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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 3:31 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
I Am Love

Do you want to know my name? Does it matter?
But if you insist, I will tell you.
It’s no secret, you know me anyway: I am Love.
I am in you and you are in me. We are one.
I am all of you and you are all of me.
You know me, as I know you.
We have always known each other,
For we have always been one.
You and I are in the whole of Creation.
We are love and our hearts are part of
The living, loving and beating heart
Of the whole of Creation.

Yesterday and tomorrow exist only in the illusion
Of our earthly existence.
The essential and most important part of our being is spirit.
It is immortal and eternal,
And knows no yesterdays or tomorrows.
There is only now and this now is love.
We are all there ever was and all there ever will be.
We are alive and always have been.
We cannot die because we were never born
On the material plane of life.
We are eternally young and will never grow old,
And for us there truly is no death.
Therefore death, where is thy sting?
You have no hold on us!

All there is lies within us.
The eternal fountain of youth and Shangri-La
Are neither dreams nor illusions.
They are symbols for states of consciousness
That are part of our inner truth.
That’s why the two places will never be found on the Earth.
The realities of that life are a dream and an illusion
That frequently presents us with the nightmare of being
Trapped in a physical body that acts like a black box,
Which for a long time cannot be penetrated by
The light of spiritual wisdom and truth.
But eventually it takes us back into
The awareness of our true nature and
Roots in the spiritual background of physical life.

Rejoice, dear Friend, that you and I have already woken up
And can manifest in our world that which we truly are.
For ever more of us
Trumpets are sounding and mission bells tolling:
‘Are you sleeping still? Wake up, come alive!’
Listen to the sounds of your Highest Self calling
And pay attention to the responses that rise
From the very depths of your own being.
You are the only one who can take you
Forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life
Into your true inner eternal realities
And they are love.’

Something is stirring deep within all human hearts and souls.
It’s a fluttering like butterflies’ wings
That makes people wonder: ‘What could it mean?’
Until finally there comes the realisation
That there is nowhere to go and nothing to do,
Except being true to our real nature,
Going inside and gently surrendering to our Highest Self,
So It can show us ways of being once again
That which we always have been:

Hand in hand with God and the Angels,
Each one of us is potentially a manifestation of the
Great Father/Mother’s love on the Earth.
Those who have matured into spiritual adulthood are required
To act as pathfinders and lightbringers for our world.
May the light of the Highest Star, the Universal Christ,
Awaken ever more strongly in you and me,
So it can flow through us into those around us.
May this continue until every last shred
Of the darkness of false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions
That to this day exist on our planet has been absorbed
Into the Power and Glory of the Christ Spirit,
To be uplifted and transmuted into
Blessing and healing energies for all life.
The power to do this is present in each one of us,
Waiting to be discovered and developed, and then
Used responsibly, unselfishly and with great caution
Under the guidance and protection of God and the Angels.

Armageddon is the symbol of the battle
Between the higher and lower aspects of human nature
That has been taking place inside all of us for far too long,
But neither part is meant to rule supreme forever.
Ever more of us are now working on reconciling and
Healing them together, so they can work together
For the Highest good and the greatest joy of the whole,
And that is love.

There will be no day of judgement or reckoning,
No retributions and punishments,
Only a waking up and coming home into
Knowing who and what we truly are
And always have been: Love.
And then hand in hand with God and the Angels,
Exploring what that truly means.

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 2:01 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Source Of My Inspiration – Part Eight

Come To Me, My Truly Beloved

I have had enough of silent nights, of my unspoken grief and tired wisdom. The more the years advance, the more I realise that this is not the kind of love I am on the Earth to seek. That’s why I ask you to come to me, my truly Beloved. You are my treasure and my breath of life, dress my earthly self’s inner wounds and be my spirit/soul’s cure. You and I we are one and need no words, just come to me without a sound.

I now know that love means reaching for the sky and with every breath tearing away a hundred veils. Love steps away from the ego. It opens the eyes of inner vision and does not take this world so seriously. If you understand all this, congratulations, dear heart! You have joined the circle of lovers, but please tell me in your own words how all this began for you. For me it happened when I was absorbed in my work in this world, though I never lost my longing for my true home in the realms of the Highest. One day, exhausted with no strength left, I turned to God and the Angels and asked for their help. Suddenly they lifted me into the grace of Divine love. Words cannot describe the mystery of this experience.

Dear heart, why are you are so unreasonable? You have fallen in love. Why then are you still worrying about your life? Those who insist on robbing and stealing have reason to fear earthly laws as well as spiritual ones. But although you profess to be in love with the Highest, nonetheless you are worrying about what people may think of you.

While in earthly life, I will run fast and keep running until I catch up with the spirits of the air and the wind. I will dissolve into air and become nothing, so I can reach my Beloved more easily. I will become fire, burn my house and head for the desert. I will become all pain, so I can be healed. I will become humble and turn into soil so your flowers can grow in me. I will kiss the ground and become water, so I can flow into your rose garden. I will make my face shine like a golden coin, so I can become worthy of you, my one and only truly Beloved. I came in this world helpless and fearful but now that I am approaching the end of my journey, I am finding comfort and safety in you. The blessing of truth is like water, it can only flow downstream, back into the great ocean of life. Was I born into earthly life to find my way back home to you, my Beloved?

There is no bargaining with the love I feel for you. And the choices I make are no longer the ones of my earthly self but yours. Your will is mine and my will is yours. Now I know that love is the true nature of life throughout the whole of Creation and that it is also the essence of human nature that provides a mirror of our soul. This kind of love can only reveal itself to those who look into its face and have the courage to act it out in their own lives.

