Possible to be Egoless ?

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Possible to be Egoless ?

Postby HeartVsEgo » Mon Mar 17, 2014 1:06 am

Hey friends, sorry for my english

what i experienced is that the mind are not wrong like some people try to title him. Because often i have the power to stop him without he resist me, like an friend or better an computer. We can use it when we need it to change our perception of the world and then we can let him be quit, to experience what is without thoughts. The more people talking about "Omg the mind trying to do that and this to me" i start to feel the same. So is it possible to be free of fighting with mind or even be egoless ? And could it be that i fancy that i was friends with the mind ?

My last question, is it possible to communicate, understand the signals in the body or feelings without understanding it with mind ?

Thank you
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