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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 6:26 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
As You Like It

Another Recipe For A Wholesome New Year

Take equal quantities of economy, industry,
Cleanliness, regularity, and watchfulness.
Allow them to simmer together
In the vessel called conscience.
When cool add sufficient spirit of authority
And good humour to taste.
If not clear, add a few grains of resolution.
While fit for use in one year,
It will keep a very long time
And improve with age.

Alice Emily Allen

From ‘Hope & Encouragement’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Tue Jan 07, 2020 5:25 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Best Is Yet To Come

There probably isn’t anyone on the Earth plane who does not agree that we are living in exceptionally difficult times. Yet, they are also exciting and important beyond compare. This is due to the fact that ever more of us are waking up to their true nature and becoming aware that all of us are constantly in the process of laying the foundation stones for the rest of our present lifetime, as well as all futures ones. Whether they will be spent on the Earth plane or on other levels of existence, it is my firm belief that, individually and as a race, by far the best part of our evolution is yet to come.

For those who fail to make an effort at finding the true purpose of their existence on the Earth plane, it may well be necessary to return to it in a future life and doing the whole thing all over again. That’s why suicide is never an option when the going gets tough. I do not want to come back yet again, not if I can help it, do you? I would really rather try to get everything as right as I possibly can, this time round.

But why are we here in the first place? The way I understand the matter is that we have been placed in this life to achieve the wholeness and perfection that is in God. We consist of the same polarities and dualities that are in God and our task as healers and lightbringers is to balance them with each other, to achieve the perfect equilibrium of the Divine. Most of us are probably still a long way from this goal, in which case there is nothing for it but to keep on accepting and loving ourselves, in spite of the fact that we are mere human beings with all their shortcomings and character flaws. But there is also another far more important aspect of our nature and that is our spirit and soul. They are of Divine origin and immortal and for ever more of us the time has come to get in touch with them and learn to live in peace and harmony with them.

I can think of no better tool than astrology to assist us with gaining a deeper understanding first of ourselves and our own predestined pathway through life, and then of those around us. Studying every one of my interpretations of the Sun signs is a good starting point. Getting to know the positive and negative qualities and expressions of our own sign and then of all the others in my view is a unique and special way of learning to love, appreciate and respect ourselves as the precious and unique beings we truly are. Only from this love and with an ever deepening understanding of life’s purpose and meaning in general can grow a genuine respect and appreciation for everybody and everything that shares our world with us.

The energies are now right for doing this and many friends and helpers who are invisible to earthly eyes are reaching out for us in these difficult times. All we have to do is attune the receiver/transmitter station of our earthly mind into the frequencies of higher and highest levels of life where they are dwelling and for a long time have been waiting for our call. When we willingly work hand in hand with them and bring forth the best that is in us to unselfishly serve them, we can act as their channels through which the blessing and healing energies of the Highest can flow into our world.

If we don’t know how to go about this, we need to ask them to show us how to gain more confidence, drive and initiative and a proper appreciation of ourselves as a valuable member of the human race. To enable us to tap into and bring forth our inner resources, it is essential to develop our intuition, our inner teacher. This is best done through meditations, prayers and quiet reflections and by listening within, so that the living God within can communicate with us in full consciousness. All the knowledge in the Universe is within us. No outside influences are involved in this, everything comes from deep inside our own being. Trying it out to see for ourselves how it works, we stand everything to gain and nothing to lose.

And because the law of life is love and evolution, every lifeform is constantly moving forwards and upwards on an evolutionary spiral. That’s why it is quite justified – and by no means foolishly optimistic and unfounded – to expect that with the passing of time earthly life too will get better and easier to cope with. Through developing more positive and constructive thinking and behaviour patterns, each one of us is required to do their share of bringing healing and peace to us and our world.

Beautiful Things
Knowing that beautiful things are right and true,
And that beautiful actions please God,
Helps wise ones to develop their inward sense of
What is right, true and beautiful.

The highest wisdom is to trust
One’s intuition and following its guidance,
For the answer to the last appeal of what is right or wrong
Lies within everybody’s own heart.
So, trust thyself.

Aristotle 384-322 BC
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Food For Thought – Volume 1’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Wed Jan 08, 2020 6:03 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
A Message Of Hope From The Lords Of Karma - Part One

In the middle of December 2014, at the time of putting the finishing touches to the chapter, ‘Saturn And The Lords Of Karma’, the December 2013/January 2014 issue of Stella Polaris of the White Eagle Lodge arrived. It contained a New Year’s Address by the White Eagle group of guides under the heading ‘Behold, I Make All Things New!’ I would like to share the essence of this message with you as follows:

Once again you stand at the threshold of a new year. Before you are fresh opportunities for serving God and helping forward the spiritual evolution of the new age of Aquarius. In spite of the over-enthusiastic materialism of Earth life, the veil between the two worlds is constantly growing thinner, and each one of you can be an instrument of God to bring about the required change in the minds of the people that is capable of transforming their outlook on life. Everybody can become such a tool as soon as the true purpose and meaning of your existence on the Earth plane has been understood. Through you the light of the new spiritual revelation that is now coming to humankind is meant to spread throughout your world.
We bid you reach to the source of all life and light, to the living God, to the Eternal Light, which is the life of each one of you. ‘Behold, I make all things new! I, God, Father/Mother, the Source from whom all derive their being.’ We, your guides in the world of light, have said these things to you time and again. We make no excuse for this, as it is a truth that cannot be emphasised too strongly. As old as Eternity, it is the source of your strength and hope, comfort and happiness. Not only for this personal joy must you seek and work for the light, but for the wellbeing of your whole world.

When you take a closer look at the state of your planet and people’s conflicting minds, your hearts may feel sad or maybe even filled with fear and wondering what the coming year may bring. The Masters and Lords of Karma, who control and direct humankind’s progress, are waiting to reveal to those whose hearts are pure and simple the truth of what lies ahead. From these great beings we bring to you this message for the coming New Year.

In spite of uneasiness and fear of increased conflict, they tell us that the new age is destined to bring a fresh revelation of God’s love, wisdom and truth to humankind. However, before it can come the hearts and souls of all of your world has to be prepared. A furrow needs to be ploughed before any seed can ever be sown and the plough carrying out this work is constantly toiling on the Earth plane. Not surprisingly, many are finding this process unpleasant because it means shedding preconceived ideas, prejudices and false beliefs about themselves, others and life in general. They may have held them dear for a very long time, in some cases over many lifetimes. Yet, no matter how deeply ingrained some of them have become and how difficult they are to shed, each one of them must go.

The new age brings to you a wonderful and glorious revelation of life in a spiritual way, which is a celebration of the spiritual siblinghood and kinship with all life. Humankind has to learn that it cannot live for itself and that every thought, word and deed of yours affects not only the whole of your race but the rest of God’s Creation. Each one of you eventually has to come to the conclusion that whatever you gain for yourselves alone you cannot enjoy. It is impossible to be happy while many of your siblings in the great family of humankind remain in want. Spiritually personal happiness depends upon the welfare of everybody else.

This is a hard lesson and that is why much conflict arises during the ploughing of the field. However, when the first furrow is completed, the ploughman keeps his vision straight ahead and concentrates on his distant goal. Do not allow the opinions and fears of the world to deflect you, but keep your vision steadily fixed upon the Highest. Remember that with every passing day the Lords of Karma are offering each one of you fresh opportunities for restoring the balance of your spiritual bankbooks.

To this day many believe that the law of Karma is an unfair law, when in truth it is nothing of the kind for two reasons. On the one hand it offers you openings for paying off your karmic debts, and on the other it assists you with climbing ever higher upon the golden stairway that in the end leads every human spirit and soul back into the very heart of God’s Kingdom. The wise ones among you therefore consider each new year as one that is laden with chances for working their way through the last remnants of the darkness that over the ages has accumulated in their own souls and the soul of your world.

Some of you are heavy with sorrow because their loved ones are suffering. We are aware how hard it is for you to have to remain still, to be unable to do anything to help. Whenever you witness any kind of suffering of body or mind that you are unable to heal, remind yourself that the sufferer is passing through a condition of life that will eventually bring them into the light. Your contribution is to ever hold your loved ones into the light of the Highest and pray that sufficient hope and courage will come to their soul to make good.

We assure you that the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, is a God of infinite love, tenderness and mercy. Each one of His/Her children of the Earth is destined to go through experiences on your present plane of existence that eventually brings them the happiness and peace they are longing for. That’s why we are bringing you this message of hope and comfort. For what takes place in each individual personal life simultaneously happens in the collective. What you observe in your world that appears to be painful is the road your whole race must travel. That which you see in someone’s personal suffering is the pathway of that particular soul.