When you recognise the face of anger, false pride and all manner of other negative characteristics in others, do not turn away. Know that they are mirrors of your hidden inner self. Place your own negativity under your feet, turn it into a ladder for climbing ever higher into your true nature. There is no peace until you become the master of the desires of your lower earthly self. Let go of all anger. An outburst of it may taste sweet at the moment it is happening, but anger destroys – not merely the other one. In time it also kills you. Refuse to act as one of life’s victims. Be a conqueror by taking charge of every aspect of your being. If that sounds too difficult, ask God and the Angels for their help.

It takes humility to climb to freedom. My dear heart, never think you are better than others. Listen to their sorrows with compassion. If you want peace, do not harbour bad thoughts, do not gossip and do not teach what you do not truly understand yourself.

When a tree is planted every leaf that grows tells you of the tree’s love for its Creator. Let your life be like this and never forget that whatever you sow – in this lifetime and all others – is bound to bear fruit. Therefore, if you have any sense, my dear friend, plant nothing but love and remember that we show our worth by what we seek, not by our words but our actions and deeds. Water flows to those who want purity, so wash your soul of all desires and be cleansed for the table of the highest love.

Shall I tell you a secret? Flowers attract the most beautiful lovers with their sweet smile and scent. When writing poetry or prose, if you put the cravings of your small earthly self for fame and glory to one side and allow God’s inspiration to flow through you, it will do so and can then speak to people’s hearts and souls forever.

Do not spend unnecessary time with those who lack understanding. Never sit in judgement over them or throw stones at them or their talk. Each in their own sweet time they too will re-awaken into the awareness of their true nature. As the mirror of the soul easily gets rusty when dipped into muddy waters, it is better by far to keep the company of those who already have opened their hearts and learnt to love wisely, God’s way.

Maulana Rumi
From the Islamic Tradition
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 2:25 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Magic Of Music

I am the great Mother of all life and the soul of the Universe, the feminine wisdom and love aspect of the Divine Trinity. Music is My voice that tells you about the harmonies of the heavenly fields on the highest levels of life. It brings them to earthly life where I provide poets and composers with ideas through which I communicate with you. The magic of My music captivates the senses of every human being. Making and listening to some types of music has the power of raising you above the trouble and strife of your earthly existence and lifting you into My loving arms.

I inspire the making of instruments and the musicians who use them. They, like everything in the whole of Creation, are constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. That’s why I encourage them to aim for ever better sounds that please them, their listeners and also Me. I am mistress and servant alike, of those who dwell on the physical plane of life as well as those who are commonly believed to be dead, when in truth they are alive and well in the spirit world, your true home. I am part of the eternal spirit and My music responds to the needs of all who are taking part in earthly life. In days gone by I accompanied you into battle and to this day into ballrooms and dance halls. My vibrations have the power of making humankind rejoice and laugh, weep and mourn, wonder and worship.

My sound tells stories of love and hate, of souls condemned and redeemed. It is the incense on which your prayers take wings and fly into My world. It’s in the smoke that falls over battlefields, where people are dying and thinking of their loved ones. Each has to learn through their own experiences that there is no glory in wars, only dirt and suffering, pain and blood, as well as tears for their own misery and those they had to leave behind.

I reach and comfort human spirit/souls when their earthly selves are wading through the depths of depression and despair. I open your hearts to love and am as much present and at home on marriage altars, christening fonts and funerals. I am with you each time you stand by the side of an open graves of someone who has been called home into the world of light before you. And I console and heal the ones left behind.

I am but one of the many qualities of the great Father/Mother of all life. I am the Goddess and God is My masculine counterpart. I serve Him and the whole of our creation. Before me everybody is equal. Kings and their servants alike are my slaves. In the school of earthly life I speak to you through the natural world of the birds of the air, the insects in the fields, the crashing of waves on ocean shores and the wind sighing in the trees. But once you have become aware of My presence, you can perceive me anywhere, even above the chatter of voices and the clatter of wheels on city streets.

All life is My family and I am the Mother of the best as well as the worst that is in humankind. Every one of you is part of Me and all of you are instruments that serve the Divine Trinity of life. You are like Me and I am like you. I have never left any one of you. During your race’s most traumatic experiences I was there and forever will be. Each time one of you is wounded in mind and body, spirit and soul, My sound brings comfort and healing.

I am the inspiration behind all works of art. That’s the way I enjoy expressing and experiencing myself through you most. I have always inspired your world’s writers of poetry and prose, as well as your composers. To this day, I get some of you to write poems and others to set them to music, so that words and music can bring you whatever you are in need of. There are some who possess both gifts and they will have taken many lifetimes to develop.

The quality of what every one of you produces depends on which evolutionary level a person has reached at any given moment and into which one of My many frequencies the receiver/transmitter station of their earthly mind is tuned. That’s how I inspired Aquarius to bring this to you in the hope of encouraging ever more of you, My beloved children of the Earth, to take to the wings of your creative imagination. With its help you can lift yourself, those around you and your whole world onto the higher and highest levels of life and add a touch of the magic and beauty of My world to everything you do.

I am the music of the spheres, caused by the cosmic dance of your solar system’s planets. Their sound has always taken you and your world, individually and collectively, through your ordinary earthly years and also the great years that can be observed through the unfolding of the Father’s great plan. Each one of them has its own kind of lesson for all who are taking part in the great school of earthly life.

