Sudden outburst of emotions while learning?

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Sudden outburst of emotions while learning?

Postby Admiral Akmir » Sun Jul 06, 2014 10:06 pm

I came across a non profit site, and set of videos created by a man who has been a family systems therapist for over thirty years. The site outlines a series of traits and behaviors of a person who has significant psychological wounds from childhood, I fit the traits almost perfectly. The site has a series of lessons to follow, and while I was reading on the topic of abandonment I started to laugh. It kept going to the point that tears came out, not out of sadness, but because I was laughing so hard. I became frightened and confused, but just let it continue for a few minutes, and then it stopped. I've always sort of felt like something like this could happen to me some day, and that it would be healthy, but laughter of all things? Has anyone else experienced this?
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