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Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2018 3:22 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
I Asked And I Was Given

I asked God for strength, that I might achieve.
I was made weak, that I might learn to humbly obey.
I asked for riches, that I might be happy.
I was given poverty, that I might become wise
And be able to appreciate abundance when it arrives in my life.
I asked for power, that I might be feared and praised by people.
I was given powerlessness, that I might become aware that
The only true power belongs to God.
I asked for all the things that would help me to enjoy my life.
I was given wisdom and the ability to enjoy all things.

I asked for health, that I might do greater things.
I was given infirmity, that I might grow in understanding
And become a better human being through bringing
Forth from deep within the highest and best qualities,
Which in those days were still slumbering inside me,
Waiting to wake up to help me evolve into
A true daughter/son of the living God on the Earth plane.

And when my awakening came,
I asked for Divine courage and strength,
But the lessons of my subsequent life taught me
That these characteristics cannot be given to us by anyone,
Not even by God and the Angels.
They can only be developed by following our inner guidance
And bringing them forth from within
The very core of our own being.

That is how the Universe at all times meets everyone’s true needs.
It’s just that frequently this has to come about in mysterious ways,
Which we as earthlings find hard to understand.
But rest assured that each time we ask for something
We get what we truly need.
That’s why we need to be careful what we ask for,
Because in some way our are always
Heard and replied to and that frequently
In spite of our small earthly self’s desires.

All these things have taught me
That my life – and everybody else’s –
In truth is filled with the goodness and love
Of the Great Mother’s wisdom,
And that ultimately, each life is a gift and a benediction
From the Highest Star and the Brightest Light
In the whole of Creation,
The Christ Star.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Prayers & Words Of Wisdom From Around Our World’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 3:16 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
God’s Lament Of The Piscean Age

I am the great Sun, but you do not see me.
I am your husband, but you turn away.
I am the captive, but you do not free me.
I am the captain, but you will not obey.

I am the truth, but you will not believe me.
I am the city where you will not stay.
I am your wife, your child, but you will leave me.
I am that God to whom you will not pray.

I am your counsel, but you will not hear me.
I am your lover whom you will betray.
I am the victor, but you do not cheer me.
I am the holy dove whom you will slay.

I am your life, but if you will not name me,
Seal up your soul with tears
And never blame me.

Charles Causley
From a Normandy crucifix of 1632

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The Aquarian Age Response Of The Great Sun

I am the Great Light, the Star of all stars,
The spiritual Sun behind the Sun
In the sky above you.
I am the giver and nurturer of all life,
Your true Father/Mother.

Far too long you have failed to recognise Me.
But now ever more of you are stirring from
Their spiritual slumbers and becoming aware
Of Me and My presence,
Not as an outside force but within.
I am your inner teacher and guide,
Who really knows the answer to every question
And can help you find solutions to any problem.
That’s why many are turning
Trustingly towards Me.

I am as much in you as you are in Me.
I am in husbands, wives and their children,
As well as everybody else.
I am everyone’s faithful eternal lover,
Best and most intimate friend,
Who never left you.
I am the soulmate you have yearned for
And could never find in human relationships.
I am the Saviour and Redeemer your race projected
Onto forces outside itself in days gone by.
Yet, My highest qualities have always been
In each one of you, but initially only in seed form
And hidden from the vision of earthly life.

The true saviours and redeemers of themselves
And the whole of your world are those
Who unselfishly serve Me and
Do their best to make
Mother Earth into a better,
More peaceful and beautiful place
For all lifeforms that share her with you.
All others will evolve into this role
When their time for it has come.

For a long time, unbeknown to your earthly selves,
My Spirit has been the prisoner of the darkness
Of humankind’s ignorance of its true nature and Mine.
The false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions
This brought about are now in the way of
Many a soul’s personal evolution
And that of your world.
The time has come to free yourself
Of such restrictive ways of thinking
By letting them go, one by one.

Each one of you is responsible for themselves,
The whole of humankind and your world.
Every one of your thoughts, words and actions
Is noted and recorded somewhere.
You are the captain of the ship of your own life and destiny,
But even though you are in charge of it,
You will always be accountable to Me,
For I am the Admiral of the great fleet of humankind
In the vast ocean of life of the whole of Creation.

I am the Supreme Commander of all beings and things.
I am the small still voice of conscience inside you.
Day by day practise listening to Me, as I speak to you
Through the world of your innermost feelings.
Follow the guidance you receive from there and
Stop running for advice to other people.
Instead turn within and pay attention to Me,
So I can show you how safe it is to trust Me.

Follow My directions joyously and accept them,
For I am the Great Navigator,
Who has always known and forever will guide
The pathway of all human spirits and their souls,
In this world and all others yet to come.

I am the way, the life and the truth
And the purpose of your being on the Earth
Is that in due course you re-awaken to
Me and My presence in you
And your oneness with Me.
My great plan of life for the Earth
And the one for you within it,
Decrees that in their present lifetime
Ever more of you shall once again
Find total and utter faith and trust in Me.
This cannot be given to you by anyone,
Except you yourselves and
Each through their own experiences.

I am the Eternal City humankind
Has been seeking for aeons.
To the ends of the Earth you have travelled
In search of it and Me,
Unaware that they are part of you and inside you.
Human hearts are the holiest places on the Earth,
For that’s where I dwell and you with me,
Forever and ever.

I am your God and you have every reason
To trust Me and to pray to Me,
For I am also the long promised
World teacher and guide of humankind,
The wise one who is part of you
And lives inside you,
Whose counsel is trustworthy
And can be followed without hesitation.

I am the eternal lover,
Who never betrays or leaves anyone.
Stop thinking of yourself as life’s victim
And let me show how to become one of its victors.
I am the Holy Dove who blesses and heals
The inner and outer wounds of all lifetimes,
Not only yours but those of your whole world.

I am your true Lord and Lady,
Master and Mistress and the time has come
When each one of you needs to accept
Their responsibilities and duties towards Me.
Joyfully make Me welcome on the Earth
And never stop singing My praises,
For when you understand My true nature and yours,
The purpose and meaning of your existence,
And that everything that is in your life
Is there by your own doing.
My beloved children of the Earth,
Can you see for yourself now that
There no longer is any need for tears
Or blaming others for your own shortcomings,
Especially not Me.

