I have a question about creative work and ego.

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I have a question about creative work and ego.

Post by peterpan » Tue May 03, 2016 3:04 am

I have a question about creative work and ego.

I have always liked to create things since I was a kid and I know that I’ve noticed the creativity and the flow that starts a creative process since I was very little. It has very much in common with beeing present with all your senses. Not just to get an ideá, but also to make it come out in some form – without losing track of the original ”brilliance” of the ideá – that needs the presence to fill out the time between thoughts.

Anyway, now that I’ve ”grown up” the creative work I do (to make a living) is often boosting my ego somehow. The creative flow is still a good thing I think. But I’m not sure that the satisfaction of ”oh look what I actually made” is a good thing. Tight deadlines are often the case in my situation and therefore I tend to work too much for short periods of time. And I can really feel that Im loosing my balance in life. I become to self centered and sometimes the outcome of these periods starts paranoid thoughts - really questioning the reality (sometimes it’s more like ”exploring other reality teories” then beeing afraid of that ”you have got it all wrong..”

So, I’m somehow drawn to the creative stuff but it’s difficult not to identifying myself with the things I make and it also seem that a creative mind also work on the dark side when I’m in that part of the cycle…

Any advise?

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Re: I have a question about creative work and ego.

Post by smiileyjen101 » Thu May 05, 2016 1:46 pm

Great musing and question peter pan (nice nick too :D )
You likely were doing the same things, just thinking differently about them.

Look again at what you've written and you'll notice the subtle difference that you are defining is in being in the creating for the creating's sake - its own reward, pure etc etc and (not that there's anything wrong with this... don't get me wrong here) but you've changed focus / attitude with
the creative work I do (to make a living) is often boosting my ego somehow
If the intention is to make a living, then the focus is attached to that. Are you making enough, is it value etc etc etc
the pure creation then is coloured by those other factors. And hey, we all need to make a living, so if you're doing something you like that's great.

Peter Pan had work to do too, :wink: The way to make your work as consciously flowing as the creation is to hold the same attitude, curiosity, wonder, experimentation and gratitude for it as you do in the creating that has no other purpose.

You can as sages say, chop wood and carry water unconsciously or consciously. You're still chopping wood and carrying water but the experience of them, and the quality of that experience is just different.

How would it be if you treated every moment of your work, every aspect of your work, every project and every colleague, customer, boss if you have one, with the same child-like presence that you previously reserved for your 'creative' pursuits that weren't 'work'.

Give me a child-like, present in the moment creative, at work any day!
Our rights start deep within our humanity; they end where another's begin~~ SmileyJen

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