Doesn't Awareness die with the body?

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Re: Doesn't Awareness die with the body?

Post by smiileyjen101 » Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:36 pm

Thanks for your contributions Epiphany they are fascinating and heart & mind warming :)
Epiphany said: I'm aware of these OBE reports, although I don't know enough to draw any lines between anecdotal and verifiable evidence. For example, how many cases where the experiencer has accurately described specific objects and/or people in the room have actually been verified by one of the medical staff? And in cases where this verification has been documented, has the staff member personally declared this verification?
I can only speak to my own case and say yes, and yes.

In fact the interesting thing of it for me, was that it wasn't me who did make the initial, or even the later urging to explore the things that they knew, that I 'should not' have been able to know, based on their clinical and physical reporting.

For me it was no different (that's not true.. but) I was in a first person experience with awareness of surroundings and people coming into the operating theatre after I'd 'left' consciousness in/of the physical, and the perspective from my physical body. I was an independent of my body awareness, with full and richer awareness than I had in body normally, let alone in the state it was in.

I also 'returned' to the same room after everyone had left it, and taken my physical body with them. I had to go looking for it, there actually wasn't a 'homing' beacon leading me to it.

In my 'travels' it wasn't far - through a wall, across and down a hallway, out of one area over a hallway and into another section. And yes it's been verified by a third person that a second person was in the hallway as I observed while everyone else was in this other section with my body. And yes it has been verified that the people that came into the first room after my capacity to know this physically, did come into the room and were doing (and... thinking and feeling) as I was 'seeing' and 'knowing'. (not hearing per se - knowing)

And yes, and this is a 'definer' for me - the one who can answer the 'how' of this wins the prize :D ...

it was recorded and questioned between staff, and discussed and verified and followed up by staff and my mother at my body's side, that my first words before I could even open my eyes, and while my body was not in, and had not been in any way in a position to 'see' my son in a humidicrib, and no one had even explained it to my Mum at my body's side (she had no idea and she was right there in the room) were - please, please, do not let them turn that machine off until I can see him properly.

The 'thing' for the staff was that I was not at any stage in any position to know that he was being ventilated by a 'machine', or that if they turned it off he would die. I only knew this from the awareness that was independent of my body. It didn't matter when I was out of my body and could see him, but when I returned to awareness in my body, couldn't open my eyes, couldn't move and couldn't see him I panicked. On one level it was the full horror of the physical re-engagement, on the other level it was also a panic that I'd maybe made a mistake coming back into my body, because now I was 'trapped' in it.

There were other things as well, that were noted, that were verified. And as I said it wasn't me that didn't just accept things as they were, for me it was just a first person experience with me doing what I could with what I had. I didn't really think about how I got that (physical) information -- the important thing was what could I do with it, how could I relate to it, in it etc

It was the staff that asked me to investigate it because they knew it wasn't within medical knowledge at that time for me to have those acute awareness experiences that allowed me to have any, let alone even deeper than normal information in the state my body was in.

In honesty I had more important things to think about and worry about at the time. It was staff members in the nursery who would raise it at times, and the head of that unit who asked me some time later to please, please investigate it, for their sakes, not mine. And it cost me to do so. It cost me in terms of trying to bridge that gap in awareness and ignorance, its cost me in putting myself out there to be tested in all manner of physical, psychological, psychiatric, neurological, chemical experiments, and it's cost me in having to step out of this awareness, this 'now' into that experience in order to have others understand it, study it, test it against this theory or the next.

Just as my son was a pure C2 spinal patient and they learned a lot that enhanced their understanding of those injuries, I was like a pure OBE awareness 'study' for them, because I had no idea about any such thing at that time. I was asking them questions that they had no way of answering. I wasn't giving the answers any more than they were - this occurred, I had this awareness, here's the evidence - evidence verified.... how did that happen?

For me it just 'was', a first person experience as I'd experienced it. I and they, found no thing that contradicted or was distorted in that awareness, not one thing that I recalled that was not true, not even the innermost thoughts and feelings of those around me, not even the characteristics and energetic expressions and experiences of those around my body that I saw when I could not see. Not even those who were not in connection with my physical body, but connected with my 'bigger' awareness in their own awareness.
The monitor would likely already have to be in the body somewhere (the data from which could then be bluetoothed or something :lol:).
This is so cute, the 'monitor' is already here, and it already is 'bluetoothed or something' - it is just not confined to the body, it is the energy that powers everything - creation, growth, everything.. I call it love, but others may not understand what I mean with that. Our intuition is how we 'receive' from/ through it, our deepest most honest, most naked intuition.

But, we keep arguing with it, denying it, and distracting ourselves from it. Not even in any 'life' beyond this, even in this one.

For me it's as silly and futile as "I'll be happy when...."
Our rights start deep within our humanity; they end where another's begin~~ SmileyJen

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Re: Doesn't Awareness die with the body?

Post by Webwanderer » Wed Jan 14, 2015 12:11 am

It's not about waiting for a scientist to tell you what to think. But it is about accepting the limitations of one's perception of such events without the appropriate expertise involved in the discussion.

And what are the limitations of insight and inspiration? Who decides that? Who are the experts to tell us about our own direct realization?
For example, I believed many of the 9/11 conspiracy theories that were put forward, but reading the opinions of qualified architects, structural engineers and demolition experts put many of those theories to bed.
This explains a lot of your fear. Personally, I never believed any of the 9/11 conspiracy theories. My inner sense suggested they were more likely than not inventions of imaginative minds looking for corruption to prove an existing bias.


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Re: Doesn't Awareness die with the body?

Post by tomtom1 » Wed Jan 21, 2015 12:51 pm

Hi Erik

Not sure if you are still reading this! But felt drawn to respond as I have been in the same situation and think I can reply from my own direct experience.... Maybe this has already been covered as I have not read all the replies yet.

Einstein said 'You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness which created it'. This is REALLY important.

My experience has been that as you start to awaken there is a paradigm shift. As in your whole perspective and viewpoint changes. One of these changes is you start to stop identifying with the physical body. You start to see/understand/know that you are not the body. If you are no longer identified with the body then you also know that awareness is not bound to it. You see that awareness is actually the fundamental nature of reality. It's not that "you" "have awareness" its that you are that awareness.... and so is everything else :) So how can killing the body remove awareness? However you are probably quite correct in the sense that if you chop your head off then 'you' as you know 'yourself' to be right now would cease to exist... but the real you would not.

Now here is the big trouble with all this; what is written above are just words and will mean nothing if you are looking at them from a different perspective. The truth is you can think about this all day long and try to reason with your mind that its true but you will get nowhere. You will just produce more and more confusion and suffering. The only way to get there is to step off the wheel and enter into honest and heartfelt self enquiry with the simple attitude that you just want to truth. Really look at the nature of experience and ask yourself who is experiencing it. Become the body enter into it and try to really see who has that experience. Ask yourself if you have ever experienced anything outside of experience... including the body.

Good luck :wink: :wink: there is usually much conditioning to overcome to get there. This can take a lot of time... until it doesn't

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