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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 5:01 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
White Magic And Black Magic

God’s nature and our own is one of duality. Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine, highest and lowest, Heaven and Earth and so forth. The world around us reflects these dualities and polarities. It is a realm of ideas and every one of them has a lower and higher, positive and negative aspect, and can be used for good or evil purposes. The choice is ours which side we would like to align ourselves to. Learning about the abuse of the idea of brotherhood – I prefer the words kinship or siblinghood, whilst in pursuit of power, has always been part of the equipment used by every regime our world has ever seen, religious and otherwise, at least during the history that is known to us. It is used by the countries and organisations that to this day attempt – and in many cases so far succeed – to suppress the natural and God-given rights and privileges of their siblings in the great family of humankind.

The centuries old struggle between Christianity and Islam has always been but one of the many expressions of this struggle. Yet, even this can only continue for as long as the members of the warring factions on both sides remain stuck in the past, unaware. of their true nature and therefore failing to grasp the reason why they are here. There is no doubt in my mind that this too will eventually have run its course and disappear from our world. It will do so with the passing of time when every one of the belief systems that still exists in our world returns to their common spiritual roots, when people become aware of their true nature and their relationship with the Divine. All of us will then realise that in truth there is only one God to whom the various religions have been praying in different ways. There could be no better example for this than Sufism, the seed faith of Islam that comes from the heart and teaches tolerance, love and respect for ourselves, each other and all life. The Sufis are the Gnostics of the Islamic world.

We are all in this wonderful school of life together, so that we may act both as teachers and pupils to each other. For this purpose some of us, at any given time, may find themselves at the giving and others at the receiving end of every type of experience. Good, bad and indifferent ones alike, each one is only there to teach us something. That is the only way every soul can imbibe the lessons it requires on its evolutionary pathway back home into the awareness of its true reality and the oneness with God.

The teacher/pupil principle is also true for those who to this day are doing their utmost to lead us and our world down the slippery slope of warmongering and evil. Whether someone is as yet aware of this or not, all evil deeds create alliances with the dark forces of the Universe and are in fact black magic practises. The sole purpose of these experiences is to help us and our world to differentiate between darkness and light, good and evil. The lessons of evil have to be absorbed as thoroughly by each one of us as the ones of good. Only by each one of us personally wading through the suffering that is created by evil can every individual soul and the soul of our world reach the bottom of the pit of evil.

Not until we have learnt our lesson and in our desperation at last turn to God and the Angels to ask for their assistance, are they willing to show us how to find the turning point of our development. In the end all human souls through their own experiences have to reach the bottom of the evolutionary spiral of life. Only then can they begin to move in an upwards direction that consist of experiencing the polar opposite of evil in the compassion, tolerance and kindness of Universal love, again at the giving and the receiving end.

The zodiac with its opposing signs and houses and their energies clearly depicts every soul’s evolutionary pathway through life. It is a spiral that first takes us down to experience and become familiar with the negative aspects of each sign and then gradually upwards so that we can make their higher and highest qualities our own. The zodiac is a symbol of the wheel of life or fortune. Round and round we go on this wheel, one lifetime after another. The negative Karma accrued on the downwards slope has to be made good and redeemed on the upwards one, until the balance of our spiritual account in the great book of life has been restored. That in a nutshell is the road from sinner to sainthood, which every soul on its evolutionary pathway is constantly travelling.

And when the going gets too touch, anyone who reaches out for the blessing and healing hands of God and the Angels and prays for their assistance, does receive it. Our pleas align us to the Universal forces of goodness and light. When we respond in the right way to what the Highest are bringing us, with the passing of time we evolve into ever more capable channels of light who can act as lightbringers and healers for our whole world. We become valuable instruments in the hands of the Divine forces, and when they work through us we are taking part in and practising white magic. As increasing amounts of spiritual wisdom and understanding flow through us onto the Earth plane and ever more of those around us are waking up to their true nature, they too begin to feel drawn quite naturally into the energies of the higher stream of life.

That is how down the ages every individual consciousness and that of our world has slowly but surely been expanding and growing. It is a process that will continue until every last shred of darkness and evil in our world has been dissolved, uplifted and transmuted by the forces of goodness and light into blessing, healing and harmonising energies for all. And when finally every one of us on the Earth plane is operating on the same positive wavelength, peace and goodwill to all life will once more reign.

All of us together are responsible not only for our own development but also for that of our world. The right way of making a valid contribution towards achieving this state of affairs is by living not merely to enjoy ourselves, but for the beautification and benefit of our planet. Even the smallest of efforts in that direction by any one of us moves the spiritual evolution of the whole of Creation forwards and upwards. Every individual can do a great deal to help the highest forces with their work of raising the vibrations of our whole planet and all its inhabitants.

As aspiring lightbringers and healers we know that humankind, individually and collectively, has never struggled up the evolutionary spiral of life on its own. It is our task to draw the attention of ever more of those around us to this facts, so they too become aware of the spiritual powers that are constantly toiling on our race’s behalf behind the scenes of earthly life. When we make an effort to think and act in positive and constructive ways only, we are living as a good example that others may wish to follow. At the same time this is a way of training our spiritual listening to the words of power and love, wisdom and truth which the Highest Forces of life are broadcasting ever more forcefully into the consciousness of our world.

Finding our way back into the conscious awareness on all levels of our being that all life is one and that everything is in siblinghood and relationship with everything else in the whole of Creation, including the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, is the whole purpose of every soul’s earthly existence. This means shedding our sense of separateness and returning into the conscious awareness of our wholeness and at-one-ment with all life. That is the ultimate aim for all human souls which gains us access to the realm of white magic. When we finally are in complete harmony and siblinghood with all life and the love in our heart for our Creator and all life has become great enough, all power and life on the Earth and its surrounding spheres can use us. And we shall then be able to make wise, respectful and sensible use of the white magic.

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From ‘From Darkness Into Light’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 3:16 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The essence of Hebrews 4:12: ‘The word of God is living and all-efficient. It is much sharper than any double-edged earthly sword because it possesses the power of cutting away that which has been separating the aims of your spirit/soul from those of its earthly counterpart by taking you into the reasoning and consciousness of your heart.’ Once the higher esoteric meaning behind the surface words of the parable of Jesus in the desert has revealed itself to you, you will be able to see for yourself that this is the most striking example of God and the Angels showing us how to deal with the drives and urges of our earthly nature when they threaten to overwhelm us.

From ‘Be A Miracle Worker’

In preparation now.

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Tue Dec 10, 2019 5:51 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Power Of Prayer - Part One

The Great Father/Mother of all life, who is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, is the one who brought us into being. With the help and the will of this authority and the Angels all things are possible, any condition can be healed, crooked corners made straight and mountains of unfaith changed into mountains of faith. Our prayers have an important part to play in this. They are an extremely potent force and it is advisable that we proceed with great care when asking for something.