From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 3:34 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
My Thought For Today

For as long as someone believes that every word of the Bible is true and should be taken literally, including the Jesus story, that person could be constantly in danger of thinking: ‘I can do as I like and sin as much as I want to. The priest will forgive me and then I can keep on sinning. And even if at the end of our session s/he says: ‘Go forth and sin no more!’ I shall think: ‘What of it? I know from previous occasions that nobody knows and that nothing happens to me, so let’s do it again and again ad infinitum.’ That has been the way of the past and reflecting on where it has got us and world, one can only come to the obvious conclusion that this never has been the right way of going about things.

What a world of difference it makes when one becomes aware that Jesus is a symbolism of our higher nature and that God is part of us, and we are part of God. Therefore, God witnesses and knows everything about us, in the minutest details. Our whole perception of life changes when we find out that in truth we are responsible for every one of our thoughts, words and actions, always have been and forever will be. As soon as we get a better grasp of the Universal laws, God’s laws, we realise that no priest ever had the power of forgiving anything and that their kind of forgiveness could not wipe away one iota of anyone’s Karmic debts.

From ‘Go Forward And Sin No More’

‘Astrology On The Healing Journey’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Fri Aug 03, 2018 2:11 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Do Not Be Afraid!

Divine inspiration has always been speaking to us through the channel of human beings. It is inevitable that communications of this nature are limited by the spiritual awareness of the person through whom they are given. A good example is Gerard Markland’s beautiful hymn: ‘Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by your name, you are mine.’ This presents us with the somewhat limited Christian vision of the nature of God.

However, the Universal Christ, who spoke to our world through the Jesus legend, is telling us now: ‘Do not be disappointed that no-one has come to redeem you. Rest assured that nobody ever will. Do not be afraid when you hear that the only who can do this for you is you, yourself. Take heart for I am with each one of you, ready and willing to teach you how to go about it.

‘For a long time I have been waiting patiently to be called upon to help you all to redeem yourselves, each other and your world. I have always been with you and forever will be. You have nothing to fear, because the time has come in humankind’s spiritual development and that of your world for learning that you are capable of far greater things than merely being saved and redeemed by someone else. Each one of you is a young God in the making, who can do that much better for themselves. The Angels and I are going to guide and protect each one of how to go about it. The time has come for consciously showing you the way, whereas this could previously only be done through your subconscious.

‘When you bear in mind that Jesus has always been a metaphor for your own Christ nature, the Divine spark and My presence within each one of you, you will recognise that the promise of Jesus as the saviour and redeemer of humankind and its world has not been an empty one. It’s just that each has to do their share of their own redemption and healing, as well as that of your world. Don’t be disappointed that this can only be done through bringing higher part of your nature forth from within the very core of your own being. You wouldn’t expect anything less from young Gods, would you?

‘To gain a better understanding of how the Cosmic energies affect all earthly life, take a look at ‘The Great Plan Of Life Unfolds’. You will then be able to see for yourself why the disclosure that Jesus is not a historical figure and that every surface word of the tale should not be understood literally, had to wait until the Aquarian Age, the age of truth. Your reactions to the happenings in your life reveal to the wise ones in the world of light, who are in charge of you and your world, whether someone is ready to receive Me and walk together with the Angels and Me in the full consciousness that you yourself are God.

‘Obviously, this brings with it many responsibilities and duties. Although the choice is yours, try not to shy away from anything. Whatever comes your way in the line of unresolved issues your Karma still has in store for you, just hold tight to hands of the Angels and Me. Let us show you the way, so that together we can manifest the Greatest Healing Miracle of all times, the healing of your whole world and everything in it. And never forget that because on the inner level all life there is no separation between anything, when one of you heals, the whole of Creation – not merely your world – is healing with you.

‘The law of life is love. Learn to love the life I have given to you through the understanding that everything it contained has been and still is there to fulfil a wise higher purpose. Love Me in yourself and all your siblings in the family of life, human and animal alike, your world and everything that shares it with you. Your true nature is love and whenever you act in kind and loving ways, you are a true son/daughter of Mine and true to Me.

‘To prove that you really are one of them, give of your best and the Universal laws will see to it that only more of the same can return to you. These laws are My laws, for I am your God, the One, the Great Father/Mother of all life, who created you, your world and all worlds, and also all laws. Everything rests safely in the loving hands of the Angels and Me and all is well with you and your world. My prayers of healing, reconciliation and peace are waiting to flow through even the last and slowest one of you into everything that is.’

The following is the essence of the Monday Thought of 19.9.2016 that arrived in my inbox from the White Eagle group of spirit guides when I was in the process of updating this part of my work: ‘Peace of heart, loved ones, and bless you. You are not alone. Spirit companions who have been with you throughout the ages are walking by your side. You are surrounded by a large group of radiant witnesses who to this day are invisible to your earthly eyes, but they are there nonetheless.

‘Do not be afraid of anything, for in love all is one and there can never be any separation and reincarnation does not part you from anyone you have ever truly loved. No power between Heaven and Earth will ever be able to separate you. Hand in hand with them and those you have learned to love in your present lifetime, you will forever be walking up the mountain of spiritual progress. All of us together, those of us on this side of the veil of consciousness that separates our world from yours and you on your side, we are constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.’

Recommended Reading:
• ‘The Great Plan Of Life Unfolds’
• ‘Each Their Own Saviour And Redeemer’
• ‘The Saviour And Redeemer Not An Empty Promise’

From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sat Aug 04, 2018 1:43 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The ones who are truly in charge of us and our world are our friends and siblings in the great family of life, the Angels and Masters, guides and helpers in the world of light. They are responsible for the individual and collective evolutionary development of our race. Familiar with the great plan of life, these beings are its executors. And because they are as much part of us as we are part of them, none of us is ever really alone. They never leave us and are constantly on the alert to assist whenever one of us is struggling with the problems of earthly life. Being part of God, the same as we are, their nature is love and they love us totally and unconditionally. They also are very powerful and wise.