The story of the life of the Master Jesus, the blessed Christ, was once given to humankind as an allegory. It demonstrates how every human spirit and soul, as soon as it has become sufficiently evolved, is required to conduct not only its daily life on the outer plane but – far more importantly – its thoughts and feelings on the inner level. The birth of Jesus, his temptations, illumination, crucifixion and ascension were given to provide your world with illustrations of the initiations, i.e. experiences all of you eventually have to undergo on the way that takes you home into the full conscious awareness of your true nature and oneness with God.

Some day you will be able to compare the experiences of your own spiritual development with parables and allegories of the Christian Gospels. As you accept with patience and in sweet surrender the inevitable difficulties that had to encounter along the road, you will feel flowing into you the power of the Christ light and Its life-force who is constantly making all things new.

This energy can only come to any of you by degrees, very simply and slightly at first. You may occasionally become aware of a glow in your heart and a harmony that is working to shape your life anew. If you direct the right thoughts and put into action the law of love and direct it towards anyone you come into contact with, especially when adverse circumstances have to be faced, you will soon discover that quite magically things gradually smooth themselves out.

When your life begins to flow more easily, as surely it will, you may think to yourself: ‘Life is so good to me!’ You are beginning to realise that beyond the reach of your own efforts there is a power and a love at work that is helping you to conduct your life more harmoniously and peacefully. There will be a glow in your heart that brings a sweet happiness. This sometimes remains with you only for a few minutes, if you are lucky several hours or even days, but then to your disappointment it disappears. These feelings come to help you become aware of the Divine power and light that alone can bring human souls an inward peace and happiness that is beyond all worldly understanding. There is no way that those who are purely worldly minded can ever dwell in this peace, the glowing light and the supreme happiness it does bring to awakening and awakened souls.

These things are realisations that come to you occasionally and by degrees. They will increase as your life advances and you move forwards and upwards on a spiral of light that represents a lighted stairway that eventually brings all human souls into the eternal Kingdom of light and joy. Each one who reaches that state of consciousness has become a true child of God and a saviour of all humankind. No-one can be truly happy in this manner without also helping many others to reach the same state.

Anyone who has passed through great earthly tribulation ultimately enters into the full consciousness of Heaven and reaches the supreme realisation of humankind’s spiritual kinship and siblinghood with all life. From that point onwards you live to serve the many instead of yourself. When you have reached this evolutionary phase, you may at some stage of your own free will descend once more onto the Earth plane and live in an ordinary physical body. Through this the special role you are playing will remain unrecognised by those who are still dwelling in the shadows of their spiritual ignorance.

From ‘Our World In Transition’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Thu Jan 09, 2020 5:48 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Message Of A Hope From The Lords Of Karma - Part Two

If I Be Raised, I Will Raise All People

Souls who have decided to come again into the darkness of earthly life out of love for their fellow beings are radiating God’s light from their loving hearts. They are walking hand in hand with God and the Angels and in due course their mere presence helps to transmute the very physical atoms of the Earth. This raises the vibrations of the whole planet and that’s the higher esoteric meaning of the Jesus legend’s: ‘If I be raised up, I will raise all people.’

Through us the Universal Christ is bringing you the following message today: ‘The heart of every human being at the beginning of its earthly existence contains a spark of My light in a slumbering state. For a long time it remains this way, but as soon as another earthling has evolved sufficiently, the spark wakes up and the lower self begins to bring forth and practise its Divine characteristics, which each one of you alike inherits from Me. With every one to whom this happens I, the Universal Christ, am being raised and the power of My light increases in your world. This in turn raises the vibrations not only of the whole of humankind and your world, but also the whole of Creation. The more you use your Christ energies, the higher and finer your own vibrations become, the more you become like Me and at one with Me.’

At all times spirit guides are accompanying and trying to help you. Alas, the measure of assistance we can provide you with depends on the faith and trust in the basic goodness of life you have developed at any given moment. Everything depends how you respond to your inner guidance, the living God within, the intuitive knowledge that comes to you from your Christ Self. But no matter what happens to you, we shall never leave you. We understand the trials and tribulations you have to endure much better than you do, because like you we once walked the Earth and during the initial stages of our education there, we had to work our way through very similar ones.

There are many groups of spirit helpers and each one of them is headed by a Master. The Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, is the architect and designer of the Great Plan of life. The Angels are its executors and in charge of every lifeform that exists anywhere in the whole of Creation. The Angelic hierarchy is responsible for the unfoldment of the plan and that, with the help of countless spirit friends and helpers, it keeps on unfolding in the right way and at the right time. Even though we are invisible to earthly eyes, rest assured that we are there. Without the spiritual background of your present existence and us there would be no life on the Earth.

And let there be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the reigns for the grand design rest safely in our Creator’s loving hands. Allow no-one to convince you otherwise and wherever you may find yourself, do what your inner guidance tells you what is good and right for you, at that particular moment. You have every reason to trust that, independent of what may still have to take place in your world, everything will always be well with you and it.

Referring to the law of Karma and its keepers, the Christian gospels tell you in St Matthew 5:18: ‘For truly I say to you, until Heaven and Earth pass away, not even a yoth or a dash shall pass away from the law, until all of it is fulfilled.’ Note: a yoth is the smallest letter in the Aramaic and Hebrew language. As far as the Great Plan of life is concerned, to paraphrase St Matthew 24: 35-36: ‘Even Heaven and Earth will pass away, but My words of wisdom and truth shall remain forever. The meaning of the words Heaven and Earth have been in the process of passing away for some time. The Angels of the Christ Circle, the throne of God, are conducting this process. They do know when it is complete, but they are not going to tell us, we too have to trust and wait, just like you.’

All we can tell you at present that you have every reason to look forward to the future with hope and confidence. Rest assured that everything will work out perfectly. Do not be disturbed unduly by the things that to this day are happening in your world. Every one of them serves as an educational tool for the unfoldment of the grand design for your race and your planet. They are necessary for the lessons that have not yet been sufficiently grasped by the younger and less experienced souls in your midst.

Instead of worrying and getting upset, look up and tune the receiver/transmitter station of your earthly mind into the frequencies of the highest forces of life. For a long time they have been working ceaselessly on the awakening of the Divine spark in the hearts of ever more human beings, whatever their evolutionary state may be. The contact with these forces alone can bring you and your world the peace and harmony for which deep down every human heart and soul is yearning deeply. Never give up hope that eventually a united world will emerge that has but one government for the whole of humankind.

Even now, ever more of you are becoming aware of the fact that no-one can live only unto themselves and that the same is also true for the countries of your world. So, do your best to establish the spirit of siblinghood and goodwill on the Earth by conducting your own life in this manner. Wise ones appreciate that there is nothing to fear from those who to this day insist on putting themselves outside of that which is good, right and true. These sages know that in due course, in God’s time rather than their own, the inner eyes of every perpetrator against the Cosmic laws will be opened. They will then realise the error of their ways and start to change their behaviour, just the same as you once did.

Eventually, everything that is no longer of use and desirable on the Earth plane will be absorbed into power and light of the Christ Star, the Sun beyond the Sun, to be uplifted and transmuted into blessing and healing energies for the whole of Creation. Meanwhile rest assured that humankind’s existence will never end because each one of you is a spark of the Divine. The true Christ-Mass is taking place with each one of you who awakes into the awareness of their true nature and starts to bring forth the characteristics of their own Christ nature.

With that we leave you, dear children of the Earth. Be consoled and rest safely in the knowledge that God is love and wisdom as well as merciful. God be with you and bless each one of you. We wish you a happier and more peaceful and contented New Year than you have ever had in your present incarnation and many previous ones. Our love, dear ones, all our love to you. Your guides in the world of light.

The best is never over,
The best has never gone.
There’s always something beautiful
That keeps us marching on.

There is a compensation
For every cross we have to bear,
And a secret consolation,
Always waits for us somewhere.

Every end is a new beginning
And as one day we’ll surely see,
The best is never over,
The best is yet to be.

And because the law of life
Is love and evolution,
With evolution based on love,
That is by no means an empty promise
For every human being and our whole world.

The following is the essence of a White Eagle Monday Thought 27.6.2016 that arrived in my inbox when I had just finished updating the above chapter: ‘It is one thing to learn about scientific facts, as you call them, as well as spiritual or occult truth. Until you have built into your soul body the constructive God-atoms of light, you will be unable to serve life the way you would like to. There is a great difference between knowing with your mind and knowing with your inner self. The latter brings forth from you spontaneous good thoughts, words and actions because you then instinctively project the light of love that is within you. This light is creative and capable of raising the very atoms and vibrations of your whole world. And each time you think light and good, you are the co-creator with God of a beautiful world and humankind.’

From ‘Our World In Transition’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2020 6:20 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
This new part of my jottings is being launched today, the 10th January 2020. It is the day of the full Moon in Cancer, the sign of the caring and nurturing aspect of the Divine Trinity, the Great Mother of all life. The full Moon in any sign is always a time for finding enlightenment. It does not need to consist of mind-blowing and Earth-shattering revelations. Sometimes it brings us flashes of enlightenment about ordinary daily events that have been puzzling us for a long time. Suddenly we understand! That’s the healing magic of the Moon and the Great Mother’s wisdom and love at work. In Cancer the Moon is in its own sign and Her energies therefore have extra strength.

