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Advice on being present?

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:47 pm
by unpopular
the moment. I know that watching your thoughts or feeling your body/emotions are ways to come back to the present moment. Do you do them individually or watch your thoughts while feeling your body. Also Eckhart tolle mentions going deeper into these moments. Does he mean how much focus you put into it or how intensely you try? How do you stay present

Re: Advice on being present?

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2016 4:13 am
by dijmart
Save yourself some time and plenty of frustration, look into traditional Vedanta. Go to Shiningworld.Com or nevernotpresent.Com for starters. You can youtube James Swartz he has full tapes of satsangs...part1-13...plenty of hours of teachings that will start you off nicely in figuring this puzzle out! Ignorance is hard wired, as they say.

Tolle was a nice starting point to realize there was something I wasn't "getting" with this life thang, but honestly, it didn't get to the full enchalata. It left as many questions, as answers. As you seem to be finding out.

Re: Advice on being present?

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2016 5:08 pm
by DavidB
unpopular wrote:the moment. I know that watching your thoughts or feeling your body/emotions are ways to come back to the present moment. Do you do them individually or watch your thoughts while feeling your body. Also Eckhart tolle mentions going deeper into these moments. Does he mean how much focus you put into it or how intensely you try? How do you stay present
You can't stay present. You are already present. Presence isn't something you do, it is who you are already, by virtue of being consciousness itself.

Focusing on the inner body and observing thoughts is simply a way, much like meditation, of quieting the habitual mind chatter. So if there is anything at all you might want to focus on, it is simply slowing down the incessant noise created by the mind.

You are already present though, the only thing making you feel as though you are not, is this incessant noise. Don't worry about it though, the noisy distractions will reduce as you learn to quieten then down, so to speak, it takes time. :wink:

Re: Advice on being present?

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2016 10:09 pm
by postwins
As DavidB wrote, it may help you to realize that you are not trying to *do* anything to become present. It's just about remembering that you are present. As long as you are SEEING the ego, instead of SEEING THROUGH the ego, you are present and making "progress" in my opinion.

What do I mean by this? The inner world that you can sense is made up of two things: stillness and motion.

Stillness can be "felt" as the absence of anything. Ask yourself, "Without referencing thought, what am I RIGHT NOW?" It's like turning your gaze inward or trying to listen to what's happening inside. What's left when there's no thought is a still awareness. It's where your attention goes when your attention is not focused on any mental or physical object. This is not the entirety of what I would call "stillness" but it's where you start.

Motion is pretty much everything else. Thoughts, emotions, even the little hum of the subconscious mind ticking away in the background when you get practiced. They feel very different than stillness because stillness is no-thing, no-motion, while thoughts and emotions are objects and motion. When you watch what's happening, it almost seems like the motion is happening inside of the stillness. It's all quite subtle, don't expect anything earth shattering.

Recognize that all of the objects in motion are orbiting around the false self. It's an imaginary person, living at all times in an imaginary place/time, thinking imaginary thoughts. The stillness surrounding it is what you are. It's not apparent at first, but if you are giving your attention to stillness while motion goes on, it will click eventually.

When you are arguing back and forth with yourself - "I'm present." "Oh crap, I lost it." "Damn it, I'm thinking again!" - remember that ALL OF THAT is motion. See that there is stillness and motion.

Good luck. It's simple but hard.

Re: Advice on being present?

Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 3:25 am
by Enlightened2B
I am going to give you the best of advice of anyone in this thread. Sorry guys and gals 8) Are you ready? Ok, here goes......

Ok, I lied, but here's my advice anyway, for whatever it's worth.

Trying to be present is oddly counterproductive. Instead, take up a practice, just as a starting point of this:

Accept and love whatever comes up. Make it all.....OK

That's it.

If you feel like shit....accept that....just let it be. If you feel happy....accept that....let it be. If you feel horny.....accept that....let it be (a lot more difficult in my experience). I've had to learn to do this with physical health symptoms and it has not been easy, but has been most enlightening for me personally.

I'm not saying never to act on these feelings, but just as a practice and just as a starting point, start to simply let yourself feel whatever you feel. Start to notice your thoughts in a very relaxing manner and just MAKE THEM OK. Let thoughts arise, whatever they may be and I mean anything....just make them ok. Simply allow them to be. That's all we have to do to love ourselves and "be present". Just make it all ok. Make EVERYTHING ok. There is nothing wrong with any of it. ANY of it. Whatever arises is ok.

