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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Tue Mar 31, 2020 2:38 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Fear Of Losing Our Identity

At the time of writing this, the book ‘Hanna’s Daughters’ by Marianne Frederiksson came my way. I warmly recommend this moving, thought-provoking and insightful book. It deals with the psychology of human relationships, especially between mothers and daughters, as well as the men in their lives. There was one passage in this book that struck a deep chord in me because of its relevance to my own memories of the war. On one occasion, the author speaks through one of the women in her tale. Born in the same year as myself, she was by that time in her sixties: ‘The war was even more remarkable. I’ve never thought about how it left its mark on my childhood, how much of my fear has its origins there. And yet I remember the German pilot burning in the air above us, and father coming and going, in uniform and talking about evil.’

The story is set in Sweden, one of the few European countries that managed to remain neutral during the Second World War. Through the mother of the above mentioned child, the author earlier describes how the people around her and she herself cowered like frightened rabbits, while their country was clinging onto its fragile neutrality. Although the mother carefully tried to protect her child against the influences of the war, one day when the little girl was three, they chanced to be outside when close to them a blazing German plane dropped from the sky. To her greatest chagrin, she could not shield her child against catching a glimpse of how the pilot was burnt alive.

To my mind, nothing could explain better than these words how wars affect us all through our collective consciousness and the soul of our world. Because on this level of life we are all one, we feel everybody else’s suffering and fears and they feel ours. So much of this has by now accumulated in every individual consciousness, as well as that of our world, that it is hardly surprising that many types of cancer are becoming ever more rampant. As mentioned earlier, I believe that the roots of this disease reach down into the deepest layers of our soul memories. That is why, to my mind, medications of the chemical kind will never enable us to find genuine cures; they can only come from the patient’s individual psyche and that of the collective. How heart-warming it is to witness that by now many are seeking alternative approaches!

As mentioned before, deep-seated and intense fears when left unattended for a long time can do nothing but eventually manifest themselves as illnesses in our outer vehicles. They are invariably a cry for help from the soul in its attempts at communicating with us. Release from our anxieties and healing of the damage they cause can in my view only come through renewing our inner connection with our Highest or God Self. When we rediscover our true nature and our spiritual roots, our soul finds peace and our whole being restores itself and heals. Over time, this also slowly starts to express itself in our physical bodies.

Whenever something is too frightening and traumatic for us to release from our subconscious during waking times, including in meditative states, the Universe rescues us in many ways. As a means of helping us let go of such things we are then given in dreamtime a symbolism that we can interpret and understand. For example, if someone has a nightmare of losing their identity, especially if this is a recurring dream, it is highly unlikely that dreams of this nature are meant to be premonitions and a taste of things to come.

I believe that our Highest Self merely uses them as symbolisms. In its infinite wisdom it appreciates that this is the only safe way that the earthly self can shed some of its most fundamental fears, which at present may be stopping its soul from making the progress that could otherwise be achieved. Should any of our fears by now be so deeply embedded in our subconscious that they cannot be reached any other way, all is by no means lost. With great love and compassion the Universe knows our difficulties and helps us move forward in dreamtime.

The final destiny of every human being is to bring forth the characteristics of their own Christ nature and through this evolve into a Christ Star, each in their own right. This happens without loss of our identity and individuality. Unaware of this, during the early stages of our earthly development the small self’s fear of losing them is even greater than the one of death. That is the reason why in the course of many lifetimes we are so terrified of death. It takes a long time until we realise that in truth nobody ever loses their uniqueness and identity, not even when we find out way back home into the conscious awareness of our oneness with God.

That’s what the whole process of individuation has been about. This means that even when you and I have reached the highest level of consciousness, you will still be you and I shall continue to be me. Because we are sparks of the Divine, like God we are immortal and eternal beings of light, and the fear of death is no longer required.

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From ‘War And Peace Between Nations’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2020 2:35 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Gift Of Individuality

Each one of us is a special and unique being.
There isn’t another one like it in the whole of Creation.
This is because we have been blessed with individuality *.
It’s for a wise higher reason that we are different from everyone else
And that’s how the Great Father/Mother of all life wants us to be.
But alas, for as long as we fail to understand this,
We frequently find that our perceptions and opinions differ
From those of the people around us
And we seem to be unable to see eye to eye with them.

Being aware of the purpose of our individuality,
Whenever there is the danger of angry words being spoken
And when tempers are starting to fly,
Let’s remind ourselves of everyone’s uniqueness
And make an effort to step into the other one’s shoes.
This makes it easier to see their point of view
And to reconcile ourselves with the differences that arise,
So that at the end of such discussions
We can shake hands, agree to disagree with each other
And remain friends.

Only through striving to get along with others
And in friendly co-operation working our way
Through the disputes and conflicts that are bound to arise,
Wherever human beings rub shoulders with each other,
Can we hope to create the kind of friendships
That are indestructible and will last
Beyond all earthly boundaries and limitations
And forever accompany us onto the higher
And eventually highest levels of life.

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From ‘Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Thu Apr 02, 2020 2:46 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Purpose Of Individuality

Never forget that as My children you are young Gods in the making. Created in My image, each one of you in their own right is a very special, precious and unique being, who has been granted the gift of another lifetime to enable you to do your share of bringing a new Earth into being and of launching the religion of the Aquarian Age. For this purpose you have been equipped with an earthly mind and, My super-conscious faculties. Although to this day the latter exists only in seed form in many of you, it is there nonetheless. To become helpful to you instead of a hindrance, you need to take possession of every part of your being. Your masculine and feminine nature, as well as the mind of your lower and higher nature, which is part of My super-consciousness, are all in need of being trained and mastered by you. It is your task to teach them to work together as peacefully and harmoniously as they do in Me.

All human souls are created so that in the fullness of time they will evolve into shining lights, each one a Star and a Sun, a Christed one in their own right who has a high and holy destiny to fulfil on the higher and eventually highest levels of life. In My ever growing and evolving Creation new worlds and Universes will eventually be waiting to be brought into being – by none other than you. Don’t let the prospect of this frighten you and do not worry that you may not know how to go about such a formidable task. You will always be walking hand in hand with the wise ones in charge of you and Me, the same as you are doing now. You will forever be guided, protected and utterly safe. The only difference between your present state and that of the future will be that you are going be more consciously aware of our presence.

Taking part in Earth life is necessary and therefore compulsory for the education of all human spirits and souls. To help you become aware that you are individual beings, every lifetime in physicality provides you with a new physical body of your own. Each one of them provides you with another step forward on the journey of discovering the self and individuality. With the passing of time this has created an illusion that you are separate and detached from each other and from the rest of life. Nothing could be further from the truth, as on the inner level of life you have always remained one with each other and also with Me. When you come to realise that the impression of separateness exists on the Earth plane only, yet another one of your false convictions can be discarded.

For all of you there eventually comes the moment when your small earthly self is ready to surrender itself unto Me, your Highest or Christ Self. Let no-one run away with the idea that this means sinking into a vast ocean of spirit and dissolving into nothingness. If anything, quite the opposite is true. Your individuality will never be absorbed into anything. Yet, before it can freely and willingly be submitted to Me, it has to expand sufficiently and grow. This continues until finally, instead of merely being a small earthly creature, you have become like Me, namely someone who is consciously aware once again of their oneness with all life and Me.

You will always be you and you will never fade into nothingness, as on the evolutionary spiral of life you are relentlessly moving upwards and onwards in keeping with the cycles you are involved in, until you finally reach and have grown into one with the awareness and consciousness of the Great Whole, known to you as God – Me. Your spirit is pure consciousness, a spark of Me who will forever be one with Me. In your earthly existence you remain unconscious of this for a long time, but eventually you re-awaken into the awareness of your true nature and oneness with Me and all life.

The illusion of separateness has been an essential part of your development of becoming aware of your individuality and of the fact that each one of you is a being in its own right. Every time you leave Earth life, with the shedding of your physical body this misapprehension goes from you. But even in the world of light, your true home, you are still clothed in your astral body. It is yet another vestment your spirit wears until you have matured sufficiently to leave that one behind, too.

The mystical teachings of all ages set out a code of conduct that you, as aspiring healers and lightworkers, follow intuitively. For you it is no longer a question of I have to be good and I have to love others. In the process of finding illumination you begin to spontaneously express your true nature and show love, kindness and gentleness, not only to other people but to the whole of Creation. You are aware that for evolutionary purposes it was necessary that in their early stages the religions of your world had to follow many different paths. As you know and respect that every human soul has its own predestined pathway to walk and discoveries to make, you refuse to force your way of thinking and mode of travelling upon anyone else.

Although you are aware that in truth there is only one religion, you appreciate that many of your siblings on the Earth plane are still ignorant of this fact. Yet, as a true child of Mine you respect everybody’s freedom of thought and the right to make their own decisions about what they can and cannot believe. Meanwhile rest safely in the knowledge that in the end every one of your siblings in the human family of life is destined to reconnect with Me. When the time is right, they too will discover that the only true, lasting and eternal religion is the one of the heart, and that this is the kind of faith that re-unites all human souls with Me, your Creator, the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, and through Me with the whole of Creation.