‘Be A Miracle Worker’

Part One

From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

Miracles And Wonders – Part One

True Miracles

To update what the Angels and I told you in the Jesus legend’s St. John 14:12: ‘Truly I tell you, in the fullness of time every one of you will also do the works that I am believed to have done. You will be performing even greater ones, because unlike Me you really exist and are one with the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, and the hierarchy of their Angels.’ Now that the age of truth is with you, the time has come for even the last one of you to discover that in truth the Divine Trinity consists of the Great Father/Mother of all life and Me, their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ. There never has been a separation between us and you. We have always been at one with every human being, regardless of what the religions of your world tried to make you believe.

Jesus was not a historical person but merely created as a thoughtform, the higher esoteric meaning of the miracles this God-man performed for long enough have been hiding behind the surface words of the tale that was woven around him. Having reached the age of truth, your world has the right to know that a) because the miracles were part of a myth, like Jesus they never existed in the realities of earthly life; b) Jesus is the symbolism of every human being’s higher God or Christ nature. As soon as another one of you has evolved into a channel of My Light, the Angels of healing and peace can manifest ever greater true wonders and miracles through them. See the first three links at the end of this chapter.

Sharing with as many as possible the knowledge the Angels and I for some time have been bringing to your world, potentially provides every human being with the power of making the blind see and the deaf hear. It’s as simple as helping those, who so far have been blind and deaf to their true nature and the wise higher purpose of their existence, find a better understanding of these things. The esoteric meaning behind Literally and metaphorically speaking, feet represent humankind’s understanding and Jesus washing the feet of his disciples is a symbolic description of this process.

The world of your emotions is ruled by the Earth element water. And the parable of Jesus walking on the water represents getting hold of the world of your feelings and mastering them, so that they no longer rule you and your life. Being in charge of this aspect of your nature is one of the most vital lessons on the road to gaining spiritual Mastership. Every human being – whether someone is as yet aware of it or not – has always been walking this pathway. The whole of the Jesus legend depicts the behaviour and reactions to people and circumstances that is expected of those who have mastered the earthly part of their being and through this evolved into a Christed one in their own right.

However, no spiritual progress is possible for as long as you are holding onto false beliefs like Jesus as a historical figure, it will remain impossible for the Angels and Me to work any kind of miracle through you. Your small earthly self needs to freely and willingly, totally and unconditionally surrender itself to its heavenly counterpart, your God or Christ nature, of which Jesus is a symbol. When your higher nature has completely taken over its lower counterpart and they truly have become one, you are at one with the will and wishes of the Divine Trinity. As soon as you are following without hesitation the guidance you receive intuitively from the Angels and Masters around My throne, the Christ Circle, and when the last one of our karmic debts has been redeemed, by none other than you yourself, healing miracles can come about. The first one is relieving you of your afflictions and when, as a result, our energies are flowing unhindered through you, also for those around you. Only then!

The selfish desires of your earthly nature for fame, glory and mountains of earthly possessions have to be left behind by aspiring healers and lightbringers, pathfinders and miracle workers in waiting. when of your own free will you have be nailed them to the cross of your present existence, nothing will stand in the way of unselfishly serving Me for the highest good and the greatest joy of all humankind as laid down in the Divine great plan of life. And that’s how eventually even the last and slowest small earthly self will evolve into a channel through which our energies can flow with ever increasing strength into Mother Earth and all her kingdoms for the blessing and healing of all their lifeforms.

The spirit/souls of the human race were created specifically to assist their home planet with the evolutionary journey from a purely material place to a spiritual one. Every one of you started their existence as an idea in the Great Father’s mind. As a minute spark of My Light it enters its physical counterpart, the small earthly self. For all of you the education in the school of Earth life is compulsory. Naturally, it starts at the lowest point of the evolutionary spiral which moves everything in the whole of Creation slowly but surely forwards and upwards. This continues until the highest levels of life have been reached by all manifestations of life. In the case of humankind this means the lower earthly self, in the fullness of time, evolving into a Christed one in its own right who behaves and acts in full consciousness of its true higher nature and oneness with the Divine Trinity.

Each new earthly lifetime, regardless of how hard and difficult it may turn out to be in the end, was not inflicted upon you by anyone or anything in the whole of Creation, especially not by your Creator. They were chosen by none other than each one of you yourselves. Even though your lower earthly selves are unaware of it for a long time, the spirit realm is your true home from which you emerge anew at the beginning of every new earthly sojourn and to which you return at the end of it. You stay there and enjoy a period of rest and recuperation from the stresses and strains of earthly life. But eventually you realise that if you ever wish to progress sufficiently on your evolutionary journey to be released from spending more lifetimes in physicality. There is nothing for it but applying for another spell of taking part in the lessons of the earthly school of life, to assist you with maturing into spiritual adulthood.

No-one ever forces you to do anything. You are always the bottom line, hand in hand with the wise ones in charge of you, you decide what kind of a lifetime looks like the most promising one for propelling you forwards and upwards on your ascent of the spiritual mountain of life. The Divine spark in every earthly self at some stage of your development stirs from its slumbering state. Slowly but surely the lower part of you then becomes consciously aware of who and what you truly are and that you have always remained at one with your Creator.

Wise ones are under no illusions while they are resting in the world of spirit. They know full well that earthly life is a hard road that is strewn with rocks and boulders of all shapes and sizes. They appreciate that it is also a thorny one where plenty of enticing sweetly scented roses flower by the roadside that need to be handled with the greatest of care because they have some nasty thorns. This does not surprise them because they are aware that each one of you without exception, My beloved children of the Earth, is a young God in the making. Every human being is a ‘chip off the old block’, as the people of your world like to say. Indeed you are, but of Me and not of your earthly parents. You merely come through them. You are not of them and do not belong to them, you belong to Me. The essence of you is spirit/soul and your true home is My realm.

Recommended Reading:
• ‘All Life Is Evolution’
• ‘The Law Of Life Demands Evolution’
• ‘Witnessing Evolution’
• ‘Charles Darwin – One Of The Fathers Of The Evolutionary Theory’
• ‘Was I Ever A Dinosaur?’
• ‘How Did It All Begin?’

From ‘Be A Miracle Worker’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 5:40 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Miracles And Wonders – Part Two

Co-Creators With God

Although at first they are present merely in seedform, every human being has inherited all my characteristics and powers and is a microcosm of the macrocosm of the whole of Creation. The way the parts of your physical body correspond to the planets of your solar system is clear evidence of this. See the relevant link at the end of this chapter. You are My co-creators and therefore constantly in the process of creating something. Whatever is in your life at any given time was created by you alone and you are responsible for every aspect of it. Your earthly personality is your own doing and what kind of parents you get in each new lifetime depends on how you behaved towards your offspring in previous ones.

Every one of you was created after the prototype of the perfect human being that exists as an idea in the Great Father’s mind. Initially untouched by anything that happens on the earthly plane of life, His will and power in close co-operation with the love and wisdom of his feminine counterpart, the Great Mother, once created the beginnings of the human race there. And that is the higher esoteric meaning behind the tale of the immaculate conception.

You are young Gods in the making and manifestations of the Great Father/Mother and Me, as well as the rest of the whole of Creation. In the course of many lifetimes each has to serve their apprenticeship through taking part in the lessons of the school of earthly life. To assist you with becoming familiar with every aspect of any kind of experience that is available on that plane and to ensure that your curriculum is thoroughly learned and never forgotten, it is of the greatest importance that all of you get to know both sides of every picture. That’s why in some of your lifetimes you find yourself at their giving end and in others on the receiving one.

The Sun in your birthchart is the symbolism of Me. I am the Sun behind the Sun in the sky above your world. I am the Sun of all Suns and the Light of all lights. Your birthchart’s Sun shows your small earthly self the way forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. The Moon is doing its best to hold you back and keep you in the past. But because of its directness My Light is more powerful and this is how I am constantly drawing all lifeforms, not merely those of the Earth, into My loving embrace.

The Moon represents the personality of your easily frightened lower earthly self. With its fear of the unknown and the future it clings to that which it knows as tried and tested to be good. You will not find this surprising when you consider humankind’s history and the harrowing lifetimes every one of you is bound to have experienced in the early stages of their earthly education. This applies particularly to the approx. six thousand years of the patriarchy’s with its expressions of the masculine lust for power, empire building and warmongering. And the all-masculine patriarchic religions provided the males of your species with ever more excuses for warring, in the name of a God who never existed, against those who followed different belief systems. To teach you the value of peace and truth, that’s how the characteristics and powers of the Great Father – in the absence of the love and wisdom of His feminine counterpart – expressed themselves in your world in ever more cruel and destructive ways.