The birds are My messengers. They are trying to tell you that your spirit/soul is free and that, like them, you possess wings in the form of your imagination which enables you to go wherever and whenever you wish. As soon as you think of a place, even if it’s in the farthest and remotest corners of Creation, you are there. When you do not listen with your mind alone, but feel the vibrations of birdsong in your heart, happy chords stir in you. This provides you with the wings you need to lift yourself above the conditions of your earthly existence and reach out to My world. That’s how you can release yourself for a while from whatever may be troubling you.

The vibrations of music can lift you into My heart and make yours respond with feelings of happiness. Regardless of how anxious and frightened you may sometimes feel about what’s happening in the world around you, when you listen to music whose vibrations deeply resonate with your innermost being, you know happiness and your inner faith and trust in the goodness of life increases.

Birds belong to the air element, the region of thought. They are My messengers who are telling you that your spirit is part of the same realm and in truth is as free as the birds are. Try it out for yourself and observe how your thoughts can instantly take you into the farthest and remotest corners of the whole of creation. Every human spirit/soul has its own song. As soon as yours has become as pure and clear as that of the birds, nothing in the whole of Creation will attempt to stop you from lifting yourself and the whole human race into the blessing and healing rays of the Universal Christ, so that everything benefits that shares you world with you.

The music of times gone by is living proof that I, the Great Mother, the love and wisdom aspect of the Divine Trinity, never left you. This applied particularly during the six thousand years of patriarchy with its dominance of the masculine and the make-believe of an all-male Godhead. That’s when you were particularly in need of Me and My gifts.

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 2:42 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
What Is Love?

Love is the nature of the Universe and also its law. This love wants all its creatures to grow and evolve through learning from their own experiences. The true nature of humankind is love because from love we once came and to love each one of us eventually returns. This world was created to help every soul discover and then integrate its Divine qualities. That is why time and again we have to return to it, until we finally have learnt to love the way our Creator loves us and all His/Her creations. This way of loving is by no means some kind of soppy emotion. First and foremost it is kindness, gentleness, consideration and tolerance towards all life and beings, including ourselves.

To my mind, learning to love this life and everything that is in it can only come through an increased awareness of the true purpose and meaning of our present existence, and an understanding of the different lessons each soul has to face during its present lifetime. More than anything else astrology has helped me to become familiar with the weaknesses and pitfalls that are inherent in the negative aspects of all signs. In every new lifetime the earthly personality encounters them, in the hope of learning how to rise above and overcome them.

It seems that all human beings are naturally inclined to sit in judgement over others. Astrology helps me to observe the peccadilloes and foibles of my companions on the road of life, as well as my own, with compassion and kindness. It provides me with the wings to lift myself above judging others. Knowing the reasons for someone’s behaviour and that they are my sibling in the great family of life has made all the difference to my approach to life and all it contains.

Loving and accepting each one totally and unconditionally is a natural progression of this development. It does away with the urge to sit in judgement and when someone behaves in a way that seems strange to me, these days I can smile instead of feeling irritated and annoyed. As far as I am concerned, each case is closed with the inner recognition: ‘Ah, that’s why they are doing this! Well, I am only here to change myself, not them. Let them get on with their lives and I with mine.’ To help others find that same tolerance through a better understanding of their own nature and others that’s what my Astro Files are all about.

May the White Eagle group of spirit guides have the last word. The following is the essence of one of their teachings that came my way with the Lodge’s Monday Thought for 25.2.2013: ‘You are in earthly life so that you may learn how to love God’s way. This love sees the good in others and that God’s hands is eternally weaving the loom of all life, not merely humankind’s. This love consists of kindness and gentleness, sympathy and understanding. It never means surrendering to unwise and foolish demands.

‘The more you focus your whole being on the Universal Christ’s love, the more your fears dissolve. Faith gradually fills your whole being and what Its voice through your inner guidance tells you to do, you have the courage and strength to carry out. When the Christ love has taken over your whole being, you have no difficulties recognising and doing only that which is good, right and beautiful. Love is power, but this does not mean one being dominating others. Loving God’s way provides you with the power to know and do God’s will rather than your own.’

Another teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides arrived in my inbox with the Lodge’s Monday Thought 7.11.2016 when I had just finished updating this chapter. The following is its essence: ‘The light of the Universal Christ is the love from which everything is created, including your own solar bodies. This love is unique and infinite, and yet it manifests and expresses itself in many different forms and varying degrees in human life. You do well to recognise this love in whatever form it presents itself in earthly life. And never forget that love is the only foundation from which your own and everybody else’s solar body or body of light can be constructed.

‘With every loving and unselfish thought, word and action your Christ nature develops. Each one of them increases the level of the Christ light that gradually fills your whole being. This is the material from which each solar body is constructed and that is the body you need to enter and move about on the higher levels of life. Until it has been created by you, you cannot move on to exploring these regions and continue your studies there. The construction of every individual solar body adds to the strength of the solar body of your whole world.’

To paraphrase a quote from the Paramahansa Yogananda: ‘When you are living and loving God’s way, you recognise in every human being the face of the Great Father/Mother of all life, and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ. The realisation that the light of their love is in everything enters you into a magical living relationship that unites you with the trees, the sky, the stars, people and all other living creatures. Feeling your oneness with them that is the code of Divine love.’

