever our future studies and explorations may be taking us. This aspect of our being knows us, its earthly counterpart, better than we shall ever do. It is familiar with all our needs and especially the spiritual ones. Through it we intuitively receive the wisdom and knowledge of the Highest that is right for us.

This wise one within decides how much of it we are capable of digesting at any given stage of our development. It knows when we are ready to find out more, then brings it to us and helps us to understand it. And that’s how it comes about that some of us to this day are completely satisfied with believing that Jesus Christ is a historical figure, who once really did walk the Earth. The revelation that the story of the Master’s life is but a legend only comes our way when we have evolved sufficiently and are mature enough to cope with the truth. Only then are we ready to grasp that Jesus represents the archetypal God-man, the Highest or Christ part of everybody’s own being, who from the moment of our creation has been waiting to wake from its slumbering state and come alive in us.

This explains the necessity for updating and upgrading the spiritual knowledge that God and the Angels gave to our world from time to time. New religions and belief systems then emerge that are intended to move us, individually and collectively, another step forwards on the evolutionary pathway that eventually returns every human spirit/soul into the fully conscious awareness of its own Divinity and oneness with our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life. Their own born Son/Daughter is the Universal Christ, the Sun of all suns and Light of all lights. Every one of us is a spark of this light.

That’s how what once was considered to be the truth, in the light of humankind’s moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life that, which for all of us with the passing of time, brings a better comprehension of such things, becomes not an untruth or a lie, but merely an outdated belief. Discarding the old ones about us and our world, our place and role in it, takes a long time. Initially there is a great inner resistance against this, but gradually the new revelations sink ever deeper into the individual and collective consciousness of our world. For all of us there eventually comes the moment when we can see for ourselves how the false beliefs we are legging to of are taking us home into the awareness of our true nature. This process of deep inner soul healing each one of us has to work their own way through and when we are healing, our whole world heals with us.

One of the laws of Creation is that new things can only be born when something old has outlived its usefulness and is therefore ready to die, destroyed and recycled because nothing in the whole of Creation is ever wasted. For example, the cells and atoms of physical matter rearrange themselves and are transformed by the Highest into different lifeforms. Something similar happens to ideas and principles. They too have to be allowed sufficient time and space to die a natural death, so they can be shed when their time for doing so has come. As time goes by, they transform themselves into new and more positive and constructive ways of thinking and believing and perceiving things.

In particular this applies to many of our world’s current viewpoints that to this day are based on nothing more than superstitions and false beliefs. Never forget that thinking is the most powerful force in the whole of the Universe and that what we think today, we shall be tomorrow. Nature abhors a vacuum and if we think that with every small bit of empty space that is created in our individual and collective consciousness whenever someone lets go of another one of their false beliefs, it instantly fills with the healing energies of the Highest, then that is what really happens. So, let’s get on with it.

Last but not least, to paraphrase the wisdom God and the Angels gave to our world through the Buddha legend: ‘Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it somewhere. Even if it is spoken and rumoured by many or you have found it written in the religious books of your world or you received it from your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. When you find, after careful observation and analysis, that something agrees with your reasoning and is conducive to your good and the benefit of all, accept it and conduct your life by it. In this way alone can it become your spiritual property that no-one will ever be able to take away from you.’

Recommended Reading:
• ‘The Truth About Truth’

Recommended Viewing:
• ‘Little Wooden Head With Eyes That Shine’

From ‘The Astro Files Philosophy’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 2:55 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Birthday Prayer

O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother Creator,
From where I stand now and reflect
On this lifetime’s journey so far,
It is easy to see that Your Grace has always accompanied me,
And that the failings, dangers and mistakes of my life,
As well as the joys, pleasures and adventures were
Necessary lessons.

I thank my companions on this side of the veil of consciousness
That separates our two worlds for their kindness and support
During earthly life’s journey of exploration.
And I thank my spirit friends and helpers for their loving kindness.
The more I progress in life, the more I sense
That they have always been there for me,
Guiding, inspiring and encouraging me to carry on,
No matter what lessons were presenting themselves.

Sometimes it’s easy to feel Your presence and theirs,
But to this day it frequently feels
As if I had to walk by faith alone.
Forgive me for finding it hard to trust
Your guidance and protection,
And also for the occasions when I failed to respond
To the will and wishes of my Christ nature,
Being unkind and unloving,
Towards others as well as myself,
Forgetting who and what I truly am,
A spark of You and Your beloved child.