This false belief was purposely created for the above mentioned reason by the Angels and Masters around My throne, the Christ Circle. Regardless of this, the will and power of the Great Father and the love and wisdom of the Great Mother have never ceased to move the whole of Creation from the lowest point of the evolutionary spiral with its crude and unevolved state forwards and upwards to something that is more beautiful and perfect. In your world, with its lack of understanding of this process, lower states are perceived as bad, ugly and evil, for example in the case of young and inexperienced spirit/souls. But in truth they too are on their personal journey of growing into something that is good and right, beautiful and perfect, in keeping with the idea of the Father’s mind.

On the whole you reincarnate one lifetime after another into the same groups and families. But the more spiritually mature of you also take part in the cultures of other countries around your world, to become familiar with and practise their belief systems. That’s how old and experienced spirit/souls are likely to have taken part in Christianity’s inquisition and witch hunting, as well as the human sacrifices of the Inca religion in the part of your planet that is now known as Latin America. Through this they have been getting to know the lower and lowest drives and urges of humankind’s nature, both at the giving and also the receiving end.

The Divine spark of the earthly personality of every one of you is a tiny part of Me through which I am experiencing and getting to know another expression of Me. When your earthly self has reached a certain developmental point, this tiny light begins to stir from its slumbers. Your lower self’s superconscious faculties that are your conscious connection with Me start to unfold and the gift of understanding the higher levels of life seeps into your consciousness. The ultimate aim of every human being’s earthly education, independent of which lessons they are presently taking part in, is to evolve into a healer and lightbringer. And at the end of this part of your curriculum each one of you in their own right will have evolved into a Christed one and miracle worker.

As often as not, this is a road that takes you through some kind of serious illness. The most important thing in your search for healing is reminding the age-old sayings: ‘First healer heal thyself!’, ‘God helps those who help themselves!’ and ‘When the need is greatest, God is nearest.’ They most certainly are true. During particularly trying times the Healing Angels and I can come much closer to you, but only if you invite us in and pray for our assistance. Spiritually, knowledge is light and not knowing darkness. And we are the only ones who can provide you with the light of truth that is required by those who wish to act as co-creators of healing miracles, first for themselves and then for those around them.

Accidents or coincidences do not exist in your world. Everything that happens to you was created by you. The unpleasant and painful things that enter your life do not do this for nothing but for the wise higher duel purpose of redeeming some of your karmic debts and teaching you something. Therefore, do not begrudge anything that ever came your way and do not be afraid of what may still lie ahead. If you ask us, we shall be there to help you work your way through it. When severe tests and trials that are coming your way, sometimes thick and fast, know that they only do so because you are spiritually mature and strong enough to cope with them. Knowing that it was you who chose this pathway, live in hope with faith and truth in our blessing and healing powers in your heart. Refuse to give in and feel sorry for yourself or resentful.

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From ‘All Conditions Can Be Healed’

* * * ... -be-healed

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 5:52 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Miracles And Wonders – Part Three

Earthly Life’s Summit

The spirit realm is a place where honesty and truth rule supreme. That’s why for those who wish to progress spiritually on the earthly plane things have to be for real. Pretending and faking something, lying and cheating, some of the most popular pastimes of past ages and especially during the Piscean one, merely produce negative Karma. In some future lifetime it has to be redeemed and that by none other than you.

Rest assured that the Angels and Masters in charge of you and your world know you better than you do yourself and the intentions behind every one of your thoughts, words and actions are clearly visible to them. With it being impossible to hide anything here, no-one can hope to join their ranks and files without having reached spiritual Mastership. It is for this reason that Saturn’ energies have always provided the lifepath of every human being with delays and frustrations galore.

Saturn is a symbolism of the stern and undeviating schoolmaster aspect of the Divine Trinity. Its main purpose of this planet’s energies is teaching you self-discipline and self-mastery. Saturn is also known as the planet of Karma that is the home of a group of Angels known as the Lords of Karma. In charge of humankind’s spiritual bank account, for the whole of race and every spirit/soul within it, these Angels are working in close co-operation with many other groups of their hierarchy and especially the Healing Angels. All together the Angels are responsible for the care of earthly life’s wellbeing and its evolutionary progress on all its levels.

Saturn together with Uranus are the planetary co-rulers of the eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, and also its natural domain, the eleventh house. The Saturnian energies are the guardians and keepers of the spiritual gates that lead into the freedom of the Aquarian age that consists of the ability to believe what your heart and soul tell you to be true. No human spirit/soul will ever be capable of walking through these gates without its earthly self having achieved spiritual mastery and having redeemed every last one of its karmic debts. It’s the manner in which you deal with the obstacles that are getting in your way that shows the wise ones in My world who are in charge of you the degree of your spiritual development.

That is the decisive factor whether, at the natural end of your present lifetime, you will require further lessons on the earthly plane for the completion of your education there. If the vibrations your whole being emanates have become so refined that you will be able to continue your studies on the next higher level of life. The more highly evolved you become, the more you choose lifetimes in which you are strongly influenced by the Saturnian energies. Although your earthly self may find this hard to believe, it is nonetheless the truth that you are seeking the test and trials, delays and frustrations of such a lifetime. They are assisting you with developing your spiritual strength, resilience and determination with which to reach out for far distant goals and the ability to slowly but surely, cautiously hand over hand work your way towards it.

It’s not for nothing that Saturn rules Capricorn, the tenth sign and house of the zodiac. Together with Uranus this planet co-rules Aquarius, the eleventh sign and house. During lifetimes in Capricorn the highest achievements potentially are within the reach of those who are willing to work for them, because they are unlikely to drop into anyone’s lap. They usually only come about after a long and hard slog and patiently enduring the hurdles and obstacles that are sure to present themselves on your way through earthly life. You are the only one who can transform them and don’t allow anyone to try to convince you otherwise.

Aquarius is the sign of friendship and siblinghood with all life. In this sign humankind’s highest dreams and aspiration can find fulfilment if you go about it the right way. Uranus is the planet of rebellion and revolution against the old established order of things. The aim of its energies is to bring freedom to you and your world. As the breaker of chains and taboos that brings down and destroys false idols by revealing the truth about them, they have the power of freeing you of the many false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions that in the course of many lifetimes have accumulated in your race’s collective and individual soul memories. The main aim of the Uranian influence has always been speeding up the movement of you and your world forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral. Alas, only when the dust has settled after one of the disruptions this causes the progress that has been made is very real and beneficial. And the deeper you are entering into the Aquarian age, the more noticeable this will become.

The trouble is that during your times in earthly life you will only ever be able to see one side of any picture and that, on many occasions, will be less than half of what is actually there. Yet, in all your endeavours never forget that, with the help of the Angels and Me, any condition can be healed and all crooked corners made straight. And never forget that miracles can only come about for you if you request our assistance. Only then can we guide and intuitively show you how you can contribute to making them happen. When your earthly self has totally and unconditionally surrendered itself to its higher God or Christ Self and us, the end of your apprenticeship’s first phase has been reached. Without this it’s impossible to remove yourself from the obligation of further earthly sojourns.

When the drives and urges of your lower nature have been nailed to the cross of earthly life and died there, and your higher nature has taken over completely, you have evolved into a Christed one in your own right. This is the summit of your earthly education. Your own experiences have taught you to trust our instructions and when, as a result, you constantly work hand in hand with us, you have become worthy of playing the role of pioneer and wayfinder for those who wish to walk in your footsteps. The points then have been set for a miracle to happen to you and through you. They will not be denied to anyone who asks for them. They are sure to come about, but in My time and My ways, and not yours.

The more patiently and lovingly you handle the tests and trials that are bound to come your way, without thinking of them as some kind of undeserved punishment and instead recognise them as opportunities for making good where you once sinned, the more easily your spiritual bankbook’s balance will be restored. That alone allows the unhindered flow of My healing energies through your whole system to regenerate and heal every part of it. Potentially, every one of you is a healer and worker of miracles and this new part of the Aquarian jottings is My personal invitation to become one for all those who are reading it. If you seriously want peace to come to your world, please share it with as many as possible.

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From ‘What Is The Age Of Aquarius?’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 5:09 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Miracles And Wonders – Part Four

Revealing The Truth

No true and lasting healing can take place in anyone’s physical body unless their indwelling spirit/soul has been healed first. This miracle can only come about through the patient coming to terms with and accepting the following:

1. Humankind’s true nature.
2. The higher purpose of everyone’s earthly existence.
3. The working of the processes of life.
4. The affect the Divine Universal laws have on all life throughout the whole of Creation, including humankind.
5. Who and what is constantly toiling behind the surface of your earthly existence on the behalf of you and your world.
6. Things can only manifest themselves on the earthly plane after they have been created on the inner spiritual level. No-one should run away with the idea that anything can happen on its own. It most certainly does not!
7. Everything that has ever taken place has been in keeping with the Divine great plan and the myriads of small plans within it.
8. Thought is the most powerful force of all in the whole of Creation.
9. As co-creators with the Great Father/Mother and Me, you are constantly in the process of bringing something into being. With every one of your thoughts, words and actions you are creating it.
10. Whatever one of you sends out into the Universe in this manner has to return to you in the fullness of time. Even if it takes hundreds or thousands of lifetimes, it cannot do anything else.

