Fear of conflictive relationship

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Fear of conflictive relationship

Post by bobdylanfan » Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:09 pm

Ive been thinking recently that i would like to be in a relationship again, ive been single for the last three years and have worked through alot of personal stuff thats come up. I met a girl about a year ago called Caroline, as soon as i met her i felt like i knew her, she was with her boyfriend at the time but i totally locked onto her, we had a brief chat and then she disappeared. That same day i had become friends with my ex girlfriend on facebook and I seen a message on my her wall from caroline saying 'lovely to see you blah blah". I thought hey thats that girl i met earlier, turns out they d been on a ayuahasca retreat together a few months earlier and had been sitting next to each other.

Anyway fast forward a year and me and caroline have become good friends and have a very passionate shared interest for music and singing. A few weeks ago I was sitting on my bed and I had a very clear and vivid insight " Im supposed to be with caroline". It was strange it was like time slowed down, things became brighter as if something was trying to highlight that moment. I also had a dream about us both sitting on brown horses with white marks on their head, we were facing each other and she had this very strong look of confidence, wisdom and knowing. I thought it meant we were from the same tribe or something. Ive spoke with her recently and when i told her the story of getting the insight " I should be with caroline" she had a rush of pins and needles all up her body. It seems like we might get together and it all seems quite magical.

However there has been a female spanner in the works, i recently met another girl Kate and its got me thinking and comparing the two. I see Caroline as very pretty, caring, spiritual, musical, good fun, passionate and loyal.

And I see Kate as good fun, pretty, musical and very easy to chat to.

Lets cut to the chase, so I potentially see my relationship with caroline as being very loving, deep ,respectful, fun but also more challenging i see we would push each others buttons but always strive to better each other without needing each other to change

I see the relationship with Kate as alot of fun, lots to talk about and potentially easier and hassle free.

I can see my big fear here is conflict and I would go for the option of least conflict every time (Im a Libra)

Whats your experience with past or current relationships involving conflict ?


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