Our spirit friends and helpers are the invisible eye that never sleeps. Spirit needs none of it. Only physical bodies get tired and need sufficient rest to be refreshed and recharged. This is what happens each time we return to our true home in dreamtime. Every moment the invisible eye watches, observes and assesses what degree of spiritual awareness we have reached, which reveals itself through our reactions to the situations and people we encounter in our daily lives. Our spirit guides care for and look after every one of us. Their work consists of supporting us and providing us with the courage and strength we need to deal with the obstacles every earthling is bound to encounter from time to time on our pathway through life. Without these hurdles there would be no way of making the progress that can potentially be made. Removing them would stop the individual’s march forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life as well as that of our whole race.

From ‘Healing The Conflicts Of Our World’

‘Astrology As A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sat Aug 04, 2018 2:40 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Life Is A Journey

• Earthly life is a journey and not a destination. All life in the whole of Creation consists of circles within circles and cycles within cycles that move in an upwards winding spiral onto ever higher levels of existence. Every human lifetime represents one of these circles that is subject to the same seasons as the world around us, i.e. spring and summer, autumn and winter. Each circle has its beginning in the world of spirit and also ends there.

• Don’t undermine your worth and waste your time by comparing yourself with others. On the inner level of life we are all one and although in many ways everyone is the same, we are still special and unique beings and therefore different from each other. Refuse to set your goals by what other people think of as important. You alone and your inner guidance know what at any given moment is good and right for you. Therefore, pay attention and follow its advice.

• Don’t take anything for granted, especially not the people and things that are closest to your heart. Believing that without them your life would be meaningless is utter folly because everything in earthly life is a gift on time and only on loan. Eventually it has to be handed back in as good condition as possible. True and everlasting security can only be found in God and never in our present existence and only the higher and highest aspects of life are of lasting and eternal value. Knowing these things, be thankful for everything that is in your life and do not cling to anything, when the time for letting go has come.

• Don’t allow your life to slip through your fingers – live it now and refuse to dwell unduly on the past or the future. Instead, live consciously one day at a time and make an effort to learn something from everything that comes before you, so you can benefit from it, no matter what may still be ahead. For as long as there is love in your heart and soul, and you have something to give and share with others, there is no reason for giving up. Things are only over when we stop trying and in truth even then they are not. But that’s a different story entirely! Knowing these things, do not shy away from taking risks, because they are life’s way of helping us to become strong and brave.

• Don’t shut love out of your life by saying you cannot find it. Love is eternal and once given, it will always return. The quickest way of receiving love is by giving it. And the fastest way of losing it is by trying to hold onto it. The best way of keeping love is by giving it wings, setting the beloved free to fly, so they can grow through their own experiences. If it’s love, it will return to you. If it is not, you would not want it anyway.

• Pay attention to your dreams. Having none means existing without hope. And without hope life lacks purpose and meaning. Take time and stop once in a while to indulge in some dreaming about what kind of a world you would like to live in. Dreaming of and thinking about it frequently is a vital step towards bringing it into being.

• Last but not least, don’t run through your life so fast that you can no longer recognise where you have been and where you are meant to go. Bearing in mind that life is a journey and not a destination, make an effort to savour yours every single step of the way. Even if our present lifetime should last a hundred years, it will only a brief interval on the evolutionary pathway that in the end takes each one of us back home into the conscious awareness of our loving union with God and all life.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Words Of Hope & Encouragement’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 2:09 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
We are magnetic beings and we draw towards us that which we are ourselves, consciously as well as unconsciously. And those who are still involved in the practice of evil are aligning themselves to the forces of evil. They attract others into their orbit who are also still in need of this kind of lesson, as each and every one of us has to do in some of their lifetimes. At the end of their present lifetime, the souls who are presently involved in the lessons of evil, at the handing out end of these experiences, return to the world of light. After resting for a while and recuperating from the stresses and strains of their earthly existence, there will come the moment when, hand in hand with the wise ones in charge of them, they will be reviewing what they have learnt from their most recent lifetime and all others, the way we all do.

That’s when they will realise that the most important lesson of their most recent earthly sojourn has been that the actions they carried out cannot get anyone to Heaven, i.e. being released into learning from experiencing the higher and highest levels of life. First hand they will know that:

• No matter what anyone on the Earth plane may ever promise, evil gets no-one to Heaven.

• Spiritually, nobody ever ‘gets away’ with anything.

• Missions that hurt and harm those around us make us accessories to evil. All they can hope to achieve is creating a living hell on the Earth. They will most certainly not get us to Heaven, if there ever had been such a place.

• There is no point in committing suicide at the end of an evil deed. The only thing that happens is that we have to come back to make good and create the balance for whatever harm we did to anyone.

From ‘Christ – The Light Of Our World’

‘Healers And Healing’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 3:06 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Journey Of Many Thousands Of Miles

Humankind’s spiritual development is a journey of exploration and discovery, which for every soul within it takes many thousands of miles - or rather lifetimes. And then, one fine day, it begins to dawn on us that the Earth plane is not all there is to humankind’s existence and that all of us are here for a specific wise and higher purpose. We realise that Earth life is but a place of learning and a school for the earthly selves of human beings. It is a place where we are meant to develop and grow until once again we become aware of our true nature and realise that in truth we are spirit and soul and that we are merely temporarily encased in the world of matter and flesh.

Every lifetime spent in earthly life is a journey of discovery that is designed to constantly move us forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. Ever more of us earthlings these days are reaching the point of their development when the time has come for staking our claim for our Divine inheritance through bringing forth from within the highest characteristics of our own Christ nature. The inner teacher, the living God within, is ready and waiting to show us how to go about the task that lies ahead for all of us: the fulfilment of our highest potential.

The awareness of our true nature as a spark of the Divine and one of God’s children of the Earth is the first step on the road that eventually takes each one of us back into the oneness with the Source of our being. Like any expedition this journey begins with one single step and that is learning to love and appreciate ourselves and those around us as the precious, unique and irreplaceable beings we truly are. This includes the lesson of taking better care of ourselves and our own needs, as well as those of others, than we may have done previously.

For example, if in the past we allowed ourselves to be treated like doormats by those around us, we need to realise that strictly speaking this has not been their fault, but ours. It takes some of us a long time before we at last understand that there is such a thing as boundaries and that everybody has them. They are demarcation lines that need to be clearly defined by us towards others and also ourselves.