How can anyone mature into spiritual adulthood without knowing these things? Spirit/souls who are less experienced than you also have to find out about My dualities and polarities and that they are an essential part of every human being’s character make-up, including theirs. In all of you the forces of masculine and feminine, darkness and light, good and evil, higher and lower nature, and so forth are constantly at work and affecting in thoughts, words and deeds everything you do.

In Me every aspect of the dualities and polarities are equal partners. They are working peacefully and harmoniously together and lovingly respond to each other. For as long as they are still at loggerheads, the main task facing you is reconciling and healing them together into one well functioning unit like Mine. It takes some earthly selves a long time before they realise what is at stake here. Until that point of someone’s development has been reached, they are likely to project the unseen subconscious parts onto the people around them.

This is because your environment acts like a mirror and the qualities you recognise in others in truth are also yours. You can only see in them what in you as well. That applies as much to good, pleasant and noble characteristics as bad, evil and ugly ones. Your world has purposely designed to reflect the inner invisible aspects of your earthly personality. They are constantly rising from your subconscious into your conscious awareness. Wise ones, who are aware of this, address and correct in themselves that which they recognise as irritating and annoying in others. They know that embracing and owning up them is the right way of letting them go, once and for all. They can still see those characteristics in other, but it does no longer bother them unduly.

The God-man Jesus represents the higher and lower aspects of your nature. As many of you know by now, he is not a historic figure that once walked in your midst. The story of his life describes the initiations that all human beings have to go through on their evolutionary journey up the spiritual mountain of earthly life. The itinerant preacherman and wonderworker is a symbolism of you when you start sharing, with as many as possible, the learning you have gathered along the pathway of your present lifetime.

Many in your world are searching for a soulmate in the hope that such a person will make them whole, but in truth I am the one all of you are looking for. You do not need other people to make you whole; you already are or rather you will be as soon as you have integrated the polarities within you and through this fully re-connected with Me, your highest God or Christ Self. The ultimate purpose of your earthly education has been fulfilled when you understand your true nature, the higher purpose of your existence and the high and holy destiny that awaits every human being. Earth life then has nothing left to teach you.

When you have been spiritually blind and deaf and begin to realise that the essence of your being is spirit/soul who is immortal and will never die, and that it is this part of your being that is trying to tell you about its special needs through an illness of your physical body, the Angels and I rejoice because you are paying attention at last. Whenever someone asks for our help with healing their afflictions, their higher nature is waking from its slumbers and the miracle of making a blind one see and a deaf one hear is happening for you.

You then discover that the spirit world has always communicated with humankind in myths and legends, metaphors and allegories. It dawns on you that insisting that every word of such tales is true and should be understood literally has been an excellent way of hiding the truth. You realise that revealing it had to wait until the right time for doing so had come. Working out, each for themselves, the higher esoteric meaning that has always been hiding behind the surface words of such tales is every human being’s task on the earthly plane. This is a slow and gradual process that, towards the end of your present lifetime, assists you with developing the ability that is known as true clairvoyance.

You then no longer have any difficulties recognising the esoteric meaning behind the strange interlude of the Jesus legend when the Master washes the feet of his disciples. Knowing that literally and metaphorically speaking the feet represent humankind’s understanding, wise ones appreciate that it is an allegory of how, on the road to spiritual Mastership, it eventually becomes every human being’s duty to share the wisdom and knowledge the Angels and I are giving to your world through those who are acting as their channel. Each time you are helping someone find a better understanding of their true nature and the higher purpose and the meaning of their existence, you are washing their feet metaphorically speaking.

And that’s how every Divine spark on its evolutionary journey slowly but surely lights up and changes first of all into a small still flame of love. Shedding its light into your world, it keeps on growing. The more it unites itself with others, the more the sacred fire of Mother Earth and Father Sun, both manifestations of the Great Father/Mother and Me, cleanse and purify all lower energies and transforms them into blessing and healing energies. In this way, with the passing of time, the flame grows into an ever more powerful blaze that gradually absorbs the dark clouds of ignorance and fear that are still filling not only the person’s own but also your whole world’s consciousness. This sacred fire alone has the power of uplifting and transmuting them into total faith and trust in the blessing and healing power of the Angels and Me that freely flows into the heart and soul of humankind.

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From ‘What Is Truth?’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 6:31 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Miracles And Wonders – Part Six

Where Is The Truth?

I am the voice of the Divine Trinity, the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ, and that is the truth. In six thousand years of patriarchy with its all-male religions this truth has never changed because it is one of those that are unchangeable and will forever remain the same. As they were yesterday, so they are today and in all Eternity will be, regardless what anyone may say to contradict this. That particularly applies to the organisations that established themselves around these religions. The only thing that down the ages has altered and that many times is the way the Angels and I have been presenting the Divine truth through the many different belief systems that we gave to your world. The wise higher purpose behind creating them was to steadily increase your race’s understanding of the spiritual background of its earthly existence.

All lower selves on the earthly plane are constantly occupied with learning how to deal with this part of humankind’s individual and collective unceasing and relentless march forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. And every one of you eventually reaches the developmental point when doubts begin to creep into your mind whether the sacred teachings of your world really are literally true, the way they say they are. You then begin to ask yourself: ‘If they are not true, what is the truth?’ Potentially, I am every human being’s inner teacher and guidance, the wise one or living God within. That is the only truly reliable and trustworthy guru in the whole of Creation, who is waiting to stir from its slumber all of you. The more you work with Me and follow My advice, learning to trust what comes to you intuitively, the more of the Divine wisdom and truth I am going to reveal to you.

Nothing in the whole of Creation happens without the Great Father’s will and wishes, the Great Mother’s wisdom and love as well as the knowledge of the wise ones in the spiritual background of your earthly existence. In charge of every aspect of the development of you and your world, they are the eye that never sleeps and nothing is beyond their reach. If you believe you can sneak something into your world without anybody on our level noticing it, you could not be more mistaken. You are magnetic beings and every one of your thoughts, words and actions has a certain vibration that imprints itself on the etheric level and is registered in the Akashic Records.

During your education in the earthly school of life, it takes many lifetimes before you realise which truths are unchangeable. For example, every human being is a co-creator with God, who is constantly in the process of creating something; everything in the whole of Creation is ruled by Divine Universal laws; whatever you send into your world affects the rest of life everywhere and causes either a positive or negative reaction; this creates what’s known to humankind as Karma. You are responsible for every bit of it and at some stage of your journey up the spiritual mountain of earthly life things unerringly find their way back to you – good and bad ones alike. The realisation of this empowers you to create only that which is good, right and beautiful in your life. This ensures that in due course nothing but more of the same can return to you.

The ideas for the new tales and legends that appeared during certain stages of humankind’s development were provided by none other than the Angels and Me. It was done for the specific purpose of bringing a new belief system to your world for which sufficient numbers of you were ready. To update the Bible’s St. John 8:31-32 for the Aquarian age: Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him: ‘If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples. You will know the truth and that will set you free. The sacred teachings of your world have always contained some Divine wisdom and truth. But they can only be found when you search for them in the right places and that is the esoteric higher meaning that is hidden behind the surface words of their parables and tales. You then understand that the story of my life is but a legend, that I never existed as a historical figure who once walked in your midst, and that this is the unchangeable truth about me and my work.’

When you are faced with the task of dissolving your inner blockages and freeing your earthly self of all its fears, especially those of God, of life and death, of the future and the unknown, nothing but the truth and the whole truth is good enough. It alone can free you from the religious slavery of the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions that were spread by the old belief systems of your world. As the executors of My great plan of life, the Angels and Masters around My throne are responsible for the development of you and your world on all its levels. They are My voice that speaks to you from your innermost heart, My dwelling place.

The guidance you receive intuitively from there is the most powerful protection imaginable that enables you to enjoy the freedom of the Aquarian Age that consists of believing what you intuitively know as true and what is not. You are then marching to the tune of your inner drum and no longer have any need for being led by the nose and following any kind of herd. Guided and protected by the Angels and Me you are finding your own truth and happy to share it with those around you. That’s how in the new age everybody will gradually be developing into simultaneously leading and following.

As soon as you have spiritually matured sufficiently, that’s how with the passing of time we are going to reveal to you ever more of the true higher esoteric meanings of metaphors and allegories of all belief systems your world has ever known. You will then be able to perceive that each one of them has taken humankind that bit closer to the revelations and enlightenment of the Aquarian Age, the age of truth. It has always been part of My great plan of life that My sacred wisdom and truth should then start to flow directly from the minds of the Angels and Masters around My throne, the Christ Circle, into the receiver/transmitter stations of the earthly minds that have been tuned into our frequencies. This shows their readiness for functioning as our channels through whom My wisdom and truth flow with increasing abundance into your world.

