Intense awareness experience

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Re: Intense awareness experience

Post by Enlightened2B » Fri Jun 26, 2015 7:11 am

dijmart wrote:
Enlightened2B wrote:While I don't fully resonate with the emptiness teachings in the regards to the no self (granted, I agree with the no-ego self)
I respectfully ask, what's their difference for you? To me I see none.
There really isn't and yet there is as I see it. It's a matter of context I would say which is so valuable in these types of discussions.

The way I see it and it's really only my own view based on my own experience, is that our physical experience will always be limited. Ego is a "limited view". It's merely an identification with thought in creating a 'separate' self, that never was truly separate outside of the perception that believed it to be as such for however long it perceived it as such.

Meaning, in my own experience, when I allow, and allow thoughts and anything and everything to arise and fall away without resistance, there's just I AM or AMness/Existence. The story of E2B falls away and there's just Being, just Love and nothing at all, but Love. No separation. Unconditional Love is all there is and that is what I truly AM beyond thought. After all, how can I not be? Everything merely just IS as it IS. Only true Love could possibly allow all to exist in its right as it is. I AM that ISness, that space, that allows and allows and allows as my nature. When I believe myself to be an aspect of my experience, I become that aspect through perception. I AM is the unconditional father that allows all of its children to simply Be as they are, all experiences valid as they are and I, as this Unconditional Love, learn about MYSelf, through my children (manifestations). But, most importantly, there is still....Being/I AM, but without identification with thought to label that I AM as something separate from another aspect of my experience.

So, the self we believe ourselves to be via thought is seemingly not real when examined closely. It's just thoughts and really not much else, but.....thoughts.

But, on the other hand to claim there is no Self at all, but to claim that experience still happens, doesn't resonate with me. How can there be experience without an experiencER? Of course that doesn't mean there is a separate person experiencing, or an anthropormorphic entity,or a separate being, but instead Being/Existence itself is experiencER and experience itself. All That IS is Being, Eternal Now, experiencing, learning and knowing itself and growing in an evolutionary process.

Logical reductionism which I find quite limited is often used to deny the Self, but ironically, is coming from the human mind alone, which already is limited and simply can't grasp the larger picture from its own limited point of view in a dimension of time/space. We might awaken from thought based identification, but there's only so much we can possibly know from these limited human vehicles alone about our true nature other than Love itself, because there is only NOW. There is far too much evidence for me, that there most certainly is a Self/I AM/Being experiencing everything in possible existence (far beyond our own universe) through every possible vantage point in learning about ItSelf and knowing ItSelf, through its individual manifestations which (from its own mind) are ultimately unreal as well, but still existing far beyond death of the human body.

So, just because there is no 'person' or 'separate being' experiencing or 'doing' anything, doesn't mean that I AM is NOT. As I see it, everything is Being. Everything is I AM. Being....being human, being tree, molecule, bacterium, etc. Granted, it's thought identification which divides it up, and perceives itself to be separate, these experiences still are and still hold as much value as our human experience.

Yet, even this is saying too much.

To reference something smileyJen said in another thread:
Being physically awake one has the capacity for awareness /consciousness, it doesn't mean that that is the totality of consciousness though.

Consciousness itself is what we plug into.
Of course this is just my own limited take as always. 8)

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Re: Intense awareness experience

Post by dijmart » Fri Jun 26, 2015 2:59 pm

Thanks for explaining, i agree with what you wrote and see it the same way.
Take what you like and leave the rest.

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Re: Intense awareness experience

Post by bobdylanfan » Tue Jul 07, 2015 6:49 pm

Awesome thanks guys some really useful and helpful points In there. Since I last posted I've noticed that if I ask the question am I aware ? It takes me straight to the experience of awareness which feels naked, new, connective and a little scary without actually having to answer the question. Whereas if I ask the same question and answer yes when I recognise awareness then I feel such a warm complete kind of love in my heart and it feels like I'm totally home. I find it interesting how contrasting these two experiences are although very similar in practice. Any ideas ?


Love xxxxx

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Re: Intense awareness experience

Post by bobdylanfan » Tue Jul 07, 2015 6:58 pm

I also wanted to add that in the vid I posted earlier rupert invites us to ask the question before going to sleep but says it not necessary to answer it this time. How come ? If u wanna check it out and let me know what you think that would be brill. Thanks for your help with this I have quite an analytic mind as u can see :)

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