With my whole being
I thank you for my ever growing awareness of
Your loving presence in everything that is, including me.
And for my ever deepening knowingness
That You really are as much part of me as I am of You.
My journey through what’s left of my present lifetime
Is lit by the memories of the many mercies
You have always shown me.

O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life/
May the wisdom and love of the Universal Christ,
Your only born Son/Daughter,
Take over my whole being,
So I can serve all Your children of the Earth
With the wisdom and love with which
You always have provided for us
And forever will continue to do.

All glory and honour, praise and thanks be to You
For the gift of my life and all life.
May Your servants, the Angels and Masters
And all other spirit friends and helpers forever be
Guiding, protecting and keeping
Us and our world safe in Your loving embrace.


George Appleton
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 3:32 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Ignorance And Fear

Titus Livius, 64 or 59 BC – AD 17 wrote: ‘We fear things in proportion to our ignorance.’ I share this view and believe that every ill that exists in our world has been created and is perpetuated by the twin scourges of ignorance and fear. Up to the present time they have been the two most troublesome, retarding and destructive influences for humankind. To my mind they have been barring us from finding and getting in touch with our true nature and reality for far too long. They have thus rendered our transformation from a purely earthly being into a spiritual one and robbed us of the serenity and peace of mind of knowing that we and our world at all times are resting safely in God’s hand.

On top of all that they deny us the contentment and happiness as well as the ability to enjoy and make the most of our earthly sojourns, when in truth every one of God’s children of the Earth has a right to find these things. For long enough now ignorance has been hiding from us our true nature and relationship with the Highest. It has kept us away from discovering and connecting with our true self that is hidden behind or underneath our earthly personality.

Divine wisdom decreed that it should be so, because only through the absence of something can we grow to recognise and learn its value and appreciate it. Therefore, it has been for wise reason that our fears kept us away from God’s truth for so long. But now that the Age of Aquarius is with us our race has reached the evolutionary point when we are increasingly ready to shed all our fears. Through an ever increasing understanding of God’s truth and knowing where to look for it, namely to the living God within instead of outer authorities, ignorance ceases to be a hindrance to our life.

The religions of our world have splendidly fulfilled the role of keeping us away from God and the wisdom and truth of the Divine. The time for this is over now that ever more of us are receiving their information from more reliable sources and have learnt look towards their inner guidance to tell them the truth from a lie. That’s why religions are fading more and more into the background of human consciousness, as you can see for yourself everywhere. It is saddening that to this day some insist on going to war over a God they fail to understand and perceive as a force outside themselves rather than an inner reality that is part of every human being and whose handling is everyone’s own responsibility. Take heart, they too will wake up from their slumbers when the time for it has come.

Down the ages the fear of a God whom we failed to understand has driven and still does drive some of God’s children of the Earth to wars and persecution. Fear of the future and the unknown, which is in fact knowable if one knows how to look for it in the right place, made people follow these religions. A case of the blind leading the blind, if ever there was one. But, I believe with all my heart and soul – better still, I feel intuitively and know – that the days of such happenings are counted because of the simple fact that increasing numbers of us are now going in search of the truth.

Having been a fearful person all my life, getting rid of ignorance and the fears it causes is a concern that is most dear to my heart. It has become the quest of my life and every part of my work is dedicated to ridding our world of these destructive aspects of the human predicament. But how to go about it? Well, wisdom has built into our nature that we are only afraid of and feel threatened by things for as long as we are unfamiliar with them.

Getting to know you,
Getting to know all about you,
Getting to like you,
Getting to know you like me.

From ‘The King And I’
Rodgers and Hammerstein

The only way of learning to like and love anything is through studying it and finding out as much as possible about it. That applies to astrology as much as to anything else. At the time the Bible was written, astrology was frowned upon as a mode of fortune telling and as such, the church did not approve of it. As much as I love and appreciate astrology, in principle I do agree that it is unwise to have our lives guided by soothsayers. After all, we have been granted the gift of another lifetime on the Earth so that we may learn to trust the guidance and protection of our Highest or God Self. Wisdom saw to it that at the time the Bible came into being we were not yet to know that this cannot be supplied by forces that are outside of ourselves. It was too early to find out in those days that this is the realm of the living God, who dwells within every human soul. It is the small still voice of conscience who communicates with us through what is known as our sixth sense or intuition.

