feeling hopeless

This is the place to post whatever questions you have related to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. The rest of us will do whatever we can to help you achieve a better understanding :)
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feeling hopeless

Post by NateDeezy » Sat Jan 03, 2015 8:25 am

I feel frustrated. Not only that but i feel like i can't think straight anymore. I have all these ideas in my head and don't know what to think, I question everything. You know how eckhart describes a person and says they're one step away from enlightenment and one step away from despair? Well that's me, except I feel like I'm bordering toward despair. My life had become so overwhelmed by fear that I feel hopeless. I know that I was born with what must be a larger brain in the peon that senses fear. I know this by observing one of my nephews who is just like me, and he has high anxiety, which isn't diagnosed but i can tell. He's 6 by the way. There are many examples but one in particular that sticks out to me was on nye last year. Everyone was in the kitchen and all the kids were in the living room dancing to a song that was playing, except my nephew who say on the couch. I tried to get him to participate but he wouldn't budge, and he was playing fine before then with the kids, but when they started to dance he sat out. I know this is anxiety bc he always gets nervous around new pestle and becomes quiet. And after reading the social anxiety boards with no one ever escaping it totally, I think what's the point in trying anymore bc is my brain that's a certain way, and there's no hope. All my friends are getting married and having kids but I'm too nervous to even go on a date. Not only that buti feel stupid at work bc I can't concentrate. It honestly feels like I'm beginning to lose my mind and it's so scary. I don't know what to do. The only thing that makes me feel at ease is weed but I can't smoke it anymore. And I have also have other personal issues that make life seem like a continual journey of suffering. I've read so many spiritual and religious texts that I feel like I'm failing at life since I haven't gotten it yet. And what makes it worse is knowing what enlightened feels like. I felt it for a few months about 3 years ago but fell from it and have yet to get back into it since and out dives me crazy to know it exists biti can't find it. I feel hopeless.

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Re: feeling hopeless

Post by Phil2 » Sat Jan 03, 2015 9:40 am

NateDeezy wrote: All my friends are getting married and having kids but I'm too nervous to even go on a date.
Seems you have the 'Bridget Jones' syndrome :lol:

I hope you realize that all your unhappiness and hoplelessness are just thoughts ... this is not real ...

I would recommend to you this video from Mooji:


"You need something to be sad ... you need nothing to be happy"

"99 % of what we think is rubbish ... and 1 % is ... also rubbish"


"Don't take your thoughts too seriously" (Eckhart tolle)
"What irritates us about others is an opportunity to learn on ourselves"
(Carl Jung)

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Re: feeling hopeless

Post by lmp » Sun Jan 04, 2015 5:51 am

Do you have friends who share your interest in what Tolle talks about? For me I'd say that books and videos and forums were just not enough, I needed real people with the same questions, problems and ideas in order to make it real.

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