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From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2019 1:58 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Transmutation Of Karma

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘Spiritual Unfoldment 4 – Sayings of the Gentle Brother’: ‘It is all too easy to judge the actions of others, but endeavour to refrain from judgment. Because of your oneness on the inner level, whenever you are condemning someone you are in truth doing this to yourself. Strive to be tolerant and let flow from your heart the gentle spirit of the master soul the Jesus legend portrayed. Jesus is a symbolism for the archetypal Christ, your own Christ nature.

‘This aspect of your being in all of you is the only one in the whole of Creation who can save and redeem you and make you perfect. In this context perfection means that all aspects of your being have healed into one and are working together in perfect harmony, the way they are in the Great Father/Mother of all life, your true parents. This blessed state can only come about through everyone’s own efforts. The Jesus legend depicts how highly evolved and perfected souls, of their own free will, conduct their earthly lives by walking in the footsteps of the gentle and loving Jesus. He is but one of the many symbols of the Universal Christ which God and the Angels presented to humankind down the ages through various religions of your world.

‘Forgive, dear children of the Earth, forgive. Whatever is in your heart, whichever way you may feel towards anyone, possibly with justification according to the standards of earthly life, pray to forgive and follow the advice of the Jesus legend’s Lord’s Prayer: ‘Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.’ Forgiving those who hurt and wounded you is the only way of releasing yourself from the karmic chains and shackles that exist between you and the offender. So long as you sit in judgment over them and refuse to forgive, the Universal law of cause and effect will time and again bring the same back to you. No-one can escape the perfect justice of this law, which decrees: ‘As you give, so you receive.’ This continues until one of you sends the other one forgiveness from your heart and soul, you are releasing each other from the bondage of your joint Karma.

‘Karma is transmuted when you learn to think and act with love from the spiritual aspect of your Christ nature. The Jesus story points the way. All of you are on the Earth plane so that you may learn to live like a true Master who knows nothing but compassion and kindness, gentleness and love. The Jesus legend tells us that the Master looked deep into the souls of those who were drawn to him. He saw their suffering, not merely that of the present but of their whole evolutionary pathway. He saw their Karma and how they themselves brought it about.

The Jesus story shows you how you too, in the fullness of time when your own Christ nature has sufficiently developed, are going react to people and life in general with a heart that is filled with compassion and forgiveness. In your daily encounters that can turn out to be very difficult. Yet, it is worth persevering because as soon as the Divine forgiveness of your higher nature fills your whole being, people are released and set free with whom you could have been in karmic, i.e. emotional bondage over many lifetimes. Because of this both of you have been nailed to the cross of earthly suffering. That’s why we advise you to look beyond people’s appearances into their hearts and souls. When you see there how they are suffering, all you may want to do is love and forgive them.’

From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:31 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
I Asked And I Was Given

I asked God for strength, that I might achieve.
I was made weak, that I might learn to humbly obey.
I asked for riches, that I might be happy.
I was given poverty, that I might become wise
And be able to appreciate abundance when it arrives in my life.
I asked for power, that I might be feared and praised by people.
I was given powerlessness, that I might become aware that
The only true power belongs to God.
I asked for all the things that would help me to enjoy my life.
I was given wisdom and the ability to enjoy all things.

I asked for health, that I might do greater things.
I was given infirmity, that I might grow in understanding
And become a better human being through bringing
Forth from deep within the highest and best qualities,
Which in those days were still slumbering inside me,
Waiting to wake up to help me evolve into
A true daughter/son of the living God on the Earth plane.

And when my awakening came,
I asked for Divine courage and strength,
But the lessons of my subsequent life taught me
That these characteristics cannot be given to us by anyone,
Not even by God and the Angels.
They can only be developed by following our inner guidance
And bringing them forth from within
The very core of our own being.

That is how the Universe at all times meets everyone’s true needs.
It’s just that frequently this has to come about in mysterious ways,
Which we as earthlings find hard to understand.
But rest assured that each time we ask for something
We get what we truly need.
That’s why we need to be careful what we ask for,
Because in some way our are always
Heard and replied to and that frequently
In spite of our small earthly self’s desires.

All these things have taught me
That my life – and everybody else’s –
In truth is filled with the goodness and love
Of the Great Mother’s wisdom,
And that ultimately, each life is a gift and a benediction
From the Highest Star and the Brightest Light
In the whole of Creation,
The Christ Star.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 1:36 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Picking The Raisins From Each Cake

My intention behind any new religions that appeared in your world was to provide you, My beloved children, with yet another ladder on which you could climb, so that bit by bit you would come ever closer to the re-discovery of the higher and highest aspect of your own nature and Mine. Their memories are stored deep in every human soul. For each one of you there eventually comes the moment when they begin to stir and you increasingly long to express them in all your daily encounters. The degree in which you succeed to keep this promise to yourself shows Me when you are ready to be taught directly by Me.

Every belief system you have ever encountered and become interested in was yet another preparation for this stage of your personal evolution and that of your race. Each one represented a tiny, yet vital piece in My giant mosaic of life. When you rise above your present level of existence on the mighty wings of the wisdom and knowledge you are now receiving directly from Me, enabling you to take the higher view of life, can a clear picture emerge. I am the mosaic’s designer and architect, conductor and choreographer, ballet- and choirmaster. Your task, as My actors, singers and dancers on the vast stage known by you as life, is to make the most of everything I am presenting to you at any given time. In spite of the trials and tribulations that are an essential part of every soul’s evolutionary journey, endeavour to enjoy as much as you can playing your part in your unique and individual fashion.