For anyone who works seriously and conscientiously with astrology it is the Divine science. As a gift from the Highest that is sacred and holy, they handle it with the respect and love it deserves. If you are familiar with other parts of my writings, you may also come to the conclusion that astrology can be something very different from what is commonly found in newspapers and magazines. I hope that this will provide you with an incentive for finding out more about the Divine science and what it can do for you. As to this day, a great deal of nonsense is written and said about astrology, listening to the reactions of your inner guidance, the small still voice of conscience, is of the utmost importance when reading something about this topic.

Recommended Reading:
‘Fear-Less Now’
By Ingrid Bacci

A valuable lifehelp and a must for all who feel fear.
And doesn’t everybody, if only occasionally?

From ‘The Astro Files Philosophy’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 3:02 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
God’s Nature And Our Own

I believe that we have been granted the gift of another lifetime at this particular time so that we may find a new understanding of God’s nature and our own. For me the best way of approaching such an immense and delicate topic is with the help of astrological concepts. So that’s what we are going to do in this chapter. Let’s start with the fact that everything is of God and that God is everywhere. Nothing in the whole of Creation is beyond or out of the reach of God’s power. God to me is the Divine Trinity of the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the spirit of the Universal Christ, the light of all lights and the Sun of all Suns.

We were created in God’s image and everything that is in God is therefore also in us. The power aspect of God and us, women and men alike, is masculine; it expresses itself through Fire and Air. The Goddess is its feminine counterpart; she is the devotional, sensitive, feeling aspect of God and the soul of the whole of Creation. Through the feminine elements of Earth and Water, the Mother yields to and shapes herself in response to the creative ideas and impulses she receives from the Father, the masculine aspects of Fire and Air. Fire represents the first spark of creation, the creative idea. It is transmitted through the Air element, a symbolism for the mental faculties of the Highest Mind; our own small earthly mind is an integral part of it.

Even God, and by that I mean its masculine aspect, cannot create anything on its own. God needs his Goddess as much as she needs him; the same is true for the feminine and the masculine parts of our nature. To create new worlds and populate them, God and Goddess on the highest levels of life lovingly work together in harmonious and peaceful co-operation, by silently responding to each other’s wishes. This creative principle applies to all levels of our world and all worlds. To bring into being the badly needed and desired new and peaceful world, each must make their own contribution and do their share of the healing work this requires. The first visible sign that this is happening in our world on the outer level of life is that the genders are beginning to recognise and respect their own and each other’s true value as beloved children of the Universe. It is necessary to accept and bring together all aspects of our nature, so they can learn to work together peacefully and harmoniously, the way they do in our Creator.

The same as God and Goddess cannot exist without each other, we – the children of the Earth – are lopsided and unable to function properly for as long as we are only acting on one aspect of our nature, i.e. the feminine or the masculine. Everybody has a sleeping partner inside who is waiting to be tapped into consciously, so that by coming alive we shall become whole. The feminine is the guiding, caring and nurturing presence that protects all lifeforms in all worlds. When the masculine element Fire, together with its companion Air, is left to its own devices without the restraining, softening and cooling influence of the feminine elements Earth and Water, their counterpart, it is bereft of all feelings and becomes increasingly destructive. Warring nations at each other’s throats, inventing ever more devilish contraptions of destruction bear witness to the truth of this.

The masculine Fire sign Sagittarius rules vast topics like higher education of all kinds, among them religions and philosophies. Fire in this sign is of a spiritual nature and is said to burn mellower than in the other Fire signs. Do not be deceived by this though! Although the fire burns in a different way in Sagittarius, it can turn into the most destructive one of all. By the time it reaches this sign, even an unevolved soul has its learning from the Aries and Leo experiences under its belt. When the Sagittarian fire unites itself with the negative aspects of these two signs, the result can be worked out on two fingers; it can be an especially lethal combination in the context of religions. Just look at the state of our world now and see for yourself how the push, drive, enthusiasm, over-confidence, arrogance and intolerance of Aries, ruled by Mars, the God of war, comes together with the abundance of creative ideas of Leo. When one takes a look at the weapon arsenal of our world, it’s not hard to recognise what happened when they were applied to thinking of ever more sophisticated ways of destroying each other.

