Transmission power

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Transmission power

Postby bobdylanfan » Thu Dec 10, 2015 12:04 am

Hi guys I used to be in involved in a spitirtual organisation called balanced view and we would meet up twice a week with the founder Candice o Denver and participate in a transmission series where we do a Skype call with her for a few hours. I felt such a huge intensity of uncomfortable energy from these calls and it would really ramp up everything in me like shining a blinding beam of light full power on everything about me. I'm not involved with BV anymore but my flatmate is and I find that I feel that uncomfortable energy from him after each call twice a week , it makes me feel very anxious for that day and sometimes the day after. I relax and let it go and it's ok but I really prefer to not have that energy activated in me cause if feels so full on. I can see that it would be good to face it all but it just means I'm just awkward and uncomfortable around people for the following day and I wonder if it's worth it and if this is normal ?

What's ur views and experiences on this please ?

Thanks a lot

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