Why should this be so and how should we go about communicating safely? It is because God and the Angels are as much part of us as we are of them. Therefore, all our prayers are heard and replied to. It’s just that sometimes for our own good and protection the answer has to be: ‘No!’ But if we insist on asking for selfish and personal things, the Universe may wish to teach us a lesson or two by responding to our request in ways that are not at all to our liking.

Thought is the creative force of the Universe and the most powerful force in the whole of Creation. Thoughts are creative energy and prayers are form of using them that is supercharged with this energy. By learning to use its inherent power correctly, mountains really can be moved. This teaching was given in the Bible to remind humankind that the connection between those on the Earth plane and the Divine Universal Power never ceased to exist. We were to know that at all times it can be tapped into and asked for its help, even – or maybe especially – for the most difficult tasks which on the surface of things may appear well nigh impossible.

As children of the Highest, we are co-creators with God and young Gods in the making. Every characteristic and power that is in God is also in us. Becoming aware of these things opens our inner doors wide to taking charge of ourselves and our lives. This knowledge lays the tool in everybody’s hands for positively and constructively influencing the flow of our destiny. It can be done by praying for what we think we need or desire, be it for our own personal development and healing or that of the people around us. Ultimately this can be extended to the whole of the human race and our world.

The most effective prayers are based on the realisation that in order to create or change something, anything, the first step towards achieving our aim is putting it forward as a clear idea, a concept and/or a vision of that which we wish to bring into being. We need to have a clear and concise awareness of what we are going to ask for. And when we do, the receiver/transmitter station of our earthly mind should be fully focussed on connecting with the frequencies of the Source’s Universal intelligence.

All human beings without exception have been created so that during their earthly lifetimes they should keep growing in wisdom and understanding. As each one can do this only through their own experiences, no-one can live our lives for us. Through this, with the passing of time, spiritually we slowly but surely evolve into responsible adult beings who are capable of thinking for themselves, willing to practise self-discipline and self-mastery, and who know how to give and receive love wisely. Although this is often hard to believe, at all times we are walking the path we ourselves chose before entering into our present lifetime. It was done hand in hand with the wise ones in charge of us, for they are familiar with everyone’s past, present and future. Every part of it has been outlined in the great book of life at the moment of our conception in the womb of the Great Mother.

The wise ones know exactly where during our next lifetime we shall find further experiences of a consciousness expanding nature that help our spiritual development to progress. In the course of each subsequent earthly sojourn God’s sacred wisdom and truth is brought ever closer to the conscious awareness of our small earthly selves. And just like the accomplishments of our children delight us in earthly life, it pleases the Great Father/Mother when another one of Its children of the Earth at long last develops the ability to think and behave in responsible, positive and constructive ways in all situations and encounters.

When one finally learns about the Great White Spirit, the Source of our being, and begins to understand the way it works throughout the whole of Creation and the role it plays in every human life, it becomes easy to truly love and respect it as the highest authority in the whole of Creation. It is then no longer hard to see that we and our world have always rested safely in Its splendour with its loving care and protection for all Its creatures, and forever will do so. Knowing these things the will of our small earthly self has no problem with surrendering itself and its desires to the will of the Highest.

Now we can see for ourselves that it could never have been Jesus as the lamb of God who would one day wipe away our own and all of humankind’s sins of the world. We alone can play this part, everybody for themselves. We have to become the lamb God and the more we do this and surrender our whole being, the more the sins, i.e. the drives and urges of our small self fade into the background of our consciousness. They gradually lose their hold on us, dying and breathing their last until one fine day they have gone from us for good.

The image of the emaciated corps of Jesus on the cross is a symbolism for this lower part of our being. The cross is the oldest symbol for Earth life known to humankind. And for a long time all human beings remain nailed to this cross, but eventually our true nature and origin dawns on us. As the scales fall from our eyes, our hopes and aspirations begin to reach for higher ideals. We dream of a world that is at peace, where all live together in harmony and with goodwill for each other. When we do our best to make a contribution to such a world, our Christ nature grows and expands.

From ‘What Happens In Heaven When We Pray?’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Wed Dec 11, 2019 2:18 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Power Of Prayer – Part Two

In the fullness of time each one of us will be able to safely lift ourselves and those around us above the vale of misery and tears of Earth life, with its boarded up horizons and its narrow field of vision. We are here to learn to fly on the wings of the spiritual wisdom and truth that is waiting to come to every heart and soul directly from the Source, through the intervention of everyone’s own inner guidance, the living God within. Every one of us in their own right eventually reaches the developmental point when our own life’s experiences have taught us that all our true needs will always be met, without us having to ask for anything.

The only thing we then want to do is lifting our siblings in the family of humankind and our whole world and everything that shares it with us, on the spiritual wings we have grown through the knowledge we have found along the pathway of our life, into the radiance of the Christ Star in the heartmind of God, praying for forgiveness and that healing and peace may come to all of us at last.

The Lord’s Prayer of the Jesus legend is one of the finest examples of how we should ideally pray. Not just something to be said over and over again without thoughts or feelings, like some kind of a prayer mill, but focussed and with our minds fully on the one we are communicating with. When the Jesus story was given to our world we were not yet to know that the figure of the man on the cross was but a legend and a symbolism for the many initiations each one of us has to undergo in the course of their earthly education.

For all awakened ones the time has come for praying with a deep inner conviction that our words are not only heard, but that they have the power to perform miracles, whenever one is genuinely required. Possibilities are opening for those who know the right way of projecting their thoughts and wishes into the Universe. Wise ones bear in mind that on the inner level of life all is one and there is no separation between anything, and that although each prayer comes from one of us personally, it is also part of and affects the collective consciousness of our race, as well as the whole of Creation.

As far as it is practicable and possible, the Universe has always allowed each one of us to manifest whatever our heart truly desires. But, now that we are growing into spiritual adulthood, we need to come to terms with the Universal laws – God’s laws. They decree that everything must return to its source, including every one of our thoughts, words and actions. Each one inevitably has to eventually find its way back to us. As touched upon earlier, that’s why we need to be extra careful when we desire something. Should we fail to choose wisely, there is every likelihood that the Universal Force decides to teach us the glorious lesson of being more cautious in future by manifesting the object(s) of our desire in unpleasant and unwanted ways.

Here are some suggestions about how to pray the right way:

1. Have a clear idea of what you are going to pray for. When you are ready, set aside a period of quiet time. Prepare your body by being still and making yourself comfortable.

2. Let go of all other thoughts and concerns and tell your conscious mind to give you a break. Ask your Highest Self, the living God within, for its guidance and protection and to show you how to make wise decisions and requests only. Then call upon the Angels to draw close and show you how to proceed.