No matter where fragments of My wisdom appear and by whom they are found, they were never meant for the privileged and selected few. Every part of My truth was always meant to be shared by all. Your object as healers is to pick the raisins from the cake of every religion. Pour them into the great melting pot that is the pool of human consciousness. Then take as big a spoon as you can lay your hands on, carefully stir and blend the resulting mixture into a new religion that unites you and leads every one of you back home into the conscious awareness of your loving union with Me. Having reached the Age of Aquarius, ever more of you are ready to receive that which is suitable of My wisdom directly from Me. Soon, very soon there will be no more need for religions because all of you are being taught by Me. I am your inner teacher and guru, the living God and the wise one within. I know the way of all things and I have the answers to any question you may ever care to ask. I bless you all, each one.

Once more I assure you that each and every one of you is a unique and beautiful being, special and precious beyond compare, loved and protected far more than you will ever be able to imagine. Regardless of what kind of lowly position in life you may at present occupy, a high and holy destiny awaits you all, so do not allow anyone to convince you that you are nothing but a miserable worm and a sinner before Me. That just is not true and regardless of what someone may say, you are nothing of the kind. As My beloved child, you are a student and a learner in the vast academy of life I designed for all of you, no more and no less.

From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 2:09 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Be Still And Know That I Am God

Listen to the beat of your heart in this moment.
Let go of all preparedness and knowing.
Just be still.
Reach beyond thoughts and words and
Empty your mind of thinking about desires and goals.

Cherish the now and bless each moment,
Give thanks to the Great Father/Mother of all life
For creating you the way you are
And know that you will never be more ready
For what you have been given
Than you are now.

Do not wait for a better version of yourself to grow,
Better times to come or the Sun to rise more perfectly.
No-one will arrive on your doorstep and knock,
To make it all happen.
You’ve got to do it!

The Sun does not rise to please you,
Although it does so perfectly every day.
It’s just that you are unaware of it most of the time.
The span of earthly life that God has allocated to you
Is at your command. So don’t wait.
Go out there and make things happen!

Nothing is gained from too many spiritual exercises
And merely reading a great number of books.
There’s no need for endless meditating either.
But every day, if only for a few minutes,
Take the time to be still and listen within.

And then get on with doing the things
That come to you naturally,
For that’s your inner guidance showing you the way.
And once again become
That which you truly always have been: Love.
That’s what you are, even though for a long time
You were no more than a tiny spark
Of the all-embracing and all-forgiving
Love of your Divine parents,
The Great Father/Mother of all life.

Be still and know that I am God and so are you.
You are part of Me and I am part of you.
I am your inner teacher and guidance,
Your intuition, the living God and wise one within.
Everything will always be well
For those who trust Me and follow Me.
You and your world are forever
Resting safely in My loving hands.

Edited by Aquarius

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 3:48 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
No-One Is Without Value

The essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that reached me as the Lodge’s Monday Thought 25.3.2013: ‘Each one of you is a precious and unique being, who is loved by the Great Father/Mother of all life, your true parents, far more than any of you can imagine. No human being is without value and each one of you is of the greatest importance as a manifestation of God, who is in the process of evolving into perfection, i.e. wholeness, and through whom the Divine forces in due course will be able to touch the lives of countless others. Your earthly minds are receiver and transmitter stations and potentially each one of you is a channel and reflector of God’s light. If in your minds you hold fast to the realisation of God’s light and life, it can shine through you into the whole of your world. In this way the power of God’s light can reach and illuminate everyone you get in touch with, as well as many others who are unknown to you.

‘The esoteric meaning of the surface words of the Jesus legend’s Easter and resurrection story is an allegory that describes the death and resurrection of humankind’s spiritual nature. At the beginning of your education as physical beings, your spirit consciousness is nailed to the cross of earthly life. For wise higher reasons it has to die in that environment, but after having spent many lifetimes in it, the Divine spark in you stirs from its slumber. Slowly your spiritual nature rises from its grave, from your subconscious into your conscious awareness, so it can be resurrected by your earthly self. May the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, bless each one of you and through you renew and heal the heart and soul of humankind with Its loving breath of life.’

And this is the essence of another teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that reached me as a Lodge’s Monday Thought on 7th January 2019: ‘Every human being is constantly close to God’s loving heart. For a long time without being aware of it, this love is part of you and when in the fullness of time the Divine spark within you wakes up, your own Christ nature starts to develop. Through bringing forth the highest and best that is within you, this part of your being provides you with the sweetness, nobility and strength of character of the Divine, and also the inspiration and courage to move bravely along the predestined pathway. Wherever it may take you, it will give you companionship and never ending love and joy as the glory of God’s Creation reveals itself to you more and more.’

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From ‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 4:09 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Breath Of Life

O Divine Breath, breathe on me and through me
Flow into the whole of our world and all its lifeforms.
Show me how I, hand in hand with You and the Angels,
Can do my share of saving and redeeming,
Blessing and healing them.
Because on the inner level all life is one
And there is no separation between anything,
When one of us is doing this work,
The whole of Creation benefits from it.


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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 3:34 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
No Fall From Grace Or Original Sin

Part One

Voluntarily you once came away from the state of the conscious union with Me, widely known in your world as paradise. Every human spirit initially is but a tiny spark that nonetheless contains every one of My powers and characteristics. Like Me, you always have been spirit/soul, masculine/feminine, darkness/light, goodness and evil. To enable you to enter into earthly life, the first thing the Angels and I had to provide for you was a physical body that has potential for developing its own earthly personality through which your spirit/soul can manifest and express itself. In the course of many lifetimes on the Earth these faculties enable you to get to know every aspect of your lower and then higher nature. To show you both sides of every coin, in some of them you appear as a man and in others as a woman. In spite of this you always remained the same spirit/soul whose consciousness gradually expanded through your lessons in the earthly school of life.

