Deep grounding in presence simultaneous with a strong ego?

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Deep grounding in presence simultaneous with a strong ego?

Post by bobdylanfan » Tue Mar 08, 2016 3:17 pm

This is a two part question I wondered if you could help me understand when you recognise awareness you feel that powerful peaceful energy and increasing act from that place of compassion instead of the monkey mind. However it's like that awareness is shone back onto your fears, worries and judgements and actually brightens them up and makes them more vivid and obvious to you. So it's like there's a peaceful backing track but with intense scene being played out on the stage.

Also there are some spiritual teachers like Andrew cohen, bentinho massaro and a small bit rupert spira that seem to be acting and behaving from quite an ego based, business driven and sometimes controlling place although they are very in touch with this peaceful place. I wondered how someone can have such a grounding in this presence and still have a very strong ego.

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Re: Deep grounding in presence simultaneous with a strong eg

Post by rachMiel » Tue Mar 08, 2016 6:54 pm

Really good question, bdf. My take:

Spiritual mastery does not necessarily equate to psychological health. In fact, since Buddhism and other Eastern meditation traditions discourage "negative" emotions like anger, greed, envy, etc. these emotions often go underground, into the unconscious mind, where they can wreak all manner of mischief. The strong ego you describe could come, at least in part, from this.

Alternately ... another possibility is that, when you see "the dream" (of the phenomenal world, the world of form) very clearly, and you don't mistake it for the real thing, it affords you the opportunity to *play with* constructs of this world, like the ego. In effect, you embrace your different roles in the ongoing movie of your life, knowing full well that they are just that: fictional roles. It's like lucid living.
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Re: Deep grounding in presence simultaneous with a strong eg

Post by randomguy » Fri Mar 11, 2016 8:00 pm

It's like fears worries and judgments step forward to face their final fate in the light of awareness. It feels like the conditioning that comes with identification with thought keeps these in the relative background sort of categorized as normal while the focus and attention is on some idea or another with the false weight truth associated to it. Seen from the background of personal identityless awareness the feelings associated with defenses and delusions are more apparent and without the grasping to thought patterns and the corresponding reactions and bracing in the body the energy is more free to move along to where it's going and to be felt without consequence of crossing the rules of a false reality.
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