We come from love and into this state of being we are presently returning. Only when we love and are thinking kind and loving thoughts and are doing loving and thoughtful things are we true to our real nature. We find ourselves in earthly life to experience love in its many different manifestations and expressions. This can only be done through actively taking part in life by constantly giving and receiving love in its simplest form that expresses itself in human kindness, friendliness and tolerance towards other.

Loving those who love us is easy, but the real test comes in our encounters with the unloving ones. Can we love them, too? Like everything else in the whole of Creation, we are subject to Universal laws. The most important one here is the law of cause and effect, also known as the law of Karma and reincarnation. It decrees that every action causes a reaction and that everything has to return to its source. This ensures that the thoughts, words and actions we consciously and unconsciously project and send out into our world return to us without fail.

The Universe in its great generosity constantly provides each one of us with sufficient opportunities for learning to love and respect ourselves as well as our space and time, as much as that of others. We are dynamic beings and therefore can only attract towards us that which we ourselves are on the inner and outer level of life. As we know by now, the world around us acts like a mirror of everything that happens within. The corollary of this is that if we want more love in our lives – the way we all do – we first have to become more loving ourselves.

All struggles and conflicts on the outer levels of life are invariably reflections of those that are taking place inside us. Everybody is responsible for sorting their own issues and settling their own inner quarrels, as well as those in their outer lives. We have been placed in this life so we may learn how to intelligently deal with every one of our relationships and to heal those that are in need of it. This needs to be done with love in our hearts and consideration for the suffering of those who share our lives with us. The same is true when we are in search of healing for our own inner wounds.

And when we have finally had enough of being treated like a doormat, over which the whole world can trample without ever hearing a grumble from the mat, the time has come for taking heart and learning how to stand up for and assert ourselves. We ourselves have to set the boundaries and show the world in kind and loving yet determined ways, that this sort of treatment will no longer be tolerated by us. This is sure to surprise them at first, but we need to persevere and show them that we mean what we say. We have every right to do so, because spiritually and before God everybody is the same, equally loved and appreciated, and has the same rights and duties. Nobody has to put up with any old rubbish from anyone and there are no prizes for martyrdom.

And whenever we refuse to have anything to do with someone, because our intuition tells us that this person is not right for us, these reactions should not be interpreted as signs of intolerance. In truth, they are signals that we have learnt to love and respect ourselves, our time, as well as our space and its sanctity as much as that of others. Not only does everybody have the right to defend these things, it’s our duty to do so whenever the need for it arises.

From ‘Astrology As A Lifehelp In Relationship Healing’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 3:24 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
As my God Self guides and protects me from within my own innermost being and shows me the way in all situations, I have no need for being anxious about past, present or future. As an eternal and immortal being, there is no death for me, merely transformations into different life-states where God will forever be my dwelling place. And underneath me there will always be the ever-lasting arms of the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother Creator of all life, to keep me safe. Nothing can ever touch me except God’s direct action, and like me God is love.

And so, I freely and willingly forgive all those who ever hurt or harmed me. And I forgive myself for any suffering I caused to anyone in my ignorance of my true nature and the Universal laws. Everything that once was between us is herewith forgiven and forgotten, and we set each other free. My Christ Spirit helps me to uplift and transmute any residue of resentment and bitterness that my soul still feels into blessing, healing and harmonising energies for all life. This frees me from the chains and shackles of all the difficult relationships of past lifetimes.

From ‘The Mystic And Finder’

‘Our World In Transition’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 3:52 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Is Joy More Valuable Than Sorrow?

You probably know by now that the world of light is our true home and something like a veil of consciousness separates that sphere of life from ours. The wisdom of the Great Mother provides that after every period of Earth’s tests and trials there comes a time of recuperation. After resting and recovering for a while, another resurrection is always in store for us. If our Karma does not allow for this to take place on this side of the veil of consciousness that separates our two worlds, it is sure to follow on the other side and once again we shall feel joyous and happy.

After a while there comes the moment when we, together with the wise ones in charge of us, assess the spiritual progress we have made up to that point. This enables us to see for ourselves that our suffering has made us into a better person with a much improved understanding of life, as well as a good measure of kindness and compassion, love and wisdom towards our own suffering and that of others. We no longer find it hard to understand that such joyous and precious possessions cannot possibly drop into anyone’s lap and come on their own, but have to be worked for very hard and earned through past difficulties patiently endured.

Any wisdom that is gained during one of our lifetimes on the Earth, accompanies us into all future ones, where it stands us in good stead and eases our pathway through life. The more highly evolved we become, each time something unpleasant comes our way, our small earthly self takes comfort from saying to itself: ‘I know that this is happening for a good and wise reason. It’s the Universe’s way of helping me to grow ever more God-like and heaven-tall.’ And that enables us to smile through our tears.

Who would be wise enough to decide whether joy is a more valuable gift than sorrow? But maybe in truth sorrow is the more precious one. Who can say? Whatever our preference is, the two cannot be separated from each other and are constantly close to us, because both are necessary for leading a full life, in which something can be learnt from every experience and our consciousness expands in wisdom and understanding. Wise ones, while on the Earth, have come to terms with the fact that joy and sorrow are twins, and that when they are enjoying the presence of one, its sibling is waiting in the wings. They accept that they cannot change being like scales that are constantly tipping to and fro, from joy to sorrow, from the Heavens down to the Earth.

These wise ones know that if it were possible to empty ourselves of all feelings, we would be balanced, at peace and in a state of equilibrium at all times. But they are also aware that the world of feelings is the realm of our soul and that that which emerges from there into our conscious awareness is denied and suppressed to our detriment. They are wise because they know from their own experiences what happens when the world of our feelings is treated in this way. Ever deepening depressions are the result, during this lifetime and coming ones. We come down with mysterious illnesses which no-one can identify and knows how to treat effectively. The medical profession is clueless and gives them long and interesting sounding Latin names, as if this in itself were a cure and could bring relief to their patient’s distress.

