Has meditation caused me more anxiety?

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Has meditation caused me more anxiety?

Post by AE777 » Thu Sep 29, 2016 6:47 pm

Greetings I've been practicing eckhart's teachings for about a year now and I've had a lot of progress, I usually feel more relaxed now and I can deal with life's situations more easily thanks to mindfulness. I've been a meditation practitioner for about two years now but I've never had any continuous streaks what I mean with these is that I usually meditate 3 -5 times a week and for 10 minutes. Since all of this has made me progress a lot last week I decided I will increase my meditation time from 10 to 20 minutes and I would do it 7 days a week, it happens that now that 5 days later I'm experiencing an anxiety level I've never felt before, it manifest in actual sickness, I feel sick of the stomach I'm dizzy and I feel I'm in a kind of trance that doesn't let me think clearly and also I'm having trouble sleeping. I was thinking that the cause of this may be that since i've been meditating more I'm now more aware of repressed feelings in my body and I wanted some advice on this. Should I keep meditating for 20 minutes or should I decrease my time back to 10? May the cause be from another source? What maybe another factor? I would appreciate a lot some help on this issue, thanks in advance!

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Re: Has meditation caused me more anxiety?

Post by Webwanderer » Thu Sep 29, 2016 11:20 pm

If you're feeling anxiety, you likely have underlying concerns about something that is unresolved. Meditation can be quite valuable, but it can also be counter productive depending on what is happening with your attention during the meditation. There is also the possibility that you want to move on to a larger perspective but it is in conflict with your current attachments. What are you holding onto that you consider right or wrong?

My suggestion would be to follow your enjoyment. What brings you happiness? What brings you peace? Where lies the path of appreciation? Let your feelings and emotions guide you. They are life's greatest gift in this human reality.

Anxiety is a sign of underlying fear and resistance. Be inclusive of all the elements in your life. That will ease resistance. That doesn't mean you should not make wise choices and changes if it feels best, just that you don't make current conditions wrong. Everything in its own way works in our greater best interest. Life is after all, about evolution and expansion of consciousness. The pain in our lives is a strong motivation to explore other possibilities.


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