3. Visualise the object, event, desire, healing, better relationship, whatever it is you truly want, clearly and picture it as if it already existed in the realities of Earth life. Let no negative thoughts go with this visualisation – you have to believe and accept that what you are asking for is really necessary for your spiritual development and that of our world.

4. When you have made the connection and put your request forward, go about your life as usual and rest safely in the knowledge that the necessary changes will soon appear in your life.

5. Realise that if what you have prayed for is inappropriate for you or for those on whose behalf you are asking, it will be modified by the Angels into something that will benefit the recipient. In other words, you cannot place a curse or a bad wish onto someone when connecting with the Source of our being. Should anyone try to do it all the same, the request will be changed into something that is helpful for the recipient. Wise ones take great care not to do anything disparaging and hurtful to anyone because they know that this would inevitably rebound on them.

6. When praying for healing, instead of asking for it in selfish ways, wise ones ask that it should be for the highest good and the greatest joy of all, and for the blessing and healing of our whole world. This they do because they know that what is done for one is done for all. Therefore, when their world is healing, they are healing with it.

7. The Universe knows all our true needs and is ready to fulfil them at any given time. At the end of your prayer acknowledge the power and wisdom of the Highest with something like: ‘May my wish be granted only if it serves Thy great plan of life and my predestined pathway within it. Thy will, Great Spirit, not mine be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.’

8. Thank our Creator, in whatever form you worship Him/Her, and the Angels who are serving around the throne of God, the Christ circle, for providing that which you need and that it may be forthcoming in ways that you cannot imagine with your limited earthly field of vision.

The Jesus legend tells us in St. John 14:6: ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’ To this day many believe that he was a historical figure, who once walked in our midst and who one day will reappear in our world to save and redeem those who are following him, while according to the church’s creeds, all non-believers will go to hellfire and eternal damnation. Wise ones know that the esoteric meaning behind the surface words of above quote is NOT that the only ones who can get to the Father – whichever way the Bible interprets this concept – are those who believe in the existence of Jesus and flock to Christianity’s churches to declare their following for him.

The only way of getting in touch with and becoming one again with the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born son, the Universal Christ, for all human souls on the Earth plane is by bringing forth and developing their own Christ consciousness. For a long time it slumbers in seed form in every heart, but eventually each one of us reaches the evolutionary point when we are ready for leaving literalism behind. The more we become aware of our true nature and origin, the easier it becomes to recognise the esoteric truths that are hiding behind the story of the Master’s life and death.

Believing that every word of this tale is true and should be understood literally never could assist anyone with progressing on the evolutionary spiral of life. Quite the opposite is true! Convictions of this nature have for a long provided a highly effective barrier against humankind’s conscious reunion with God. It has been the Piscean Age’s instrument for keeping us away from prematurely attempting to reconnect with our Source, as this has been predestined to take place during the Aquarian Age and that for ever increasing numbers of us.

In our communications with the highest levels of life there is no need to be afraid of anything. Our Creator and the Angels surrounding His/Her throne are all love. And because we are part of God, whether we are as yet aware of this or not, at all times each one of us has always been enfolded and nurtured by the love of God’s heart, from which our spirit once emerged. As soon as we start looking for God everywhere and especially in the people around us, in whom the God part is often difficult to see, with the right kind of approach by us it may be possible to kindle their inner light and love, so that the living God within them becomes more visible.

The following is the essence of ‘The Healing Power Of Love’ from the White Eagle publication ‘The Still Voice’. This excellent little book contains many ideas for attuning ourselves meditatively to the Highest: ‘There are many methods of healing but only one true source from which all healing flows and that is the Divine love, the foundation and origin of all life. At the head of the healing ray is the Christ Spirit in the form of the Christ Star. It is the Greatest Light and the Highest Star of the whole of Creation, whose Light comes to all who truly call. No request for Its help goes unanswered, because true prayers set up a vibration in human souls that goes from their hearts straight to the Source of their being. And if you are seeking healing, the ministering Angels take you where you need to be.

‘Pure and true prayer comes from anyone who humbly kneels before our Creator on the highest levels of life. This needs to be done in total surrender of your will to the will of God. Asking for Its guidance and protection, pray: ‘Thy will be done on the Earth as it is in Heaven. Thy will be done in my physical body. Thy will be done in my whole being.’ There is no need to hesitate, as God’s will is always for something good. Rest assured that it is God’s will that the body of each one of His/Her children of the Earth should be healthy and holy, i.e. whole with all parts integrated and functioning harmoniously as one, so that the beauty and splendour of your earthly existence can be enjoyed instead of suffering from its miseries and tears.

‘We, your Masters and guides in the spirit world pray that your hearts and minds may be filled with the love and wisdom of the Great Mother, who is guiding you into the state of being that is right for you now.’

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From ‘Healers And Healing’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 4:35 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Symbolism Of The Cross

The cross is one of the most ancient symbols known to humankind. It was not invented by Christianity, but merely adopted from much more ancient religions and cultures that preceded it. The cross’s vertical bar stands for the God’s Will, as it reaches down from Heaven to Earth. The horizontal one is the symbol of humankind’s will for as long as it crosses the Will of God and struggles against it. When the two bars at last have been taken apart and are lying peacefully side by side and working harmoniously together, there is no more cross and there is PEACE!

In its original sense it never stood for death and crucifixion, but for the goodness and blessings of Earth life. It is intended to convey the idea that the human spirit with the assistance of its Highest Self is capable of overcoming and rising above everything that happens on the physical plane. The cross contains the message that until all human spirits and souls in their earthly existence, have imbibed their lessons in the course of many lifetimes. Until they have become sufficiently evolved, they have to remain firmly fixed to the cross of consciousness of earthly life.

There is no point in fighting against any of this because the material and spiritual education that our planet alone can provide is essential for our individual and collective evolutionary development. That’s why it is compulsory and unavoidable for all of us. The best we can do is go with the flow and submit ourselves willingly to whatever presents itself to us. This brings us much more easily into harmony with the energies of the Highest Forces than anything else. We have been granted the gift of another lifetime so that we may serve them and learn how to co-operate with them.

In due course this gradually brings us back into the conscious loving union with God and the Universe we are all on the Earth to seek. Any knowledge we discover along the way is meant to be shared with our earthly siblings. With our loving support they too will eventually be able to grasp the special meaning of the evolutionary phase we and our whole world are presently moving through. For those who are ready to receive the seeds we are sowing they will fall on fertile ground and germinate. By helping to see their problems in a different light we can assist their ascent above the physical plane. It would be unreasonable to expect an immediate ending of someone’s suffering straight away, but through a fresh understanding it can at least be alleviated. An increasing awareness of what this life is all about and what is at stake can and indeed frequently does bring a spontaneous measure of relief, comfort and healing.