Drugs are prescribed and handed out to the sufferers, which are provided by pharmaceutical companies. They are smiling all the way to the bank, because of the vast profits they are making. Humankind’s sorrow and suffering is their joy and delight. Oh, how short-sighted can anyone get! Naturally, those in charge of the suppliers are responsible for their actions, the same as everybody else. Unaware that the exploitation of people’s misery for their personal gains is creating ever more negative Karma for themselves and their companies, they continue to happily walk down this slippery slope. The same approach was tried in recent years with the Bird Flu, the Swine Flu and the Ebola outbreak, but thanks to humankind’s increasing public awareness, the companies involved in the manufacturing of the ‘antidotes’ did not succeed. See the links at the end of this chapter.

Imagine how great the sorrow of the guilty ones will be when their Karma comes to meet and shake hands with them in future lifetimes. How will they react when their suffering is exploited by groups of contemporaries, who are then fulfilling their selfish desires of greed and avarice, they way the guilty ones are doing, now? Love is the law of life and powerful Karmic chains are created by any kind of transgression against this law. However, all is not lost. As soon as the lesson in question has been sufficiently understood by those involved, the Universe in its great wisdom lays the power for dissolving such bonds into everybody’s own hands.

The only tool required for setting each other free is forgiveness, first for ourselves for once having set the wheels of Karma in motion, and then for those who have trespassed against us. Forgiveness alone can release us from the obligations towards each other. When this has been duly attended to, there will be no need for repeating the unpleasant experiences. This is our joy, for at last we are free to move on to lessons of a more elevated nature like. The first one is serving as a channel, through which the blessing and healing power of the Christ Star, the Universal Christ flows into our race’s consciousness, and that in both worlds.

And so, next time your soul comes knocking on the inner door of your consciousness, make an effort to listen to what it has to say and invite it in. What it almost certainly is trying to tell you that the time has come for you, its earthly self, to wake from your spiritual slumbers and start to rediscover and explore your true nature and the higher purpose of your existence. When this happens, the matter and with it the soul’s murmurings from within will get ever more powerful and urgent, for the simple reason that your energies are right for getting seriously started on the most important mission you have come to fulfil in your present lifetime. The time has come for beginning to save and redeem yourself, as this alone can set you free from the obligation of having to spend further lifetimes on the Earth plane.

If that sounds scary, do not be afraid. Your inner teacher, the living God within, is ready to show you everything you will ever need to know. Don’t be cross with your soul. For as long as you had no idea of what is in store for you and how your Highest Self is waiting to help you achieve it, what could it do but send ever stronger signals, until in the end you did come down with one of the above mentioned mysterious illnesses? Accept that this is the Universe’s way of supplying you with sufficient time for looking inside and getting in touch with your higher nature.

However, if you wish to remain as closed off as you probably are at present and unwilling to respond to your spirit and soul’s call, you will be in danger of wasting a whole lifetime that could bring you closer to humankind’s dream of needing no further earthly lessons and moving on to higher levels of experience and learning. Think carefully! Do you really want to deny yourself such opportunities when they are on offer to you? Knowing what is coming your way here, do not give in to chemically suppressing your Highest Self’s signals, when they are coming ever more strongly to you through the world of your feelings. Ask God and the Angels to help you find alternative healing methods.

I have been there and have done it, so I know how difficult this is and also that it can be done. I belong to the Valium generation and remember only too well how the medical profession handed this potent psychotherapeutic drug out like Smarties. Valium was claimed to be non-addictive by its manufacturers. Alas, it turned eventually out that exactly the opposite was true. Twice I have weaned myself from this drug. Taking it the second time was the very last thing on this Earth I wanted to do, but at that time things got so bad that in the end I decided to take it once more. I was hoping that it would only be for a while and that I would again succeed in weaning myself, which I did.

I wish all the best to those who are struggling with this part of their journey of discovery and healing. May the Christ Star, the highest Star and the brightest Light in the whole of Creation shine upon you, to bless and heal you and keep you safe, now and forever.

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• ‘Reflections On The Bird Flu And The Swine Flu’
• ‘The Ebola Outbreak’
• ‘Forgiveness Grows From Understanding’

From ‘The Spiritual Aspects Of Depression And Suicide’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 2:11 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Even though one could frequently be tempted to think otherwise when one watches the behaviour of some of our contemporaries, there is no doubt in my mind that humankind is an intelligent race. There is no such thing as a stupid person and no matter how dim-witted many in our world are behaving, especially in connection with environmental issues, that is the truth. Our earthly minds are receiver/transmitter stations for the intelligence of the Highest Forces of life. Irrespective of the fact that for a long time we are unaware of this, every one of us is an integral and important part of it.

The development of each human being’s earthly mind is always at a somewhat different evolutionary level from that of everybody else. At the beginning of their earthly education, the mind of young and inexperienced souls can only cope with the concerns of their daily lives. Being fully occupied by them stops them from peering beyond the ends of their noses, especially as far as environmental issues are concerned. So far they cannot grasp that the damage they are causing our world ultimately affects each and every one of us. Therefore, be patient with such youngsters, even if someone reached the age of one hundred or more, that’s what they are for this lifetime. Rest assured that in the fullness of time they too will understand the way you do now, because their earthly minds will then also be more attuned to the frequencies of the Highest.

From a new part of my jottings in preparation about
‘Leaving Behind Addictions Through Awareness’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 3:26 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
Paradise Lost And Regained

A wise one who knew about such things once said: ‘There is nothing to fear but fear itself.’ ‘That is easily said,’ I hear you say, ‘but how shall I cast off my fears?’ It takes a long time until one realises that all our fears are nothing but shadows of the past, which were caused by masses of false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions we accumulated throughout the ages. The only reason why we have brought them with us into our present lifetime is to get rid of them, once and for all. Shedding them one after the other creates the space our consciousness requires, so it can fill itself with God’s eternal wisdom and truth, which for a long time has been waiting to flow directly from the Source of our being into us. This is the only power in the whole of Creation who can provide us with a genuine faith that nothing and no-one will ever be able to take from us or even shake.

Every life form that exists on our planet is still in quite a rudimentary state. This is also true for us, God’s children of the Earth, and our religions. All of us together are moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life, advancing to ever higher levels of life and evolving into something much more beautiful than at present is possible on our planet. This also applies to the two of us and everybody else. No original design is ever withdrawn. Each one is constantly being worked on and improved. Therefore, if the ideal something we long for is still missing in our present existence, all we need to do is follow our inner guidance, the Highest Star and the brightest light in the whole of Creation, who will eventually help us find it.

I believe that all the religions of our world are merely different pathways up the spiritual mountain that lead to our loving union with the One. I do not believe that any one of them is more right or wrong than all the others. None is superior or inferior to all others. Not one of them contains the whole truth, but each one has grains of truth, some of which are carefully hidden behind the surface words of their myths and legends. Each one of our religions is but a different approach to the Divine, which offers another perspective and in truth is but one piece in a giant jigsaw puzzle. Only when one puts all its pieces together, does the greater picture become visible and the whole thing starts to make sense.

Spirit alone can create matter and matter can never be separate from spirit. Every cell and atom is not only imbued with spirit, it is spirit. Because the masculine aspect of the Divine Trinity, the God, is spirit and therefore abstract and invisible to earthly eyes, one could say that God is formless. Everything that has taken on some kind of a form represents His feminine counterpart, the Goddess. The two are inseparable and their all-consciousness contains the most beautiful and perfect forms the Creator’s imagination can conceive. In Earth terms such an ideal shape may take a very long time to manifest itself. But from the moment of its creation, it begins to express itself in some form. In the long course of its evolution the perfect appearance increasingly comes into being, until it has reached such beauty and glory that at present it is hard for human minds to visualise.

The deep and abiding faith mentioned at the beginning of this chapter is based on much more than mere belief. Its source is a deep inner knowingness and trust that something is right and true for us, for example that there is a God and that the wisdom we intuitively receive directly from this source is true. This is the kind of faith all of us once had before being released into Earth life for the first time, when we were still in the state known as Paradise. During the process of working our way through the many layers of later soul memories that were piled on top of the recollection of our original state and the trust we then had and lost, it is a case of Paradise lost, but about to be regained.

Regardless of how much we hope to find a faith that is true and can no longer be shaken or destroyed of trust in earthly life, and no matter how hard we search for it, it will keep on eluding us. And that is for the simple reason that this kind of faith was never meant to be given to us by any of the belief systems of our world, but in the end should be found in our reunion with God. No-one on the Earth plane can give us such faith. It has to be earned and worked for very hard by living in full consciousness through every experience that comes our way, constantly on the lookout for the learning each one contains. In this manner alone wisdom and understanding can be gained and our inner connection with the Highest realms of life re-established.

Knocking on the inner door to the wise one within and asking for its help is the only reliable way of finding out whether the spiritual teachings that come before us and whether they have some kind of hidden meaning. But even then, before any progress can be made, we have to be ready to open our mind to new concepts and ideas. Without this we shall remain stuck in the past. In your willingness to be receptive to new ways of perceiving things, be careful what you take on board and accept as your truth.

The Age of Pisces, now behind us, was an age of blind faith and trust, of deception, lying and cheating. Now that we can clearly see where this has taken us and our world, individually and collectively, we are ready for the Age of Aquarius. This is an age of truth and we are now ready to open our inner eyes to extract the learning we are meant to draw from our race’s mistakes of the past. In this new age it is no longer right to accept anything at face-value. We need to check with our built-in lie detector – oh yes, we all have one: the intuitive wisdom of our inner guidance – whether what we have found is true or false. Naturally, this should also be done with every part of my writings.

If only we had known about these things earlier in life, our heart would by now feel nothing but joy. Alas, it is part of our learning curve that at first, whenever we try to get in touch with our inner self, fear is the sensation that predominantly rises from our subconscious into our surface awareness. In fact, very little else seems to reach to us, which must be due to the layers of fearful soul memories that are now stored in the cells of our physical body.

Considering how the belief systems we are likely to have followed in previous lifetimes insisted on brainwashing us into the fear of God, this is hardly surprising. To frighten us even more, our religions taught that there is an evil and loathsome creature by the name of the Devil, whose foul abode is called Hell. This being was in all seriousness believed to be responsible for luring innocent human souls into doing the most horrible and wicked things imaginable. When the deeds were done and we refused to follow the church, whose religious system of doctrines, whose ecclesiastical authorities proclaimed such beliefs as true, burning in the fires of hell, forever and ever, would be our inevitable fate.

Beliefs like the one about hell and the devil are among the many false beliefs that are waiting to be shed. This is no longer difficult when one grasps that by now it has become clear that the devil is merely a metaphor for the untamed lower and lowest aspects of humankind’s nature, which all of us have to wrestle with and eventually learn how to master. The Universal law of Karma ensures that any kind of suffering we inflict upon others through misbehaviour and cruelty in one of our lifetimes, in due course unerringly finds its way back to us. Hell represents the state of mind in which we find ourselves when we find ourselves at the receiving end of experiences that are similar to those we once handed out. The same misery as that which we caused someone else in the past or now in the present, in the end has to be endured by us.

The biggest problem is that this kind of thing goes round in seemingly endless circles and the experiences return to us with ever increasing force. The tool for putting a natural end to all this suffering is laid into our own hands when we awaken into the knowledge of our true nature, origin and destiny, and become aware of the presence of the Universal laws and how they rule all life, including ours. This enables us to start making great efforts at conducting our life in harmony with these laws. With this our work of saving and redeeming ourselves has begun and we now walk hand in hand with the Christ Spirit, our Highest Self, and the Angels. This, by the way, is the only way the Christ will ever be able to save anyone.

Discovering these things and telling you about them is my joy. My heart is filled with love and gratitude for the wise one within, who dwells in me the same as in everybody else. I can tell you that this being, if one can call it that, really does know the answer to all our questions and the way of all things. My God Self writes about the topics we are interested in and ready to understand through me, so I can share them with you.

My whole being fills with joy at the thought that for many of us this sad chapter of our race’s development is coming to its natural end and that one great circle of life is closing. But, when I think about those we shall be leaving behind, I cannot help feeling sorrow. I have already applied to the powers that be for a job as an apprentice spirit guide for these souls, wherever they may be reincarnating in times to come.

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‘Putting Our World Right’

From ‘The Spiritual Aspects Of Depression And Suicide’

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Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 3:41 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The Archangel Michael’s Sword Of Truth

The Archangel Michael wields a golden sword that represents spiritual truth. For the time being, I the Universal Christ, can only get the Angel to place a miniature version of this tool into a limited number of hands that are ready to receive it. But in due course even the last one of you will have tuned the receiver/transmitter station of their earthly mind into My frequency, so that the Angels around My throne can at last bring My truth to all of you. I takes a long time until the Divine spark in human hearts and souls during their earthly lifetimes stirs from its slumber and the child in the manger, the Christ child is born in yet another one of them.

To this day there are many in your midst who have the greatest difficulties grasping that with My will and the help of the Angels all things are possible, every crooked corner can be made straight and any condition healed. Although for the time being these people are finding it impossible to believe that this could be true when they can see, with their limited earthly perception, that so much is amiss with your world and in their view downright wrong. Take heart, for these souls the moment will also come when their inner vision opens and they too will understand that in spite of what they are witnessing around them, life on the earthly plane – the same as everywhere else – is unfolding in accordance with My great plan.

The Archangel Michael’s sword of truth will eventually enable even the last one of you to cut through the Gordion Knot of prejudices, superstitions and false beliefs that has held humankind in bondage to their earthly existence for long enough now. For sufficiently evolved souls the time has come for setting themselves free. That’s why the Angels are placing the sword of truth into their hands so that they can begin to cut themselves and the whole of your world free.

The Gordion knot gave its name to a proverbial term for problems that can only be solved by a bold action. In 333 BC Alexander the Great, on his march through Anatolia reached Gordium, the capital of Phrygia. There he was shown the chariot of the ancient founder of the city, Gordius. The yoke of the vehicle was lashed to the pole by means of an intricate knot whose end was hidden. According to a local tradition, this knot could only be untied by someone who was going to be the future conqueror and ruler of Asia. It is thought that Alexander sliced through the knot with his sword and this how the expression ‘cutting the Gordian knot’ came to denote finding bold solutions to complicated problems.

Be that as it may, whatever you do spiritually has to be for real and the spiritual truth you receive directly from Me, through your inner guidance, is the St. Michael’s sword the Angels and I are placing into your hands. When it is correctly applied, i.e. unselfishly, with honesty and integrity for the highest good of all, this weapon guards and protects you in every crisis you may yet have to encounter. It provides you with the strength of the Great Mother’s wisdom and love, which helps you to overcome all obstacles on the inner and outer planes of your existence. Therefore, do not be afraid of anything, but attune yourself to the Angels, so that they can work through you and show you how to manifest their power in your daily life.

As the Divine spark in ever more of you awakens and develops into a small still flame of love, My light in you grows ever brighter, so much so that it gradually dissolves all darkness of the earthly life around you. The dream I have for you, My beloved children of the Earth, consists of a flood of light, joy and thanksgiving that increasingly flows from all human hearts and souls on the Earth plane. The spiritual light of My wisdom and truth that for some time has been dawning in your world can be likened to a beautiful sunrise. My light is flowing ever more powerfully into each one of you and from there into the whole of your planet. And the Angels and I rejoice that the dark night of humankind’s and the Earth’s spiritual winter is almost over.

You are all individuals and each one of you on their own, though hand in hand with the Angels and Me, has to pass through their very own mystical soul experiences. To encourage you to persevere, we occasionally allow you to catch glimpses of My eternal light and the heavenly splendour and glory that are waiting for each one of you on the highest planes of life. When this happens, for fleeting moments you have the impression of knowing and understanding the way of all things, as indeed you do during these breathtaking occurrences. They are sometimes given to earthly souls to give them a better idea of the bliss of the place that is their true home. This place has always been waiting for each one of you at the end of another lifetime on the Earth. There would be no point in trying to hold on to such precious visions. It is impossible because they are a matter of feelings that cannot be described in the words that are available to you.

The spiritual development of every soul proceeds in a different manner and each one of you has to follow their own individual path back home into the oneness with Me. Truly, there is no point in attempting to design plans for the enlargement of spiritual powers that would work for all of you. And any kind of endeavour at trying to bring the whole of humankind onto one particular spiritual pathway, if need be by force, is bound to fail. It is part of My great plan of life that each one of you can only see the highest levels of life through their own individually shaped and coloured window of perception. All of you together, but still each one at their own sweet pace, is constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral. This continues until for you the rays of My light have finally become a single one, the Great White Light, in whom all colours of the rainbow are blended into one.

Do not allow the heaviness of Mother Earth’s vibrations to keep you tied down, but try to release yourself from them. This you do by constantly seeking My help and guidance and bringing forth from deep within your own being the highest and the best you are capable of. Reach up to the highest forces of life, the vibrant power of the Angels and Masters, so they can help you to resolve all earthly concerns and issues. They are happy to assist anyone who wishes to evolve into a Master soul and a Christed one in their own right. This you do when you walk in the footsteps and follow the example of a Master soul, like the one depicted by the Jesus legend. Showing you how to go about it has always been the true purpose and meaning behind this tale.

Although the Masters in the world of light dwell on a higher plane of life, do not think of them as something super-human. In truth they are probably more human than any one of you who is still treading the pathway of evolving into a Master soul in its own right. They have travelled the same road as you are doing now and therefore had the same obstacles to overcome and the stones that are cutting your feet now, also once made theirs bleed and hurt. Master souls are not some kind of magnificent beings who dwell apart from humankind. True to their real nature, they are tender souls who empathise and feel with you in every hardship and disappointment you have to endure. They know your weaknesses and they enjoy your strengths. The Masters of the spirit groups that support you invite you into their aura, so that you may learn to love they way do, totally and unconditionally, like Me.

And when you walk hand in hand with the Angels and them, and practise your truth in all you do, with the passing of time they are going to help you to develop the art of listening to the spoken words of the highest forces of Creation. You will then be able to tune into their thoughts that are traversing the ethers on the inner plane of life. If you still needed it, this will provide you with some definite proof of the Angels and Masters at work. In your daily spiritual practice, quiet reflections and meditations communicate with them. This does in no way set you apart from the events of everyday life around you. As time goes by, it will help you to become ever more powerfully conscious of the all-pervading spiritual forces that are constantly working behind the scenes of earthly life.

This is how the wheel of life and progress, whose symbol is the astrological zodiac, will keep turning forever. Out of the long chain of the experiences of many lifetimes every one of you, My beloved children of the Earth, eventually reaps the rewards and blessings that your own Divine characteristics and consciousness are creating and then bringing to you. To all of you in the end this process takes you into the perfect unions and the peaceful and harmonious existence your soul has been yearning for and dreaming of in the course of many lifetimes.

And because the law of evolution demands that whenever one earthly lesson has been learned by one of you, their spirit and soul has to move on to their next educational phase. That is why people at times cannot help behaving in a manner that is hard or even impossible to understand by those around them. Being aware of this, wise ones are tolerant and refuse to criticise or sit in judgement over anyone. They know only too well that the only freedom of choice you have in earthly life is how to respond to any of the experiences that come your way. Recognising the guiding hand of the Divine behind all happenings on the Earth plane enables wise ones to walk the pathway of their lives humbly and to cultivate nothing but love and compassion, tolerance and forgiveness in all their encounters.

From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 4:00 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
The way I see it, when things sometimes seemingly go wrong in our lives, it is always us who are out of step with the Universe and not the other way round. It is then more than likely that the energies it is currently putting at our disposal wish to tell a different story and are trying to steer us and our life into a different direction. If one seemingly runs into one invisible wall after another, when obstacle after obstacle rears its head, it is a safe bet that the Universe is attempting to give us a message that somehow we are barking up the wrong tree. It may well be the case that it has something much better up its sleeve for us, if we but pay attention.

The world around us is a mirror of what is taking place inside us. Through the actions and reactions of the people around us it is constantly trying to provide us with some kind of feedback. This is known as Universal guidance and we do well to listen to what the Universe has to say. And whenever things in our lives are not going the way we would want them to, almost certainly this is a signal from the Highest that for us the time has come to take stock and make some changes. Making an effort to attend to the special lessons we have agreed to learn in the course of our present lifetime, long before we entered into it, re-aligns our energies with those of the Universe and we get back into harmony with ourselves and the predestined pathway of our life.

From 'Don’t Quit!’

‘Healers And Healing’

* * *

Re: Food For Thought - Part Two

Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 2:53 pm
by aquarius123esoteric
A Lesson Of Value

Do you know what I would do, if I could live my life all over again? I would go to bed when I am sick, instead of pretending the Earth would go to pieces and my family would not survive without me. I would burn my most precious candles before they melted in storage. I would talk less and listen more. I would invite friends to dinner, even if our carpet were stained and our sofa old and faded.

I would take the time to listen to my grandfather ramblings about his youth. I would share more of the responsibilities my husband carries and expect him to be interested in mine. I would not insist that the car windows should be closed on a warm day because my hair had just been done. I would sit on a lawn without minding grass stains. I would laugh and cry less while watching television and more by observing the world around me. I would not buy anything merely because it is practical, does not get dirty too easily or is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I would cherish every moment and treasure taking part in the miracle inside me. I would be proud to be a woman and feel honoured that one of God’s greatest mysteries was being created through me. I would no longer call my monthly cycle ‘the curse’, because I now know that it is a precious part of the great wisdom without which the wonder and miracle of God’s most beautiful gifts to humankind could not be given. If one of my children wanted to give me a kiss, I would not say: ‘Later. Now get washed and ready for dinner.’ I would use the words ‘I love you’ and ‘I’m sorry’ much more frequently. But mostly, when I come into my next lifetime, I shall seize every minute and take note of what’s happening inside and around me.

I shall not sweat over small things and worry about who does not like me, who has more than I have and who should be doing what. I shall cherish the relationships with those who love me. And I shall reflect frequently on what God has blessed me with and what I can do each day to create good health on all levels of my being, mentally, physically, emotionally and most of all spiritually. I shall treasure the good things of earthly life while I am there, be grateful for them and give thanks to our Father/Mother Creator for all their gifts. I am going to make the most of everything that has been given to me before this lifetime ends.

The above was written when my physical body was dying from cancer. Now that I have been in the world of spirit for some time, my message to you is: ‘Do not be afraid of death. I came to the other side and thought: ‘Why, there is nothing to it. I did not feel anything. Apart from being no longer in pain, I do not feel any different. I am still the same I was in earthly life.’

It’s really beautiful here, too. Everything I loved and treasured on the other side, I also have with me here. All the loved ones that ever left me and even the pets I lost are now with me. Had I known all that, I would not have been afraid of death or even illness. Who knows? Without fear my body may never have developed cancer. And when the Angel comes to take me home, I shall get hold of its hand happily and contentedly, knowing that I shall always be taken care of, wherever my destiny my wish to take me one of these days.

And by the way, do not believe it when anyone says to you that we come into Earth life with nothing and that we leave it in the same state. Take it from me: that is just not true. We are a spirit and soul, we are consciousness and that is what we bring with us into each new lifetime on the Earth. The learning we there draw from all our experiences help our consciousness to grow and expand. At the end of each one of our lifetimes we take with us into Eternity the sum total of everything we have learnt up to that moment. We bring it with us into every next earthly sojourn where it supports and sustains us.

No experience is ever wasted and my advice to you is: look for what you can learn from everything that is in your life. Make an effort to absorb the lessons life sends you, as that is the only way to grow and evolve. Know that everything serves a higher purpose, although it is often quite hard to recognise what that should be, it is always there. And do not forget to give thanks often for the wisdom and love of the Great Father/Mother of all life, our true parents. Thank them for creating you and allowing you to take part in earthly life, so that you may grow and mature into spiritual adulthood.

These are some of the things my most recent earthly lifetime has taught me. In all Eternity the learning I have found shall be mine. Because of it I shall be able to cope much better with earthly life next time round than during all previous occasions. This message is coming to you because I wish to share my learning with those who are still on your side of the veil, in the hope that it will help them in some way. God bless each one of you. See you around in the world of light one of these days.

Your loving sister in spirit,
Erma Bombeck
Edited by Aquarius

From ‘Comfort for the Bereaved’

* * *