The road that leads to this phase of humankind’s development is a tough and demanding one. In the course of many lifetimes your spirit/soul is the prisoner of its earthly counterpart, the small and easily frightened lower self. It suffers correspondingly and its pain manifests itself as illnesses in the human physical body. For as long as you are unaware of what is happening to you, you will experience days of despair when it seems impossible to break the bond between your spirit/soul and its outer vehicle for the present lifetime. No matter how hard you try to work on freeing yourself, you cannot do this on your own. Until your earthly self has finally surrendered itself totally and unconditionally to its heavenly counterpart, your very own God or Christ nature, so that through this it can grow stronger day by day, you cannot be released. But eventually something magical takes place on the inner level and without any external changes, oh wonder of all wonders you are free!

Things that had previously been obscure to you become clear in your mind and your problems and difficulties appear to resolve themselves. This can only come about when the sacred marriage between Heaven and Earth, your higher and lower nature, is taking place. The light of Me, your God or Christ Self, then gradually absorbs the fears and anxieties which its earthly counterpart in the course of many lifetimes stored in the memories of its soul. In every new one they are programmed into the cells and atoms of its physical body.

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From ‘The Power of Thought’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2020 8:00 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Miracles And Wonders – Part Seven

The Acceptable Time Of The Lord

The six-pointed star is a symbolism of the healing process that leads to what the Christian teachings call ‘the acceptable time of the Lord’. The Lord represents every human being’s higher God or Christ nature. Trust this part of your being to bring about the healing miracle. It surely will do so as soon as the right conditions have been created. This is the case when the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions that were stored in your soul memories have at last been dissolved. Never give up hope that at the right moment this will also be the case for you and that sooner or later you will get there. So be as still as possible and wait for the unfoldment of your very own healing miracle. Keep on keeping on doing your best and living with hope in your heart and trusting that God and the Angels are going to do the rest, as they surely will.

Everything in the whole of Creation consists of My light. The vibrations of that which is visible to earthly eyes have merely been slowed down and that also applies to every cell and atom of all physical bodies, human and animal alike. Now that you are aware of this, imagine that every part of your being is filling more and more with My light and the white healing magic of My energies that has always been flowing into everything that takes part in earthly life. It flows through the rays of the Sun in the sky above you. I am the Sun of all suns, the Light of all lights and the Sun behind your Sun. Even if the sky is covered by thick clouds, My rays still penetrate it.

Nothing in the whole of Creation is ever wasted. Everything is recycled and used again somewhere else. The fears and anxieties of all human soul memories that resulted from the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions, spread by the religions of your world and to this day by the mass media, are stored in humankind’s individual and collective soul memories. For as long as they remain stored in the cells and atoms of any physical body, that person will remain trapped on the earthly plane.

Tell those who are hoping for a healing miracle of their own that they are waiting to be absorbed into the light of Me, their higher God or Christ nature. In the temple of My loving heart they need to be uplifted and transmuted into blessing and healing energies that are flowing to wherever they are needed, and especially when someone asks for them anywhere in the whole of Creation. Share with those in search of a healing miracle that the only way of bringing it about is through dissolving layer upon layer of the soul memories that are stored in the cells of every human physical body and affecting their lower self on the subconscious level. As this process is similar to the peeling of an onion, encourage people never to give up. The older and more experienced their spirit/soul is, the more layers have to be removed.

This continues until one fine day they are going to feel that some real progress has been made. This means they have reached ‘the acceptable time of the Lord’ mentioned earlier. On this road they may get easier days when they think that they really are moving forwards. But alas, to their greatest disappointment the next day may well be as hard and difficult to cope with again as any of the previous ones, creating the impression of moving one step forwards and two back. This, however, is definitely not the case. It’s just that on the difficult days it’s nose to the grindstone and, together with their Highest Self, getting on with shedding another layer of their soul memories and of the blockage.

From ‘Looking At The Greater Picture’

* * * ... ure-460527

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:12 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Miracles And Wonders – Part Eight

The Quantum Leap

Mother Earth and every one of her creatures, including humankind, for quite some time have been undergoing a major frequency shift that represents a quantum leap in the development of your race’s spiritual awareness. The knowledge of this is helpful for those who are spiritually sufficiently mature to play an active part in your planet’s transformation into a more spiritual and ethereal one. Aquarius is one of the Air signs and the most essential requirement of the Aquarian Age are physical bodies that consist more and more of air and light for getting around on Mother Earth. This is because with every passing day you are moving deeper into this age and the power of its energies are constantly increasing.

That’s why, in keeping with My great plan of life, the Angels in charge of your planet’s wellbeing for some time have been changing the physical bodies of humans and animals alike from consisting mostly of water into being predominantly filled with air and light. It stands to reason that, when the cells of your body contain less water, there is more room for the atoms of My light. As the amount of light in your physical bodies increases, the vibrations of their atoms at the same time are being stepped up to a higher frequency. Through this your whole being is more in harmony with the higher levels of life.

And because your soul memories are stored in your waterbody, the more you work with the Angels and Me and let go of the shadows of the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions of past lifetimes, the more room there is in your physical body that can be filled with the light of Divine wisdom and truth. Each time you have worked your way through yet another difficult day of shedding another layer of your soul’s reminiscences, making you feel as if you were not progressing at all, you will notice on your next easier day that new knowledge has come to you. You will be astonished about how much you have grown not only in spiritual wisdom but also in understanding it and the ability of assisting others with their grasp of these matters.

You will then know with great clarity that for quite some time you and your world have been going through the major transformation of humankind’s rebirth into the awareness of its true higher God or Christ nature. Many in your midst are finding the changes this inevitably brings for every one of you extremely difficult to cope with. This applies especially to those who are insufficiently evolved and therefore unable to take part in the present evolutionary march forwards. In due course, one way or another, the lower selves of these spirit/souls are going to leave the earthly plane behind.

And that’s because their vibrations will be unsuitable for Mother Earth when the present transformation is complete. They will be reincarnating onto a younger and less evolved planet whose energies better suit their requirements. The soul memories and any credits and debts that have accrued in your spiritual bankbooks accompany every human spirit/soul wherever it may eventually find itself for continuing its learning process. That which was acquired in the school of earthly life will enable young and inexperienced soul/spirits to play the role of pioneers and wayfinders on their new home planet for those who are even less evolved than they are.

If your soul memories show the wise ones in charge of you in the spirit world that you departed from one of your previous earthly lifetimes through suicide, they know that your earthly self has already taken part in the lesson that there is no point in ending your present existence by your own hands. This is because the problems you hope to escape in one lifetime most certainly have to be faced by you again in the next one and however many more it may take to deal with and resolve the questionable issues satisfactorily. Suicide attempts can only be successful for those who still are in need of this essential part of your learning.

Whatever happens to you and wherever you are going to find yourself, your spirit guides will always be with you and doing their best to show you the way. However, they are not allowed to do the work on yourself, your earthly character and its soul memories for any one of you. They are constantly hoping that, when someone has tried to kill themselves unsuccessfully often enough, they will eventually come to their senses, go down on their knees and pray for the help of the higher forces of life. Without this no help from the Angels and Me can come to anyone. And that is why no matter how often and how hard some people may try, they will never succeed to end their present lifetime by suicide. The spirit guides and helpers are not going to allow you to do this. The only thing they can hope to achieve is creating more entries on the debit side of their spiritual bank account because of the suffering and heartache they are bringing to those around them.

The trouble is that, if one of your most recent earthly sojourns ended in this manner, your desire for running away from the obstacles that are presenting themselves on your pathway through life could be so strong that you cannot resist having one go after another. As you will not be allowed to indulge in your escapist tendencies, regardless of how many attempts you make, the wise ones will bring you back from death’s door time and again. That’s why we advise you to take note of the people around you and look out for those who do not understand why such things are happening to them.

Many want to end their lives because they are feeling lost. Do your best to reassure them that all is well and explain to them what is happening to you and your world. Some people want to hide and countless numbers are seeking refuge in the products of the pharmaceutical industry, because so far they have no idea of the wise higher purpose their earthly existence serves. Explain to them that a complete overhaul is taking place on the inner level of every human being and that of your world. Take heart, beloved children of the Earth, keep on keeping on, live in faith and with trust and hope filling your whole being that eventually your own and Mother Earth’s transformation will be complete. A new team of guides from a higher level of My realm is then likely to accompany you to show the way.