From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Fri Apr 03, 2020 2:12 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Separating The Sheep From The Goats

As we know by now, everything that is in this life serves a wise though often hidden purpose – suffering is no exception. Whenever a human soul strays from its pathway and does something unkind, the Universal law of love is broken. Because love never punishes but teaches, the resulting pain and suffering are not intended to be some kind of punishment; they are a way of explaining to the soul the workings of the Universal laws. As mentioned earlier, the human soul creates its own suffering because that way alone it can fulfil the purpose of its existence, which is learning and growing about all aspects of God’s nature and its own. This can only be done through every soul gathering its own experiences.

But, for each one of us there eventually comes the moment when we recognise that suffering can provide us with the key for finding our way back home into the reunion with our Source, where all earthly troubles are forgotten and nothing but love and wisdom reign. As we know by now, we are all here to find healing and to become healers, each in their own right. Healing comes when the earthly self puts its Highest Self in charge of its whole being and like a small child trustingly places it into the hands of God. This atonement alone can bring the healing the soul needs to return into the state of being in complete harmony with its Creator.

Evolution is the main law of life and therefore it is every soul’s own responsibility to develop and grow. Yet, as up to a point we are allowed the freedom to make our own choices, we can also resist all changes and stagnate. During past ages there have been many souls who, after great numbers of lifetimes in physicality managed to shed their lower earthly selves. They evolved into saintly beings, the same as all of us will be doing one of these days, whose exemplary way of living others are willing to follow. These souls walked the way we are treading now before us, trying to show the rest of us through their behaviour the direction in which the rest of our whole race is meant to move.

Although the vibrations emitted by such highly evolved souls are sufficiently refined and they have earned the right to move on to higher learning, for which they are good and ready, out of love for us and our world many for the time being refuse to do so. Instead, they have chosen to join one of the numerous groups of guides and helpers in the world of light, to assist and show the way to as many as possible on the other side of the veil of consciousness that to this day separates our two worlds. White Eagle is one of these gatherings.

Whenever a soul procrastinates for too long and continues to insist on avoiding the issues that are meant awaken them from their spiritual slumber, the Universal force takes over in the end. Something unexpected and beyond our control happens to shake us out of our lethargy and complacency. Such events are very aptly called ‘force majeure’, as in the end they propel us forward into tackling the questions we thought we had successfully swept under the carpet, so that they would thus be forgotten forever. This is impossible – for as long as anything remains in the way of our spiritual development, all our problems eventually have to be faced and resolved.

And that is how, persistently and relentlessly, the Universe pushes us and our world, the same as all other worlds, forwards and upwards on our predestined evolutionary path. Imperceptibly and constantly, the Earth’s vibrations have always been speeding up. That is why each one of us is presented with the necessity of making a conscious choice of either going with the flow or being left behind. As the human spirit is eternal and indestructible and therefore cannot die, this is not as disastrous as it may sound on the surface. It is merely that those who insist on dragging their feet and refusing to get on with working on changing their character to bring forth the best that is within them, are demonstrating unsuitability for taking part in the new Heaven and Earth that is now beginning to manifest itself on our planet.

Meanwhile, the souls who happily get on with their lessons for this lifetime, no matter how difficult and trying they may turn out to be, are fruitfully occupied with doing their share of building and manifesting our new world in their own environment and lives. Those who still insist on acting irresponsibly towards anyone are proving by their very behaviour their unreadiness for continuing their education in a peaceful world. The time is rapidly approaching when disturbers of the peace will no longer be allowed to stand in the way. At the right moment, they will be removed from the Earth in the natural course of events. There is no need for emotionally getting carried away with the notion that this sounds cruel. Instead, bear in mind that the true needs of all God’s children are always met, whatever that may entail.

It has ever been true that human behaviour and actions speak louder than words. They are what sorts the wheat from the chaff or the sheep from the goats, as St. Matthew 25:31-34, 41 tell us: ‘When the Son of man comes in His glory and all His holy Angels with him, then He will sit upon the throne of His glory. And all nations will gather before Him. And He will separate them one from another, just as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. And He will set the sheep at his right, and the goats at His left. Then the King will say to those on His right: ‘Come, ye blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom which has been prepared for you from the foundation of the world.’ . . . Then he will also say to those at his left: ‘Go away from Me, you cursed, to the everlasting fire which is prepared for the adversary and his Angels.’

This sorting of the sheep from the goats is an aphorism for the parting of the ways of one section of the human race from the other. There is no doubt in my mind that there is no truth whatever in the final sentence. It is bound to have found its way into the Bible for the benefit of our race in its spiritual infancy, when very few of us were capable of grasping the underlying esoteric higher meaning of the tale of the sheep and goats. We, the mass of people in those days, must have required this kind of deterrent to keep us away from the truth, otherwise teachings of this nature would never have been presented to us.

Thanks be to God and the Angels that the veil of ignorance is lifting and the living God within each one of us is coming alive. With the help of this wise one, the Universal Christ, who knows the way of all things and beings, increasing numbers of us are now ready to be guided to the real meaning of anything that may come our way. The Christ Spirit leaves us in no doubt that He loves the whole of His Creation totally and unconditionally, including all of His children of the Earth. He assures us that souls, the old teachings would have thought of as goats, after having received their initial training in the experiences of life in physicality, will be moving on to help with the colonising of a new planet at the end of their present lifetime – the same as we one did and still are doing with the Earth.

The true Christ would never curse or condemn anyone, no matter how deep a soul may have fallen and how depraved it has become. He knows better than anyone else that, to come into its wholeness, every human soul has to gather experiences of all conditions on the Earth plane, before it can begin its journey back home into its real nature. He understands better than anyone else that no birth has ever taken place and no spiritual growth was ever achieved without pain.

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From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sat Apr 04, 2020 2:24 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Ascending The Spiritual Mountain - Part One

The following is the essence of a message of hope and encouragement from the White Eagle group of spirit guides with the title ‘Keep On Keeping On’ that appeared in Stella Polaris August/September 2015: ‘It is with love and joy in our hearts that we are coming to you today to tell you of some of the truths that are vital for your happiness in this lifetime and beyond. We too once walked the road you are presently treading. Because of this we are familiar with the sorrows and difficulties of living in a physical body that is as yet unawakened to the beauty and wonder of our world, the spirit realms.

‘We are aware of how hard earthly life can be for those who do not yet know about its spiritual background and the presence of spirit guides and helpers who love and care for you, just because you are. This lack of spiritual knowledge makes it very difficult to grasp that the life you have been given is basically a good one. Trusting that the love of the Great White Spirit and that His/Her loving arms have always been wrapped around you, is almost impossible in that state. But it becomes easier when you comprehend that every one of your earthly experiences serves a wise higher purpose. Because we know the sorrows, disappointments and hardships of life in physicality only too well, we are joining you here. Our only motivation is a great longing in our hearts to provide you with the knowledge of the powers that are within every human being and therefore also in you.

‘We want to tell you about the beautiful states of life that in the fullness of time are waiting for you and the importance of bringing forth the best that is within you, because they are the characteristics of your higher or Christ nature. Even though you may not see any results of your efforts for quite some time, keep on keeping on. Your ascension of the spiritual mountain of earthly life is an essential part of God’s plan for your spiritual development. Your predestined pathway is to reach the end of your earthly education and that is the top of the mountain. We are here to provide you with the assistance you need.

‘Every religion your world has ever seen is one of the many roads that lead up this mountain. When at the end of your present earthly sojourn you return to our world, we shall be welcoming you in our midst. After you have recovered from the stresses and strains of earthly life and look at it from our side of the veil, you will probably be as overwhelmed as we are by the amount of suffering you see. It will occur to you how easily all of it could be avoided, if only people were aware that every bit of suffering is the result of someone’s own thinking and behaviour patterns of the past. You want to go to them and tell them that it is up to them to change, but alas you will have to tell them that it is not your job to do this work for them.

‘We would love to do the work for each one of you, but are not allowed to for in that case you earthling would not grow in wisdom and understanding. You are the only ones who can do this, while we from the spiritual background of life support and encourage you. Our main role is showing you how to avoid creating further negative Karma and accumulating karmic debts, and help you to redeem the ones that still exist in your spiritual bankbook. This is done through sending nothing but good, kind and loving thoughts, words and actions into the Universe. It really is as simple as that.

‘There are many groups like ours on this side of the veil of consciousness that separates your world from this one. The White Eagle is a symbol of the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, whose wisdom and truth we are bringing you as best as we ourselves know it. White Eagle is the collective word for all who are working together for the benefit and wellbeing of our siblings who are struggling with their existence as spirit and soul encased in matter. Our groups are on many different evolutionary levels and working with you is an essential part of our own development. If you so wish, you can join our beginner’s group for those who have just completed their earthly education. You can serve your apprenticeship here, if you so wish. Nobody forces you to do anything, but when you watch the miseries of the life you have only just left behind, your heart is likely to melt with compassion and love and you want to help in some way, the way many of us are doing in this world.

‘Waiting for every human being who has got to the end of their earthly education behind the mountain is the greater freedom and beauty of the spirit realms. From there you will proceed to explore the higher and eventually highest spiritual realms. For every human being eventually waits a heavenly state of life that is so filled with bliss and peace that will be hard for you to imagine now. Ah yes, we can see you thinking: ‘That’s all very well, but how are we to believe that what you are telling us is the truth. In any case, how can any of it affect our present-day difficulties and problems?’ Our role is to point the way towards your goal, because as soon as your vision focuses on it, your mental and emotional attitude towards your companions and the problems of everyday life changes.