Misunderstood for a very long time, the legend of the Master Jesus has tried to bring us new hope by showing us how, like the Master, every human spirit and soul will eventually be capable of withdrawing from the suffering of its physical body. We all have the power within to lift ourselves on the wings of our Highest, God or Spiritual Self, above all earthly difficulties. The underlying esoteric meaning of the events of Easter always have been a hidden allegory to reveal to us how each one of us will eventually reach the evolutionary point of viewing our present existence from an ever higher perspective.

This empowers us to watch all its proceedings in the right light and with the necessary detachment. Each one of us is required to walk in the Master’s footsteps and deal with things the way he did. In my view, this is only possible when one perceives the troubles of our present existence in the above described manner. Instead of allowing ourselves being tortured and crucified by the trials and tribulations of this plane, we then become capable of dealing with them ever more objectively and dispassionately. The more one recognises them as personal and collective evolutionary lessons and passing phases of our earthly existence, the more this comes about quite naturally.

It seems to me that many of the happenings in our world, which all too easily can be perceived as people’s pure and utter selfishness, are but outer manifestations of the inner yearning of the soul of our whole world to find healing and peace. Deeply embedded in every individual soul and also in the collective is the sacred knowledge of humankind’s homecoming into its true nature and the togetherness and oneness with God and all life. Bearing this in mind, are all the struggles we presently observe around us in truth pleas that the home coming process into our true nature should be speeded up by those in charge of us on the highest levels of life?

During this difficult evolutionary phase it is hardly surprising that times are frequently difficult for all of us and that the mettle of so many is being tested and tried, almost to breaking point. So, with feet planted firmly on the ground, hearts and minds steadily focused on the highest level of life, in our role as aspiring light workers let’s keep our eyes firmly fixed on the spiritual background of this life, so it can reveal to us ever more of the truth about the higher and highest purpose and meaning not only of our present existence, but of the way all life truly functions.

Astrology can help us gain a better understanding of the many obstacles all of us are presently encountering on our journey back home into the full conscious awareness of our true nature. Never forget that Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus, in that order. Saturn here acts as the gatekeeper for the Aquarian age. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that so many of us are struggling and that on many different levels of our being. In the course of teaching us self-discipline, Saturn tests and tries us to the utmost of our endurance. Until self-mastery has been achieved none of us will be released into the greater spiritual freedom of the Aquarian age.

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From ‘Be Your Own Astrologer’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2019 5:35 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Who Or What Is God?

God to me means the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Spirit of the Universal Christ, who is the Great Light and light of all lights, the Sun above and beyond the Sun in the sky above us. The masculine aspect of the Divine is God the Father, the will and power of the Universal intelligence. This is the source from which pure creative ideas in thought form are incessantly pouring forth into all life. Its feminine counterpart is the Goddess, the wisdom and love aspect of the Holy Trinity. She receives these impulses and decides which ones are worthy of coming into manifestation, where and when, so that they can begin to grow, shaped and formed in the realities of the many different worlds that constitute the whole of God’s Creation. This includes those that are presently visible to human eyes and others on different levels of life, which for us up to now have to remain invisible.

The Divine spirit, the same as ours, is eternal and immortal. It always has been without beginning or end. It is omnipresent, omniscient and omni-potent. The law of life is love and evolution. All beings are created and born of love and destined to keep on evolving and growing forever. Nothing in the whole of Creation, on all its levels, will always continue to evolve, expand and grow through the knowledge that is constantly gathered by every one of its parts and that includes you and me. New and ever deeper insights and discoveries into this, that and the other will always be made by someone somewhere. Each soul must come to terms with this and accept that for this reason there will never be absolute truth.

So, what of God’s truth? How do we know when we are finding some of it? Because of the precious gift of freedom of choice each one of us is allowed to decide what we can and wish to take on board as our truth. Yet, every right also brings responsibilities with it and any newly found knowledge puts the onus on us for choosing wisely. Any knowledge one of us gathers, of which our inner guidance says that it is true, is meant to be shared with those around us and then used for making our world a better place for everything in it, so that all lifeforms together evolve and grow. Therefore, whenever you are reading or listening to anything, make a habit of paying attention to the responses that rise from the world of your feelings into your heart. Listen attentively, as this is the voice of your inner guidance and teacher, your intuition, communicating with you. It will never let you down or lie to you, so learn to follow it in all things.

Because there are numerous gullible people in our world and just as many who are all too happy to exploit this, be careful and refuse to take anything that comes to your attention at face-value. Everything that enters our awareness in some way flows into our consciousness and we ourselves are responsible for what we allow in. To establish whether the information before you has any validity for you, you yourself have to test and try it. You are always the bottom line and you alone can decide whether you are willing to accept or reject what someone tells you, whoever this may be. Naturally, this is also valid for my writings. It has never been my nature to wish to prescribe for anyone what to believe and what not. In any case, being aware that there is no absolute truth, who would still be foolish enough to dogmatically state this, that or the other is the ultimate truth and therefore valid for everybody?

Those who are familiar with my work know that I go to great lengths to point out the necessity for choosing carefully what we accept as our truth. Never follow anyone blindly or take their words for gospel, no matter how high and holy the person or institution may seem on the surface of things. Even though the information you are receiving from such sources may have been true when it first appeared in our world, by now it could be outdated and further insights may be waiting to be given, possibly through you. If something you hear or read does not feel right, pay attention and listen to what ideas may come to you.

Consult with your inner self by meditating and/or reflecting on any points that sound doubtful to you. Then put the matter to one side and wait to see whether what insights may come to you intuitively. When they do, do not forget to share them with those around you. In this way we shall eventually all become channels of Divine wisdom and truth, who are capable of acting as bringers of light to our world. This needs to continue until every last shred of the dark clouds of ignorance, consisting of false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions, which to this day hang over and fill the consciousness of our race, have been dispersed and peace has at last come to us and our world.

As new ideas and fresh insights are constantly flowing into my existing writings from my inner guru, my work is living proof of how, as one learns to live ever more intuitively, there is no danger of getting stuck in outdated beliefs. When the voice of the living God within constantly provides you with opportunities for checking the truth of what it has to say, you gradually learn to trust that it really does know the answer to all your questions and what is good and right for you in any given moment. The more this higher part of our nature takes over, the less one feels inclined to look for information from other sources. There comes the moment when one realises that the need for it has faded away completely. In my view, this is the greatest advantage of being taught by our inner guru. As valuable tools as some books to this day are as communication tools and educational aids, it is not hard to see that the time will come on the Earth plane when they will no longer be required, because we are all being taught by our intuition, the long awaited new World Teacher.