Freely and willingly you once went forth into the adventure of discovering what life offers spiritual beings in a physical environment, like that of the Earth. You ventured forth because the laws of life are programmed into your being. That’s how you knew that the law of life is evolution and that the Universal law of cause and effect or Karma in the end will always take you back home into the conscious awareness of your true nature and your oneness with Me. You were eager to grow and evolve, excited and motivated by the idea that lots of you would be taking part in this adventure and that every one would always be allowed to learn from their own experiences. You loved the thought of being able to constantly add to the knowledge that was already stored in the soul memories of the Great Mother, dating back to long before human beings made their first appearance.

At the stage of being pure spirit/soul, you were happy to develop your own soul that is an integral part of the great soul, the Mother. You liked the idea of living in a physical environment in which you would have an inner world of emotions and feelings for experiencing it. You agreed with everything joyously because you knew that at the end of your journey of entering ever deeper into many different kinds of thus far unknown territories, you would unerringly find your way home into My loving embrace. Aware that the Angels would forever be by your side, watchfully and lovingly guiding and protecting you every step along the way, it was not difficult to decide whether you wanted to evolve into a pioneer, wayfinder and lightbringer for those who would be following behind.

You are by no means Angels who have fallen from My grace. Each one of you started their existence as one of My creative ideas = Fire. The will and power of My mind turned you into a tiny spark of My light of the Christ Star, from which everything that exists in the whole of Creation has been made in the same creative process. Every human being was created so that in the fullness of time it can fulfil its destiny of illuminating the darkness of earthly life with its light, i.e. the wisdom and knowledge that have been gained in the course of countless lifetimes spent in the great school of Mother Earth’s loving embrace.

There never has been such a thing as original sin and you could not be Angels who fell from My grace because the Angels are on a different evolutionary pathway than humankind. The two run parallel and are inter-twined, but that is all. The Angelic hierarchy on My behalf and by My will and wishes filled the patriarchal religions with concepts of this nature so they could be used as teaching aids to bring forth the destructiveness of the masculine when it is without the guiding hand of the love and wisdom of the feminine to show the way. Each one of you had to gather first hand experiences of what happens when the masculine’s thirst for power and possession, conquest and dominion over others is let loose in your world without restrictions, when it is allowed to force anything into submission that it can lay its hands on, by whatever means available. Sometimes you would find yourself at the giving end of events and later on the receiving one, either in this lifetime or a future one.

Every male of your species is an earthly manifestation of God, the masculine aspect of the Divine Trinity, and every female of the feminine and the Goddess. The present state of your world came about when the Angels, with the help of the patriarchal religions, presented Me as an all-male Deity. It would take a long time before humankind discovered that this is impossible because the aspects of the Divine Trinity cannot be separated from each other, the same as they are in you. Without the feminine there would be no world for you to live in, the feminine IS the world. The astrological elements show this quite clearly. Earth and Water are feminine, while Fire and Air are masculine. Your physical bodies consist of matter = Earth and your world of feelings and emotions = Water. The invisible part of you is spirit = Air, the realm of thought, and creative ideas that are made manifest through the feminine aspect = Fire. Your soul is also invisible and its memories are stored in the waterbody of your our vehicle. Spirit/soul are one.

Through alternatively giving and receiving you have always been taught the value of things. This is how over thousands of years humankind first was made familiar with the love and wisdom of the Great Mother and the feminine orientation of your world that was based on the truth. In the course of the following approximately six thousand years, these values were gradually withdrawn. They were substituted by the rule of the masculine and the will and power of the Father principle that dominates the feminine. This necessitated the systematic suppression of the love and wisdom of the Mother, the feminine and the rule of truth and peace.

From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 3:56 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Water, The Drink Of Life

All water on the Earth plane is of God
And filled with the essence of God.
Each time I partake in a drop of it,
I affirm that my whole being is filling with
Divine love and wisdom and the power
To bless and heal all life.
And because God is part of me,
That’s precisely what happens.

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 3:02 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
No Fall From Grace Or Original Sin – Part Two

The Patriarchal Religions

The Angels purposely designed the patriarchal religions of your world so that, with the passing of time, the masculine forces would increasingly be left to their own devices and do as they pleased. Through supporting and encouraging the growing expansion of the masculine lust for power, warmongering and destruction, seeking dominion over people, their belongings and their land. Especially at the administering end of these belief systems they have been bringing out the worst in human beings.

The result was conditions the likes of which had never before existed on the Earth. These lessons had to continue for such a long time in order to create sufficient opportunities for all of you to learn, each through their own experiences, about the suffering the lower and lowest desires of the masculine forces are capable of inflicting upon you and your world. Every spirit/soul needs to eventually recognise for themselves the ultimate futility of these things for the simple reason that nothing in earthly life ever belongs to any one of you.

The behaviour of the masculine gradually got ever more out of control. Young and inexperienced spirit/souls, for as long as they are unaware of their true nature and the higher purpose of their existence, to this day tend to be vain and arrogant, aggressive and full of their own importance as males of the species. They like to think of themselves as the owners and masters of their particular small patch of My Creation. Lost in the illusion of earthly life frequently finds them in pursuit of what they believe to be their rightful share of the power, glory and wealth of your world. It takes a long time before such youngsters, independent of the age of their physical body, finally grasp that everybody is equal before Me, that all of you have the same rights as well as duties, and that every right is accompanied by a corresponding duty.