Becoming present is ironically a misnomer. You can't become something that you already are. Therefore, what people mean by becoming present, is actually a process of letting go of resistance, something I am still learning.

Resistance is the thought processes that come up from the subconscious/human mind/left brain, that are based in years and years and years worth of conditioning. These thoughts are always based in worry, stress and fear. It's overly analytical and often associated with what some people call "the left brain". Now, you need the subconscious/left brain/human mind (whatever you would like to call it) for survival, but the human mind often takes control of our lives and 95 percent of our experiences are then projected from this place of conditioning and then we even get stuck in a 'fight/flight mode'. You can start to change that by letting go of resistance. You let go of resistance by allowing as a first step.

When you start to let go, by making everything ok, as it is or loving what arises, you align with a much "different" vibration of energy that is more based in peace, relaxation and allowing. This is more aligned with your true nature which is always unconditionally allowing.

However you feel is perfectly valid. This is just a simple meditative exercise that can be done ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. Sorry for the caps, but just trying to emphasize certain words.

Please don't get too confused on which meditative practices to go with and which not. Simply do this exercise and you will be present. I'm not saying you will only have good feelings. In all likelyhood, you will likely start to notice some very very ugly stuff too the more you align with this presence. But, it's ok, if you make it ok. This is also self love. This is also awakening as a process of realizing that you are not any ONE of these things alone.

We often get so identified with a thought or a feeling and can't break free of it. This simple meditative practice gets you to stop identifying so strongly with any one thought or feeling and simply be the space for all of it. This is the basics of Eckhart Tolle's profound teachings.

Start with this and see where it takes you.

Re: Advice on being present?

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:08 am
by DavidB
Presence is probably the most simple thing we could ever do, as it requires zero effort.

The greatness of presence is in it's simplicity. :)

Re: Advice on being present?

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 6:50 pm
by Enlightened2B
Presence itself requires zero effort to be as it already is. Yes

However, we can't just tell someone that, who doesn't know now how to let go. And yes, many people don't know how to let go.

The reason the neo-advaita view of "there is nothing to do" doesn't work is because, it doesn't help the person to see what they already are. As humans, we are so accustomed to DOING something to achieve something else, that, the simplicity of what we already are does not comprehend with most people's analytical conditioned thinking patterns, until they finally are able to let go. But how do you let go? That's where people get stuck and that's where people need guidance and that's where we need to meet them.

No, it's definitely not effort, as in "work", but practice makes perfect whether you are playing a piano or training the mind. Practice does not have to be a negative thing depending on how you view it, but through meditative like practices indeed, you learn to let go again and again and again. That's just what meditation is. I'm not talking about formal meditation. I mean any meditative like activity that can be performed any where at any time. There are incredible neuroplasticity programs now, which are healing people of countless chronic diseases through training the mind. It's a re-programming of sub conscious beliefs. And basically they all use meditation and visualization. So, doing something over and over again can appear as practice and practice does not have to be a negative thing, but something to be valued in the moment while doing it. But, even just to see that you are already present, requires people to do something that is the OPPOSITE of what they are used to....which is.....allowing.

In a sense, Vedanta does a great job of helping the person through a process of dis-identification and letting go, to see that presence requires zero effort to be. But, again, we need to meet the person where they are and can't just tell a person.....You already are presence.

Re: Advice on being present?

Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2016 7:03 am
by DavidB
Hi E2B,

I hope you didn't take my comment as a reply to your earlier comment. I was just throwing out some ideas, not replying to anything in particular. But either way, what you said is true. Saying we are already present, would probably not make much sense to someone that doesn't know that they are already present. :)

As you are aware, we already present by virtue of being conscious, nothing else is required. We can though, become obscured to this fact by a heavy focus on mind created obfuscations.

For myself, realizing I was already present, was something that came as a sudden realization. At that point the simplicity of presence appeared so profound, yet at the same time, perfectly peaceful, silent, gentle, unassuming and serene. It can be so easy to lose this knowing though, when we become distracted and obsessed by life's perceived problems. We only need to keep remembering though, that nothing in life is really all that important, all that serious, that we need to lose sight of our essence. :D