‘Spiritually, knowledge is light and the lack of it is darkness. The wisdom and truth of the Great Mother of all life is the eternal light and you need its help for working your way over every one of your earthly hurdles and obstacles. Yet, to enable you to contact this light, the desires and cravings of your lower earthly nature first have to surrender themselves to the demands of your higher nature. Alas, human beings frequently find it too difficult to listen and make the effort to rise in thought above their sad and traumatic conditions and reach out for the life of our world with its light and warmth, joy and tranquillity, kindness and peace. Never forget that we are always there for you; all you have to do is ask. Without asking no help can come to you; that is the law.

‘But for those who have asked and through this are showing their readiness to receive, we are bringing the truth about God’s nature and your own. We ask you to look, with love in your heart and soul, towards the higher and highest realms of life. The more you do this, the more your small earthly difficulties shrink away, because you know that everything that happens in earthly life is transient and but a passing phase. With the help and will of God and the Angels no obstacle is insurmountable and all conditions can be healed. So do your best, refuse to worry about tomorrow and rest safely in the knowledge that God and the Angels are doing the rest.

‘That is the message of the Jesus legend’s St Matthew 6:25-32: ‘Therefore I say unto you, be not anxious for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than the food and the body than the raiment? Behold the birds of the Heaven, that they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; and your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are not ye of much more value than they? And which of you by being anxious can add one cubit unto the measure of his life? And why are ye anxious concerning raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin. Yet I say unto you, that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. But if God doth so clothe the grass of the field, which to-day is and to-morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you? O ye of little faith!’

‘The people of your planet have difficulties comprehending messages of this nature because many of them to this day are existing behind a kind of barrier that acts like a dense fog. Getting rid of it is everyone’s own task, but do not despair because we are here to help you. The only thing that can disperse the kind of fog we are talking about here is the light of the Highest Star, the Universal Christ Spirit, through whom all life is given. And God’s sacred wisdom and truth are the winds of Heaven that can blow away everything that is troublesome in your world.

‘A light burns within each one of you that with the passing of earthly time has been turned down and grown very dim. You are the only one who can uncover this light and help it to shine so brightly that ever more of all earthly clouds of fog and darkness are absorbed into it. Every human being has a hidden power within that can act like the winds of Heaven that sweep your surroundings until everything ugly and evil, negative and destructive has gone for good. That’s how the conditions of everybody’s earthly life can be moderated and improved.

‘You yourselves are endowed with this power. By bringing it forth and using it wisely, eventually the things of Earth that in the past were so stressful will no longer have any effect on you. When you look at them from the right perspective, you recognise how unimportant they truly are. These God-given powers are unfolding in ever more of you. You are God’s beloved children of the Earth. And with the knowledge we are bringing you the Great Father/Mother is placing into every reader’s own hands the key for unlocking the inner doors to great happiness. The secret of overcoming the darkness and sickness of earthly life is through perceiving them in the right light and knowing that everything is sure to work out well in the end, when Mother Earth’s transformation into a place of beauty, harmony and peace is complete.

From ‘The Very Best Of White Eagle’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sun Apr 05, 2020 5:01 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Ascending The Spiritual Mountain – Part Two

Keep On Keeping On

The following is a continuation of yesterday’s message from the White Eagle group of spirit guides: ‘To achieve anything in earthly life, you have to keep on keeping on. This is particularly true for climbing the spiritual mountain of your education in the school of earthly life. When you are reached its apex, you will be released from the obligation of taking part in it. Steadfastness is the quality you need most to achieve this. It develops quite naturally when you pursue your predestined path regardless of any obstacles and difficulties that may still have to come your way because of outstanding karmic debts. And when at last you kneel before the Highest and say: ‘Not my will, Great Father/Mother, but Thine. I humbly accept,’ the necessary strength to endure your burdens comes to you.

‘Feelings of joy will begin to lighten your life the more you observe how the Divine Universal laws have always been at work in human life, including your own. You then realise that everything that happens on the Earth is a manifestation of God’s perfect justice. And when you start to recognise how God’s sacred wisdom and truth has always been hiding behind the surface words of the myths, legends and religious tales of your world, you are in the process of developing true clairvoyance and are increasingly ready to share your insights into the ancient themes with those around you. Through a new understanding of the spiritual aspects of life, your gifts can bring them a renewal of faith and trust in the basic goodness of the life that has been given to all of you. As soon as what you are giving has sunken sufficiently deep into their consciousness, they too will be thinking and saying to themselves: ‘Everything will come right in the end.’ We assure you that most certainly it will.

‘The time has come for bringing forth, from deep within your own being, the characteristics of your higher Christ nature. They enable you to treat everybody you meet with the love, kindness and respect they deserve as a child of the Highest; whether they themselves are as yet aware of it or not, that’s what every human being is. Through your behaviour no further negative Karma is created by you. When all your remaining karmic debts have been paid, you have reached the top of the mountain of earthly life and will no longer need further lifetimes on your planet. This is how in due course every human being’s Christ nature will save and redeem its lower earthly self. That’s the only way the Christ will ever be able to do this for anyone.

‘With the clearing away of every bit of your negative Karma, it’s a steep road you have to climb that winds its way up the mountain of earthly life. Being well aware how difficult this can be at time, that’s why we are saying persevere, never give up, just keep going. You will get there even though the ascent at times appears to be too steep and high. And whenever you are turning a corner and still cannot see any sign of the summit, rest safely in the knowledge that waiting for you at the top are the warmth and light of the Great Sun, the Universal Christ’s realm. In due course every human being will reach it.

‘What good would it be to anyone if you were happy only when things are bright and shining, and become weak and doubtful when they turn dark and threatening? Endurance and steadfastness are the main qualities you need for your spiritual journey, if you seriously wish this lifetime to be the end of your earthly education. Stop worrying about the things that still have to happen to you and your world on the outer plane. Knowing that everything is the redemption of someone’s karmic debts and at the same time a lesson for somebody else, will help you to keep your vision firmly focused on God’s light deep within you. It is this light that enables you to keep moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

‘At the top of the spiritual mountain of the whole of Creation, not merely of earthly life, in the fullness of time awaits every human being the glory of the conscious reunion with the Divine Sun. When you perceive Its light and feel Its warmth and glow, nothing can deter you from wanting to move forwards on the predestined evolutionary pathway that eventually takes every one of you back to the source of your being. Every fibre of you then begins to yearn to forever feel the glory of Its warmth and comfort. Nothing matters to you any more but this and holding the whole of life in your loving heart, the way God has never stopped doing.

‘Just like you are focussing on the light of the Highest Star and the brightest light in the whole of Creation, the Spirit of the Universal Christ, who has always been radiating from the highest levels of life, many lifeforms on the Earth are waiting for your light to assist them with their evolutionary journey. God helps you and you are expected to help the lesser forms of life, to look after and care for them. Mother Earth’s nature and animal kingdoms are looking towards humankind for support, the same as you are reaching out to the Angelic realms. Ultimately, each one of you is responsible for the wellbeing of your whole world and all its kingdoms. With every loving thought you radiate into your world you are helping someone who is less highly evolved than you are. Even the tiniest lifeforms are constantly striving upwards towards God’s light, the same as you have always done.

‘Whatever still has to happen in your world, bear in mind that God does not hurry. All of us are God’s children and have to accept the wisdom of the Divine developmental pace. Therefore, do not lose patience with the project in hand and pursue lighter amusements and interests. If you did this, you would be wasting the rest of your present earthly lifetime and the possibilities for making good spiritual progress. In that case, when you entered into your next earthly sojourn the process of learning the lessons of patience and calmness of spirit would have to be started all over again.

‘Wise ones keep on keeping on. Their hearts filled with gratitude and trust, they are walking their predestined path and are feeling safe in the knowledge that, however long their road may still be, eventually they will receive their reward in the form of unheard of achievements and the completion of their earthly education. They know that waiting for all of you at the end of this particular part of your evolutionary expedition is the kind of happiness that earthly life cannot provide and a peace that nothing in the whole of Creation will ever take from you.

‘We are bringing you the truth as we know it at this particular moment, i.e. what has been given to us by the Angels in charge of you and your world and us and our world. They are the ones who, at any given time, decide which part of God’s sacred wisdom and truth should be revealed to you and how much of it is appropriate for the time of its publication. You do not have to take our word for anything we are presenting to you. If you pay attention to your inner guidance, the wise one or living God within, you will know which parts – maybe even everything – is right for you and waiting to become part of your truth.

‘Every human being is destined to evolve into a seeker of God’s wisdom and truth as well as a healer and lightbringer in their own right. We appreciate humankind’s great hunger and thirst for this kind of information, but nonetheless advise you not to endlessly devour spiritual publications. Regardless of how old they are and who brought them into being, take care to reflect on what is before you and in your daily encounters use the parts to which your inner guidance responds with: ‘This makes sense; it is the truth.’ That’s the only way anything can become part of your truth and spiritual property, the only things you can take with you into Eternity.

‘In your role as aspiring healer and lightbringer you are meant to add your own reflections and insights onto the knowledge that has come your way on the road of your own healing journey. Share it with as many as possible, so they too can find out how to help themselves overcome their difficulties. Do your best to walk your talk and distribute nothing but the truth the way you understand it, like we are doing. Not merely dabbling at spirituality but seriously devoted to this pathway of life. This enables God and the Angels to work through you and do whatever is necessary for the blessing and healing of every part of your world.