Independent of where anyone finds themselves at present on the spiral of their personal evolutionary journey, everybody has the right as well as the duty to be educated on the Earth plane, because that is the only way human beings can evolve and grow in wisdom and understanding. Even the last and slowest one of you in the end will reach the developmental point when they realise that everyone’s most honourable right and duty is having sufficient input into transforming your planet into a better and more peaceful place that can be enjoyed by the inhabitants of all its kingdoms. They too will then become aware that the only things they are meant to control and master are the desires, drives and urges of their lower animal nature.

For those who wish to make the progress that is their birthright and potentially possible, their first duty is practising patience, tolerance and kindness with those who are not yet as highly evolved as they are. When they observe the misbehaviour of these people, wise ones are comforted by the knowledge that everybody eventually gets to where all of you are going. And when you bear in mind that all of you can only do so at their own pace and in their own time, it will no longer surprise you that so many in your world are struggling with their awakening, just the same as you once were and in spots still are likely to do.

Refuse to believe that any of the latecomers and strugglers you see around you is lost. They are not! Rest assured that no spirit/soul will ever be left to its own devices or lost, neither in earthly life nor in the spirit world. Every human being is working as hard as you have been and still are on transforming their weaknesses into strengths, even though they may as yet not be consciously aware that this is the evolutionary process in which every all of you have always been involved. Independent of where it is on the evolutionary spiral of life, deep down every spirit/soul knows it possesses My highest qualities and strengths, even though at first only in seed form. And assisting those who are having difficulties with the development of their higher nature is the noblest task for aspiring healers and lightbringers. To be one of them is the easiest thing in the world. The only thing you have to do is being true to your real self, behaving towards everybody with equal kindness and friendliness, with compassion and loving in thoughts, words and deeds.

Thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation and yours have a far greater effect, not only on the development of your own spirit/soul but also on that of others, than you would ever have believed to be possible. Just think of each one you encounter as one of My children, just the same as you are, and recognise that everybody in the long course of their own individual and collective evolutionary journey basically has identical needs. All have to endure the same tests, trials and tribulations on the road of transforming their inner darkness into light and their weaknesses into strengths. This is the only path that in the end leads each one of you, My beloved children of the Earth, back home into the conscious awareness of your oneness with Me and all life.

Focus your attention on the image of the rising Sun as an outer manifestation of My Light that by now ever more forcefully radiates into your race’s individual and collective consciousness. Let the light of My wisdom and knowledge guide, protect and help you find your way through any experiences that may still have to come your way as part of the redemption of your most ancient karmic debts. Turn your face towards the Sun in the sky above you and in your imagination lift yourself and the whole of your world into the power of My radiance, so it can flow through you and manifest itself in everything you come into contact with.

Make peace with Me, yourself, your life and everything it has ever contained. All of it happened for the wise higher purpose of teaching you some kind of a lesson that at the same time helped you to redeem your Karma. Refuse to exploit anyone and give of your special talents freely and lovingly. They could have taken many lifetimes to develop for this particular purpose. Let every one of your thoughts, words and deeds be simple, true and pure. Do not lean unnecessarily on other members of the animal kingdom, for each one of them also is your sibling in the vast family not only of Earth life but the whole of Creation. Do whatever is in your power to alleviate the suffering of your world, wherever you encounter it. This alone can move you and your whole world onwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral.

The Age of Aquarius is the age of truth and of the re-discovery of the Great Mother and the value of the love and wisdom of the feminine. Every earthly mind is potentially a receiver/transmitter station for My ideas. And the deeper you and your world are entering into this age, the more the Angels will be bringing the parts of My wisdom and truth, directly from My loving heart, that will help all of you to move ever forwards and upwards. Everything is given through the inner guide and teacher, the wise one or living God within, i.e. intuitively to those whose minds are sufficiently tuned into My frequencies and theirs. The Angels and I are delighted to observe how ever more of you by now are conducting their lives in keeping with the truth My messengers have already brought you. That is the only way that true and lasting peace can slowly but surely come to the Earth.

Knowing and appreciating the value of truth and peace, wise ones cherish and treasure both and are willing to defend them, if need be with their earthly life. That’s no longer such a big deal for those who have discovered that life is an eternal and never ending process and by no means a one-off thing, and that no-one is snuffed out like a candle when they leave their physical bodies behind.

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From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 3:19 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Make Me Brave For Life

Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
Make me brave for the life You have given me.
Help me to straighten after pain,
The way trees do after each rain,

Like grass that’s been blown down,
Let me rise from sorrow with an inner vision
That’s opened and knows
That Your ways are always wise.

When life brings blinding things,
Help me to remain focussed on
Looking forwards and upwards,
Never back,

Safe in the knowledge that behind
The darkness of humankind’s earthly existence
Your light has always been waiting
To eventually reveal our true nature to us,
The part of our being that’s only interested in
That which is good, right and beautiful.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 5:22 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Fall Of Humankind

Part One

The following is the essence of a teaching by the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in Stella Polaris Aug/Sept 2007: ‘If there were no darkness in your world, the light of Sun, Moon and stars would be invisible to you and you would have no idea of their existence. And without having walked in the darkness of not knowing God’s true nature and your own, feeling so frightened, lonely and desperate about the state of your world that you got down to your knees and called for help from somewhere, you would never have realised that there is much more to you and your earthly existence than you ever thought possible, and that there is world of spirit in which Angels and Masters and other spirit friends and helpers have for a long time been waiting for your call.

