Feel That My Past Restricts Me

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Feel That My Past Restricts Me

Post by Johnny » Sat Mar 26, 2016 10:22 pm

Hello Everyone,
Do any of you feel like your past restricts you in the sense that you fear another from your past would remember you, judge and gossip about you. I feel that an experience when I was a teenager where I was sent to attend a private school, for a year, that I never fit in to triggered my social anxiety and I felt like an outcast/loner for the time that I was there. I left after that year however the social anxiety remained. Considering I always had an identity of myself as the outgoing social guy, this memory tends to hold me back in life. I guess it just ties down to Eckhart's quote about giving up defining yourself to yourself or to others and not being concerned about how others define you. I guess I just fear losing the respect from others, since I am perceived as an outgoing, confident and athletic person. I fear them knowing about my previous troubles with social anxiety and feeling like an outcast. I know that I have to give up the identity I have of myself and that I am trying to protect. But to do so in practical matters and to no longer identify with one's past and no longer fear the possible judgement of it is another story.
Any advice on this would be amazing.

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Re: Feel That My Past Restricts Me

Post by sergeyrar » Sun Mar 27, 2016 9:21 am

You just should think of your past as a stage where you developed your social skills (or understood the importance of developing them).
Every person willing to progress has to encounter some failure and learn from it and grow.
So just accept it as a normal thing and move on.

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