Understand the pain body or just feel it.

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Understand the pain body or just feel it.

Post by HeartVsEgo » Tue Mar 18, 2014 9:41 pm

Hello, another question of "Me" the person with bad english

In the last time, i have much "negative" feelings, like fear and desperate and more. Do i have to let them be and understand them from where they came ? Often i dont know what the feeling wanna tell me... is it enough to feel the energy of them to bring peace ?

Is it possible to be Present "enough", i mean happy or peacefull joy while stong negativity is inside me ? i wanna stop the drama, but i have the habbit to let firstly everything negative go before i can enjoy the moment. I noticed the more emotions in you are unsolved the stronger the voice in your head talks.

Thank you..

oak tree
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Re: Understand the pain body or just feel it.

Post by oak tree » Thu Mar 20, 2014 3:11 pm

Hello again :)

In my experience it can take intense presence / stillness to be able to face strong negative emotions without being taken over by them. Its very helpful to be present in ordinary circumstances and gradually it will be easier to face more challenging situations and emotions.

I don't find it necessary to understand the pain. Sometimes I get an insight to where the pain came from and sometimes I don't. I find being present with the pain is enough.

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Re: Understand the pain body or just feel it.

Post by cloud » Fri Mar 21, 2014 10:17 am


The feelings are only negative because you label them to be, Try to look at them without judgment. I always find an interesting question to ask yourself in these moments is "who is experiencing these feeling, thought etc' and try to search for the entity that is associating with the feeling, if you do find something try again. This can start to fade the pain and thoughts that are connected to it, the person only exist because you associate with the pain.

There are two points that most teachings point towards, they are acceptance and inquiry. This means you accept all the thoughts, feelings and everything that arrives in every moment with compassion, but at the same time keeping aware of exactly what is appearing in consciousness without analyzing or judgement, just watching and ask the questions. Such as; who is experiencing this pain? Where do these thoughts come from? Watch the thoughts appear and disappear, where do they start and end?

Most the time when inquiring you will forget you are feeling that way and the attention moves to the enquiry. For you to start breaking the loops in the negative thinking you need to be able to look at all the thoughts without any judgment, you will start to realize that they are just another amazing thing that just appears in the space of consciousness just another sensation.

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