To this day, there is much evidence in our world that a small amount of knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing. All along it seems to have been very much part of unevolved human nature that having got hold of one small corner of God’s truth, we believe to have found the answer to everything. In such cases the Sagittarian fire may express itself as religious fanaticism that is willing to go on the rampage and turn us into a crusader. Carried away by the missionary zeal of our still limited vision of life we then allow ourselves to be guided by the dogma and creed of religions, whose teachings could have long lost most of their validity for the times we live in. Either we choose such a belief system consciously in this lifetime or, unbeknown to our earthly self now, we do so before physical birth in the world of spirit. Another expression is the priest who blesses those who go to war and the weapons for maiming, killing and suppressing others.

The human spirit in both genders, without its soul, is masculine. It is in this world to become familiar with all its aspects and learn their wise handling. First and foremost it must get to know the destructiveness of its nature, and that pain is the result when any of God’s creatures is hurt. The best way of demonstrating this is through having to spend as many lifetimes in physicality as it takes to learn this. Every spirit and its soul must spend time on the Earth plane and move about in a physical body, an extremely delicate and sensitive vehicle, so each can find out through their own experiences that this body gets hurt easily and, at the extreme end of the scale, can be killed and lost for good.

That is why time and again, a new physical body has to be created through souls who are already on the Earth plane. Into it enters a spirit, equipped with its own soul that is capable of absorbing and retaining the knowledge and understanding that is gained; through them it grows and expands. There is no way of imbibing life’s most vital lessons, like getting to know the meaning of pain or death and dying, than at times finding ourselves alternatively at the giving and the receiving end of painful experiences.

Will and power are the masculine aspects of God; wisdom and love are their feminine counterpart, the Goddess. In inexperienced souls the masculine is likely to still express itself in an unrestrained lust for power, no matter what the cost. For as long as the soul is still lost in the darkness of its ignorance of its own true nature and spiritual requirements, it seeks to wield power over others by dominating and suppressing them. Those who are in some way weaker, dependent, helpless and therefore unable to put up any serious resistance are particularly at risk, especially children and animals.

If only those who to this day see their only role in life as dishing out suffering to all and sundry, knew what kind of Karma they are so happily creating for themselves and that in due course every bit of it is sure to return to them. Yet, let’s not sit in judgement over any one of them, but forgive them as we too must have been through such experiences, because no-one can learn our lessons for us.

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• ‘Open Letter To The Warmongers Of Our World’

From ‘Healers And Healing’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 3:39 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Angel In Disguise

There is nothing I can give you that you have not,
But there is much, so very much that –
While I cannot give it – you can take.
No Heaven can come to us,
Unless our heart finds rest in today: take Heaven.
No peace lies in the future
That is not hidden in this moment: take peace.

The gloom of this world is but a shadow.
Behind it – yet within everybody’s reach – there is joy.
There is a radiance and glory in the darkness,
Could we but see.
And to see, we have only to look.
I beseech you to look.

Life is so generous a giver, but we –
Judging its gifts by their covering –
Too often cast them away as ugly, heavy or hard.
Remove the covering and you will find beneath it
A living splendour
That has been woven with the love,
Wisdom and power of the Divine.

Welcome it, grasp it,
And you touch the Angel’s hand
That brings it to you.
Everything we call a toil, a sorrow or a duty,
Believe me, the Angel’s hand is there.

The gift is there and the wonder of the
Over-shadowing presence
That protects us, is joyous too.
Be not content with discovering these joys,
For they conceal even greater gifts.

And so, at this time, I greet you.
Not quite as the world sends greetings,
But with profound esteem of your true nature
And a prayer that for you, now and forever,
The awareness of your immortal and eternal
Being wakes up and fills your
Earthly existence with the light of truth
And its shadows cease to exist.

Fifteenth Century Prayer
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Prayers & Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 3:53 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
A Prayer For You

I said a prayer for you today.
God and the Angels must have heard,
Cos’ I felt the answer in my heart,
Although no-one spoke a word.
I asked for neither wealth nor fame
I knew you wouldn’t mind,
But prayed for treasures
Of a far more precious kind.

I asked that they be with you
By night as well as by day,
With blessings of good health and cheer,
And friends to share your way.
Yet most of all, I requested happiness for you
In all things, great and small.
And it was for God’s never ceasing love and care
That I prayed most of all.

God be with you and keep you safe, always.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *