To whom should I turn in my hour of need?

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Re: To whom should I turn in my hour of need?

Post by Natalia » Sat Mar 17, 2012 8:36 pm

hi, it seems to me like you have moved on :wink:
Midnight wrote:
What I'm experiencing is a blank mind that feels 'peaceful', I guess you could say; yet paradoxically in my body there's a sense of constant fear and tension, sadness and other things. I feel wounded and vulnerable. The thought train has stopped running, yet the fears and insecurities that once plagued me are still alive and kicking, magnified infact... what a strange conundrum.
all your feelings are ok. Just allow yourself to feel them. Do not fear your fear. Because that would just block you.
There is absolutely nothing wrong even with feeling insecure and vulnerable. When you dont avoid those feelings, you will get to the core very soon.

my tip is: you can pray to God (even if you dont believe in Him, hehe) to help you to get to the Truth and to help you to process your emotions.
Yet there is something else, I'm sure it was presence. It was experienced, it was beautiful, everything was radiant and alive. That was where I should've gone, hehe
Great!!! :)

Btw, I am personally working on my own emotions a lot. But I already have some understanding so the advice above is my view of what is going on with you.
I hope that helped :)

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Re: To whom should I turn in my hour of need?

Post by lena1988 » Fri Jul 10, 2015 10:12 am

thanks to Rob, your advice helped me alot.


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