‘When you work in this manner, nothing but the truth can return to you. Through this the truth becomes ever more powerful in your world. As it spreads and gets an ever firmer grip on your race’s individual and collective consciousness, it grows into an increasingly dominant force that slowly but surely absorbs more and more of the remaining untruths, lies and deceptions of your world into itself and transforms them into blessing and healing energies that flow to wherever they are needed.

‘Your most urgent requirement for the ascent of the spiritual mountain of earthly life are steadfastness and perseverance. These characteristics are taught by Saturn, the co-ruler with Uranus of Aquarius. Saturn represents the aspect of the Divine stern schoolmaster. Teaching humankind the skills of self-discipline and self-mastery over the drives and urges of their lower earthly nature is the main task of its energies. They are the keeper of the gate to the Aquarian Age. For every human being Saturn’s role in the end changes from that of the teacher into the rewarder, who bestows its finest gift upon anyone who freely and willingly submits themselves to its demands and shows that it has learnt its lesson by constantly practising the Saturnian skills.

‘One of Saturn’s most outstanding qualities is a natural ability to work your way patiently and steadily, hand over hand and with the necessary caution, towards a distant goal. Your whole world’s goal is to evolve into a place where honesty and truth rule supreme, and all nations and their people live together in peace and harmony. Saturn supplies you with the perseverance and stamina it will take to make this dream a reality on the Earth.

‘Because Saturn is also the planet of Karma, many of you have brought their most ancient karmic debts with them, in the hope of being able to redeem them. That is why so many of you are struggling under this burden. But we are here to help; all you have to do is ask. Nothing but keeping on keeping on is good enough for any of you, irrespective of what events may still have to take place in your world for the individual and collection making good of your karmic debts. Some of them could have been incurred thousands of lifetimes ago during the earliest stages of your earthly education. Their redemption had to wait for the time when you had become sufficiently evolved and therefore strong enough to cope with what your life was presenting to you. If this applies to you, keep on keeping on, safe in the knowledge that things are going to come right for you in the end. You will then be able to see for yourself that every bit of your present efforts and possibly sacrifices has been well worth making.

‘Experienced and highly evolved souls for their final lifetime on the Earth choose a pathway that is strongly under the influence of the Saturnian energies. Their birthcharts reflects this. The result is a difficult one that is strewn with the rocks and boulders of constant tests and trials that are coming your way. When you are working your way through one after the other, your earthly self finds it hard to accept that you yourself chose this road. You ask yourself: ‘How could I?’ But it is the truth nonetheless. This particular pathway was suggested to you by the wise ones in charge of you in our world. You agreed because you then knew that if you mastered such a lifetime, you would prove that you are ready to be released from the lessons of earthly life and being released into continuing your studies by exploring more advanced levels of life.

‘You were unafraid because you knew that the Angels and other spirit guides and helpers would be with you to show the way and that whenever things turned out to be too difficult to cope on your own and you could do with some help, all you had to do was ask for it. Unfortunately, your earthly self was unaware of these things when it entered into its next lifetime and it would take a long time until it became aware of them again. That’s how it came about that you yourself chose Saturn as your main teacher.

‘We have come to help you understand that this was an exceedingly wise choice, as nobody enters into the Aquarian age’s freedom from oppression and yokes of all kinds, especially religious ones, without first having acquired Saturn’s sterling characteristics. To assist you with this task, ever since our entry into the new age, God and the Angels through the energies of Saturn and Uranus have been working with steadily increasing strength to bring about the necessary changes in the individual and collective consciousness of your world. They are also providing a plentiful supply of the required courage and strength.

‘The Age of Pisces by now lies well behind you. It has been a time of lies and deceptions, violence and crime, warmongering and unspeakable cruelty of human beings towards each other, especially in the name of religion – not of God. That’s a concept the main religions of your world fail to understand to this day. Everything that happened has prepared your world for the new religion of the Age of Aquarius:

There is only one religion, the religion of love.
There is only one country, the whole of Mother Earth.
There is only one race and chosen people, the whole of humankind.
There is only one gender, who is androgynous, whole and holy.
There is only one language, the language of the heart.
And there is only one God, the God of love,
The Great Father/Mother of all life
And their only born Son/Daughter,
The Universal Christ.
They are the Holy Trinity who is
Omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.

‘Even though this religion is based on Christianity’s Jesus legend, God’s sacred wisdom and truth cannot to be found in its surface words, but has always been hiding in the higher esoteric meanings behind them. What you are looking at is not really a religion but an abiding faith that is based on a deep inner knowing of the truth and a trust in the goodness of life which is indestructible and cannot be harmed or destroyed, not even shaken, by anyone or anything.’

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• ‘Programming The Subconscious Mind’

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• ‘Everything That’s Worth Knowing About The True Meaning Of Saturn’

From ‘The Very Best Of White Eagle’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2020 2:28 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
I Believe

I believe for every drop of rain that falls,
A flower grows.
I believe that somewhere in the darkest night
A candle glows.
I believe for every soul that goes astray
An Angel comes to show the way.
I believe. I believe.

I believe that above each storm
Even the smallest prayer is heard
And someone in the great ‘out there’
Is listening to every word.
Each time I hear a newborn baby cry,
Or touch a leaf and see a star,
I know why I believe.

I don’t just believe, I know that
The darkest hour is just before the dawn.
I know this is true because
The world around me acts like
A mirror of what’s happening on the
Inner levels, the spiritual background,
Of our earthly existence.
I know that regardless of the many dark things
That are still taking place in many places,
A new day is dawning for each one of us
And also our whole world.

My consciousness has changed gear from
The blind belief of the Piscean Age
To the state of knowing of the Aquarian Age.
There’s a world of difference between the two.
Now my faith and trust in the goodness of life
That’s been given to us is something
That cannot be taken away of destroyed
By anyone or anything any more.

Jimmy Shirl &Al Stillman
Edited by Aquarius

Recommended Viewing:
• ‘I Believe’

Recommended Reading:
• ‘Universal Guidance From The Environment’

From ‘Songs Of Inspiration’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2020 5:17 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Age Of Aquarius

Awake from your slumber,
Arise from your sleep,
A new day is dawning,
For all those who weep.

For long enough human hearts and souls
Were trapped in the darkness of their beliefs.
Rejoice, because with each passing day,
The light of Truth is growing
More powerful in our world.
It absorbs ever more of the darkness
And transmutes it into blessing and healing
Energies for the whole of Creation.

So let’s do our share of building the city of
Humankind’s true saviour and redeemer
By bringing forth, each from deep within
Their own inner being,
The Christ spirit of goodness and kindness,
Honesty and truth.
May their supreme rulership
Turn humankind’s tears into laughter,
Because true enlightenment now flows directly from the
Heartmind of the Great Father/Mother of all life
Into all human hearts and souls
That are open to receive it.

Dan Schutte & Robert J. Batastini
Adapted by Aquarius
For our time

The Age of Aquarius is with us now. The symbol of this sign is the water bearer who holds a pot in his arms from which he seems to be pouring water. Because of this it is hardly surprising that to this day there is quite a bit of confusion about the nature of this sign. In spite of its symbol and contrary to popular beliefs, Aquarius is by no means one of the Water signs. It is an Air sign and the water that flows from the man’s vessel is not of the liquid kind. It is an allegory for the cleansing and purifying effect of fresh spiritual knowledge and wisdom that is constantly being poured from the highest levels of life into the earthly consciousness of humankind, to enable us and our world to move forward on the evolutionary spiral of life.

God’s great plan of life is evolution and the purpose of every aspect of life is that it should constantly expand in size and consciousness. The ever expanding Universe bears witness to this. The way I understand Earth life is that we are in it together, so we can help each other in many ways and especially when it comes to finding healing for the soul wounds all our lifetimes thus far have inflicted upon us. In this process each one of us slowly but surely evolves from being a pupil into the role of a teacher, and from being a wounded one into a healer, each in their own right and unique way.

It stands to reason that in the course of our long evolutionary journey through space and time the souls of all of us have got hurt and badly wounded, over and over again. The memories of the most traumatic experiences we had to endure in the course of our long and comprehensive earthly education, with the passing of time have buried themselves ever more deeply into the recesses of our subconscious. Here they wait most patiently, sometimes many lifetimes, until the moment has come when the soul’s earthly self begins to feel the need to go in search of healing for the inner wounds that manifest themselves as illnesses and afflictions in our physical bodies.

The task of all budding healers and lightbringers is to work with and release every part of the soul pain, which is the underlying true cause of all physical disorders, with love and kindness, compassion and forgiveness for ourselves as well as for those who shared these experiences with us. Until healing has taken place, the memories of old soul wounds are capable of causing many problems and disturbances in our daily lives. To overcome and resolve them once and for all, there is nothing for it but setting off on our own private healing journey of a thousand miles, which for each one of us can only begin with one single step.

To my mind, the equipment that is most urgently required on this voyage is to develop the ability to look for a better understanding of life towards the higher realities that lie behind it. This alone can provide us with the spiritual wings that are necessary when one wants to rise above many of the outdated and false beliefs and concepts that to this day abound on our planet. The small earthly self’s struggle is greatly alleviated, as soon as it begins to gaze beyond the confines of its present existence and realises that the human race’s Earth life is but a passing evolutionary phase that by now has almost run its course.

The Age of Aquarius is the age of enlightenment and spiritual freedom. It brings us the long awaited spiritual rebirth of our race and our whole world. Ever more of us are discovering that the answers to all our questions really do lie within, and that they are given by the living God within, the inner teacher and guru. With that it comes clear that the saviour and redeemer, promised of old, is at last in flesh appearing and that this is happening in a highly surprising and much more beautiful way than anyone could ever have envisaged in past ages, even in their wildest dreams. The saviour and redeemer is none other than us. Each one of us has to do their share of saving and redeeming ourselves and our world.

The deeper we move into the new age and the months and years go by, it can be seen with ever increasing clarity that this is no means merely some kind of a fad or an airy-fairy notion that has sprung from the minds of the participants of the hippy movement. The Age of Aquarius is a very real evolutionary period in the spiritual development of humankind and therefore deserves to be taken seriously, as it demands the fullest attention from all of us, not only from those who are already interested in their own spiritual progress and that of our whole world.

In the Aquarian Age spiritual wisdom and truth is flowing ever more strongly into all human hearts directly from the Source. The long promised and awaited World Teacher is now coming to us in the most miraculous and unexpected way, namely by being born in the heart of each and every one of us. At long last it is coming clear that this teacher is none other than the inner guru and wise one, the living God within, everybody’s Highest Self, in whom we are all one. For a very long time this part of our nature has been known as the small still voice of conscience that constantly tries to tell us right from wrong and communicates with us through the world of our feelings and intuition. As the English poet Robert Browning, 1812-1889, once put it: ‘There is an inmost centre in us all, where truth abides in fullness.’

When all have become attuned to and are following the guidance of this, their very own teacher, there will be peace in our world and there will no longer be any need for religions. Having served the purpose they were created for, they will gradually disappear from our world. Most of my writings are concerned with how the monumental changes that are already taking place and will continue to do so for a very long time to come, are affecting us all. Helpful new perspectives on the different aspects of life are gradually revealing themselves to us. If you study the various parts of my life’s work that by now are available on the new and the old Rays of Wisdom, you will soon be able to see this for yourself.

As the collective consciousness of our race opens up, clear evidence is emerging everywhere of an increasing awareness of the ‘facts of life’ about the reality of our true eternal nature. More and more of us are grasping the concept that life is an absolute continuum and that in truth there is no death, only transformations into different life states. With this understanding the limited vision of Earth life as a one-off thing dissolves and we realise that one cycle of life emerges from and is born out of the previous one. All life is guided and protected by God and the Angels and when the time for doing so has come, old life-forms that have outlived their usefulness are removed by them. Inexorably life moves forwards and upwards, and everything taking part in it constantly evolves into ever more perfect and beautiful forms on ever higher levels of existence.

Sun Scorpio Marie, Queen Consort of Romania, 1875-1938 wrote towards the end of her life: ‘The God within us! That’s what really counts … that fundamental something that makes part of the ‘beyond’, which leads us upwards in spite of ourselves … towards a light out of which we came and to which we surely return, if we do not allow our spirits to go down in the mine! A light which shines in our souls, a beacon signalling to us from somewhere beyond this quarrelling, hating, doubting, betrayed and betraying, sad suffering world.’ Later still, bravely tackling her twilight years, she wrote: ‘It is not in vain that, on decline, so much is taken from us. It is so as to prepare us for the end. To sow the seed of longing for another life in our tired souls.’ From ‘Born To Rule’ by Julia Gelardi.

Spiritual knowledge and its understanding is a living organism that grows and evolves, the same as everything else in the whole of Creation, including us and our world. That’s why over the ages religions and belief systems of all kinds have come and gone, and none of those that to this day are part of our world will remain with us forever. Because of the necessity for evolution and development into ever higher forms of belief, the teachings of the sacred texts of books like the Torah, the Bible or the Koran, to name but three, were never intended to be treated as if they had been set in concrete or chiselled into stone, for all eternity. They were given to humankind, through various teachers over the ages, until in due course each one would be replaced by more advanced beliefs and their teaching methods .

Throughout the ages, new religions did appear at certain predestined times to serve humankind, as our race by then was ready to receive more of the Divine truth. As soon as one of the old belief systems has lost its usefulness it is removed and replaced by something else. A good one has to be capable of taking on the role of a staff on which human souls can lean whilst on the Earth plane. The sole purpose of a religion that is worthy of carrying that name needs to be the wish to act as a ladder that invites and encourages human souls to climb on by seeking to increase their own understanding of God’s sacred wisdom and truth, wherever it may present itself. In my view, any organisation that fails to fulfil this task in the long run is doomed, as the Aquarian Age requires from all of us that we re-establish our inner connection with the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, in whom everybody – without any exceptions – has their origin and before whom we are all equals.

Independent of which spiritual pathways any soul may ever have trodden during all of its earthly sojourns, in the end each one of us is guided into the realisation that no-one can really teach us anything. This is because in the depths of our own being, everybody through their own inner connection with God can gain access to every bit of knowledge that has ever been gathered by anyone. On our return into this blessed state of oneness the Universe presents us with many opportunities for establishing from our own experiences that the answers to all our questions really are known within, and that this is the only place where each one will always be answered correctly and truthfully.

May the knowledge we are now finding help us to become ever more aware of the infinite power, wisdom and love that has brought us and our world into being and will forever continue to support and keep us going. May this understanding enable us to rise above the circumstances that at times threaten to overwhelm Earth life with its sadness and unhappiness. Reminding ourselves as often as necessary of the loving arms and hands of the Divine behind everything and therefore also in us, helps us to remain calm and to avoid being pulled here and there like fallen leaves on the wind.

The more frequently we reach out to our Highest or God Self, the more powerfully it can pull us onwards on our evolutionary pathway and upwards towards Itself and Its light on the higher and highest levels of existence. May our increasing awareness that in truth they are part of us assist us with working our way through all the bitter and joyful experience that may still be waiting for us on the Earth, until every one of our karmic debts has been paid.

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• ‘Enlightenment’
• ‘The Great Year And The Ages Of Man’
• ‘The Coming World Teacher’

From ‘What Is The Age Of Aquarius?’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 1:26 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Looking At The Year 2020 - Part One

From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

The beginning of this new part of the Aquarian jottings is coming to you on Wednesday, 8th April 2020, the day of the Full Moon in Libra, the zodiac’s peacemaking sign. A full Moon takes place approx. every twenty-nine and a half days and each one is a time it is possible to find enlightenment. Usually, it does not consist of earth-shattering revelations. It’s far more likely that we find a better understanding of situations that could have been puzzling us for a very long time. If you have seen this article before, reading it again is likely to be worth your while because this is its latest update. So here we go:

What a long way you and your world have already come. Rest assured that there is a great deal more in preparation and all of it, for those who go about it the right way, good. And because every birthday is in truth the end of a year and not its beginning, this also applies when another year of your calendar has come to its end. This means that the New Year 2019 was really the beginning of the year 2020. Let’s take a look at what numerology can reveal about what was then ahead of you. The 2 is ruled by the Moon, the sign of Cancer and the Great Mother, the mothering, caring and nurturing aspect of the Divine Trinity. And for the whole of the year 2019 the Mother has been providing you with the double strength of the civilising, balancing and harmonising influence of Her energies of wisdom and love.

2019 has been a period in which your world was ruled by the master vibration 22 and this is true not only for that year but for the whole of the decade ahead. And because 2 + 2 = 4 and the 4 is under the rulership of Aquarius, it will also be much more strongly under the influence of the energies of the Divine Waterbearer, the astrological symbol of Aquarius. In support of humankind’s efforts, the civilising and peace-loving influence of the feminine wisdom and love energies are going to become more prominent and noticeable in both genders and that throughout the whole of the decade. The strong presence of the Great Mother’s caring and nurturing energies can be tapped into to assist you with improving and healing your relationship first with yourself and then with those around you. From there they can then be directed to flow into the welfare of your planet and all lifeforms that are sharing it with you.

As the year 2020 is the beginning of 2021, the energies available to you for the year ahead are going to be ruled by 2 + 2 +1 = 5. 2 = The Moon, ruler of Cancer, the nurturing and caring sign of the zodiac that represents the Great Mother’s love and wisdom. 1 = The Sun, ruler of Leo, representing the Great Father’s will and power. 5 = Mercury, planetary ruler of Gemini, the sign of your siblings and the world around you, as well as Virgo, the teaching, healing and harvest sign of the zodiac. Its symbol is the Virgin who holds a sheaf of corn in her arms. The energies of this sign have the power of bringing the spiritual harvest down to the Earth.

In Roman mythology Mercury was the winged messenger of the Gods. He stole their sacred fire, i.e. their wisdom and knowledge and brought it to the Earth to relieve the suffering of humankind and all lifeforms that are sharing your planet. And that’s what Mercury is waiting to help ever more of you to do. His efforts are supported by a double dose of the Mother’s feminine love and wisdom, assisted by the masculine will and power of the Father. Notice how He no longer dominates the earthly scene but has moved quite naturally into the background of what is happening.

Anyone who tunes into the frequencies of the Angels and Me and whose intention is to unselfishly work with our energies for the highest good and the greatest joy of your whole world, together with us wields the power of bringing all of you closer to the promised new golden age that lies within your reach now. Avarice and greed will by then have gone from your world and everybody merely takes what they need. The rest is left for those who are walking behind and that’s why hunger and starvation will no longer be known. Goodwill and peace, harmony and happiness will be the supreme ruler of your world. Sickness and diseases will have been overcome because all those taking part in earthly life have learnt how to heal themselves, those around them and your world, assisted by the healing miracles that could be performed by us through these people.

This is how the cells and atoms of their physical bodies are gradually filling with so much light that this their vehicle for getting around on Mother Earth slowly but surely is becoming more ethereal. The vibrations of everyone who turns to us to request our guidance and protection are speeding up. As their bodies grow lighter and brighter, the same happens to your planet. Bodies that are filled with light no longer need to perish, the way they used to do in times gone by. And that’s how the notion of death and the fear of it with the passing of time will fade away. You know that the Universal laws rule life throughout the whole of Creation and that whatever you send into your world and the rest of the Universe can do nothing but return to you. It enables you to do only that which is good, right and beautiful so that in due course nothing but more of the same can come back. This knowledge will gradually free your race and world from the fear of the future and the unknown.

My beloved children of the Earth, as you will be able to see for yourself by now, there really is no need for being downhearted. So be of good cheer! For as long as you live in hope and with your whole being trust the blessing and healing power of the Angels and Me, everything will be well and in the end work out for the highest good and greatest joy of you and your world. Because of the laws of love and evolution it cannot be any other way.

From ‘Easter And Other Festivals’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2020 1:39 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Importance Of Seeing The Funny Side

Dear Friends,

The following is the essence of a message from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in ‘Stella Polaris’ February/March 2007: ‘Make an effort to cultivate a sense of humour to enable you to treat as amusing that which otherwise would irritate and annoy you in your human siblings and your world. Whatever happens, be understanding, feel with them and do not allow anyone’s foibles and shortcomings to fill your mind with darkness. By casting the warming beam of humour onto any situation, you can transform and lift it into light of higher understanding.’

The pressure on the health care systems of our whole world can be eased considerably by following the example of

Impatient Patient

This letter was saved for posterity by Madazine’s typesetter, Phyllis Tyne. She had applied it to a gas ring, in order to light the revolting stuff she puts into a clay pipe – we haven’t quite caught up with the smoking thing. At the last instant, she realised that the communication might be of interest to some readers. No-one here knows how we came by this item, nor (barring receipt of a confession) are we likely to find out, as the top of the single page was singed by the flames, which obliterated the writer’s name and address, and the signature was unreadable. Anyway, here it is:

Dear Mr X

I am writing to you today because of the letter that was sent to you some time ago by my GP. Regrettably, I do not recall the exact date, as the matter has been obscured by intervening festive seasons, anniversaries, family birthdays, annual holidays, etc., from all of which I infer that you are indeed as overburdened as my doctor feared. You may recall that the problem is a cyst on my right knee.

As it is clearly necessary to alleviate your workload, I have decided to perform the operation myself. I have little medical knowledge, but have been fortunate enough to procure a copy of a book entitled ‘Surgery on the Hoof’, written for the inhabitants of the American Frontier. Although the work was published in 1802, I imagine that basic procedures have not changed much in the meantime. I have assembled almost all the required equipment, much of which, being an average householder, I had to hand. My wife has provided an extra-large ironing board, not dissimilar in shape and size to an operating table. I shall use this as my base, since I do not wish to incur the wrath of the distaff side by possibly defacing our teak dining surface.

My other items comprise an excellent horn-handled knife – a family heirloom – and a small silver mustard spoon. Here, I would have preferred stainless steel, but we do not live in a perfect world. The knife already has a keen edge, but not wishing to leave anything to chance, I shall hone it thoroughly and afterwards dip it in hot water – essential because the oilstone I intend to use has been lying open in my toolbox for over twenty years.

As the offender is at the back of my knee, I am setting up an array of three angled mirrors, in order to, as it were, let the dog see the rabbit. I have conducted a dry run and have found the procedure less complicated than I had first thought. It is rather like reversing an articulated vehicle with more than one trailer. I propose to start by making an incision of about two inches, to expose the growth, which if necessary – you will appreciate that there is an exploratory element here – I shall puncture with a smaller cut, then remove most of the nasty stuff by (a) manual pressure (b) the mustard spoon and (c) a wall-mounted vacuum cleaner. That done, I shall snip away what I assume will be an empty sac. I may be wrong about this, but no matter, as I am very inventive and confident of my ability to handle what comes up. Still, I would not trust myself to complete the excision at an earlier stage.

Up to this point, I do not anticipate much difficulty. However, I am concerned about tying-off and wound closure. My understanding is that catgut is still widely used and as I have none, I wonder whether you could supply me with a short length – a foot or so should do the trick. If you do not have any, please do not put yourself out, as my daughter has offered to lend me an upper E-string from her guitar, which I think would suffice.

Finally, lest you should think that I am adopting a less than completely rigorous approach, let me say that I shall have by me throughout the operation, for internal and external use, a large supply of the strongest product from the house of Smirnoff.

Yours sincerely.

From ‘Madazine’

Where more of this nature is available free of charge.

With love and the light of humour,
The Courtjester / Scriptorius
Author of the above
who is greeting you from the world of spirit.

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2020 2:12 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Looking At The Year 2020 – Part Two

The Rebirth Of Humankind’s Christ Nature

From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

I am the voice of the Universal Christ, the Light of all lights and the Sun of all suns. I am the only born Son/Daughter of the Divine Trinity that consists of the Great Father/Mother of all life and Me. As pointed out in the previous chapter, the beginning of the year 2020 on your calendars really is the start of the year 2021. That’s why the energies available to you for the whole of the year ahead are going to be ruled by the numbers 2 + 2 +1 = 5. 2 = The Moon, planetary ruler of Cancer, the nurturing and caring sign of the zodiac that represents the Great Mother’s love and wisdom. 1 = The Sun, planetary ruler of Leo, the sign dedicated to the will and power of the Great Father.

5 = Mercury, planetary ruler of Gemini, the sign of your siblings and the world around you, as well as Virgo, the teaching, healing and harvest sign of the zodiac that, among many other things, is dedicated to the development of the human ability for discernment and discrimination. This ability is one of your most essential requirements at this particular time because it helps you to tell the difference between lies and the truth. Virgo’s astrological glyph is the Virgin who holds a sheaf of corn in her arms. This is a symbol that Virgo’s energies have the power of bringing the spiritual harvest down to the Earth. Mercury was the winged messenger of the Gods of antiquity. He stole their fire, i.e. their ideas, and brought them to earthly life to alleviate the suffering of humankind, through teaching their wisdom so they could find ways of healing themselves and those around them. The Fire element is the Source’s way of manifesting its idea in your world through the Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Aries, fire of the head. Leo, fire of the heart. Sagittarius, fire of the spirit.

This new chapter of ‘Looking At The Year 2020’ came into being in March/April 2020 during the Coronavirus lockdown of the United Kingdom and also of many other countries. Beloved children of the Earth, there really is no need for any one of you to be unduly upset and worried by what is presently happening in your world. As pointed out in the previous chapter, the year 2020 is going to be a period during which major efforts will be made for the healing of your whole world. It will come about as a close co-operation of awakened ones in your world and the Angels and Me in its spiritual background. We are going to be supported by countless groups of spirit friends and helpers who will showing those who are able and willing to receive and follow their intuitively received instructions what kind of contribution they can make.

And that’s the wise higher reason behind what the mass media of your world by now has hyped into an outbreak of mass hysteria that by now has grown to pandemic proportions. Although this is a train that’s being pushed from behind by the vast resources of the pharmaceutical industry, rest assured that their intentions will not succeed. In just a few days large parts of your world will be celebrating the Easter festival. This year it falls very late on the 12th April. To find out why this event each year does not take place on a fixed date like Christmas, please take a look at the relevant link at the end of this part of the Aquarian jottings.

Each year the Easter date is decided by the first Full Moon of the Sun’s transit through Aries, the sign of all beginnings. The celebration of this festival takes place on the first Sunday after this event. Taking place on 8th April, this Full Moon is going to be of particular significance for the healing of your whole world. Every one of them is a time for finding enlightenment, i.e. a better understanding of things that may have been puzzling you for a long time. Watch out for the revelations that will be coming everybody’s way around the time of the forthcoming Full Moon. The date of this year’s Easter reveals that the number 12 is going to be of particular importance. First let’s take a closer look at the Full Moon on 8th April. 8 = Saturn, planetary ruler of Capricorn, the sign in which humankind’s highest achievements have every potential to manifest themselves.

April 4th month. 4 = Uranus, together with Saturn, planetary ruler of the fixed Air sign Aquarius. 8 + 4 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3. 1 = the Sun, planetary ruler of Leo, the Sun’s own sign, dedicated to the Great Father of all life. 2 = the Moon, ruler of Cancer, the nurturing and caring sign of the zodiac, dedicated to the Great Mother. 3 = Jupiter, the vast and expansive benevolent planetary ruler of the mutable Fire sign Sagittarius that’s dedicated to the development of humankind’s superconscious faculties. Its main negative characteristic is gullibility which you learn to harness with the help of the logical, rational and realistic capabilities of humankind’s earthly minds. Gemini, the polar opposite of Sagittarius, is the sign dedicated to their development. When learning how to handle the extreme character manifestations that are present in every two signs that are in polar opposition in the zodiac, you will find their point of balance halfway between them. Aware of this, wise ones always aim for the golden middle way.

Easter taking place on the 12th April strengthens the total beneficial influence that the planetary energies of the number twelve are going to radiate into your world. They will be supporting everybody’s healing work on themselves, those around you and your whole world. Do not allow anybody to stop you from joining them. You have nothing to fear and everything to gain, for the Angels and I are with you, all the way. We shall never leave you. Know that your world consists of two streams of consciousness, a light and a dark one. And each time another one of you makes an effort to feed good, kind and loving thoughts into the positive and constructive stream of life, it expands and becomes more powerful. Every small effort is valuable and counts.

The more of you join this movement, the more the light energies of goodness, kindness and friendliness in your world increases. That enables them to absorb the dark and destructive energies that humankind’s fears and anxieties have for a long time been pumping into the other stream. They have served the purpose for which they came into being and that was keeping you away from experiences for which you were unready. In times gone by this first and foremost included the truth about My nature and your own. Since your world’s entry into the Aquarian age, the need for shedding any kind of ballast that’s stored in the individual and collective memories of your soul that is and keeping you from making the progress on the evolutionary spiral which is rightfully yours. Being no longer of any use and value to you, my beloved children of the Earth, they need to be shed.

From ‘Our World In Transition’

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Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2020 2:36 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Looking At The Year 2020 – Part Three

Cleansing Humankind’s Soul Memories

The evolutionary journey takes every human being, without exception, from its lowest point forwards and upwards until on the highest level of your development you have been reborn into the conscious awareness of your oneness with Me and all life. Reaching this level is everybody’s birthright that nothing and nobody will ever be able to take from you. It is a journey that of necessity starts with spending many lifetimes as a physical being on the material plane. The Age of Aquarius is the age of truth. And increasing numbers of you by now are waking up to the knowledge that I am as much part of you as you are of Me and that every one of you is a young God in the making, who is presently serving their apprenticeship on the earthly plane of life.

The old religions were purposely designed by the Angels and Me for keeping humankind away from this knowledge. Through this they turned into useful instruments for familiarising your world with the lower nature’s lowest and meanest drives and urges that represent the crude and unevolved state of every human being’s nature. Even though many have problems accepting that this is true, they are also Mine. The expressions of these characteristics are passing developmental phases that eventually have to be overcome by every one of you and shed, once and for all. You need to nail them to the cross of your earthly existence because that enables your spiritual higher God or Christ nature to come to the fore and save and redeem its earthly counterpart. You alone can do this for yourself and regardless of what anyone may promise you, no-one will come and wave some kind of a magic wand to make it happen. And that’s the higher esoteric meaning that has always been hiding behind the surface words of the Jesus legend.

Leaving behind all your fears, especially those of death, the future and the unknown, is the most vital step on the healing journey of every human being which, like any other journey, starts with one single step. First and foremost you need to become aware that the essence of your being is spirit/soul. Being part of God, like your Creator they are eternal and immortal and will never die. The high and holy destiny of evolving into a Christed one, each in their own right, is in store for all of you at the end of your earthly education. When earthly life has nothing left to teach you, your energies will be right for moving on to continuing your studies on the next higher level of My realm, the spirit world. When your time of attending the earthly school of life draws to its natural conclusion, your energies will be right for making a valuable contribution to the greatest miracle of all times and that is the spiritual rebirth of humankind, the whole of your world and everything that shares it with you.

The whole of the decade that started on 1st January 2019 – the beginning of the 2020 period that will end on 31st December 2028 – is under the influence of the Master number 22. During this time increasing numbers of you, hand in hand with the Angels and Me, freely and willingly will turn towards the pathway of bringing forth the characteristics of their higher God or Christ nature. Mastership of your lower nature can only come about when you surrender its drives and urges to your Christ nature. This comes about when you follow the instructions you receive intuitively from the wise one or living God within, i.e. the Angels and Me. To enable ever more of you to walk this road is the wise higher reason why, at the beginning of the year 2019 there was a serious outbreak of the Coronavirus in China and why this threat has taken on pandemic proportions.

The whole of this event is a signal from the Angels and Me that the progress of humankind’s spiritual rebirth can no longer be delayed. That’s why ever more of you are waking up from their spiritual slumber and are becoming aware that: a) on the inner level there is no separation between anything; b) the whole of your world with the inhabitants of all Mother Earth’s kingdoms is one single unit in which everything influences everything else; c) on the inner level the whole of the planet that is at present your home is but one small village in the vastness of My Creation.

Your world consists of two streams of consciousness, a light and a dark one. The former is fed by good, kind and loving thoughts, words and deeds. This stream’s energies are constantly moving every one of you and your whole world with all its other inhabitants forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral. That which is still dark and destructive in humankind’s nature and your environment is its crude and unevolved aspect that supports and feeds into the dark stream. In particular this applies to the fears and anxieties that are trying to hold you and your world back in the past, to experience over and again that which has already been dealt with. Because you are ready to move on, this part is merely waiting to be discarded and left behind. Wise ones take care that this does not happen to them. They know that it is in everybody’s own hands to decide which stream they wish to feed and in which direction they wish their destiny to move. Their knowledge helps them to react in positive and constructive ways to everything that comes their way.

Whatever you do, try to bear in mind that nothing in your world or everywhere else in the whole of Creation happens perchance, is an accident or a coincidence. And nothing takes place against the will and wishes of the Angels around My throne and Me or is beyond our reach. That is impossible for the simple reason that we are part of everything just the same as it is part of us. We are the eye that never sleeps, observes and therefore has knowledge of everything that exists in your world and anywhere else. My justice is perfect and there are no errors because it is based on My Universal laws. They ensure that whatever one of you sends into your world in due course returns to them and that in somewhat strengthened form. Every human being potentially is a healer and lightbringer, saviour and redeemer not only of themselves but the whole of humankind. This is because your race’s karmic load is reduced by those whose suffering restores the balance of their spiritual account by pays off their karmic debts.

Nothing comes to your world as some kind of punishment. Everything is the harvest of the seeds that were planted, by each one of you individually as well as collectively, in the course of countless numbers of lifetimes. Some of them took place a long, long time ago. Everything that happens contains some kind of a lesson for those involved. It’s up to each individual to work out what the experience can teach them and how they wish to react to the arising circumstances. The way you do at any given moment reveals to the wise ones of the spirit realm, who are in charge of you and your world, the true level of your spiritual development.

From ‘Our World In Transition’

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Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2020 5:14 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Easter Message From The Angels

Today I would like to share with you the essence of a White Eagle teaching that appeared in Stella Polaris April/May 2007 under the title ‘An Easter Message From White Eagle given Easter Sunday 1933.’

The spiritual Universe is singing to you and your world today. And those whose inner ears have opened and whose hearts are tuned into the frequencies of the higher and highest levels of life can hear the glory of the message that at Easter of every year flows from there into earthly life and that’s what we are bringing to you today. Alas, many in your midst are so sad and distracted by your world’s present circumstances that they are unable to hear us. And that makes us all the more glad that ever more of you are progressing well on their journey up the evolutionary spiral of life.

Through determination and perseverance you have come a long way on this road that is strewn with the trials and tribulations that are necessary to help every one of you to eventually become what we call Heaven-tall. Those who have reached this developmental stage you can perceive the presence of us, your friends and helpers in the world of spirit or light, humankind’s true home, from which all of you emerge at the beginning of each lifetime and return to at its end.

Wake up, beloved children of the Earth. A new day really is dawning for all those who weep. We are bringing you the message of the true and eternal love of the Great Father/Mother of all life. Listen to the joy we, as part of the Heavenly Hosts, are proclaiming at Easter about the resurrection and awakening of the true Christ, the Christ spirit who for a long time has been waiting to come alive in ever more of you. That’s why since time immemorial at Easter the Universe’s spiritual power has been pouring itself more powerfully than at other times into everything that exists on the earthly plane of life.

In 1933, when we gave our original Easter message through the White Eagle group of guides, it was too early to tell you that the life story of Jesus of Nazareth is but a legend that demonstrates to humankind the behaviour of a very old and highly evolved soul, who has prepared himself for his role in the course of countless incarnations, long before your present world came into being. The man has mastered his earthly self and is at one with his Highest Self. By integrating every aspect of his nature and passing every test and initiation that was required of him, he has become a perfect being, one who is whole, holy and healed. He has evolved sufficiently to act as a channel to bring onto the Earth plane the Spirit of the Universal Christ, the third aspect of the Divine, who is all love. This legend of a Christed one was created to demonstrate to your race the pathway each one of you has to walk when their earthly education has run its course.

By now, however, sufficient numbers of human beings are ready to comprehend the true meaning of the Jesus story, but in the year 1933 your world was still a very different one. Too few would in those days have understood what we had to say. Besides, too many still needed the comfort of believing that there really is a Master Jesus who one fine day would come to save and redeem them during the times of horror that were yet to come. The revelation that there never was or will be such a being had to wait until the energies were right. This was the case when the planet Pluto transited Sagittarius, the sign of the superconscious mind.

God’s truth is unchangeable. But how much of it we reveal to you at any given moment alters in keeping with the spiritual progress you are making and your ability to understand. That’s why something that is right for you now, may no longer be valid in future years. It has to be that way. We rejoice that sufficient numbers of you by now are capable of grasping that the story of the resurrection of Jesus always was no more than a metaphor that stands for the coming alive of the Christ Spirit. It rises from its death when your earthly self becomes aware of this hidden aspect of its nature.

This is the resurrection that eventually takes place in all human souls, when they slowly begin to free themselves from being trapped in the realities of Earth life and its beliefs. This awakening is quickened by an extra powerful outpouring of the Christ energies onto your planet during the Easter period and especially on Easter Sunday. The Divine spark in all human hearts then unites itself with the sacred fire of Mother Earth and Father Sun and together they bring about the renewal of all life in your world.

Easter is a spiritual rather than a religious period of the year. Mostly it is time for quiet thanksgiving because on the inner level of life the Christ Spirit within each one of you individually and also your whole planet is strengthened and fortified. Hand in hand with us turn your faces towards the great Sun of God and together let us give thanks and praise for the Great Father/Mother’s love, and for the gift of all life and lifeforms who are ever progressing towards more beautiful and perfect expressions.

Our love and special blessings are with you, always.

Happy Easter!

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From ‘The Very Best Of White Eagle’

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Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2020 1:58 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Looking At The Year 2020 – Part Four

Easter 2020

Humankind Rising From Its Tomb

Never forget that spirit/soul are the essence of every human being and because they are part of God, they are eternal and immortal the same as God. They cannot be hurt, harmed or destroyed by anything. That’s why there really is no death, merely a moving on to a different dimension of life each time one of you leaves their physical body behind. The ever more widely spreading realisation of these things is going to be of great significance at the time of Easter 2020. In truth this festival celebrates the rebirth of all life, which in the Northern part of your world takes place each year when the Sun in the sky above you enters Aries. That is the point of new beginnings and the uprushing fountain that renews all manifestations of life.

Christianity’s beliefs are based on the legend of the Master Jesus who is believed to have died on the cross, humankind’s oldest symbol of its earthly existence. According to the legend the Master’s mortal remains were then placed in a tomb for three days and nights. This is a metaphorical description of every human being’s higher God or Christ nature, the part of your being that is buried in the tomb of its ignorance of God’s true nature and its own, and that is the root of all humankind’s fears and anxieties. Everyone’s God part has to remain in this tomb for an unspecified time because you can only be released when your higher God of Christ nature wakes from its slumbering state. The number 3 represents this state. It is ruled by Jupiter, the planetary ruler of Sagittarius, the sign dedicated to the development of humankind’s superconscious faculties.

As soon as you ask the Angels and Me to assist you with releasing you from the tomb of your false beliefs, you are nailing them to the cross of your earthly existence and through the knowledge that we are bringing you intuitively, with the passing of time they are bleeding to death. This process continues until your Christ nature has risen sufficiently to take over its earthly counterpart completely.

Each one of you can only release themselves from the tomb of their false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions. The main ones are waiting to be replaced with the following truths: a) Earthly life is not your true reality. It’s merely a passing phase that temporarily removes you from your true home, My realm, the spirit world. b) You are not snuffed out like a candle at the end of your present lifetime. Your spirit/soul is the essence of your being that takes the hand of the Angel of Death who takes you home. c) You are never alone on the earthly plane with no-one to turn to in your struggles of coping with it. The Angels and I are always with you. We have never left any one of you and are always guiding and protecting you. A high and holy destiny awaits every human being and we shall forever be showing the way. As you can see, there really is no need for anyone to be afraid of the future.

d) None of the religions of your world is literally true. The Angels and I have always communicated in symbolisms and metaphors, parables and allegories through them. The higher esoteric truths of our messages to this day are hiding behind their surface words. It’s up to each one of you to work out what we are trying to tell you. To find your own truth, it’s essential that you pay attention to your inner guidance, the wise one or living God within, how it reacts through the world of your feelings to each one of the above statements. It will be helpful that this Easter there will be no church services to obstruct and hinder the higher aspects of humankind’s nature to rise from the tomb of the false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions with which the old religions of your world have been feeding you for long enough.

The time has come for the human God or Christ nature to reveal itself through the general goodness and kindness of people towards each other and the helping hands that are reaching out for those in need of it during the present healing crisis of your world. There is also an increasing goodwill for all other manifestations of life that are sharing your world. The awakening of their Christ nature is making people friendlier and more open and compassionate for anyone’s suffering. Those who are responding to current situation in this way are already making your world into a better and more peaceful place simply by bringing forth, each from deep within their own being, the characteristics of their Christ nature. In many cases without being aware of what they are doing, many now willingly follow the intuitively received advice of their inner guidance, the wise one or living God within, to be kinder and more loving. Through sending only that which is good, right and beautiful into your world, ultimately the power is in everybody’s own hands to ensure that the Universal laws in due course can return nothing but manifestations of your own kindness and goodness.

The deeper you move into the Aquarian age, the more everybody will be able to see for themselves how honesty and truth, loyalty and integrity are taking over as its supreme rulers. The times of lies and deception, corruption and taking advantage of each other, exploitation and slavery, especially of the religious kind, are now in the process of being left behind. Having served the purpose for which they once came into being, namely teaching you and your world the value of the noble characteristics of humankind’s higher Christ or God nature, there will be no need for them to ever return. Through first giving you something for a certain length of time, then withdrawing it and eventually returning it to you the infinite love and wisdom of the Great Mother and the will and power of the Father have always been teaching your world the value of everything that exists in it.

And if you are dreaming of a new Earth as a more pleasant and peaceful place, where people live together in peace and harmony, helping and supporting instead of dominating and exploiting each other, there is only one thing you need to do. To create this heavenly state bring forth, from deep within your own inner being, the qualities of your very own higher Christ nature. Do this in every one of your daily encounters and don’t allow yourself to be sidetracked from this pathway by anything. You cannot go wrong if you focus your whole being on bringing the Heavens, i.e. the manifestations of your Christ nature, onto the Earth. Every idea that has ever appeared in your world had its origin in the Great Universal mind. All truly great ideas are simple and what’s required from you is based on the simplest and therefore the best idea of them all.

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From ‘Our World In Transition’

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Posted: Sat Apr 11, 2020 5:36 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Looking At The Year 2020 – Part Seven

Options For The Coronavirus Outbreak

Option 1

• This option would have been letting nature take it’s course. It would mean shielding the most vulnerable and informing the public of how to go about it and assist those in need financially, medically and morally.

• There is a period of four weeks during which the disease spreads and some may die. However, the number of people who then become ill is no worse than that of to any particularly bad flu season.

• Coronavirus is nothing new, there are already about four or five in circulation. After four weeks, herd immunity is achieved and the disease ceases to be a problem forever.

• No need for panic and treating that kind of situation as a normal part of the trials and tribulations of humankind’s earthly existence. The vulnerable can come out of hiding and everyone is naturally immunised to the new pathogen after the usual four weeks, because the wisdom and love of the Great Father/Mother created us earthlings to be able to deal with pandemics of this kind that occur every year.

Option 2

• Create a ‘NEW NORMAL!’ that consists of enforced social distancing, maximum disturbance to life and isolation to prevent herd immunity from developing. This guarantees that the virus remains active in the community for a longer period of time.

• Achieve a slower death rate initially but increase this to a higher and potentially much higher death rate overall. Crash the economy and cause an almost endless barrage of problems, including increased death rates, a tidal wave of mental health problems based on the fears and anxieties of the community in all countries involved.

• Make people feel as if they could kill people like their colleagues and their families just by going about their daily routines. Make the people feel that everyone they know and encounter is a potential carrier and that they could get ill through any kind of social contact and so create division where there were none before.

• Introduce severe Draconian/Orwellian legislation, add rolling 24/7 news coverage of the virus that never actually focuses on the truth about the virus. It merely concentrates on spreading fear, disinformation and propaganda for the pharmaceutical industry.

• Use lies about how people are dying in order to justify the reckless and dangerous option route the governments of our world are taking. For example, they are telling families they cannot go to their child’s funeral or be with them when a child is dying in hospital. In the United Kingdom the goodwill and reputation of the National Health System and its workers is abused through the government trying to manipulate the public to accept its measures. They are making it abundantly clear that disagrees with them insults the NHS.

• The above methods are a sure-fire recipe for creating a second wave of the virus that could turn out to be far more deadly than the first one ever was. Use the fear of this artificially brought about mass hysteria to coerce/blackmail the people of our world into accepting being vaccinated with serums that at best are ineffective and at worst harmful. These serums would have been hastily developed by the pharmaceutical industry whose members want to get their share of the vast profits that are winking if our world accepts their products.

• Are we going to allow them to get away with it this time, the way they almost did on the three previous occasions, i.e. the Bird Flu, the Swine Flu and the Ebola outbreak? More about them in the relevant parts of ‘To Jab Or Not To Jab’, see link at the end of this chapter.

So far our world has gone for option 2. But isn’t it the highest time to get rid of the those who got us where we are at present and that fast? There have to be ways of overcoming this episode of our world’s development and leaving it behind. Let’s ask God and the Angels to show us intuitively what kind of a contribution every one of us can make to bring it about, as soon as possible.

When the above came before me inner guidance responded with an enthusiastic: ‘Yes, this is true!’ Otherwise I would not have bothered with making its contents more accessible and ready for sharing with you. Please do the same with as many people as possible. But only do this if the wise one or living God within you reacts in similar fashion to mine.

Created by Mucho
Edited by Aquarius

A sensible and realistic perspective of the present situation is also coming from Professor Knut Wittkowski, who for twenty years has been head of The Rockefeller University's Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design. In his view, social distancing and lockdown is the worst possible way of dealing with this kind of airborne respiratory virus.

Furthermore he offers data that shows that China and South Korea had already reached their peak number of cases when they instituted their containment measures. In other words, nature had already achieved, or nearly achieved, herd immunity.

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From ‘To Jab Or Not To Jab’

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