Addiction to anger and hatred of fear and anxiety

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Addiction to anger and hatred of fear and anxiety

Postby jtightlips21 » Tue May 12, 2015 11:55 pm

I am not sure how much is based on egoic notions, but I find the attraction to anger is the sense of power to fight against things that displease you. While anxiety and depression I have been under the impression show weakness, and therefore surrender to how things appear. With anxiety, it seems like there is a real motivation to submit to something stronger than you for self preservation. While depression seems to see ones own desires as being wrong or impossible, hence defeatism or shame.

Even so, it seems like at the core of reality according to the ego is power. Like a kind of metaphysics where all truth is relative to this source of power. Which seems logical, but still at a deeper level seems so wrong.
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