‘Our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life, is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient and has designed a great plan for the whole of life and also for your life. These plans are unfailing and nothing and nobody in the whole of Creation will ever be able to interfere with their unfolding. Nothing is outside the will and power of God, the masculine aspect of the Divine Trinity, the same as out of the reach of the wisdom and love of the Great Mother, the Goddess. The Angelic hierarchy is the executor of all plans and responsible for all of them. they are the Highest Forces of life who never allow the reigns of God’s Creation to slip out of their hands.

‘Whatever happens in your world is part of the Divine plan and that includes the major catastrophes it has experienced. One of the finest examples for this is the Cretaceous–Palaeogene extinction of the dinosaurs. It took place approx. sixty-six million years ago and marked the end of that period, when all dinosaur groups except the neornithine birds were wiped out. The Plesiadapiformes contain the ancestor species of all primates, therefore humankind’s. These forms of life first appeared soon after about three-quarters of plant and animal species, including most dinosaurs, had been removed from the Earth. It happened because one chapter of Mother’s Earth’s development was closing and a new one was opening.

‘The Earth has seen many golden ages. Every twenty-six thousand years a new great unfoldment of all your planet’s inhabitants takes place. The dinosaurs were wiped out to prepare for the birth of humankind. Each one of you has the power to ensure that no disasters of this nature will ever be necessary again. Our bringing of ever more of God’s light in the form of His/Her sacred wisdom and truth places the instrument for making your contribution to this into everybody’s own hands. The more you share the knowledge we are bringing you with those around you, the more of the Christ light enters not only the cells of your own physical body but also those of Mother Earth’s physical manifestation. This speeds up the vibrations of the light she is made of and through this she becomes increasingly etherealised.

‘The Legend of the sinking of Atlantis was written by the Greek philosopher Plato, 428/427 or 424/423 BC to 348/347 BC. He received his inspiration from the Angels, the same as everybody and that on both sides of the veil of consciousness that separates our two worlds from each other. The Atlantic story is an allegory of the disastrous effects the abuse of power when used for selfish purposes can have. But even if the place had ever existed, its disappearance would have been part of God’s plan. The same applies to what once was presented to your world through the Abrahamic religions as ‘The Fall of Humankind’. It is another event that is but a metaphor, in this case for humankind’s appearance on the Earth. This development could only start when the planet’s evolution had progressed sufficiently to be ready for the creation of a new and very special species. In the fullness of time each one of the members of this race would develop the qualities and characteristics, including the intelligence of their Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life. And it would take a long time until they were to become aware that in truth they are God’s beloved children of the Earth.

‘This process started very quietly when the Angels introduced sparks of the Universal Christ, the light of all lights, into the cells and atoms of the physical bodies of a type of animal that had already evolved for this purpose. From the word go the spark would be reaching out and attuning itself to the heavenly light of its Creator and begin to grow. The evolutionary plan for this new species provided that after a while they commenced to walk upright and get around on two feet. This freed their hands adapting themselves to their environment. After millions of years in Earth terms many of these creatures would have reached the end of their earthly education.

‘Encouraged by the religions of their world, the first stage of their curriculum would consist of plundering and raping the planet of its resources. However, in the end during the final phase of their earthly education every one of them would evolve into the planet’s guardians and caretakers. The tests and trials that are presently coming your way are part of your final examination and the way you are handling them are showing the wise ones in charge of you in our world whether you are ready to be released from the need for further lifetimes on the Earth. We, your spirit friends and helpers, are doing all we can to help you work your way through the obstacles that are coming your way.

‘In the run-up to the previous golden age, around twenty-six thousand years ago, many who are now residing permanently in our world took advantage of the opportunities that are always available for everybody at special times like these. There have been many of them since the human race appeared on the scene to assist Mother Earth with the next stage of her evolution. Should yours have been and maybe still is a particularly trying lifetime, stop grumbling and rejoice. If you play your cards right, the end of your need for further earthly lifetimes could be much nearer than you may think possible at the moment. On the advice of the wise ones in charge of you in our world, you agreed to their proposal of this particular pathway. You did this because at that time you knew that we would be with you, and that, from the spiritual background of your existence, we would support and encourage you as much as we are allowed to do. The most difficult part was helping your earthly self to become aware of our presence and good intentions.

‘It is for three reasons why human beings choose particularly difficult lifetimes. The first one is that you are an old and experienced soul and you are strong enough to tackle just about anything that comes your way. Second, the pathway you chose will allow you to attend to every one of your karmic debts, hopefully even the most ancient ones. Third, by the time the end of your present earthly sojourn comes round in the natural course of events, you will be so fed up with struggling that you are not going to find it unnecessarily difficult to give of your best to conclude this part of your spiritual development. In that case, as soon as your physical body has been returned to Mother Earth, which happens for everybody when the purpose of their present lifetime has been fulfilled, you will be released into continuing your studies on the next higher level of your personal evolutionary spiral of life.

‘Our task is to help you become aware of these things, so that you can take advantage of what is on offer to you, if you so wish. We hope that you will seize it and in the not too distant future join us, maybe in our beginner’s group. You will be made very welcome, whether you do or do not attach yourself to this group. And you are sure to be surprised about how many of us are well known to you from previous lifetimes on the Earth.

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From ‘A Collection Of My Favourite White Eagle Teachings’

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