Thinking about the future

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Thinking about the future

Post by Danishguy » Fri May 27, 2016 11:10 am

Hi all

I have a question about thinking about the future. I know ET is saying that everything is now and most of the thinking towards the future is the ego trying to dominate but isn't some thinking about the future okay? I mean, I love to plan and find it very useful to think about what goals I have for the coming week, month and year are and what I need to do to achieve them. So, in the eyes of you, and ET, how would you think about the future in a way that can coincide with a life lived in the now?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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Re: Thinking about the future

Post by tnt222 » Thu Jun 16, 2016 1:08 pm


of course sometimes future planning is necessary. However, they way I understood it, is that most of the time when we are thinking about the future, our ego is imagining an illusory world that does not exist. We believe that as soon as we achieve this or that, we will become happier, more fulfilled, etc. In these instances we are using psychological time (and mostly without even realizing it) and projecting ourselves to an unreal world.

It is possible, however, to plan for the future while being present in the Now. In fact, if you are planning from a place of presence, your "thinking" will be much more clear and useful. As long as you are not identified with your Ego while you are making plans for the future, your "plans" will come from a place of consciousness.
ET also mentions that a lot of times when we set ourselves goals and try to achieve them, we once again await fulfillment that we think lies at the end of goal, and thus the journey to our goal is simply a means to an end. Instead, he says to be present in each step that we take towards that goal.

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Re: Thinking about the future

Post by ashley72 » Wed Jun 22, 2016 6:04 pm

A shortcoming of Tolles ideology is he blames the psychological self & its reliance on thinking too generally.

I think CBT or cognitive behaviour therapy is a better approach because it categorises thinking in ways that help you better see the pitfalls in certain styles of thinking.

I recently posted this article that helps people better understand what is happening with panic disorders

http://eckhart-tolle-forum.inner-growth ... =8&t=13641

The article uses the analogy of army ants and the way they communicate collectively to help understand how our own mind works in relation to fear. Our emotional memories are similar to way ants use pheromones for creating pathways for collective navigation. Well, humans use emotional memories as pathways as well. If you think about ants and the way they navigate, it's actually very simplistic even though collectively the behaviour is complex. The navigation at the individual ant level is very much binary in nature , its either this way or that way based on the presence of a pheromone trail.

In respect to fear, we tend to categorise something as either good or bad, it's a kind of black & white thinking that we use to navigate things we encounter emotionally. The problem with this kind of thinking style is its more likely to evoke our fear response circuitry in undesirable ways... which was outlined in the ant analogy on panic.

In depression & anxiety, exaggerated all-or-nothing thinking can form a self-reinforcing cycle: 'these thoughts might be called emotional amplifiers because, as they go around and around, they become more intense. Typical all-or-nothing thoughts:

* My efforts are either a success or they are an abject failure

* I am/other people are either all good or all bad

* If you're not with us, you're against us.

So my advise is don't focus so much on staying present, but more on the style of thinking your currently using... Is it black and white or shades of grey?

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