Turn the cheek or press for change or both

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a drop of water
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Turn the cheek or press for change or both

Post by a drop of water » Sat Feb 13, 2016 5:13 am

There are times when I can't accept the essence just turning the cheek to abuse without conscious action to change negative behaviours. If we all just turned the cheek, then nothing would happen to stop bullying, spousal and child abuse, abuse of women's rights, racial discrimination, environmental degradation etc. Nothing would change for the better.

Is our task in life to stop injustice in an unconscious world or to awaken the unconscious world so the injustice doesn't even arise or both. Perhaps if we follow the first path we will end up regulating our unconscious selves to death. The second path offers hope for a conscious common sense that frees us from rules and regulation designed for the unconscious mind. Perhaps both need to be given our attention and presence as we evolve into a conscious world?

Love to hear some opinions. Thanks.

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Re: Turn the cheek or press for change or both

Post by smiileyjen101 » Sun Feb 14, 2016 4:45 am

Both according to your and the 'other''s awareness, capacity and willingness.

ET suggests the only three sane responses to anything are accept, change, or remove yourself from the situation.

It might sound weak - but one cannot abuse you if you are not there - yes?

The ability to change anything is limited by or resolved by - awareness + capacity + willingness - if someone does not have (enough of) any one of these three, then it will not be changed until such time as they do, and that's their journey, not yours.
then nothing would happen to stop bullying, spousal and child abuse, abuse of women's rights, racial discrimination
So then you are down to accept or remove yourself from the situation.
Only one of these stops the cycle of allowing a person to continue to bully, abuse etc

I love a little reminder in one of Susan Jeffers books - you can keep complaining that someone's walking all over you, or you can notice (awareness) that you are not getting out of the way (capacity or willingness)

And from the Dalai Lama, turning the other cheek may not be so impotent either - just because someone wants to give you their gift - doesn't mean you have to accept it - if someone tries to give you their gift that you do not welcome - an insult, abuse, whatever - you can smile at them and say no thank you (not take it into you), then who is left holding it and what can they do with it if you do not take it? They will either have to carry it around with them, which is none of your business, or let go of it them self.
The impact of this is firstly on awareness - (what? they don't want my 'gift'? what am I going to do with it?)
then on the person either assessing their own capacity to let it go, or building on that capacity because there's no joy for them if you won't accept it, and then they engage their willingness.

Every time awareness, capacity or willingness is acknowledged and/or exercised consciously or unconsciously - they grow.
Our rights start deep within our humanity; they end where another's begin~~ SmileyJen

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