Shortly after finishing my reflections on ‘The Truth about Truth’, I found my notes confirmed by the Lebanese/American mystic, poet and writer, Kahlil Gibran, 1883-1931. In ‘Kahlil the Heretic’ he wrote: ‘The true light is that which emanates from within humankind. It reveals the secrets of the heart to the soul, making it happy and contented with life. Truth is like the stars. It does not appear except from behind the obscurity of the night [the darkness of ignorance]. Truth is like all beautiful things in the world. It does not disclose its desirability except to those who first feel [and have suffered at the hands of] falsehood. Truth is a deep kindness that teaches us to be content in our everyday life and share with people the same kind of happiness [so that they may find it, too]. . . This is the truth I have learnt from the teachings of the Nazarene.’

The Greek philosopher Aristotle, 384-322 BC, saw the matter as follows: ‘To say of what is, that it is – and of what is not, that it is not. That [to me] is speaking the truth.’

Recommended Reading:
• ‘Is There A God?’

From ‘Myths and Legends For The Aquarian Age’

* * * ... uarian-age

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sat Dec 14, 2019 5:25 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Is There A God?

From ‘The Treasured Writings of Kahlil Gibran – Kahlil the Heretic’ comes the following: ‘What is this mystery that plays so great a part in our lives? What is this Law that drives us into a rough road and stops us just before we reach the face of the Sun, where we might rejoice? What is this power that elevates our spirits until we reach the mountain top, smiling and glorying, and suddenly casts us to the depths of the valley, weeping and suffering? What is this life that embraces us like a lover one day and fights us like an enemy the next?’

Where does one sensibly start the exploration of such a vast theme? Maybe by first asking ourselves the most fundamental question of all, which has to be: ‘Is there a God?’ What do you think? After all that has happened and still is going on in our world, could there possibly be one? And should the answer be ‘yes’ and if our God is a loving one – as we are being told – why does He allow our world to be so full of pain, suffering, and inequalities?’ Great parts of humankind, to this day, have such a limited perception of the Eternal that they have difficulties grasping that there is a great deal between Heaven and Earth that has yet to be discovered by humankind.

Finding out who or what God is and who we are is part of the freedom of the Aquarian Age. Naturally, I can only speak for myself and I see the matter as follows: Yes, I do not only merely believe, I know that there is a God – to be more precise – a Creator. This is because I intuitively feel and that it simply cannot be any other way. Yet, I wouldn’t dream of categorically stating that this is the case. To me, like all great ideas, it’s very simple really. How could there be a Creation without a Creator? It’s got to have been created by something or someone. In my view, the answers to our questions of a spiritual nature depend on our own perception and level of awareness. In particular this applies to how and what we imagine God to be. Is it a being or is it the all-pervading energy that manifests itself in humankind not only as that which is good and right and holy, but also the lowest and most evil? The part of God all human beings on the Earth plane are ultimately striving to bring forth expresses itself in the tolerance and love we feel and the kindness we give to each other, without expecting anything in return.

Many have difficulties coming to terms with the fact that God is in everything and therefore in the best as well as the worst that is in us and our world. That which is discordant and ugly, crude and barbaric is the lower unevolved aspect which, with the passing of time, is sure to evolve into something that is good and right, beautiful and perfect. This is as much true in us as in everything else in the whole of Creation. And this must be motivated Werner Heisenberg, 1901-1976, German theoretical physicist and one of the key pioneers of quantum mechanics to write: ‘The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.’ There comes the point when one realises that all human scientific efforts can only ever be mere attempts at fathoming out and emulating the spiritual scientific laws of God.

All of us have a different perception of ourselves, our world and God. Each has only one window into these aspects and that is their own. We alone can and indeed have to decide what the Divine as well as everything else means to us. To my mind, different ways of looking at the same issues with which humankind has been wrestling since time immemorial, do not render any of the conclusions someone came to wrong or in some way inferior to another. If something has been and to this day is purposely misleading, this undoubtedly too is happening in keeping with the help and will of God and the Angels, so that we should learn to appreciate and value the truth, when it eventually comes to us, as it will when the time is right. Without the support of God and the Angels nothing can take place anywhere. And that applies as much to the various belief systems of our world as it does to the different types of astrology, like Aztec, Chinese, Karmic, Mayan and Vedic astrology.

I see us all as tiny particles of a vast whole and believe that the functioning of one of us is as important as that of all the others for the wellbeing of race and our world. Every single one of us is rare and precious in the eyes of the One who created us. And whatever we imagine this being to be, even the greatest sceptic is bound to admit that we and our world cannot have appeared out of nowhere. I believe that there is a Great Plan of life and that no matter what happens on the Earth plane, we and our world are safe. God alone – and by this I mean the Great Universal Force, Father/Mother of all life – knows the plan and holds the reigns of our world and all worlds firmly in His/Her loving hands.

For the sake of the patriarchy with its all-male Divinity, we still had to be told by the Jesus legend’s Matthew 24:34-36: ‘Even Heaven and Earth will pass away, yet my words shall not pass away. Concerning the hour and the day when this will happen, no-one knows, not even the Angels of Heaven, but the Father alone.’ But now we are allowed to know that the Angels are the executors of the God’s great plan of life and they do know that this time NOW. Heaven and Earth are not literally passing away, merely the understanding of what kind of purpose they are fulfilling for the spiritual development of our race.

In my view, there is nothing wrong with us and our world. Each one of us was created in keeping with an idea that exists in the mind of the Great Father of all life of the prototype of a perfect human being. This means someone in whom all aspects of its nature are functioning together harmoniously and peacefully the way they are doing in God. We are not some kind of messy random appearance or cosmic joke. Each one of us has been carefully placed in earthly life so that we may learn to love, appreciate and accept ourselves, just the way we are, because that is the way our Father/Mother loves us and wants us to be.

The seed of perfection is within each one of us. As Cicero, 106-43 BC, wrote: ‘Human beings were created to contemplate and reflect the Universe. They are not themselves this great perfection, they are merely particles of it.’ To help us bring forth this perfection from within, all that is required from us is that we should act in kind and loving ways and always give of our best. Through this constant striving the Christ spirit shines ever more strongly from the very core of our being into the outer self, until it has finally taken over our whole being and we have become a Christed one in our own right.

One thing is sure, as you and I will soon explore together, our life and all life is something much more beautiful and profound, as well as a great deal less complicated than any of us could ever have thought possible. Where does one start to explain? Best of all probably through an affirmation that the core of all being, including humankind’s, is spirit. We are here to find a new understanding of ourselves and to re-discover that first and foremost we are spirit. Over many lifetimes, each one of us has learnt and grown through gathering their own experiences of life in physicality. Through this, each individual and also our world developed a soul. Our own soul is part of the soul of our world; this in turn is part of the soul of the whole of Creation. Every human being is constantly feeding into it the memories of the learning that is gleaned from each experience, no matter how small or great it may be.

