What is the different between true freedom and ego freedom

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What is the different between true freedom and ego freedom

Post by jtightlips21 » Sun Oct 25, 2015 4:53 am

I know that like others, I hate having my freedom challenged. Whether its the freedom from coercion, or the freedom to do as I please without fear of punishment, such as arrest(As long as I am not doing any violence to others), a fine(as long as I am not committing acts of vandalism), employment termination(As long as I am doing my job and not jeopardizing the company), or from social consequences, like criticism, persecution, harassment, or ostracizement. Anything that represents an attack on freedom such as a police state that limits my political freedom from unreasonable coercion and constraint by the state, or personal rights to do as I please as long I am not committing acts of violence. Or Fundamentalism, that intrudes on ones spiritual freedom to seek God, Fulfillment, truth, meaning and joy in my own way, and forces another on me, whether it works for me or not. Or corporatism, and how I feel like it makes it very difficult to find fulfilling employment and a liveable wage. And Social taboos and obiligations, which I feel takes away my freedom to find true relationships, than just being stuck between two lousy options of no relationships or superficial egoic ones that are dependent on how much we conform to some expectations. Or the freedom to be myself without being harassed or persecuted.

I dont know if its just the ego, or if these are the essences of true freedom. I know that with all these particular desires for freedom, it depends on how the world of form behaves. I dont know if its just the ego trap that says the only way to be free and at peace is if we gain a perfectly libertarian society where the only true vice is the use of any form of force, whether on the political level the use of violence, or on the social level freedom from any social consequences and freedom from all taboos. But then I wonder if thats just the ego speaking.

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Re: What is the different between true freedom and ego freed

Post by Webwanderer » Sun Oct 25, 2015 6:47 am

Welcome to the human experience. While all these restrictions on freedom you cite are valid as a potential concern, it's also true that such freedoms in this physical realm often conflict with other's application of their own perception of freedom. Who actually gets to decide where the limits of freedom are? Actions have effects and consequences on all around.

My sense is that such concerns are mostly external and secondary to living an enjoyable life. The more we focus on the limitations of our living environment, the more limited and constricted we feel. And the way we feel about life is much more relevant to our enjoyment of life than are the actual conditions we find ourselves in. Focusing on limitations is a constricting spiral of experience leading to more pain rather than the actual freedom we seek.

Regardless of circumstances, each of us can decide of our own volition what anything means - and meaning has feedback in our actual experience. How we feel, what emotions arise, are direct reflections of the quality of those meanings we apply.

Sure, much of our perspective in life is entrained in us from an early age, and much of the meaning we apply generally comes automatically from the beliefs we hold as a result of that entrainment. But this is where true freedom comes in. We can freely consider our emotions and what they tell us of our beliefs, and if we don't like how we feel we can consider new ways of looking at the very things that bring us pain - ways that bring us more joy and freedom from the pain we don't like.

Emotions can guide us here. If we think of a new way to look at something, a new meaning, that makes us feel better than how we see it at the moment, it is likely more in harmony with the way it is as seen from a greater perspective of life and being. Following our emotions as a guide to greater harmony is the path to clarity and awakened living.


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