What is happening in a psychosis as regards ego/pain body?

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What is happening in a psychosis as regards ego/pain body?

Post by Jaycee » Wed Jan 21, 2015 8:59 pm

6 months ago I had a serious psychosis where I reportedly threw myself around a room and at furniture with full force. It took six people to restrain me, and a lot of time. I have no recollection of this happening, but was covered in bruises when I came round (after injections), so it obviously did. I know before it I got totally focussed on my thoughts and whether I was good or bad and went to a place of terror. I can see I'm starting in the pattern of thinking that took me there and am trying to stay conscious and present to stop it. Firstly, any takes on what went on for me in terms of ego/pain body and secondly, anyone else on here been through this experience??

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Re: What is happening in a psychosis as regards ego/pain bod

Post by epiphany55 » Thu Jan 29, 2015 10:14 pm

Some forms of psychosis are due to chemical imbalances in the brain. Some can be addressed with anti-psychotic medication.

So it won't always simply be the pain body or a build up of unconscious energy. The problem is, when a doctor diagnoses these conditions, they are looking at the symptoms rather than the causes. On an individual basis, we might never know whether our psychotic episodes are due to biology/genetics, environment or a mixture of the two.

That said, assuming you have sought medical advice, teachings along the lines of those of Eckhart Tolle will help to bring these impulses into the light of consciousness. It may involve a two-pronged approach - medication and meditation. I think when the former is required, the latter complements.

If you still experience potentially harmful impulses, I would certainly spend time exploring them with your full attention. Simply becoming aware of them is a good first step. Rest into the state of that which is aware of thought and impulses and observe. This alone may give you the space you need to detach from them. Impulses, no matter what form they take, can be seen as neutral energy. If you can become aware of that energy and channel it through productive pursuits, you will have at least minimised the potentially harmful outward effects of it.

Think of something you really love doing, something that really bleeds your energy in a positive way. That's where you need to be channelling your impulsive energy. When you become fully conscious of your impulses, and their potential effects, you can pool and channel that energy into something that creates a positive outcome. This is your "work". Good luck!
Thought is the object, not the essence, of consciousness.

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