At the beginning of the Aquarian Age we are discovering a new type of religion that is no longer purely of the mind, but rises to the surface of our conscious awareness from the wise one or living God within who, for a long time merely in seed form, dwells in every human being’s heart. The best definition of the religions that to this day exist in our world that’s come my way to date was in a place where I would have least expected it, namely in Joanna Trollope’s novel ‘A Passionate Man’. Archie is the main character of this tale. His father has died and the local priest drops in and offers him and his wife to pray for the deceased. When Archie refuses, the priest points out: ‘But you are churchgoers. You are part of the Christian family.’ Archie’s patience is at an end and he bursts out: ‘I may be a religious man – I may have a deep religious sense – but I am not at all sure there is a God. Not our God, in any case . . .

‘Don’t you even know what religion means? Are you so hidebound by your colourless bureaucratic orthodoxy that religion only means to you this frightful modern Church with its doggerel hymns and playschool prayers? Religion is an awakened sense of some great controlling force, an awareness that above or beyond there is not just a freedom but a fulfilment. And this awareness of power and possibility makes us strive ever onwards, morally, emotionally, spiritually. What on Earth has such a concept to do with the dreary pen-pushing second-rate God you want to offer me?’

God is hard to describe in mere earthly terms, but I will try. To me, God is something infinitely more sacred and holy, a power much greater, higher and more enlightened that is radiant with the true meaning of light, compassion and love than the teachings of the old religions of our world could ever convey. With their lack of understanding for the true purpose and meaning of Earth life and the esoteric background of their own teachings, all too frequently the Ancient Teachings, which messengers from the higher and highest levels of life from time to time brought to humankind, were misunderstood and misrepresented. Sometimes this happened – as it does in many places to this day – intentionally for the purpose of manipulating the masses into obedience and submission to satisfy the lust for power of those in charge. In many such distortions were necessary because that was all our race could comprehend at the time when a new part of God’s wisdom and truth was given to our world.

Recommended Reading:
• ‘Who Or What Is God?’
• ‘Varying Perceptions Of Life – Why?’

From ‘What Is Truth?’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sun Dec 15, 2019 5:14 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
My writings have always been of an intuitive nature. The knowledge about any of the topics covered did not come to me through reading big books – or small ones for that matter. Every bit of the spiritual wisdom and truth I am sharing with you in my jottings has been and still is an integral part of my own healing journey of a thousand miles. The insights that are coming to me intuitively are accompanied by the learning I am gaining from my own experiences. Life itself has been, still is and forever will be my teacher. Therefore, one could say that my knowledge has quite literally grown organically on the tree of life.

From ‘Absorbing Spiritual Wisdom And Truth’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sun Dec 15, 2019 5:16 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Galilee Song

Deep within my heart I sense
My inner guidance whispering to me.
Thoughts like ‘Why don’t I try this, that or the other?’
Enter my mind and I intuitively know that it’s
The small still voice of my Highest Self
Calling me to follow
The highest Star and the Greatest Light
In the whole of Creation,
The Universal Christ.
It wants me to walk away
From the gloom and doom of earthly life
With its false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions,
Lying and cheating, corruption and deceptions
Into the Great Mother’s realm where nothing but
Love and peace, wisdom and truth reign.

She and Her Angels are the source of
The fresh spiritual knowledge
That’s flowing ever more powerfully into
Hearts and minds of humankind.
It provides us with new levels of understanding
That opens the doors of our innermost being,
So that the spirit of the Aquarian Age can enter.
It’s a new kind of rain that has the power
Of cleansing and purifying and through
This healing us and our world.

In this process long outdated thinking and behaviour patterns
Are shed, especially our fears that for so long kept us
Trapped in the prisons of our earthly minds.
The light we are receiving is the knowledge
That is designed to restore our race’s faith
In the basic goodness of life.
So let’s give thanks and praise for
For the golden nuggets of wisdom and truth
That for quite some time have been flowing into our world.
Through perceiving us and our world in a different light
We change the spiritual desert of our earthly existence
And transmute it into a green and flowering oasis.

Let’s leave the ocean of earthly life behind
And row the boat of our lives into the safe waters
Of the spirit realms, humankind’s true home.
Setting off from the shores we know so well
We need to look into the deepest innermost parts of our being
And search for how we can best follow and serve
The Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
And their only born Son/Daughter,
The Universal Christ Spirit.

You are our true Lord and Lady,
Master and Mistress.
How good it is to know that You
Never were a mystical figure sitting
On a throne somewhere ‘out there’,
Not caring and being interested
In the wellbeing of us and our world.
Knowing that You are with us and part of us,
Always have been and forever will be,
How can anyone not love and trust You
With all their heart and soul?
All honour, glory and praise to You.

Frank Andersen
Adapted for our time
By Aquarius

Recommended Viewing:
• ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’
J.S. Bach

There is nothing to fear when our inner guidance tells us that something is right and our heart tells us that it is safe to follow its direction, because it comes to us from the Angels around the throne of God, the Christ circle. Apart from attending to the task in hand to the best of our abilities, the only that’s required from is giving thanks and praise to the Great Father/Mother of all life. The power and glory of their love and light then wrap themselves around us like a protective cloak in which we are sheltered and safe.

When we know that, even though in earthly terms our planet is still be a lonely, cold and dark place, behind the outer appearances the warmth and love of the eternal Sun are shining. It’s good to know that every small effort of any of us is a valuable contribution towards the dispersing of the spiritual mists that to this day are surrounding our world. That’s how slowly but surely the warming rays of the Sun beyond the Sun and the gentle rain of new spiritual knowledge are bringing an increased understanding of the purpose and meaning of our existence. They are constantly working on removing the last remnants of humankind’s ignorance. In the not too distant future this is going to bring about a new spring in the evolutionary development of our world. When it has arrived at last, all Mother Earth’s kingdoms will be singing to praise the glory of the Great Father/Mother of all life’s love, wisdom and truth.

From ‘Songs Of Inspiration’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 5:02 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Religion Of The New Age

My dear children of the Earth, for you there is every reason for rejoicing and being optimistic. The mass of spiritual information that by now has become available to you and the great interest it is finding is living proof of how the collective consciousness of your race and world is ever more opening up and expanding. As pointed out earlier, to your small earthly minds all matters of faith that were ever presented to those on the Earth plane by its very nature had to remain one giant jigsaw puzzle. Now the time has come for joining its pieces together, so that a full and clear picture of My truth can emerge. This is happening now. The sections of the mystery are falling into place and magically the spiritual life of your world as one whole structure becomes visible. Even to many earthly eyes it takes on shape and meaning.

There is no reason for looking down your noses on humankind’s spiritual perceptions of the past. They all contained some grains of My wisdom and truth and in their time made a valuable contribution to the evolution of your race. Fill your hearts with gladness, for your world has reached the converging point of all its philosophies. You will gradually be able to see for yourselves how each one in its own right, and then all of them together, were never intended to be more than a means of showing you the way back home into your true nature and the oneness with Me and all life and lifeforms.