Every one of you was created for playing a specific role during this transformation. When it is complete you will have been instrumental in creating a New Earth and the new Golden Age of peace and harmony and of plenty for everybody. So do your best and pour all your energies into working for the whole of humankind and its world during this time of ever more rapidly expanding consciousness. Knowing that you are walking hand in hand with the Angels and Me will help you to focus your entire being on fulfilling the high and holy destiny that is in store for every human being at the end of their education as a physical being in a world of matter. Each one of you eventually evolves into a Christed one in their own right. You will then freely and willingly and unselfishly serve the Angels and Me as pioneer and wayfinder, healer and bringer of light in the form of Divine wisdom and truth, so we can bring them to wherever someone is in need of them.

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From ‘From Fool To Wise One’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 6:22 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
A Thrill Of Hope

O Holy Night,
The Stars are brightly shining,
It is the true Saviour’s birth.
The blessing and healing power of Christ Star’s
Light is penetrating ever deeper into
All human hearts and souls and that of our world.
And ever more of them joyously respond
By opening wide.

For long enough our world has been
Suffering and pining in the prison of humankind’s
Ignorance of God’s sacred wisdom and truth.
Rejoice, because for some time the greatest
Wonder and miracle of all times has been taking place
And that is the rebirth of humankind
Into the awareness of its true spiritual nature.
Archangel Michael with the golden sword
Of sacred knowledge that flows directly
From the heartmind of the Highest into our world
Touches the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions
That in the course of many lifetimes have
Accumulated in the memories of our souls.
This contact transmutes them into
Total faith and trust in our Creator
And the basic goodness of the life
That has been given to us and our world.

Fall on your knees, O hear the Angels voices.
O night Divine,
O night when the true Christ child is born
In every heart and soul and that of our world,
O night Divine, O night, O night Divine.

Led by the light of faith serenely beaming,
With glowing hearts by the cradle we stand,
Because we now understand its true meaning.
Led by the Christ Star’s light sweetly gleaming,
The wise ones from the spirit realm are guiding
And protecting us, helping us to recognise
The symbolisms behind the Jesus legend’s surface words.
They are telling us intuitively that the child’s parents
Are the Great Father/Mother of all life,
Who never left us and have always been with every one of us.
Lovingly they are watching us and our world,
Assisting the true Christ child’s birth
In ever more human hearts,
Whose symbol is the manger and
The little town of Jerusalem
Represents the whole of humankind.

The Angels and Masters around the throne of God
Have always been in charge of the development
Of us and our world.
They know the needs of everyone and,
As far as our Karma allows,
Are at all times doing their best to fulfil them.
That’s why they are now providing us with
The courage and strength to master
The drives and urges of our lower nature.
When we nail them to the cross of our earthly existence,
From deep within everyone’s own being,
Our God or Christ nature can then take over.

Glory be to our world’s true King And Queen
And their only born Son/Daughter,
The spirit of the Universal Christ,
The Light of all lights and Sun of all suns.
Before them we kneel in adoration,
Giving thanks and praise for allowing us to know that:
The main Divine laws are love and evolution,
Their gospel is peace;
Everybody is our sibling
In the vast family of humankind;
When we love and forgive each other,
The karmic chains and shackles dissolve.
We ourselves created them in past lifetimes
When we were ignorant of our true nature and
The presence of God’s Universal laws.

The knowledge of these things takes our world
Forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life
Into the new Golden Age when slavery and oppression,
Warmongering, violence and strife will no longer be known.
That’s why songs of joy and peace, faith and trust
Are flowing from our hearts and souls,
And we give thanks and praise to the Divine Trinity’s
And bless its sacred name.

Each time another one of us becomes aware of their real nature
And starts conducting their life in keeping with it,
Another Christ child is born in Bethlehem.

Adolphe Charles Adam
Adapted for our time by Aquarius

Recommended Reading:
• ‘What Does Christmas Mean In Our Time?’

From ‘The Aquarian Revelations’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2020 7:50 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Let It Be

The Angels and Masters in the
Spiritual background of earthly life
Are in charge of us and our world.
They are the voice of the Great Father/Mother
And of my conscience.
Whenever I’m in trouble,
Their wisdom and love speak to me:
‘Be still, My child,
There’s a reason for everything
And answers to all your questions.
Let Me show the way and
Refuse to rush into things.
For a while let them be,
So I can show you intuitively
How to respond.
Just let it be.

In my deepest, darkest hours
This voice whispers: ‘Let it be.’
And even if the broken-hearted people
Of our world as yet cannot recognise this presence,
The only thing they need to do is ask
For their guidance and protection
Which will never be denied.

That’s how, in due course,
Everybody learns about the living God within
And through their own experiences finds out that
That God is as much part of us as we are of God,
That no-one is ever apart from God,
And that with the help and will
Of God and the Angels,
The right way of handling
Any situation is sure to be found.
Just tell them about your troubles
Follow their advice
And let it be.

Spiritual wisdom and truth are God’s light.
Whenever my life clouds over,
I ask for the radiance of this light
To shine onto my problems
And intuitively show me the way forward.
Knowing that it is always the right one for me,
Even though it may not be for anyone else,
And that this will continue forever,
It’s easy to let people and things be.

That’s how in any difficult situation
Divine love and wisdom can soon take over.
And I hear my inner guidance whispering:
‘Look for the lesson, be patient, My child.
Allow yourself to be and rest safely in the knowledge
That the answers to all your questions will
Never fail to come and light your way.

Just let yourself be and enjoy the voyage
Of your earthly existence as much as you can,
Bearing in mind that it’s merely a passing phase
On spirit/soul’s long evolutionary journey.’

Paul McCartney
Edited by Aquarius

‘Being part of and at one with the Great Father/Mother of all life, your soul is psychic and therefore as familiar with the past as the present and future. The Great Mother is the soul of the whole of Creation. She is the wise one within who knows the answers to every one of your questions. All She desires is to protect the human race against destroying itself. She has always been with you and part of you. When you laugh, she enjoys herself with you. And when you are sad and lonely or in pain, She suffers with you. We speak most earnestly to all of you and urge you to bring forth and develop the highest and noblest qualities of the Great Mother. The Virgin Mary of the Jesus legend as the mother of God is but one of Her many symbols.’

Extract from a teaching of the White Eagle group of spirit guides in
‘Spiritual Wisdom And Understanding A Growing Organism’

From ‘The Second Coming Is Here’

* * * ... ng-is-here

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 5:42 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Be A Miracle Worker

Part One Of Section Two

Ah, Love! Could you and I with fate conspire,
To shatter our world’s sorry scheme of things entire,
Would we not shatter it to bits – and then,
Re-mould it nearer to our heart’s desire?

Omar Khayyam
1048 – 1123 AD
Adjusted for our time
By Aquarius

This new part of my jottings was launched 20th January 2020 when the Sun had just moved from Capricorn, the densest of the Earth signs, into Aquarius, one of the Air signs devoted to the development of humankind’s intellectual and mental capabilities. From the energies of gloom and doom loving Capricorn everything in our world for thirty days will come increasingly under the influence of forward looking Aquarius, the sign in which humankind’s highest hopes, dreams and aspirations can and eventually will find their fulfilment.

The time has come for leaving behind the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions with which our soul memories have been filled by the religions of times gone by. The Aquarian energies provide us with the iconoclastic powers of smashing them into smithereens that can be absorbed by our Highest Self, to be uplifted and transmuted into blessing and healing energies for the whole of Creation. They are flowing to wherever they are needed and especially to those who are asking for them. The Aquarian energies are excellent for practising our spiritual wings by taking to the air and becoming a miracle worker in our own right and in this way make our contribution towards the blessing and healing of all life.

* * *

I hope that those who are familiar with other parts of my writings are going to forgive me for repeating some of the concepts mentioned here. I do believe that this is necessary for the sake of anyone who is new to my work. I am equally convinced that all our world’s problems will one day have been solved when the following things have become common knowledge and that’s the reason for sharing them once more here:

a) Who and what we truly are, where we are coming from and going to. b) The essence of everyone’s being is spirit/soul, part of God and therefore eternal and immortal like our Creator. c) A human life is not a one-off thing but a long drawn out process that consists of countless lifetimes that, slowly but surely, take every one of us forwards and upwards on the vast evolutionary spiral of life. d) Earthly life is a place of learning, a school that takes us from its lowest lessons to the highest. This journey starts with experiencing the meanest drives and urges of humankind’s lower earthly nature. It ends with the high and holy destiny, which is in store for every human being, of evolving into a Christed one, someone who moves about on the Earth like the legendary Jesus, who is a symbol of humankind’s Christ nature. The tale of the Master’s life depicts the various initiations every one of us experiences on the road to this goal.

Alas, to this day many are still unaware of why they are here and what is happening to them and at the same time their world. The wise higher purpose of all aspects of our race’s earthly education is that, with the passing of time, even the last and slowest ones of us evolve into seekers of wisdom and truth. The Aquarian Age is the age of truth and anyone who has woken up from their spiritual slumber is one of the pioneers and wayfinders for those who are following behind. We are here to ease their way because that sets them free to attend to the special kind of work that, as written in their book of life, is destined for them, the same as for everybody.

