Loss of joy

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Loss of joy

Post by Dirge326 » Mon Nov 14, 2016 2:32 am

In 2009 I used to meditate a lot and would easily be able to get into a state of pure awareness. Then I began having trouble with negative energies and thoughtforms. Ever since then all the bliss and joy and beauty I found in my meditations--and whenever I would shift into a state of pure awareness, as well as the divinity I saw in others, has gone away completely--even when I am not troubled by negative spiritual problems and am happy. I can still shift into a state of pure awareness, but there are no joyous or trans mundane markings associated with it, such as the perception of external emptiness.

I am hoping that someone can use their intuition to help solve these problems i'm having with an absence of enlightenment features.

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Re: Loss of joy

Post by Webwanderer » Mon Nov 14, 2016 6:27 pm

Negative energies and thought forms are generally the result of subtle conscious or unconscious beliefs in something as wrong in your experience. Even if it's only your concern there is something wrong with the quality of your meditative experiences, it is likely to affect your conscious vibration.

This human experience is designed for exploring contrast. Our subtle judgments are the root of that contrast. Our painful and negative experiences are as valuable from a soul perspective as are the joyful ones. Be inclusive with all your life experiences and you may find the return to joy more available. It's okay to feel negative energies. It's okay to have negative thoughts. Just see them for what they are and don't identify with them. They are not you, they are experiences to learn from and grow in consciousness. Recognition and letting go will gain you more than holding on to resistance.


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Re: Loss of joy

Post by dijmart » Tue Nov 15, 2016 5:13 am

Hi Dirge,
Only you know how you feel, but I'll give it a go and put my spin on it. Sounds like you got accustom to "experiential" epiphanies and enlightenment type experiences. These are helpful when they lead to deeper Self inquiry, but are a hindrance when one gets addicted to them. See they are do to the "subject" being you (the person) and the object being (awareness). Therefore, you Dirge feel like you have "gained" something you don't already have and since this experience has ended, there is something "missing". However, this is not how it really is.

Truth is that you are awareness and are the ever present, one and only, "subject" and Dirge is the "object", appearing in/to you, awareness. So, the glimpses of awareness you had, were probably a reflection of yourself, awareness within the subtle body. It gives the thought of limitlessness and elation to a certain degree but usually doesn't last, because it's experiential and all experiences come and go.

What you can "know" is your true "Self", as awareness, not by looking "at" it, pointing to it, but "being" it and actually seeing "from" this perspective. Awareness aware of itself.

You, as awareness, are very ordinary, full and complete, so ordinary that it's right in your view but goes unrecognized, because ignorance is "hard wired". Self knowledge is what you need, not more experiences.

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Re: Loss of joy

Post by sardinelover » Wed Nov 23, 2016 11:59 pm

In my experience, joy is spontaneous. It is not constant or reproducible due to repeating some activity (such as meditation). Moreover, it comes and go quickly, only lasting for a few seconds. Sometimes I smile, laugh, or break into a dance or run, for no reason other than joy. The occurrence of joy increases with increasing awareness.

I've rarely felt joy whilst meditating - stillness (tranquility) is the predominant state.
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