As it was in the beginning, so it will ever be. The only thing that transforms itself from time to time is your grasp of spiritual issues; that is all. There is no conflict between the old religions and the new one. The spirit guides and Masters will continue their work behind the scenes of earthly life, the way they have done for a very long time. Until the last one of you has been released from its studies on the Earth plane, they will carry on guiding and supporting each one of you, as always.

The more your perception of life changes and your understanding of the spiritual realities that lie behind your present existence increases, the more clearly will you be able to recognise each one in their true roles as your wise elder siblings in the vast family of life. Nothing has changed as far as they and you are concerned. They are still your best friends and helpers, your good shepherds in the world of light. Being responsible for guiding and protecting the souls that have been given into their care, they diligently watch over their flocks by night, i.e. in the darkness of spiritual ignorance of the Earth. For as long as they are still needed, they will be there for you to turn to and ask for help in times of distress.

Your guides and Masters in the world of light are presently preparing you and your race to occupy its rightful place in the Universe. Know that the spiritual beliefs of your world that previously served to separate you from each other, are now drawing you together again into the awareness of what, on the inner levels of life, has always been true, namely that all life is one. The further you advance into the New Age, the more each one of you will become aware that truthfully:

There is only one religion, the religion of love.
There is only one country, the whole of Mother Earth.
There is only one race and chosen people, the whole of humankind.
There is only one gender, who is androgynous, whole and holy.
There is only one language, the language of the heart.
And there is only one God, the God of love,
The Great Father/Mother of all life
And I, their only born Son/Daughter.
We are one Holy Trinity, who is
Omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

From ‘The Second Coming Is Here’

* * * ... ng-is-here

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2019 5:56 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
No Boundaries

The more we perceive
God’s presence in everything,
In us, the same as in anyone else.
Every animal, plant and tree,
Mountain and river,
The whole of Mother Earth
And even the Sun, Moon and Stars
The more we realise that
All of them are part of us.

The inner life has no boundaries
And the Universe is in us.
We ourselves are the Universe.
On the inner level all is one and
People and things are part of us and not separate.
In the light of this knowledge
We realise that truly there is nothing to fear.
The more God’s love fills our whole being,
There is no more room for negative feelings
Like greed, jealousy and hatred,
Separateness and alienation,
Which in the past were the cause of fear.

Because our inner guidance is helping us
To discern truths from untruths,
We know that this is true,
And that in reality every person we meet
Is one with us and when viewed from
The highest point of our consciousness,
Together we are dwelling in each other’s bodies.
Realising this feelings of love and compassion
For all life rise spontaneously from
The very depths of our own being.
With this peace comes to us and our world.

Genpo Sensei
Japanese Zen Monk
Edited by Aquarius

Recommended Reading:
• ‘The Fear Of Annihilation’
• ‘Waking Up From The Illusion Of Separateness’
• ‘The Purpose Of Individuality’
• ‘The Gift Of Individuality’

From ‘Joy And Sorrow’

* * * ... row-463548

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Wed Dec 18, 2019 5:16 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Living God Within

If you search for me in Christmas,
Look for a very special star.
You won’t find me in Bethlehem,
‘Cos I’m just where you are.

You may not be aware of me
Amid the celebrations.
Look towards the Highest Star
Beyond earthly decorations.

But if you take a moment
From your list of things to do
And listen to your heart, you’ll find
I’m waiting there for you.

You’re the one I want to be with,
You’re the reason that I came,
And you’ll find me in the stillness
As I’m whispering your name.

I am the small still voice of your conscience,
Your inner guidance, the living God within,
Who knows the answers to all your questions
And never leads you astray.

Lori Ciccanti
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘What Does Christmas Mean In Our Time?’

* * * ... n-our-time

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2019 4:55 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
When A Child Is Born

A ray of hope flickers through the sky,
A tiny star lights up, way up high.
All across the land dawns a brand new morn’.
This comes to pass, when a child is born.

A silent wish sails the seven seas.
The winds of change whisper in the trees,
And the walls of doubt crumble fast and torn.
This comes to pass, when a child is born.

A rosy hue settles all around.
You’ve got the feel you’re on solid ground.
For a spell or two no-one seems forlorn.
This comes to pass, when a child is born.

And all this happens, because the world is waiting,
Waiting for one child. Black, white, yellow?
No-one knows.
But a child that’ll grow up and change tears to laughter,
Hate to love, war to peace and everyone to everyone’s neighbour
And misery and suffering will be words
That will be forgotten forever.

It’s all a dream and illusion now,
It must come true, sometime soon somehow.
All across the land dawns a brand-new morn’.
This comes to pass, when a child is born.

F. Jay

To my mind, this song is about every human spirit and soul who is re-entering earthly life to partake in another spell of learning and growing from the experiences and opportunities that are only on offer in this world. That’s why I suggest a small change from: ‘This comes to pass, when a child is born,’ to: ‘This comes to pass, each time a child is born.’

I believe that the long promised child our world has been waiting for never meant another appearance of the Master Jesus. God and the Angels created him as a symbol for the higher Christ or God nature of every human being and for wise higher reasons presented him to us in the form of a new legend. Every one of Jesus tale’s participants only ever existed as a thoughtform that in due course, when it has served its purpose, will gradually be removed from the consciousness of our world.

Whenever a new spirit is first released into earthly life, a spark of the Christ Spirit is deeply implanted in its heart and soul where it slumbers during the initial stage of our earthly development. This part of our being – independent of what phase of development we have reached at that moment – receives the special blessing of an especially powerful outpouring of the Christ love that flows into everything in our world at Christmas from the Highest levels of life. The second coming of the Christ is a metaphor for this process which eventually takes places in each individual soul and simultaneously the collective soul of our whole world.

Eventually there comes the moment when our own Christ characteristics begin to unfold. With this the desires of the small earthly self gradually shrink into the background of our consciousness until they have gone from us completely. This process, however, does not change anyone into a reincarnation of Jesus, for the simple reason that he never existed in earthly life. The best any one of us can do is walk in the footsteps of a spiritual Master as depicted in the Jesus legend. There is nothing wrong and everything right with following the Master’s example and striving to be as good and kind, tolerant and loving to everybody the way the story describes him. Yet, we shall always remain the same individual being with the earthly personality that could have taken us thousands of lifetimes to develop.

The newly born in the manger is an allegory for the first stirrings of the Divine characteristics. During the whole of everyone’s evolutionary odyssey from fool to wise one, sinner to saint, they have always been waiting to come alive. The realisation that, when the time is right, this happens for everybody adds a whole new dimension to our present existence. When they are at last capable of grasping this, even the least devout ones among us are likely to humbly bend their knees with love and devotion before the Holy child in everybody, including themselves, and its true parents, the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ.