Hand with God and the Angels, protected by them and intuitively guided, aspiring healers and light bringers need to willingly explore areas of human consciousness where no-one has been before. Their task is the spreading of the news that for quite some time, each one of us individually and all of us together, have been travelling towards a miracle and wonder of truly majestic proportions and that is the healing of the whole of humankind, our world and everything that shares it with us.

If you wish to make a contribution to the success of this enterprise, first and foremost you need to inform those around you about the following: a) Help them to become aware of humankind’s true nature. b) The higher purpose and meaning of everyone’s earthly existence. c) The presence of God’s Universal law of cause and effect, commonly known as the law of Karma. It ensures that everything eventually returns to its source in somewhat strengthened form. Everything in the whole of Creation is subject to this law, naturally also humankind as a whole and every individual spirit/soul within it.

d) Every one of us has the power to put an end to the last bit of the suffering of our world through the realisation of how this law has always affected us and everything that is in our life. With the knowledge that this will forever continue the Universe places the instrument for influencing our own destiny and that of our world in positive and constructive ways, so that all suffering will eventually come to is natural end.

The scandals that for many years have been rocking our world to its foundations, in particular those about sexual abuse, are part of the patriarchy’s legacy. Dealing with the aftermath of such offences is well and good, but if we wish to remove sores of this nature from humankind’s character once and for all, it is necessary to look in a different direction. When one starts digging for the roots of the dilemmas that to this day are troubling us, they need to be approached from the spiritual perspective. It is astonishing how solutions offer themselves, practically of their own accord. By following them through and working with what is on offer, in my view, every last one of our world’s blemishes will in the natural course of events eventually have been wiped out once and for all.

The heart of what is at stake here is that every one of us, without exception, is a spark of the Great Light of the Universal Christ and a child of the Great Father/Mother of all life. That means we are a young Gods in the making who are spending the initial part of their apprenticeship as physical beings on the Earth. And because God is in everything, anything that exists in the whole of Creation is an image of God, including the humankind. We are co-creators with God, we ARE God. God did not make us the way we are, we ourselves did this in the course of many lifetimes and everything that is in our lives came about the same way.

Whatever we ever did and still are doing, God and the Angels have been and are helping us. On our own we could not do anything; we would be nothing; we would not be! But as sparks of the Divine and chips off the old block, our Creator’s powers and characteristics are also in every one of us. I hope you’ll forgive me for using this expression in this context, but that’s what we are. That’s why all of us have the best as well as the worst within. The best is waiting to be nurtured and developed by us, but it cannot do so until we have reached a certain developmental point.

When we peer into the mirror of the self with honesty, the urge overcomes us to seriously start working on overcoming our unpleasant characteristics. Reaching out for higher and better ones helps us to gradually rise above the drives and urges of our lower nature. That’s how we ourselves have to nail them to the cross of consciousness of our earthly existence, until the last one of them has gone.

In a nutshell, the ugly and evil parts of humankind’s nature and that of our world are manifestations of their crude and unevolved state. They in particular, the same as everything else in the whole of Creation, are struggling to work their way forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral towards developing into something that is good, right and beautiful. For a long time we believe that only those things alone are God. But in the end it dawns on us that in truth everything is God and part of God and therefore also of us. We become more careful with what we think, speak and do because we know that as God-like creatures we are responsible for every one of them and that in the fullness of time, the Universal laws return their results to us with ever increasing strength.

Even though the development of every human being is basically the same, no two human pathways turn ever out to be quite alike. And by the end of our earthly education we are likely to have taken part in many different cultures of our world. The general direction of everybody’s evolutionary journey moves through one lifetime after another forwards and upwards on the great spiral of life. Round and round the zodiac we travel, touching down on many occasions to spend another earthly sojourn in all of its twelve signs and houses. Through acting them out, we are initially concerned with absorbing their negative characteristics. As with the passing of time our Highest or God Self draws us ever closer towards Itself, the higher or Christ nature begins to rise to the surface of our earthly self’s consciousness. The time then has come for bringing forth and integrating the highest, best and noblest that is within us. Should you wish to find out more about how it all began, go to the relevant link below.

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• ‘The Aquarian Revelations’

From ‘Be A Miracle Worker’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 6:34 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Be A Miracle Worker – Part Two

Studying The Nature Of Evil

No spiritual progress is possible for as long as we believe that Jesus is a historical figure who once walked in our midst and therefore continues to exist in the spirit realm. Failing to realise that he is but a symbol of every human being’s higher or Christ nature disconnects us from this the most essential and valuable aspect of every human being. While we hold onto this false belief, it’s impossible for God and Angels to work a miracle of any kind through us. This, however, changes dramatically as soon as our small earthly self has finally grasped what is at stake and freely and willingly, totally and unconditionally surrenders itself to its heavenly counterpart. Only when it has taken over completely, so that our upper and lower energies have become one, can we be at one with the will and wishes of the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ.

The Angelic hierarchy have always tried to communicate with every one of us through our inner guidance. They are the voice of our higher consciousness, the wise one or living God within. Their advice comes to us intuitively, including the instructions of how to go about redeeming our karmic debts. The hardest and most difficult ones have been kept for our final lifetime on this planet. When we have learnt to trust their guidance and follow it without hesitation, we can rely upon it that the end of our earthly education is within our grasp. If we keep on keeping on, no matter how much suffering has to be endured, the greatest miracle of all, the healing together of the lower and higher nature of the whole of humankind and our own is taking place. This is the sacred marriage of Heaven and Earth in which they are fusing and merging into one.

Small earthly selves who have reached this developmental landmark and have fulfilled its demands will eventually have evolved into spiritual Masters and Christed ones in their own right. Having overcome and left behind the drives and urges of their lower nature, they behave and react to the world around them with the kind of wisdom and love, tolerance and forgiveness that is deeply rooted in the gift of understanding the higher purpose of humankind’s earthly existence. This is the ultimate goal of every human being’s earthly education when this part of it cannot teach us any more. Our vibrations by then have changed sufficiently so we can continue our studies on the first level of the spirit realm, when the natural end of our present lifetime comes round.

The Angels and Masters around the throne of God, the Christ Circle, are the executors of the evolutionary plan of life. They are responsible for the development of all parts of the created world that are visible or invisible to human eyes, including every one of us and our world. They are at one with the will and wishes of the Great Architect of life, the same as we are when we have evolved into a Christed one. That is the meaning of being at one with God.

‘Destroy the seed of evil or it will grow and ruin you,’ wrote the Greek fable writer and wise one Aesop, who lived approx. 620-564 B.C. The only way of following this advice successfully is through digging for the roots of that which is known as evil in our world. And that, to my mind, is nothing more than the lack of spiritual knowledge and understanding of the wise higher purpose of humankind’s existence. Providing as much of it as possible has been and still is my life’s mission. See the relevant links at the end of this chapter.

Anyone who seriously wishes to put an end to the suffering of our world and that which to this day is evil, corrupt and rotten in it, will get nowhere without looking for the truth. It’s systematic suppression has been the most vital aspect of the patriarchal religions. But with the coming of the Age of Aquarius, the age of truth, ever more of us are re-discovering their true nature. It is the time for coming home into the understanding that humankind’s existence, the same as everything else in the whole of Creation, always has been and forever will be subject to God’s Universal laws, especially the law of cause and effect or Karma. This law ensures that the perpetrator of some lifetimes is the perpetrated and the persecutor the persecuted, in future ones.

This is how the will and power and the love and wisdom of the Great Father/Mother of all life has always been creating opportunities for every human being to become familiar with the different aspects of their own nature, the higher and lower, as well as the two sides of every coin of everything that needs to be encountered in the school of earthly life. And that’s why every one of us has to spend lifetimes as either a male or a female of the species. For a well rounded earthly education it is essential that we get to know all sides of every picture.

In some lifetimes we take the part of the teacher, while on other occasions that of the pupil. This is how it comes about that in some lifetimes we are taking on the role of molesters not only of the girls and women around us but also of boys and men. Through having to endure this kind of treatment in other lifetimes, when our Karma returns our misdeeds to us we experience the damaging effect this kind of treatment has on a human being’s psyche, their self-esteem and all-round wellbeing. And if we have been and/or still are subject to any kind of abuse in our present lifetime, we can be sure that it could only happen because of what we did to others in previous ones. In fact, we are victims twice over. First through our behaviour and because of our lack of understanding of the spiritual background and the cause of our suffering.

We insist on causing pain and suffering to others only for as long as our spiritual short-sightedness exists and we do not yet know better. Only for as long as we remain unaware that we ourselves have to redeem any negative Karma created by us to be redeemed by none other that us in one of our coming lifetimes. Without fail the Universal laws in due course, as soon as we have grown strong enough to cope with such experiences, returns our misbehaviour to us. We then find ourselves at their receiving end and for a long time unable to understand why something so ugly and painful should be happening to us out of all people.

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From ‘Of Good And Evil’

* * *