Star signs, personality and attraction

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Star signs, personality and attraction

Postby bobdylanfan » Thu Feb 20, 2014 9:27 am

Hi everyone , hope your all well. Just wanted to ask your opinion on this. I'm not big into astrology but I've recently got quite interested as I can relate to so many of my sign Libras traits. I'm balanced , indecisive, very caring , loving , charming ( I've been told) and love beautiful people , arts , music etc. So my question is when people become more and more familar with their true nature and they realize their not a fixed identity does this affect these seemingly ingrained character traits. For example I have a lot of friend who are enlightened and some of them say they feel more attracted to people then they did before , they don't have a fixed " type" anymore . Which I can relate to in a way I see people's inner beauty a lot more now. But then Ive also only ever. been attracted to pretty girls (libra trait) and that hasn't changed . I'm also more attracted to aqarius girls which also tallys up to my star sign .

I'd love to hear your opinion on this.Thanks lots of love xxx
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