Recommended Reading:
• ‘Away In A Manger’
• ‘The Miracle Of Birth’

From ‘Healing Corner For Parents And Children’

* * * ... s-children

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Fri Dec 20, 2019 6:29 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Christmas Message 2018

The Birth Of The True Christ Child

The following is the essence of several teachings of the White Eagle group of spirit guides I found in the Lodge’s calendar November/December 2018: ‘If you find yourself quietly working in the background of earthly life, even the smallest effort any one of you makes to transform your world into a more peaceful place is greatly appreciated by the Highest Forces of life. You are much needed for the vital work of projecting the blessing and healing power of the Christ Star’s light into the darkest spiritual corners of your world.

‘Each one of you is like a small lamp, which God and the Angels for some time have been lighting in increasing numbers of human hearts. They are very much in need of your help because the flame of your loving service is a particularly clear and steady one. This is of immense value for the Angel’s mission of healing you, individually and collectively, and helping your race to become aware of the special place it occupies in the great family and siblinghood of all life.

‘To this day the Jesus legend tells you: ‘Blessed are the peacemakers. Their work shows that they are worthy of being called God’s children of the Earth.’ Those who have become aware of their true nature and whose inner eyes are open, have no difficulties grasping why the higher esoteric meaning of the Jesus tale had to remain hidden behind its surface words for such a long time. They appreciate that the story was specifically designed in this manner by God and the Angels because its wealth of symbolisms should not be revealed too early.

‘From the beginning of humankind’s existence in earthly life, God’s great plan of life decreed that the truth about this legend should gradually be disclosed when the time and energies are right. This is what they are now and that’s why ever more of you understand that the ultimate aim of every human being in earthly life is an exceedingly high and holy one. By the end of their earthly education each one of them will have evolved into a Christed one, a healer and peacemaker of your world, and a young God in the making. Being aware of it, do whatever you can to create as peaceful conditions as possible in your heart and around you, wherever you may find yourself placed by the lessons of your life. And do not overlook that, no matter how simple your daily work may appear to you, that you are still providing loving service to the One.

‘The message of the Angels is one of wisdom and love; it is the same today as it always has been. From the beginning of humankind’s earthly existence, God and the Angels inspired the writing of tales and legends that slowly but surely took humankind closer to the glad tidings of the greatest joy of all: its spiritual rebirth and that of your whole world. The great plan provides that this should happen in the fullness of time, but that until the time and energies would be right, the knowledge that symbolisms and metaphors for the spiritual guidance of humankind are hidden behind the surface words of the stories should remain undisclosed.

‘Now that the Age of Aquarius has been with you for some time, the esoteric higher meaning of the birth of the Christ child in a manger in Bethlehem can be told. The child is a symbolism for the Divine spark that eventually begins to stir in every human heart and the Christ spirit is born into earthly life. The manger represents the human heart, the most humble place on Earth. Bethlehem and God’s chosen people stands for the whole of humankind. You can observe all around you how in ever more human hearts the spark is waking up and Christ children are being born.

‘Whenever one of you during your meditations, prayers and quiet reflections turns to God and the Angels and us, your spirit guides and helpers, to ask for our assistance, your earthly mind tunes itself into the frequencies of our levels of life. And that makes it possible for our blessing and healing energies to flow through you into everything that shares the Earth with you. Each time this happens, the Heavens rejoice and sing: ‘Hallelujah.’ Your whole world’s inner spiritual level responds with: ‘Praise be to God in the Highest and peace and goodwill to Mother Earth and all her kingdoms.’

‘Extra special greetings and blessings from God and the Angels are going to those who are working hard on overcoming their addictive behaviour patterns of any kind. Their message for you is: ‘Never give up. Keep on keeping on. We are with you and around you at all times. More than that: we are part of you. Yet, unless you ask for our help we cannot give it to you. Such is the law of the Universe, God’s law. But as soon as you reach out for us, we gladly provide you with the courage and strength you need for conquering and rising above the drives and urges of your lower earthly nature.’

Recommended Reading:
• ‘The Great Plan Of Life Unfolds’

From ‘Leaving Addictions Behind’

* * * ... ons-behind

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sat Dec 21, 2019 5:34 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Let It Be

The Angels and Masters in the
Spiritual background of earthly life
Are in charge of us and our world.
They are the voice of the Great Father/Mother
An of my conscience.
Whenever I’m in trouble,
Their wisdom and love speak to me:
‘Be still, My child,
There’s a reason for everything
And answers to all your questions.
Let Me show the way and
Refuse to rush into things.
For a while let them be,
So I can show you intuitively
How to respond.
Just let it be.

In my deepest, darkest hours
This voice whispers: ‘Let it be.’
And even if the broken-hearted people
Of our world as yet cannot recognise this presence,
The only thing they need to do is ask
For their guidance and protection
Which will never be denied.

That’s how, in due course,
Everybody learns about the living God within
And through their own experiences finds out that
That God is as much part of us as we are of God,
That no-one is ever apart from God,
And that with the help and will
Of God and the Angels,
The right way of handling
Any situation is sure to be found.
Just tell them about your troubles
Follow their advice
And let it be.

Spiritual wisdom and truth are God’s light.
Whenever my life clouds over,
I ask for the radiance of this light
To shine onto my problems
And intuitively show me the way forward.
Knowing that it is always the right one for me,
Even though it may not be for anyone else,
And that this will continue forever,
It’s easy to let people and things be.

That’s how in any difficult situation
Divine love and wisdom can soon take over.
And I hear my inner guidance whispering:
‘Look for the lesson, be patient, My child.
Allow yourself to be and rest safely in the knowledge
That the answers to all your questions will
Never fail to come and light your way.

Just let yourself be and enjoy the voyage
Of your earthly existence as much as you can,
Bearing in mind that it’s merely a passing phase
On spirit/soul’s long evolutionary journey.’

Paul McCartney
Edited by Aquarius

Recommended Viewing:
• ‘Let It Be’

‘Being part of and at one with the Great Father/Mother of all life, your soul is psychic and therefore as familiar with the past as the present and future. The Great Mother is the soul of the whole of Creation. She is the wise one within who knows the answers to every one of your questions. All She desires is to protect the human race against destroying itself. She has always been with you and part of you. When you laugh, she enjoys herself with you. And when you are sad and lonely or in pain, She suffers with you. We speak most earnestly to all of you and urge you to bring forth and develop the highest and noblest qualities of the Great Mother. The Virgin Mary of the Jesus legend as the mother of God is but one of Her many symbols.’

Extract from a teaching of the White Eagle group of spirit guides in
‘Spiritual Wisdom And Understanding A Growing Organism’

From ‘Don’t Give Up’

* * *